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Cycle 2 Week 2 Legs

Back at the trainer for Leg Day!  It paid off immediately, because even though I didn’t get to do all the exercises I wanted to do, the ones I DID do saw me get pushed farther than I would have pushed myself… sign of a good coach!


Squats – (60-120s rest)

105 x 5

130 x 5

155 x 5

180 x 3

210 x 3

235 x 10

notes:  Huge improvement!  Was only gunning for 8 reps on the AMRAP, and Coach pushed me to 10!  Beauty!


Prone Leg Curls (45s rest)

90 x 6

90 x 6

90 x 6 DROP 65 x 8 DROP 40 x 30

notes:  Those drop sets were too easy, I need to go heavier.


Leg Extensions  (one continuous set)

180 x 8 DROP 150 x 8 DROP 120 x 8 DROP 90 single leg reps x 6/6

notes:  Did this instead of leg press, again could def go heavier!

 Lunges (30s rest)

stepback lunges x 10/10

walking lunges with 30 lb KBs x 10/10

notes:  Running short on time!

DB SLDL (30-45s rest)

75s x 8

75s x 8

75s x 8

no time for calves!  oh well, will do tomorrow.  squeezed hard for time, had to improvise.

Had a serious chip on my shoulder this morning, so I headed down to the gym.  Get it??!  Chip on my shoulder?!?  BAHAHAHAHAHA

Seated Military Press (Smith)

warmup:  bar only – 5 full ROM, 5 top half ROM, 5 bottom half ROM, 5 full ROM

(one continuous set, pausing only to adjust the stack of dime plates) – bar +30 x 10, +50 x 10, +70 x 10, +90 x 10, +70 x 10, +50 x 10, +30 x 10, +10 x 10 SLOW REPS

notes: Does that make sense?  Warmup set, then I set up a stack of 4 dime plates a side and a nickel plate a side (figured it would save time).  I don’t know how much the Smith bar weighs, who cares.  One continuous set, only pausing to add or remove plates.  On the last set I had a nickel on each side and I had to do them SLOW (5 sec neg and 5 sec pos).  The neg was ok, but the 5 second positive was MURDER by that point.  I actually had to take two pauses… after 4 reps I needed a second to catch my breath, then 3 more reps, another 2 sec pause, then the last 3 reps.

When I was writing all this down after, I realized I did too many sets, oops!  I was only supposed to do 6 sets, I did EIGHT.  Oh well, I guess that makes up for having to get up and flip the plates myself (would have been harder if I had someone to change them while I stayed in position.)

Behind the Neck Press (Smith) (45 sec rest)

bar + 30 x 15
bar + 30 x 15
bar + 50 x 15
bar + 50 x 15

notes: Stayed on the Smith because it is easy to control the depth if things go sour.  I have shtty rotator cuffs, so the ability to pull out quick was a must.  Started light, I learned my lesson on this QBM chit!  After Set 2, realized I could go heavier, so added weight.  Never went below the base of my skull, which I think is how low you are supposed to go.  Also added a set, this time on purpose so I could get more work done once I had my appropriate weight.

Superset Strict DB Side Raise Dropset and DB Front Raise (45 sec rest)

20s x 10 DROP 15s x 10 DROP 10s x 10 / 15s x 10
20s x 10 DROP 15s x 10 DROP 10s x 10 / 15s x 10
20s x 10 DROP 15s x 10 DROP 10s x 10 / 15s x 10

notes: Weight was just right for strict raises – keep arms completely straight, focus on tipping the pitcher of water out, get the pinkys high.  Keep arms from touching sides or swinging in front of you – by the last superset I couldn’t keep them from dropping down in front of me, but that’s ok, it was the end.  Could go a bit heavier on the front raises, but I didn’t know how dead I would be by then, so it was still a close guess.

Superset Closegrip Upright Row and Bent Over Superman Row (45 sec rest)

70 x 10 / 40 x 10
70 x 10 / 40 x 10
70 x 10 / 40 x 10

notes: Went a little too light on the upright rows, but I had never done superman Rows before, and wanted to save some gas in the tank for those.  Sadly, the Superman rows were hard, even at 40!  Need to get in a little practice on those bad boys.

