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It’s been so long since I posted!

I hit a rough patch.  On Sunday I went to Spin class.  While I was there, I could feel my shoulder aching, like it was getting worse.  So I put off weights for a few days while I waited.  I did some cardio on Tuesday, and otherwise that was it.

Today, Thursday, I went back to it.  chest and biceps – I decided to try out the exercises that I had avoided since the sprain, time to face the fears head-on.

bench press 45×12, 115×10, 165×6, 175×5, 175×5, 175×5, 175×5

DB press 70×12, 70×12

incline DB press 50×4, 25×12, 25×20

DB flys 25×32, 25×25

Incline presses pretty much confirmed for me that this was where the problem was – 50s caused immediate pain in my shoulder.  I tried 25s, and I could do them, but they tired out the shoulder FAST.  I couldn’t necessarily go through whole range of motion either – I could press them up, but when I went to touch the DBs together, that was too much, even with 25s.  This makes me wonder if it is connected to a problem with my bicep somehow??  Tale for another time.

For now I will stick with the incline presses with low weight, and build strength back up.  If I can.  One suggestion I got was to use hammer grip during my incline presses.  I will try that!  Might be easier on my shoulder.

hammer curls across the body 85×5, 85×5

DB curls 55×12, 55×9

curl machine 100×40

I was happy with the hammer curls, but the DB curls, to be honest, I was distracted thinking about my shoulder, so I lost the intensity somewhat, just like I did last week.  I have to work on my focus or I will never progress.  But hey, love the hammer curls, almost up to the real big boy dumbbells now!  The ones where you look at them and think, “those look friggin ridiculous!”  Looking forward to that 🙂

I was running late, so I went off to work.  But I got out of work early!  So I headed back to the gym for some unfinished business, albeit by now my workout clothes smelled exceptionally foul, LOL!

I jumped on the arc trainer for some cardio – 30 min, 65% resistance, incline 9

Then some pullups.  I did 8 wide grip, 6 1/2 close grip, 4 1/2 hammer grip.  Those half ones were sooo close!  I couldn’t bear to count them as a zero.  I am happy with the pullups actually, not bad for me.

Then some one-arm fingerpad wall presses, 2 sets of 5.  Thos felt real tough on my hurt shoulder, but not painful, so that was good.  Then 2 sets of 10 eagle claws.

I wanted to practice hanging, but the chinup station was busy, and I was tired, so I packed it in and went home.

Going to observe how I feel tomorrow, see if I am up for more.

shoulders & triceps

My shoulders felt tired heading into this one, but it needed to get done.

Grabbed the 30 lb dumbbells

front raises supersetted with lateral raises

12 front, 10 lat, 2 min rest

12 front, 7 lat, 2 min rest

front raises supersetted with reverse flys

12 front, 12 reverse, 2 min rest

12 front, 12 reverse

55lb dumbbells, slow shrugs (hold for 4 seconds before lowering)

12, 1 min, 12

Triceps time!

wanted to do closegrip bench, but the bench stations were all full.  Time to improvise.

I grabbed dumbbells for closegrip dumbbell presses.  Basically have the DBs face each other and bring them close, as you press them up.  If they touch it is slightly easier than keeping them slightly apart, since you don’t have to work as hard at stabilizing them, but as long as you isolate the triceps, it isn’t a big deal, IMO.

closegrip dumbbell presses

30 lbs, 12

50s, 10, 1 min rest, 10, rest, 10

cable pushdowns

140 lbs, 12, 1 min rest, 12

dumbbell kickbacks  still not confident about the form on these

35 lbs, 12, 1 min rest, 12

dip station  these still went horrible!  I used the assist so I wouldnt swing, so the first one I assisted for about 16% of my weight and it felt like my shoulders were going to rip out!  sad.  I turned it up to about 27% of my BW, and really tried to keep my elbows pinned back and it went a little better, but still rough.  Not comfortable.

16% 6 reps

27% 10 reps, 10 reps


Then stretched out the shoulders a bit.  Then 2 sets of 5 one arm fingerpad wall pushups.  2 sets of 10 eagle claws.  I wanted to hang from the bar, but quite literally ALL such bars were occupied, even the smith machine, haha.  so I gave up.  I jumped on the arc trainer for some cardio instead.

incline 9, resistance 65%, 15 min


I was beat after that!  I feel wasted, gonna sleep hard tonight.  Didn’t feel like enough of a tricep workout, tbh.

chest and biceps

Went to the gym after work.

