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5 Dec 2016

Snowstorm today. I ended up doing my workout at the office instead of at the strongman gym, just to cut down on my time on the road. Saved my sanity a bit.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, shrugs

OH WAIT!! NVM saving my sanity, the nice quiet peaceful empty office gym was filled with fools this afternoon! Someone plugged in their ipod and cranked up the Top 40. Its like listening to the radio… except you paid for all this garbage music YYYEEAAAHHHHHH!!! Then people hopped on the cardio machines and did it at 40%, never once being out of breath so that they could carry on a full conversation with their neighbour cardiofool the entire time! As I sat there looking at this, one guy ran over to the pullup bar, tried to do a kipping pullup (he wasn’t exhausted and forced to kip, he just wanted to look pro)… instantly kicked a bunch of equipment off a nearby rack YYEEEAAHHHHH!!!

Just screaming ninnys. Remember the scene in Stripes when they ran through the obstacle course??

So… I focused on my own stuff.

Bench Press (medium rests)

bar x a few
135 x 2
185 x 2
225 x 1
*elbow sleeves on*
245 x 2
250 x 1
255 x 1
215 x 11

notes: forgot my wrist wraps! bah. oh well, it went ok even with my limp wrists.

Dual Cable Wide Pulldowns (90 sec rests)

10 plates x 15
11p x 15
12p x 15
12p x 15

Seated Smith OHP (medium rests)

bar+90 x 12
bar+90 x 12
bar+90 x 12
bar+90 x 10

notes: I know you all love my Smith Machine 😛

Superset: Strict DB Side Raises and Full DB Front Raises and Band Pullaparts (medium rests)

15s x 10 / 15s x 10 / 15 pullaparts
15s x 10 / 15s x 10 / 10 pullaparts
15s x 10 / 15s x 8 / 15 pullaparts

notes: shoulders were dying after this

23 Nov 2016

So yeah, Tuesday I was wrecked, to the point I was fighting off a bug. so I took a night to rest, and came back to it tonight.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, shrugs, then some light Viking Presses

Log Press (clean every rep, 2-3 min rests, no sleeves or wraps)

110 x 3
155 x 4
155 x 4
155 x 4

notes: I probably could have pushed more volume with some wraps and sleeves, but this was some quick rep work to get back into the swing of things with log again (I felt out of practice), and might hit some heavy reps this weekend

Bench Press (medium rests)

bar x soooooo many
135 x 5
185 x 3
*wraps and sleeves on*
230 x 5
230 x 5
230 x 5

Closegrip Bench (medium rest, wraps, sleeves)

245 x 2
245 x 2

Spoto Bench (medium rests, wraps, sleeves)

215 x 5
215 x 5

At this point I was scheduled to do some heavy DB rows, but I decided I want to hit some heavy deads tomorrow, so I cut out the rows and saved up my grip and low back for tomorrow. (So I better make time for that workout!)

Superset: Strict DB Side Raises & DB Full Front Raises & Cable Face Pulls & Hyperextensions (2 min rests)

12s x 10 / 12s x 10 / 30 x 15 / 15 hyperxts
12s x 10 / 12s x 10 / 30 x 15 / 15 hyperxts
12s x 10 / 12s x 10 / 30 x 15 / 15 hyperxts

notes: instead of the usual front raises to eye level, I raised them up over my head and squeezed my rear delts a bit. It all helps keep the cobwebs out of my shoulder joints, and keep the socket lubed and happy.

Mar 7, 2015

Back at it.

Clean & Press (I started off clean & strict press each rep, clean from the hang, 90 sec rest)

45 x 3
95 x 3
140 x 1
140 x 2
140 x 1
140 x 3 (clean once, push press 3 times)
140 x FAIL
140 x 3 (clean and push press each rep)

notes: 2nd crappy week in a row on the clean and strict press. I just couldn’t get it going. And only 2 weeks ago 135 for 3 reps was no big deal. I need to sit down with my coach (she is travelling right now) and get some help, because I think my form must be breaking down and its costing me my performance. I could clean it, but I couldn’t strict press any more. So I ended up just doing push presses. Very disappointed.

