Have you heard of endorphins?

No, not the things the Japanese catch in their tuna nets.

get out of my net dorphin!!

They are those happy feelings you get after strenuous activity, like a “runner’s high”.  Wikipedia suggests you can get them from: exercise, pain, spicy foods and orgasms.  Also known as how I spent my weekend.

“endorphins allow animals to feel a sense of power and control over themselves that allows them to persist with activity for an extended time”


Arnold swears by them.

I was going to put that theory to the test.

Saturday I went to the backup gym for a little shoulder and aux work (aux meaning extra stuff I throw in for the heck of it)

(rest bw sets 30s)

overhead press:  30s x 20, 5

arnold press:  30s x 10, 8, 6, 6

dumbbell reverse flys:  25s x 7, 7, 7, 7, 7

widegrip lat pulldowns:  170 x 8, 8, 6

dumbbell shrugs:  85s x 15, 12, 8

standing bodyweight calf raises:  80, 80, 80, 80

notes:  lots of young dudes slowly wasting their glory years in the gym, as per usual.  Man, I am such a bitter old man.

get out mah FACE!! punks

The dumbbell presses continue to be really easy.  But I am building up the weight slowly because I want to take my time ramping up the joints.  The delts I am not worried about, but I want my joints to take their time getting used to weight.  So I chain the overhead presses and the arnolds back to back with limited rest, and by the end of the arnolds they have gotten fairly tired.

I couldn’t find a machine that would let me do reverse flys (wfuq?), so I had to do it with dumbbells.  Normally I advocate free weights as superior, but I just find the ROM on reverse flys so AWKWARD, I wanted to use a machine.  Sorry, I feel like a tool bent over swinging the weight around, it just doesn’t look cool, in my egobrain.

one good fart and I should be ready to take flight

With all the people around, I decided to do it sitting bent over on a bench.  In my mind I would look less foolish.

a little better

Right before I was about to embark on this fantastic voyage, cutegirl comes over to ask for my help moving a bench out of her way.  She was doing bicep curls over there, but decided she wanted to do them over here, and the bench was in her way.  Not a heavy bench by the way 🙂

can you help me?

I move the bench out of the way, she stops to lean forward, make that exaggerated eye contact with me as she says, “thank you”.  Or maybe I am just imagining it, and she just simply said thank you, haha.

Anyways, I was in pump iron mode, so I said no problem, than skipped back over to my bench for some bent over reverse flys.  Am I a loser or what?  I should have started flirting with her or something, but all I could think was, “get these sets done”.  Oh the irony of looking better from going to the gym, and growing less capable of capitalizing on it.  *shakes head*

After my reverse flys (they felt sooooo awkward, that’s why the numbers of reps were so even, they just felt stupid) I went to do some chinups but remembered their pullup assist was broken, so I did some lat pulldowns instead.  As I left I noticed a young guy run in and push the bench back in to the cutegirl’s curl space, he wanted to do some bench presses… maybe it was cutegirl having the off night, haha

After it was all said and done, I was feeling those endorphins.  See how I brought it back to the main subject?

How good can the endorphins be?  Can they give me a sense of power and control that allow me to persist with an activity for a prolonged time?  I wanted to test that theory.

There was a cheap multiplex next to the gym.  they show movies that are done their run in the regular theatres for 4 or 5 bucks.  There was nothing playing that I wanted to see.  But I was feeling runner’s high.  I walked over there to see what the very next movie was showing.  It was Men in Black III


This was going to be a trial by fire!  Can endorphins carry me through a mind-numbing paint-by-the-numbers cash-in?  I headed right in.

You know what?  I rather enjoyed it!  Not that the plot made any sense when placed beside the plot of men in black 2 (why would K retire in 2 and get his mind wiped when he needed to get J ready to travel through time in 3 and help him set up the arcnet 40 years ago?  why would J be able to reverse time and have the bogdosian or whatever forget about it so he could dodge his palm thorns?  why was K so happy in the new timeline? watching the army guy die but arresting the alien makes him bitter but watching the army guy die and killing the alien makes him happy go lucky?  if J didn’t get his mind wiped at the start because he was “always” there, doesn’t that mean K should stay bitter after they win the movie because J “always” saved him?  why does K keeping an eye out for J as he grows up translate into him being a good candidate for an Agent?  why is it when K dies in 1969 that J is “still” an Agent?  my brain just exploded)

CONCLUSION:  endorphins work.  next time you aren’t looking forward to doing something dumb, crank out a good workout first.  the next thing you do will just glide by!