I am trying out a new pre-workout powder – C4 Extreme.  I think it is good to cycle the pre-workout powders, and I had been off stimulants for a while, so will try this out for a month. (Pink Lemonade flavour)

I feel a bit of a pump, nothing huge, I don’t feel anxious, but I just feel really upbeat and cheery, lol.  Focus was pretty good, energy stayed constant, so no complaints so far.  It also seems to make my day fly by, lol!  Time has speeded up since I have been on it, I swear!  Taste is fine, I was worried it would be too acidic, as it was lemonade, but it is pretty smooth, surprisingly.  It also doesn’t have the exploding carbonation factor of my last supp, so that is nice.

It has only been a day or two, so I will talk more about it when I give it a full chance.

60 sec rest in between sets.

Bench press – 45×8, 95×8, 145×8, 165×5, 165×5, 165×5, 165×5

DB flat press 65s x12, x12

went to do some pushups, these tired out my shoulder pretty fast, so I didnt do too many.  roughly 30 sec rest in between sets

10, 10, 10

pec dec 90×40, 90×40 (burn sets)

bicep time!

hammer curls across the body 80s x5, x5

seated DB curls 55s x12, x6, x3, x3

I got distracted during the second set, and lost the willpower momentum, and just stalled and stopped at 6 reps.  OK…. there was a girl doing bent over dumbbell rows, and I got distracted, so sue me!  LOL  So after a few seconds rest, I did 3 more reps, rested a few seconds, did the last 3.

Curl Machine 90 x 40 (burn set)

Arms felt pretty good, so I went for some extra forearm and grip work.

one-arm fingerpad wall pushups 5, 5

eagle claws x10, x10

As I did the eagle claws, I felt the pump and burn pretty good in my forearms, it was nice!

I went to tempt fate by doing some pullups before the grip hangs.  Balance out the chest with some back, by way of the arms.

4 pullups widegrip, 3 closegrip, 2 hammer grip

My arms felt burnt out, so now time to hang!

20 secs, 10, 7, 6

Yeah, my times sucked!  haha, I could barely hang on for more than a few seconds before I slipped from my palms to hanging from my fingers, and it won’t last long after that!  Basically, my arms were done.


back to the mat

I put my game face on today.

got a good sleep the night before, went off to work, ate well, headed to the gym after work.

shoulders & triceps first

I grabbed the 25s, and supersetted front raises and side raises.  Then I supersetted front raises and reverse flys.

12 front, 12 side, rest 2 min

12 front, 12 side, rest 2 min

12 front, 12 reverse, rest 2 min

12 front, 12 reverse

Then I grabbed the 50s for some slow shrugs.  Shrug, hold for 4 seconds, then lower.

12, 60 sec rest, 12

Then triceps (60 sec rests)

close grip bench 135×10, x10

T-bar pushdowns 130×12, x12

DB kickbacks 30×12, x12

dips…. ugh, let’s talk.  1, 1, 3

I am not used to doing kickbacks so I kept the weight low.  They didn’t feel comfortable, so I am going to borrow a trainer friend next chance I can and get some pointers from him on form.

Dips – I used the dip station, and I normally do them seated.  I was VERY uncomfortable, lol, I kept swinging and I coulnd’t lower all the way, so I stopped.  I became worried about how they felt on my shoulder as well, dips are risky for me, so if I am not comfortable with the form, if I am unstable, I wouldn’t continue.  So my reps really suck.  Next time I will do assisted dips so that I can work the triceps without risking my shoulder.

Then I loosened up:  joint circling, then as the mat was full of people stretching, I tried one-arm fingertip pushups against the wall, lol!  Those were hard!  2 sets of 5, on the pads of my fingers, moving the hand closer to the center of my body for the stability.

Then 2 sets of 10 eagle claws.

Then I went to go hang from the chinup bar.  25 seconds widegrip, 18 sec closegrip, 15 sec hammer grip, 12 sec widegrip.  Widegrip was really the most comfortable, the other grips I was too close to the backpad, and I had to pull my legs back when they hung, which made my hamstrings want to cramp, lol.  But the times weren’t too bad for me.