Superset Cable Face Pulls & Over and Backs w/resistance band (30 sec rest b/w supersets)

40 x 20 / 8 over and backs
40 x 20 / 8
40 x 20 / 8
40 x 20 / 8
40 x 20 / 8

notes: This still is feeling good. Upped the weight a bit and was still hitting the sweet spot.

Z Press (sat on a rolled up yoga mat, 90 sec rest)

45 x 8
75 x 8
105 x 8
105 x 8

notes: This was a big improvement from last week. My hips felt tight last week so I sat on a rolled up light yoga mat, and the warmup sets felt so good that I knew I had a good shot. My eventual goal is to sit flat on the ground, but this was a good few sets.

Shoulder Complex: DB Front Raises / Machine Lateral Raises / Reverse Pec Deck (60 sec rest)

20s x 10 / 30 x 10 / 30 x 10
20s x 10 / 40 x 10 / 40 x 10
20s x 10 / 50 x 10 / 50 x 10
20s x 10 / 60 x 10 / 60 x 10
20s x 10 / 70 x 10 / 70 x 10
20s x 10 / 80 x 10 / 80 x 6

notes: Decided to take a break from the 6-Way complex, as I know it hurts a bit on the shoulder (it hurts in a kinda good way, but it is still stressful). I kept the front raise weight the same so I wouldn’t have to keep chasing down dumbbells and just changed the pins on the machines. I have learned a few tips to keep my shoulders feeling good, for the front raises I bring the DBs down with a neutral grip (hammer grip), and then pronate my palms on the way up; and for the reverse pec deck, I hold the handles with my thumbs facing down so as to hit my rhomboids more.

Sets felt good so I kept upping the weight until I found the sweet spot.

Arm fluff time! Something more traditional than Cannonball Sets this week.

Superset DB Bicep Curls and V-bar Pushdowns (60 sec rest)

30s x 20 / 100 x 30
30s x 20 / 110 x 30
30s x 15 / 110 x 23

notes: high rep plumpness! Arms were tired but nice and full! They didn’t have that amazing tight feeling, but they did have visible size on them. It wasn’t my best pump ever, but it was still fun.

post-workout: LISS elliptical

Cut Day 20

Had to take a little break while I got my sleep game right!  But I stayed on my diet, so I can climb right back on the exercise train with no issues.

had some decent sleeps over night, but also some huge naps during the past few days that have made all the difference! Finally starting to feel balanced again

I am not taking Xmas off work, but the office will be so quiet, that I consider it sort of a “work deload”. Lightweight baby. Answer emails when I feel like it, work out when I feel like it, have naps when I feel like it. Slow time is in effect all next week.

Last day with the trainer for a little while – she takes off for Xmas vacation… and I remain in the weight pit grinding it out on my own for a bit

Flat DB Press (5 second negatives)

45s x 10
55s x 10
55s x 10
55s x 10

Decline Cable Fly

50 x 12
70 x 12
70 x 12


3 sets of 15

Standing DB Press (5 second negatives)

25s x 10
30s x 10
30s x 10

notes: these are finally starting to feel good, like I got the form down on the slow neg, so the weight can start slowly going up.

Cable Side Raise/Front Raise (do side reps then the front reps, per arm)

20 x 10/10
20 x 10/10

Superset – Rope Pushdowns & DB Skullcrushers (spread rope at the bottom; the skullcrushers my triceps were being restrained again)

90 x 15 / 20s x 12
90 x 15 / 20s x 12
90 x 15 / 20s x 12

After that, I had to take off for some Friday night Xmas chit, no cardio in the cards. compound lifts are lined up for tomorrow, gonna be fun!

Cut Day 6

Another day, another Xmas party. Its also a high-carb day… so… lunch consisted of 3 sliders, pork sausage in a bun with sauerkraut, and fries. LOL, not much of a diet meal

No circuits today! Push session.