Superset Behind the Back DB Shrugs and Bent Over DB Rev Flys (45 sec rest)

70s x 20 / 15s x 10
70s x 16 / 15s x 10
70s x 20 / 15s x 10

notes: I had never done behind the back DB shrugs, so I lowered the weight a bit.  I also have notoriously bad form on rear delt DB flys, so I kept it light to keep good form.  (I usually would rather do cable flys).  The Shrugs were AWKWARD.  I only got 16 reps in the second set because it just felt so awkward I had to put it down.  My butt is big, and the DBs are big, and everything kept fighting for space and twisting my wrists around.  Next time I do BB shrugs BTB, Fkk DBs.

Cardio – 25 min elliptical

Not bad!  I was humble with the weight, and it paid off pretty well!  Could maybe have gone a bit heavier, but I did some extra sets to work it out.  I am most thankful my shoulders held up endurance-wise, but to be honest, that is how I have been training them for the past few months anyways, lots of lightweight giant sets over heavy sets.  No bodyweight OHP for me, ROFL!

Arms, Cut Day 21

Jan 26 – Arms

The day off helped!  Oh sure, I was grumbling on the way to the gym, but once I was there, it was back in the groove!

Some music out of my playlist, rawk!

Much as I love working arms directly, it gets the short end of the stick a lot.  When I am losing weight, it isn’t a big body part, so it doesn’t burn as many calories, so it is lowest on my list of priorities for the week.  When I train for strength, it just gets in the way of the big compound movements, so I still tuck it away in some throwaway day.  All this is really too bad because our arms are our ambassadors to the world, our bridge to reach out and touch things.  Nothing makes a solid first impression like some huge arms, y’know?  If I was training for size, arms would be a HYOOGE priority, but it often ends up the red-headed stepchild.  so sad.  All this to say this is the last day in my rotation, and I wasn’t concerned if I advanced the weight too much, but I did on a few exercises.

Superset Seated DB Curls and DB Skullcrushers (30 sec rest b/w supersets)

30s x 12 / 25s x 12
30s x 12 / 25s x 12
30s x 12 / 25s x 12
30s x 12 / 25s x 12

notes: This was a good warm-up.  Feeling some noticeable tendinitis in my right elbow, so I didn’t go as heavy as I could on the curls.

Superset EZ Bar Curls and Rope attach Pushdowns (30 sec rest)

70 x 12 / 100 x 12
70 x 12 / 100 x 12
70 x 12 / 100 x 12
70 x 12 / 100 x 7 + 3

notes:  Darn rope pushdowns wear me out!  It’s that “spread” at the bottom when you take your hands outside your thighs, so tiring!

Superset Incline Hammer Curls and One Arm DB Extension (30 sec rest)

25s x 12 / 25 x 12/12
25s x 12 / 25 x 12/12
25s x 12 / 25 x 10/10
25s x 12 / 25 x 10/10

notes:  25s were too light for the hammer curls, but just challenging enough for the extensions.

Superset Overhead Cable Curls and Straight Bar Pushdowns (30 sec rest)

90 x 12 / 120 x 12
100 x 12 / 130 x 12
110 x 12 / 140 x 12
120 x 9 / 150 x 9

notes:  Kept pushing up the weight until I found one that was nice and hard.

Finisher:  Superset Standing DB Curls Dropsets and Bench Dips

50s x 9 DROP 40s x 7 DROP 30s x 9 / 30 dips

notes:  Just in a hurry to get out and do some cardio.  Maybe move up to the 60s next time.


20 min on the elliptical, w incline and resistance

So who’s ready for another week?  Bleh, work!