But it’s not over!  Then I headed to Spin class, 1 hour.  At the end we did some HIIT Spin: 1 cycle of 7 repetitions, 2:1 ratio.

But it’s not over!  Then I went to a yoga class right after, not hot yoga like I normally do, some regular temp stuff.  It was my first time back on the mat in close to 3 weeks, since I hurt the shoulder.  It felt good, but downward dog was wearing me out, and my chaturanga was pretty sad.  But considering I had a shoulder workout before, I didn’t judge myself too harshly.  We had some great stretches for the hips, Pigeon feels good!  Reverse Warrior also felt really good, decent backbends on my Warriors.

So yeah, I pretty much ran wild all over that gym tonight, lol.  Let’s see if I wake up dead tomorrow…

emptying the tank

Neighbour asked me if I wanted to go to Spin class at 10 am.  So I showed up at the gym a little after 9 for some back work.

Did some deadlifts, which is one of those big boy moves I am still getting accustomed to, so really focused on form for now.  Then one arm DB rows with no rest between sets.  Then I did closegrip on the hammer strength row machine until the assisted chinup bar was free.

deadlift 185 for 8 reps, 90 sec rest, 8 reps

1 arm DB row 55s for 12, 12

row machine 90 pounds for 25 reps

assisted pullups (40% BW) – widegrip 4, closegrip 5, hammer grip 4


Then I loosened up my joints for about a minute, then alternated sets of 5 fingerpad kneeling pushups with 10 eagle claws, 2 sets.  Then I went back to the assisted chinup bar to practice hanging:

15 sec, 30 sec rest

20 sec, 40 sec rest

15 sec, 50 sec rest

10 sec

I think my times were better this time because this chinup bar has fresher rubber, I get a better grip.  New favorite bar to hang from!


Then it was time for spin class.  By the third song, I knew I was in trouble.  I was running out of gas to the point where my pedals were stopping, and I was only about a quarter of the way into the class!  That class seemed to go on FOREVER… I just got pulverized.  It was brutal!  If there was a referee, he would have stopped the class and thrown in the towel.

I am not sure what it was:  was I dehydrated?  Were my legs still tired from HIIT on Thursday?  Did I use up my energy on the back workout?  All 3?  Whatever the reason, it was just one of those cardio classes where we empty our tanks long before the finish line.  We have all had them, now was just my turn.

After class I went to do some extra stretches (beyond the ones we normally do for our legs):  L-Sit above the dip station for about 20 seconds, held a short bridge for about 20 sec, some seated twists for about 20 sec each side.  Then I showered and headed home.

By the time I was at the bus stop, my feet were dragging, I was ready to just crawl into a hole and hibernate.  Maybe no spin class for me tomorrow…


fearing the iron

When I went into the gym today, I had some lingering nervousness about my shoulder.  It happens sometimes after an injury, you are extra timid about getting back into it.  You worry about whether it’s a good pain or a bad pain.  That lack of confidence affected me.  I lowered the weight on all exercises, but I still feel like I should have been able to push more than I did.

Some chest and biceps today.  Went into the gym right after work, which is always a bad idea, hella busy with people, taking up the benches, chatting away, weights left in random places, hovering over you as you try to lift.  Very annoying.

Bench press was of course totally busy.  So I decided to do more DB presses instead.  Plus I had an evening meeting to go to, so I couldn’t waste any time.  I cut the chest routine short actually to save time, figured I could make it up with pushups later in the week.

DB press with 30 sec rest in between sets

50s for 12, 12

55s for 12, 12

pec dec with 75 pounds

40 slow reps, definite strain on the shoulder

then 13 slow reps, left shoulder was groaning at me, so I stopped it there

biceps – pinwheel curls (hammer curls across the body)

70s for 2 sets of 5 (each arm), 60 sec rest in between

seated alternating twisting DB curls

50s 2 sets of 9, 10 (disappointed in this)

went to the bicep curl machine

70 pounds, slow set of 40 reps

Then took my joints through range of motion for a minute, then 2 sets of 5 kneeling fingerpad pushups.  Then 2 sets of 10 eagle claws.  Then I went to go hang from the chinup bar (grip work)

hung for maybe 15 seconds, then hung again for 13 seconds, then hung again for 10 seconds, then for 7 seconds

not happy with that.