Took some measurements and pics for 5 min. 275! Eek! I could feel I was getting fluffy. I guess it could have been worse, but it was def time to cut. About 28% BF.

warmup: rowing machine for 5 min

Flat DB Press (5 second negatives)

45s x 8
45s x 10
50s x 10
50s x 10

notes: haven’t done slow negatives in a while! Felt good once I found the way to make it comfortable on my shoulder on the eccentric.

Decline Cable Fly

3 plates x 15
3 plates x 20
3 plates x 20

Standing DB Press (5 second negatives)

25s x 8
25s x 10
25s x 8

notes: these didn’t feel so cool on my shoulder. I can do way more than this with the BB, so I just need to get used to it, slow negs or not.

Cable Side Raise / Front Raise

2 plates x 10 side, 10 front, per arm
2p x 10/10
2p x 10/10

Superset – DB Skulls and Hammergrip Cable Extensions

20s x 12 / 3 plates x 10 (per arm)
25s x 12 / 4p x 10
25s x 12 / 4p x 10

Ran out of time and had to end it there, so I did some cardio on my own.

post-workout 15 min LISS

The cut has just begun! Saturday I rest and then Sunday its back to the compound lifts.

Had a serious chip on my shoulder this morning, so I headed down to the gym.  Get it??!  Chip on my shoulder?!?  BAHAHAHAHAHA

Seated Military Press (Smith)

warmup:  bar only – 5 full ROM, 5 top half ROM, 5 bottom half ROM, 5 full ROM

(one continuous set, pausing only to adjust the stack of dime plates) – bar +30 x 10, +50 x 10, +70 x 10, +90 x 10, +70 x 10, +50 x 10, +30 x 10, +10 x 10 SLOW REPS

notes: Does that make sense?  Warmup set, then I set up a stack of 4 dime plates a side and a nickel plate a side (figured it would save time).  I don’t know how much the Smith bar weighs, who cares.  One continuous set, only pausing to add or remove plates.  On the last set I had a nickel on each side and I had to do them SLOW (5 sec neg and 5 sec pos).  The neg was ok, but the 5 second positive was MURDER by that point.  I actually had to take two pauses… after 4 reps I needed a second to catch my breath, then 3 more reps, another 2 sec pause, then the last 3 reps.

When I was writing all this down after, I realized I did too many sets, oops!  I was only supposed to do 6 sets, I did EIGHT.  Oh well, I guess that makes up for having to get up and flip the plates myself (would have been harder if I had someone to change them while I stayed in position.)

Behind the Neck Press (Smith) (45 sec rest)

bar + 30 x 15
bar + 30 x 15
bar + 50 x 15
bar + 50 x 15

notes: Stayed on the Smith because it is easy to control the depth if things go sour.  I have shtty rotator cuffs, so the ability to pull out quick was a must.  Started light, I learned my lesson on this QBM chit!  After Set 2, realized I could go heavier, so added weight.  Never went below the base of my skull, which I think is how low you are supposed to go.  Also added a set, this time on purpose so I could get more work done once I had my appropriate weight.

Superset Strict DB Side Raise Dropset and DB Front Raise (45 sec rest)

20s x 10 DROP 15s x 10 DROP 10s x 10 / 15s x 10
20s x 10 DROP 15s x 10 DROP 10s x 10 / 15s x 10
20s x 10 DROP 15s x 10 DROP 10s x 10 / 15s x 10

notes: Weight was just right for strict raises – keep arms completely straight, focus on tipping the pitcher of water out, get the pinkys high.  Keep arms from touching sides or swinging in front of you – by the last superset I couldn’t keep them from dropping down in front of me, but that’s ok, it was the end.  Could go a bit heavier on the front raises, but I didn’t know how dead I would be by then, so it was still a close guess.

Superset Closegrip Upright Row and Bent Over Superman Row (45 sec rest)

70 x 10 / 40 x 10
70 x 10 / 40 x 10
70 x 10 / 40 x 10

notes: Went a little too light on the upright rows, but I had never done superman Rows before, and wanted to save some gas in the tank for those.  Sadly, the Superman rows were hard, even at 40!  Need to get in a little practice on those bad boys.