Shoulders, Cut Day 15

Jan 20 – Shoulders

(about 60 sec rest b/w each giant set)

Giant Set: Arnold presses + bent over rear delt DB raises + plate raises
(25s x 12) + (12s x 12) + (35 x 15)
(30s x 12) + (12s x 12) + (35 x 15)
(30s x 12) + (12s x 12) + (35 x 15)

notes: bah, I hate rear delt DB raises!  So hard to get the good form so I am forced to go light to keep form.  but to me that isn’t the same as taxing the muscle, so it just ends up being a form check over a muscle exercise.  *raspberry noise*

Giant Set: seated military presses + bent over rear delt cable raises + machine row (elbows high)
(95 x 12) + (20 x 15/15) + (40 x 20)
(115 x 12) + (20 x 15/15) + (40 x 20)
(115 x 12) + (20 x 15/15) + (40 x 20)

Giant Set: rear delt cable flys + strict DB side raise dropsets + cable front raises
(20 x 20) + (20s x 20 DROP 15s x 5) + (20 x 20)
(20 x 20) + (25s x 7 DROP 20s x 6 DROP 15s x 8 DROP 12s x 4) + (20 x 20)
(20 x 20) + (20s x 10 DROP 15s x 8 DROP 12s x 7) + (20 x 20)

post-workout did some yoga stretches:  chest stretches, shoulder openers, spinal twists, hamstring stretches.  For about 15 min.

Arms, Cut Day 14

Jan 19 – Arms

Woke up relatively early for a weekend, friend texted me asking if I wanted to do a Spin class, so I decided I had time to slip some arm work in first.

I figured I had about 45 min or less, so I lowered the rest periods from last week, dropped the weight and went for the burn!

Superset seated DB curls and DB skullcrushers (30 sec rest after each superset)
30s x 12 / 20s x 12
30s x 12 / 20s x 12
30s x 12 / 20s x 12
30s x 12 / 20s x 12

Superset EZ bar curls and straight bar pushdowns (30 sec rest)
60 x 12 / 127.5 x 12
60 x 12 / 127.5 x 12
60 x 12 / 127.5 x 12
60 x 12 / 127.5 x 12

Superset incline curls and one arm DB extensions (30 sec rest)
25s x 12 / 20 x 12/12
25s x 12 / 20 x 12/12
25s x 12 / 20 x 12/12
25s x 12 / 20 x 12/12

notes:  Best part about putting this exercise 3rd?  Looking at that sweet tricep pump in the mirror, ROFL!  Might have caught some ‘mirin going on from a fem I know competes (or I might have been imagining it, lol)

Superset closegrip cable curls and rope pushdowns (30 sec rest)
90 x 12 / 90 x 12
90 x 12 / 90 x 12
100 x 12 / 100 x 12
100 x 12 / 100 x 8+4

notes:  Getting tired, so I would pump 10 reps out of the curls as quick as possible, then do 2 slow ones.  For the last set of the pushdowns, I had to stop for a few seconds and catch my breath, then I finished the set.

Finisher:  standing alt DB curl dropset and bench dips
50s x 8 DROP 40s x 6 DROP 30s x 6 DROP 20s x 5  then 30 bench dips

notes:  Running out of time so I pumped out 30 quick dips through the mid-ROM then took off for spin.

post-work cardio  Did a 60 min Spin class.  Pretty full, lots of stuff to do and look at.  I was already ramped up, so it didn’t feel too taxing.

Afterwards I went shopping, picked up some Quest bars, PB2, psyllium fibre, etc.  Right after that I realized I hadn’t eaten yet!  Blood sugar dropped I felt dizzy, so I ducked into the ubiquitous Ottawa shawarma restaurant for some beef and chicken.  (Seriously, there is like 1 every block in this city)  Beef, chicken, salad, hummus, bread, rice, potatoes


Just a hardworking fast-paced workout!

Some of my workout music for your time.


Shoulders, Cut Day 10

Jan 15 – Shoulders

Nothing like trying to rush out the door in order to honor the “pre window”!


Lunchtime workout in the office gym.

The name of the game is Giant Sets.  Just keep moving and burning.

(about 60 sec rest only b/w each giant set)

Giant Set:  Arnold presses + reverse pec deck (thumbs down) + plate raises

(25s x 12) + (75 x 12) + (35 x 15)
(30s x 12) + (90 x 12) + (35 x 15)
(35s x 10) + (105 x 12) + (35 x 15)

notes:  love the thumbs down variation you can get with free-moving stiff handle pec decks, allows me to target my rhomboids more.

