Went to the gym in the morning, was going to do some chest and see how the shoulder felt, see how the tendinitis felt.  Maybe it seems odd testing out my shoulder with chest work, but that’s just how I roll.


bb bench press  (minimal rest) 135 x 5, 145 x 5, 155 x 5, 165 x 5, 175 x 5

dumbbell press (60-120 s rest):  100×21, 120×15, 140×8, 160×6, 180×5, 160×6, 140×8, 120×15, 100×22

cable crossover:  (1 min rest b/w sets) 100 x 40, 40

notes:  simple routine, not a lot of jumping around.  barbell press was me seeing how I felt with the weight.  Didn’t really need rest, I rested as long as it took me to slide more weight on then I kept going.  Shoulder felt fine, forearm felt fine, so I moved on to db press.

For the db press, again I tried out a bunch of different weights, pyramiding up then back down.  This actually set my tendinitis off – not so much picking it up or pressing it, but when I tried to set it down… set it on the ground or set it back on the rack, THAT made my arm hurt a lot!  Regardless of the weight, it hurt.  It got to the point where I felt like just dropping the dumbbells like the meatheads do… just let them clatter to the ground like IDGAF.  So after 9 sets of db presses, which I felt to be a good solid try, I moved on to crossovers.

I put the weight light on the crossovers, and went for high reps, just get a pump.  100 pounds was WAY too light, I was able to just straighten out my arms and iron cross that shit, even with 100 pounds and straight arms I could hit 40 reps without stopping… twice in a row… so, will go heavier. (well, actually it was technically 45 kilograms, but WHATEVER, same diff)  It is so easy to forget my chest is way stronger than my shoulders, but stuff like the crossovers remind me quick.

My forearm hurt, and I needed to head to work early to prep some stuff, so I skipped the cardio.  Screw you HIIT!  I wanted to do shoulders at lunch, but I had to head to a meeting across town, so that killed that.  I wanted to do shoulders after work, but I was so late from the meeting and in such a crappy mood I just came home and had a nap.  So I didn’t do shoulders today!  Maybe tomorrow, dunno.

What about you?  Any good workouts?