Superset Behind the Back DB Shrugs and Bent Over DB Rev Flys (45 sec rest)

70s x 20 / 15s x 10
70s x 16 / 15s x 10
70s x 20 / 15s x 10

notes: I had never done behind the back DB shrugs, so I lowered the weight a bit.  I also have notoriously bad form on rear delt DB flys, so I kept it light to keep good form.  (I usually would rather do cable flys).  The Shrugs were AWKWARD.  I only got 16 reps in the second set because it just felt so awkward I had to put it down.  My butt is big, and the DBs are big, and everything kept fighting for space and twisting my wrists around.  Next time I do BB shrugs BTB, Fkk DBs.

Cardio – 25 min elliptical

Not bad!  I was humble with the weight, and it paid off pretty well!  Could maybe have gone a bit heavier, but I did some extra sets to work it out.  I am most thankful my shoulders held up endurance-wise, but to be honest, that is how I have been training them for the past few months anyways, lots of lightweight giant sets over heavy sets.  No bodyweight OHP for me, ROFL!

Time to get back on the horse.  I was going to work out on the weekend, I really was!  Then my energy just crashed and I pretty much slept all weekend.  Woops!  So Monday I was determined to get back into it.

Started off Monday with an early morning shoulder workout

Monday AM Shoulders/Calves/Abs (45 sec rest)

warmup – rotator cuff warmup

seated dumbbell shoulder press:  50 x 10; 70 x 10; 100 x 10, 10

side raise machine:  50 x 10; 70 x 10; 100 x 12, 12, 12

standing dumbbell front raise hammergrip:  20 x 10; 50 x 12, 12, 12

cable side raise:  30 x 10 plus 3 heavy negatives, 30 x 10+3, 10+3

widegrip upright rows (30 sec rest):  50 x 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15

Superset Leg Press Calf Raises and Roman Chair Knee Raises (no rest, back and forth station to station):  8 plates x 20 calves and 15 abs:  20 & 15, 20 & 15

Cardio 15 min


notes:  I haven’t done dumbbell presses in a while but they felt good!  My left shoulder felt real sore on those side raises though.  By the time I was trying to do those heavy negatives, I had nothing left for side delts.  Upright rows felt great!  Shoulders and upper chest and traps are coming along I think, based on what I saw in the mirror.  Not much time after that before work so I did calves and abs with no rest then a short cardio session.  Off to work!


After work I headed to the studio for a session with the trainer! Fullbody compound time!

Monday PM Fullbody (45-60 sec rest)

Cardio 10 min warmup

Bench Squats:  185 x 8, 205 x 8, 225 x 8, 8


Standing Military Press:  95 x 8, 8, 8, 8


Smith Machine Bench Press: 225 x 5; 205 x 8, 8, 8

the bad form that forced me to drop weight

the bad form that forced me to drop weight

Assisted Pullups (varied grip):  8, 8, 9, 9

Barbell Curls:  65 x 8, 8, 8; 75 x 8


Ab Roller:  8, 8, 8

notes:  Yay getting better at squats!  Finally 2 wheels!  I feel myself starting to get more comfortable with these, so hopefully the weight will keep climbing.  My form started to get horrible on the bench press, my elbows kept flaring.  This might be a result of all the shoulder work I had been doing today, I was just tired.  So we lowered the weight.  Booooooo, hiss.


And that was my double workout day!  Keep grinding those gains out!


Finish What You Started

Hey! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, let me catch you up on my workouts.

Aug 14 and 15 were rest days from the weights.  I did my cardio, I did some twists.  On the Wednesday I went out at lunch with 2 coworkers and showed them a core workout they could do:  I led them through a few rounds of bicycle crunches, stability ball crunches, leg lifts, planks, side planks, windshield wipers, supermans.  They were quite happy!  One of my coworkers told me he had never done resistance training with his legs in his life – he had only ever done upper-body workouts and cardio.  Unsurprisingly, even lifting his straight legs off the ground gave him muscle soreness the next day, haha!  Can’t skip leg day bro.