Giant Set:  seated military presses + bent over rear delt cable raises + t-bar row (elbows high)

(125 x 12) + (30 x 15/15) + (45 x 20)
(135 x 12) + (30 x 15/15) + (50 x 20)
(145 x 9) + (30 x 12/12) + (60 x 15)

notes:  on the mil press, I only came down until the tops of my arms were parallel with the ground.  My shoulder was feeling tweaked so I played it safe.  On the t-bar row, I kept elbows high and really tried to squeeze the proverbial pencil in between my shoulderblades; despite me knowing this is a movement for my back, I like to bring the connection in a bit on some of the movements.

Giant Set:  reverse pec deck (thumbs up) + strict DB side raise dropsets + cable front raises

(45 x 20) + (20s x 15 DROP 15s x 6 DROP 10s x 4) + (30 x 9)
(45 x 20) + (20s x 13 DROP 15s x 8 DROP 10s x 5) + (15 x 15)
(60 x 20) + (20s x 10 DROP 15s x 7 DROP 10s x 8) + (15 x 12)

notes:  I was going to rear delt flys with the cables, but another dude in the gym wanted to use one of the cables, so I went back to the pec deck and went thumbs up.  I kept it light because I kept popping a knot on my traps whenever I came back with the handles, so I wanted to be gentle and see if I could work the knot out.

By strict side raises I mean arms STRAIGHT.  No need to worry about pinkies high and pouring out pitchers of water when you keep your arms straight.  It makes the exercise a lot harder but I wasn’t trying to look cool, so light DBs don’t bother me.

By the time I finished a double dropset of strict side raises, my shoulders were SMOKED!  I could barely do the front raises, no matter how light they were.

Shoulders, Cut Day 5

Jan 10 – Shoulders

In the morning I did a 60 min Spin class, my cardio for the day

In the afternoon I hit shoulders.

Superset Arnold presses + reverse pec deck flys + plate raises (60 s rest b/w Ssets)

20s x 12 / 60 x 12 / 45 x 10
25s x 12 / 75 x 12 / 35 x 15
30s x 12 / 90 x 12 / 35 x 10

Superset seated barbell press + bent over cable rear delt fly + chest supported t-bar row (elbows high) (60 s rest b/w Ssets)

115 x 12 / 15 x 15 / 45 x 20
125 x 12 / 30 x 15 / 60 x 20
135 x 12 / 30 x 15 / 70 x 15

Superset rear delt cable fly + side DB raise dropset + cable front raise (60 s rest b/w Ssets)

30 x 20 / 25s x 4 DROP 20s x 8 DROP 15s x 10 DROP 10s x 3 / 30 x 18
30 x 20 / 25s x 5 DROP 20s x 6 DROP 15s x 7 DROP 10s x 8 / 15 x 15
30 x 20 / 25s x 3 DROP 20s x 4 DROP 15s x 6 DROP 10s x 12 / 15 x 5

notes:  By the end of these giant sets my shoulders were smoked!  I couldn’t do a cable front raise to save my life!  Not that shoulder endurance has ever been my forte, but this was painful as all heck.

Rise of the Drop Set

Today was Back and Biceps, got up early and headed down for an am workout.  I am going to start adding in drop sets in earnest for a while, as a way to add some intensity.

AM Back & Biceps (60 sec rest taken b/w sets)

V-Bar Pulldowns:  105 x 10; 150 x 10; 210 x 12, 12, 9

T-Bar Rows:  90 x 10; 135 x 12; 145 x 12; 155 x 12

One Arm DB Rows:  60 x 10/10; 85 x 12/12; 90 x 12/12

Underhand Pulldowns:  135 x 10; 210 x 12, 12; 225 x 12

Preacher Machine Curls – Narrowgrip:

60 x 10

85 x 12 DROP 65 x 12 DROP 55 x 12 DROP 45 x 12

85 x 12 DROP 65 x 10 DROP 55 x 9 DROP 45 x 9

85 x 12 DROP 65 x 12 DROP 55 x 9 DROP 45 x 12

85 x 12 DROP 65 x 9 DROP 55 x 12 DROP 45 x 12

EZ Bar Curls – Widegrip:

70 x 12 DROP 50 x 12 DROP 40 x 12 DROP 30 x 12

70 x 12 DROP 50 x 8 DROP 40 x 8 DROP 30 x 9

70 x 8 DROP 50 x 9 DROP 40 x 12 DROP 20 x 12

70 x 9 DROP 50 x 8 DROP 40 x 12 DROP 20 x 13

cardio 20 min, twist x 150

notes:  this workout felt great!  More drops than a rainstorm! Arms were nice and pumped after. Triple drop sets are tough, especially on a body part of mine that has traditionally not had the endurance, being the biceps.  Not that long ago, this would have not have been possible, but I have built up the endurance enough in my biceps that I can do this kind of stuff, which will help spur me on to greater overall strength and size.

