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Get it?  Relax plus Yin?  ugh…

I am starting to fall behind on these blogs, need to catch up! !!    !

Tuesday was my day off.  Not a day off from yoga, I am on a 30 day hot yoga challenge.  But a day off from resistance training.  Meaning the perfect practice to do that day would be a yin class.  Just some deep, mindful stretching.  Just flush it out.  Shorten the microtrauma recovery.  Clear your head.  Sweat it out.

After work, did some grocery shopping.  Picked up some good eats!  Have you heard of P28?

NO SILLY, that’s P90X.  Keep googling.

That’s it!  High protein bread.  I picked up a loaf of bread and some bagels.  why is it high protein?  They add whey isolate protein powder into it, so if you are vegan, this bread might not be for you (whey comes from milk).  The bagels are 100% whole wheat, I haven’t thawed out the bread yet, so I haven’t checked the wrapper on those.  I found them in the frozen food section at the Metro.

How do they taste?  Well, the bagels taste fine.  When you are on a low carb diet… well, let’s say I am grateful for any piece of bread I can get, so I haven’t set the bar that high in terms of taste, haha.  If it were up to me?  I would probably dip them in butter and spackle them with peanut butter.  But these actually taste just fine, all things considered.  They have the consistency of bread, they aren’t cardboard or styrofoam or anything like that.  So give them a try!  Quick boost of carb energy, guilt-free 🙂

After dinner and a nap, I headed off to Yin.  Katie was teaching this one too, just like last night.  She is a teaching machine!


It was a 60 min yin class (in the hot room, natch).  And how was it?  EVIL!  60 min of my least favorite yin poses, hahaha.  Half saddle, half happy baby, half sleeping hero, half shoelace, full shoelace.  Just 60 min of pure awkwardness.  Like, happy baby?  totally fine.  but half happy baby?  painful.  Shoelace?  I got fat thighs, man, my knees don’t stack unless I lie down, haha.  But honestly?  It was probably the class I needed.  It’s like massage sometimes, the tougher it feels, the more you are getting at the good spots.  So this was sort of a hip-heavy practice for me, it just hit the outside of my hips, which aren’t that flexible, vice the INSIDE of my hips, which are pretty flexible for my size.

And then came home, watched some tv, caught some snoozes, and that was that!  A tough but well-deserved recoveryin day.  Day 9 down!

hot yoga in the summer!

It was such a nice sunny day, I decided to do a little hot yoga!


Hot yoga is actually a great idea in the summer!  60 minutes or 90 minutes in the hot room, and the heat and humidity outside doesn’t seem so bad!  I hear that some people only do hot yoga in the winter, but you are missing out!  The hot room is less crowded, and nothing clears your head and your pores like a good hot yoga class!  How could you put that on a shelf for half of the year?  Seems crazy to me.


I headed down to Westboro to take a class at the Pure studio (links below).  The lovely Edith was going to be guiding a 75 min yin/yang class, sort of half flows and half yin stretches.  Which was just what I wanted, I wanted to work my upper body a little bit, and stretch out my hips.

I let Edith know about my shoulder sprain, it is ALWAYS a good idea to let your yoga teacher or your trainer or whomever know about what your physical challenges are!  And I know Edith would be ready to show me modifications if I felt too worn out to keep up with the regular practice.

Surprisingly, the flows didn’t wear me out, my shoulder held together really well.  I got through all my chaturangas and down dogs and sun salutations with the kind of “hunger” you feel in strength postures when it was something your muscles were really CRAVING.  It was like I did them, and I felt like I wanted MORE.

This is an important part of listening to your body that sometimes people overlook.  You learn to listen to your body to avoid putting it through pain, or you learn when to back off from a posture.  But sometimes, you are where you need to be, doing what you need to do – and you feel like you want more… Listening to your body also means knowing when to go for it.  All 3 Warriors, extended side angles, triangles, nothing too rigorous, but strung together really well.  Lots of fun!

I was very pleased at the Yang part of class 🙂


Then came the Yin.


We did a lot of hip openers… those… were not so pleasing, haha!  The worst was near the end, at the part when I am used to doing Pigeon, and then Savasana, aka “thank god it’s pigeon that means it’s almost over”?!?  Instead we did Dragon, then Winged Dragon (I have never called it that before, but makes sense).  My body was in shock!  Halfway through the winged dragon, my breathing was rough and trembling.  I had to really push to steady my breath on each side.  I could have backed off and just relaxed, but part of me really wanted to dig into that sensation of discomfort, the special kind you get during hip openers, especially dragon for me.  So I shudder-breathed through it, it felt like an eternity, I was ready to curse and swear at Edith and tell her to stop talking, let us out of the pose, move on!!  Haha, that’s Dragon for you, it brings up a lot of emotions 🙂

By the end of that 75 min, I was quite done.  So I showered, and headed back out into the street for the rest of my day.  It was only 11:30 am, except now I was loose and rejuvenated and relaxed!  Thanks Edith!

I also saw a workshop for next Sunday for a “shoulder rehab” type class, it must have been a sign!  I signed up for that one right away 🙂


the studio:  www.pureyogaottawa.com

Edith’s website!  she blogs and tweets and all that good stuff!  http://edithparinas.com/