Aug 16 the Friday I wanted to do calves and abs and shoulders.  So I split it up into the morning and the lunchtime workouts.

Friday am calves and abs

Spin class 60 min

Seated Calf Raises supersetted with roman chair knee raises (no rest, back and forth, starting and ending with calves… calfs??)

seated calf raise 90 x 10 (warmup) 115 x 20, 20, 20, 20, 20

knee raises x 20, 20, 20, 20

twist x 150

notes:  it was a really quick am workout, the spin class took the most time.  I actually wanted to do standing calf raises, but this guy was SORT OF doing sets of 4 or 5, then taking a break ON the machine while surfing the net on his phone, or texting his prom date or flashing his swag or whatever the kids do now-a-days.  I was so glad for the seated machine so I wouldn’t be forced to interact with this cretin.

At lunchtime my 2 coworkers headed out with me.  One of them went off to do his own workout (upper-body naturally, haha), and he occasionally needed me to spot him on bench press, which is coming along nicely for him, I must admit.  The other coworker, I had already showed her all the exercises she needed to do so I patted her on the back and wished her well, but she kept following me around, asking if she could just do whatever I was doing.  FINE!  I guess I don’t mind having a workout buddy at lunchtime, if it keeps her motivated and it gives me a few extra sparks of energy as I spot her, then all the better.

Friday noontime shoulders

superset DB side raises and front raises (60 sec rest b/w supersets starting and ending with side raises)

side raises 20s x 15, 15, 15

alternating front raises 20s x 15, 15

smith machine seated presses (trading sets w coworker) 70 + bar x 10; 110 + bar x 11, 12, 11

reverse pec deck (30 sec rest) 40 x 15, 15; 60 x 15, 15, 15, 15, 15

elliptical 15 min

notes:  I was hoping to do more on the smith machine but they just weren’t up for the challenge that day.  My coworker couldn’t keep up with 7 sets on the pec deck, after 2 sets she said screw this and went off to do cardio, haha!  I joined her after I did all 7.  It’s ok, the rear delts tire out pretty fast.

Saturday I had an EPICCCCCC leg day planned.  As luck would have it, I had a friend join me for this one too!  My friend Jamie, who has her very own blog at


she came to join me.  This was especially welcome, as I find leg days pretty scary still, and nothing like having a female join me because they LOVE leg day!  Even when they hate it they love it, they don’t skip leg day, they embrace it.

The theme of this leg day was ENDURANCE – finish what you started.  Go heavy, go until failure, then KEEP GOING.

Saturday AM leg day

first thing in the morning we headed to the gym for spin followed by weights

10-15 min warmup on the stairmaster

spin 60 min

weights (we rested when we traded sets)

Leg Extensions, 2 warmup sets, single 100 rep drop set, started at 180 and each time I failed I dropped a plate or two and kept going, until I completed all 100 reps.  All told I dropped about 7 times and went from 180 pounds to 90 pounds!

Leg Press, 2 warmup sets, 10 plates for 3 sets of 30 reps – go until failure, rest for 5-10 sec, do as many more as you can, until you hit 30

Standing Leg Curls – straight sets 80 x 20/20, 20/20, 20/20

Hack Squats – 2 warmup sets, 6 plates for 3 sets of 30 reps – go until failure, rest for 5-10 sec, do as many more as you can, until you hit 30

twists x 150

notes:  this workout is simple but brutal.  Not a lot of exercises, but designed to push your endurance and your limits, pushing past failure to hopefully some solid gains.  Done correctly, this exercise GUARANTEES leg DOMS in your future!  And the stairmaster and spin class was a great warmup to get the blood flowing.

I was crab-walking after the leg extensions 100 rep drop set, and by the time I was leaving the gym, my steps were very wobbly.  It’s sunday as I type this, and the early DOMS are upon me (leg DOMS usually hit me worse on Day 2, so I have more to look forward to)

Sunday is a rest day!  Hooray!

How about you?  Did you make it out to the gym this weekend?