Then I did an L-Sit off the Roman Chair for about 30 seconds (there was a guy in it so I asked if I could sub in, he admitted he was just having a nap, ROFL), then did a short bridge for 30 sec, then a couple of seated twists for 30 sec each.

Then I got on the arc trainer for 30 min, resistance of 60, incline of 5.



hanging in there

Went to a 10 am spin class at my gym with my neighbour.  Not bad, teacher was a little chatty.  Sometimes they try so hard to get you hooting and hollering, it seems a little silly.  I like to stay quiet and focus, can’t force the enthusiasm.

After an hour of spin, I decided to give my shoulder another test.  I grabbed some 45 lb dumbbells and some 22.5 dumbbells and alternated between bench press and front raises, for 15 minutes continuously, no rest.  By the end, my shoulders were burning, both of them.  My chest itself felt fine, 45s are too light, even for an aggressive series of sets like those.  But my shoulders were screaming, in a good way.  I started off doing sets of 10, back and forth, but by the end was more like sets of 4 or 5 on the raise and 7 or so on the press.

This is a variation on the “zero rest alternate” technique.  Normally, it would be two shoulder exercises, not a shoulder and a chest, but instead I chose to continuously superset the presses and the front raises because I didn’t want to extend my shoulders over my head while I heal, and I am convinced that one of the ways I sprained my shoulder was from frequent presses off the floor.  So this was a revisit.

But if you ever want a really good and quick workout, take some light weights, and alternate between complimentary exercises for the same body part, keep going for 15 minutes.  Leave a comment below if you would like any specific suggestions.

After that, I stretched out.  I took my joints through range of motion for about a minute, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips.  Then I did 2 sets of 5 fingerpad kneeling pushups.  Those felt pretty hard on the fingers!  Then 2 sets of 10 eagle claws.

Then I went to the chinup bar, and just hung by my grip.  I did it for about 30 seconds, then decided to stop.  Probably could have gone longer.  Then I did an L-Sit off the dip station, then held a short bridge for 30 seconds, then a minute or so of seated twists.

I follow the commonly held theory now that you warmup BEFORE the exercise, then stretch AFTER the exercise.  The thought is with stretching beforehand you run the risk of shortening the muscle, and inhibiting performance.

Came home, and crashed hard.  The last two days must have taken a lot out of me.  When I woke up, my triceps were sore (which I don’t understand!) and my forearms were sore.  If you want a good forearm workout, do like I did, after you finish your upperbody routine, do some grip work like hanging off the chinup bar for as long as you can.  The forearms will burn!

testing the shoulder out

Today I did some more just general flushing and stretching.

While at work, I did some rehab type stuff for my shoulder:

– isometric pushing and pulling on my left arm with my right, 10 sec push 10 sec pull

– taking my arms through range of motion, 10 seconds at shoulder height, 10 seconds above my head

– bending at the elbow and sweeping my left forearm across the desk for 3 sets of 10

– standing up, lowering my chin, relaxing my shoulders and squeezing my shoulderblades together for 10 seconds, 3 sets of 10 reps

– placing my hands closer than shoulderwidth against a wall and push on the wall while squeezing my shoulderblades together for 5 seconds, 3 sets of 10 reps

After that I did an L-sit above my desk chair for 20 seconds, then held a short bridge for 30 seconds, then a seated spinal twist for 30 seconds on each side.

My quads were getting really sore after the squats from yesterday, I usually have a 24h DOMS turnaround, so I went for a walk to flush them out.  I decided to walk to a grocery store 30 min away, bought a bunch of groceries, walked 30 min back, so I could see how my shoulders felt carrying a bit of weight for a long period.  That went well, no pain in my shoulder carrying stuff.

Came home, swung my arms and elbows and wrists and legs through about a minute of range of motion (joint circling), then did some fingerpad pushups, 5 against the wall, 5 off of the back of a recliner, then 2 sets of 5 fingerpad pushups on the floor on my knees.

Then 2 sets of 10 eagle claws.

I was going to do regular pushups, but my shoulder felt really tired actually, so I am deciding to get some rest and see how it feels in the morning.

It was a super light day, but shoulder focused, with some light cardio, so I got what I wanted.