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June 4 – Back

I ran around at work all day telling people my piriformis hurt.  I thought it sounded funny.  Then I pointed at my butt and stuck it in their face, and it got more funny. Curse you foam roller!!!

I am wondering if Back Day could use more volume, it doesn’t feel as epic as Leg Day.  Nothing is as epic as leg day.

Got to the office gym around 7 am, and used what they had, small tweaks to the original plan.  Weights seem low on some, but they have stiff cables, just a fact.

(rest between all giant sets, 60 sec)

Giant set:  Bent Over DB Row & Widegrip Pulldown & Straight Arm Pushdown

100s x 6/6     75 x 12     15 x 25

100s x 6/6     85 x 12     25 x 25

100s x 6/6     95 x 12     35 x 25

100s x 6/6     105 x 12     35 x 25

100s x 6/6     115 x 12     35 x 25


Giant Set:  Widegrip Pulldowns & Widegrip Cable Row (elbows high) & Rear Delt Cable Flys

125 x 6     125 x 12     25 x 25

135 x 6     125 x 12     15 x 25

145 x 6     125 x 12     15 x 25

155 x 6     125 x 12     15 x 25

165 x 6     125 x 12     15 x 25


post workout:  30 min elliptical, resistance

Shoulders, Cut Day 33

Feb 7 – High Carb Day / Shoulders

Hooray!  Moderate amounts of carbs all day!  I tried a few more of the sugarfree macaroons, delicious!  I also tried some of the Walden Farms Italian Dressing on my veggies, not bad actually!  will be keeping this bottle.

Chicken, asparagus and kidney beans on the menu today!  Must have ate like 8 cups of asparagus today and 2 pounds of chicken breast.  Stinky pee day!

As for the Peanut Butter, I forgot to read the instructions on the side of the jar, my bad!

How to Consume Walden Farms Calorie-Free Peanut Butter:
Step 1.  Scoop out generous serving from jar
Step 2.  Place directly in toilet
Step 3.  Repeat until satisfied

Escaped from work at lunch for an extra 30 min of cardio!  Hooray extra cardio on carb day!

Friday night woot!  No work tomorrow!  Time for fun!

I asked the trainer for some extra warmup and restorative work tonight, it has been a draining week and I missed my massage session.


10 min stretches – hip openers, spinal twists, wrist stretches

15 min elliptical

15 min active and balance-oriented yoga:  sun salutations, warrior 2, triangle, extended triangle, exalted warrior, repeat the last 4 moves on the other side, tree on both sides, airplane and Warrior 3 on both sides

Giant Set:  Arnold Presses & Bent Over Rear Delt DB Raises & Plate Raises (30-45 sec rest)

30s x 12 / 15s x 12 / 35 x 15
30s x 12 / 15s x 12 / 35 x 15
30s x 12 / 15s x 12 / 35 x 15



Giant Set:  Seated Military Press & Bent Over Rear Delt Cable Fly & Machine Row Elbows High (45 sec rest)

115 x 12 / 20 x 15(each side) / 60 x 20
115 x 12 / 20 x 15(each side) / 60 x 20
115 x 12 / 20 x 15(each side) / 60 x 20




10 min restorative:  foam roller on back and chest, yoga supported fish/waterfall hybrid


Yes those are foam blocks under my sacrum, yes I am crushing them with my weight, ROFL.  Yes having foam blocks under your sacrum pushes your gut out! 

Admittedly it was light on the weightlifting tonight, but the shoulders were barking at me all week, so I gave them a light night.  I feel re-energized after that!  Bring on Arm Day!

Friday Back

Have I only been doing this log for 1 week?  Feels like forever 😛

Friday afternoon with the trainer.  We have been doing our compound routines (you see me doing them on Friday and Monday) for a few months now, so we decided to make this a DL session and Monday will be our Squat-focused session, then we will take a Friday off (Nov 1) and redo my routines.  This doesn’t affect what I do on my own, I want to keep doing those for a while, but my Mon/Fri sessions with the trainer will get reworked a bit.  I suspect she will want to work on my core and conditioning a bit more devotedly.

I took a Fast Fuel scoop before the workout, took a second Fast Fuel during the workout for the heck of it, a scoop of ReGen during the workout and another scoop right after.

Deadlift Day!

Oct 25 – Back
(regular tempo, long breaks in between sets)

Sumo Deadlift
225 x 5
295 x 5
315 x 4
335 x 2  PR
355 x 1  PR
365 x 0
365 x 0
355 x 0
315 x 0


Hit a PR!  Felt good, so went for another PR.  Hit that too.  Went for a third PR.  No dice.  But I was stubborn.  After all, a failed attempt is just anoither warmup, right?  Tried again, nada.  I had problems with the start of the movement, using my legs to get it off the ground, coordination was off.  So we dropped the weight, and I failed AGAIN.  Dropped the weight again, and failed AGAIN.  I think I had psyched myself out, and it was a mental thing now.  So we switched gears and moved on to some Pendlays.