I used preset EZ curl bars for the drop sets, which meant I was tying up like 4 bars at a time, which is sort of awkward.  Halfway through my stuff, this girl came up and asked if she could use the 30 pound bar “just for practice”.  Not being a jerk I said of course, and I switched to the 20 pound bar for the last drop, which was ultimately too light, but whatyagonnado.  I find it strange though that she said she needed it “just for practice”.  Why say that?  I figured she was putting herself down, like 30 pounds isn’t a decent weight, which is silly.  time under tension, overloading the muscle, progressive increases, etc etc, who cares about the nominal amount of weight?  If 30 pounds is tough for whatever she’s doing, then go forth with my blessing my child!

Anyways, that was my workout.  What about you?

Time to take it easy??

My neck was real sore on Monday, so I took it easy all that day.  In the late afternoon I went to the massage acupressure dude for a session, and had him focus exclusively on my neck.  He suggested there were lymph node blockages in my neck, and lymph node blockages where my skull meets my neck, so when he worked on my upper neck, it didn’t drain properly out my lower neck.  I… guess it makes sense???  Welcome to Chinese medicine!  So this time around he worked a lot on little internal lumps in my lower neck to clear the way before moving up to my upper neck and base of my skull.  I won’t know if it took hold really well until Tuesday, once I sleep on it and let it recover.

I told him about my schedule, and he seemed concerned for me.  He suggested I “take it easy” in the gym this week.  I don’t know… I NEED this.  It bores me to tears when I don’t do it.  So, I told my trainer about this advice, and made a pact that if I feel worn out, I will take a rest.  So if I feel out of it, I skip training that day, I don’t force it, otherwise I go at it with the same gameplan as if I was feeling 100%.  That is my definition of “light”.  It is my hope all this nonsense is behind me by June, so I am free to dial it up to a new level.

But now I was done with my massage, my neck felt pretty good, and I was ready for some back and biceps!   I met with the trainer, and off we went!

Back and Biceps (30 sec rest b/w all sets)

cardio:  20 min elliptical, variable resistance

assisted pullups:  widegrip 15, underhand 15, hammergrip 5, widegrip 10
widegrip cable row:  240 x 12, 12, 12


closegrip pulldown:  210 x 15, 15, 15, 15


hyperextension w/ a 50 lb dumbbell:  12, 12, 12


spider curls:  35 x 15/15, 15/15, 10/10, 8/10


incline curls:  60 x 10, 9, 8

EZ bar curls:  75 x 12, 12, 12


cable hammer curl with handles: DROPSET  90 x 8, 70 x 10, 50 x 10, 40 x 15

notes:  With the pullups, we used a giant orange rubber strap to support me, but it made the hammergrip sort of awkward, it wrapped around those handles, so when I tried to use that grip and pull up and into my lower back, it just wasn’t happening.  I tried though.

Unfazed, I applied some good intensity and aggression into the rest of my back work.  When it was time for biceps, I wasn’t feeling the aggression any more, so the first few movements I did were sort of lacklustre.  I mean, they were hard, but I gave up right when they got hard, which is the point where aggression should take over, but I just had none prepared for the moment.  I was able to get some going for the EZ curls though, and I feel like I busted those out with intensity.  Maybe not picture perfect tempo or control, but I was trying to get myself psyched up to carry me through.

Unfortunately, this left me totally spent when it was time for the hammer curl drop set.  It was heavy as heck, felt heavy as heck, and I whined and bitched and moaned the whole time, lol.  I need to work on my intensity!  I had it for about 70% of the workout, I need it revvin and buzzin fulltime!

After the workout we still had 2 or 3 min, so we did some upper chest stretches to keep me loose and work on that front imbalance.

And that was my day today?  How about you?  Any good workouts?