Pendlay Rows
185 x 5
205 x 5
205 x 5
205 x 5
205 x 5


I guess these were PRs, but since I only just started doing this variant of the bent over row, I don’t think it really counts.

The long breaks afforded me a chance to pose for butt shots!  Hannah requested a shot of my butt gap!  Turns out I don’t have one.


All these deadlifts, rows, and butt posing made the time fly!  We were 45 min in to a 60 min workout, so we decided to just use the foam roller for 15 min.  Worked on my IT bands, piriformis, hamstrings, lower back, upper back.  Hurt!!!


However, in the midst of my piriformis rolling, I created a butt gap shot just for you!   Eat your heart out.



Day 12 – good & bad heat

The plan for today was an upper body workout and then one of the more active hot yoga sessions.  Get all my resistance training going.

Showed up for an upper body session with Leslie, and noticed very quickly the burning sensation in my left thigh.  I have an inflamed IT band, it has happened before.  When I first got it, I didn’t know what it was and kept pushing until the burning became very intense, like pressing up against a hot cooking pot.  It is a sign for me when I feel it to ease up on the leg work, get a massage, take care of myself!  Luckily this wasn’t leg day, so I pressed on (get it?)

warm-up with the battle ropes for 2 min

flat bench press w dumbbells:  warmup, 150 x10, x10, x9

incline dumbbell flys:  70 x12, x12, x12

pushups:  12, 15, 15

BREAK:  foam roller massage

Australian pullups:  10, 10, 10

t-bar row:  125 x12, 135 x12, x12

try not to sack yourself!

widegrip pulldowns:  200 x12, x12, 220 x12

cooldown:  5 min on elliptical


notes:  the ropes reminded me that my biceps were sore 🙂  Somewhat the biceps, moreso the forearms –> the brachioradialis.  Curse you, zottman curls!  Right at the tendon where the brachioradialis connects to the elbow, that was sore.

The pushups were a mix of real ones and knee ones.  I started off with ones from my toes, and as Leslie saw my back sag, we kept going with ones from my knees.  That is a good point to note for my yoga, as Leslie noted I still sag a lot during chaturanga, and put too much pressure on my shoulders. (She came to yoga with me on Monday, and observed.)  This is common, lots of people have saggy backs in chaturanga, but if I want to rehab my shoulders, I need to tighten up on my form, or just do chaturanga (and pushups) from my knees.

After pushups, we took a break from resistance training to apply the foam roller to my IT band.  It was needed, even getting up and down was sore in my left leg.  The rolling hurt, but hurt in the way that makes you laugh.  Well, it makes ME laugh.  After about 5 min of that, I felt loosened up, so we continued.

My mind waqs still occupied with my IT band, and thinking ahead to yoga, so I sort of went through the motions with the Australian pullups.  In retrospect, my feet should have gone out further, and made it harder.  As fallout from that, I was nudging Leslie towards adding a little bit more weight here and there on the rows and pulldowns.

Then I showered up, hopped on the bus, grabbed my yoga gear and headed to hot yoga!  Friday night, typified with a full room of newer people.  That means being mindful of your neighbour, it means the room heats up an extra degree or two from all the people grunting and sweating (like I do, but even moreso).  New people tend to heat up the room more than crafty old vets.  But this kind of heat is the “good heat”, all those hot hairy water bottles surrounding you, steaming up the air, help open your pores and dilate your bronchials.  I resolved to take the class mindfully, to keep an eye out for my left IT band, aka the “bad heat”.

I found a spot next to the wall so I would only have to watch one side for flailing limbs and stumbling bums.  It was a 60 min class, leading us through the basic sequence.  Kelly was teaching!

sweaty shot after class

The class itself was quite forgiving, with lots of 5 second downward dog “rests” in between the juicy poses.  To my open side was a young woman and her 2 male friends.  I think she might have been new, because she was getting hammered by the class, to the point where she kept muttering, “jesus christ” to herself under her breath.  I smiled to myself, we have all been through the “trial by fire”, where the hot room just makes the awkward exercises and poses just THAT much harder.  Before you first went to yoga, did you EVER do dancers pose or half-moon balances?  exactly.

At one point she lost her balance, and fell forward, instincetively grabbing my buttcheeks for balance!  She profusely apologized, I told her it was ok, and chuckled.  I wonder if this was the middle of the room… could she have created a domino effect?  Have a bunch of yogis in a packed room ever toppled like dominoes?  Could I stumble forward and grab a yoga girl’s butt without a write-up from the front desk??  hahaha

My leg didn’t hurt too bad, my shoulder held up ok (why is it always my left side?), and then headed home.  Day 12 ovah!