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Thursday night I played some more with the TRX.



press x 5, clock press x 10 (each side), flyes x 15, tricep press x 10, reverse grip tricep press x 10

rest about 60 sec, REPEAT two more times

notes:  I was getting a nice pump in the triceps near the end, especially if I lowered myself deep into it before pressing back up.  I realized I had interpreted clock press wrong, it is supposed to be press with one arm, fly with the other, so that’s how I did it here.  My big issue was that the straps kept SLIPPING.  It is nervous work to lean on something with your whole weight without knowing when it will give out on you.  Obviously something needs to be fixed with the “barrel lock adjusters”, they are not catching and the shortened strap keep slipping forward. (they are the things near the handle that you have to tilt to lengthen the strap back out)


core:  torso rotation x 10 (each side), rest 15 sec, REPEAT

TRX crunch x 10, extended side plank 30 sec (each side), REST 60 sec, REPEAT

TRX pike x 10, TRX mountain climber x 10 (per leg), REST 60 sec, REPEAT

prone straight leg raises x 20, 20


notes:  Core was TOUGH!  Torso rotations are easy to cheat on, you have to keep your arms straight or you start to pull with your back.  My elbows were starting to bend, so I found it tough.

I decided to do normal side planks, side planks on the TRX are super awkward, and I just wanted to work on my side planks, instead of wobbling around like a crazy man 🙂

I was no superathlete on the pikes either.  I kept my legs straight and just lifted my butt straight up, but it didn’t go so high as to make me look like a V, more like a heartbeat on a monitor, haha.  I didn’t do a full set of mountain climbers on the second round, my feet got tangled up and I just said screw it and stopped, haha.

Then I did leg raises, but I slipped my hands under the small of my back to make it easier so I could get more reps out.  I noticed that it was creating a space between my lower back and the ground, so whenever I lifted my legs up, my back fat made a “raspberry” sound against the rubber mat.  Very flattering, haha!  As a guy, I found this deeply amusing 🙂


I was super sweaty after all of this, took a shower, and am typing this out.  Off to bed then back to work before I know it!  See you later!



Offday cardio

today was my day off, a day to do some cardio and relax and recharge for tomorrow, flush out. (man, I can’t type for shit tonight, some nights the fingers don’t want to type, misspell every other word, ugh)

After work, I came home, knowing I had to do some exercise somewhere, but not sure where.  I was thinking about maybe doing some weights at the gym followed by some elliptical.  But it was cold outside, and I felt tired.  And then I thought, hey, what about the “gym” in the basement of my apartment building?  It wasn’t much, but it had some treadmills and a rowing machine.  I haven’t been there in quite some time, it was some pretty ratty looking stuff.

I went for a scoop of protein, had to break into my new tub.  Realized I bought VANILLA.  Also known as the worst flavour invented for protein powder.  I never really liked vanilla flavour, but then in July when I was sick and throwing everything up for days, I tried to hold down some cherries and some vanilla protein.  I threw that up ALL DAY, until I was frothing at the mouth, doubled over in my tub.  So ever since then I associate vanilla protein with vomit.  So I am biased.

So why would I buy vanilla again??  I was really not paying attention, maybe I can sell this stuff to someone.  Anyone want an entirely full tub of vanilla whey  protein??  Leave a comment below.

So I put on some heavy clothes and went downstairs.  A couple of young Chinese peeps were on the only functioning treadmills (the free one has a really worn down and slippery track).  So I got on the rowing machine, loaded up some long-ass Metallica songs on the iPod, started working away.

About 5 min into that, right as Battery was winding down, another Chinese girl wanders in to join her friends.  OK, does it sound bad when I say Chinese?  I don’t mean any of them were Canadian.  They were from China.  Shy, awkward, don’t say a single word unless it is to each other, then it is rapidfire Chinese language like the dam is bursting.  Whatever.  My only point is they were from China and young, I wasn’t going to get much more out of them in terms of personality unless I learned Chinese.

This girl gets on a elliptical type machine, then proceeds to have HORRIBLE form.  Her upper body was all over the place, rounding her back out, slumping over the bars, then leaning all the way back, then forward again.  It’s like she thinks the only thing getting worked is her legs, so her upper body and core can act like a lazy spaz.  And the elliptical was sideways right in front of me.  So for 25 min I got to watch this girl go into convulsions on the equipment, right in my face.

Other than the freakshow, the rowing felt real good.  I don’t like rowing in general any more, but it was a lot of pulling, so I got to flush out my back and hamstrings a lot, I appreciated it tonight.  After the 6th Metallica song ended (it was One), I checked the time, and I had been going at it for 40 min, so I bid the kids adieu, then headed back up, took off my heavy clothes, then went for a walk outside in the cool night air.  I went to the nearby park and walked around for about 10 minutes.  the cold air felt great, someone nearby was cooking burgers, it was nice, even in the dark.

Then I went to a convenience store to buy some club soda.  I like to treat myself to club soda and pretend it’s actual soda, haha.  I buy it, crack it open right there in the store because I was thirsty, and it EXPLODED all over me.  I was drenched!  The other bonus of club soda?  It doesn’t matter when you get that shit all over you.  People pour club soda on their clothes when they want to REMOVE a stain.  So this wasn’t going to do any damage.

Then I came home to watch some Tosh and Sons of Anarchy!

Good night!

Some DOMS soreness in my biceps today, which I am happy about.  That means I did something right.


Wasn’t feeling very motivated tonight, didn’t want to workout, but I got bored trying to watch tv.  These are the times when you need the exercise the most, when you want it the least.


Went for some pushups, Week 5 Day 1 of the pushup challenge.  Did about 17, by which point I was feeling it exclusively in my left shoulder, nowhere else.  I know I worked it pretty good on the pec dec yesterday, so I decided to leave the pushups alone tonight, let the shoulder rest for tomorrow.  Failed the challenge today, day repeats for next time.


Went for some ATG squats.  Did 20 jackknife squats as a warmup, then supported squats: 30, 30, 30.

Then went for some calf raises.  Since I cut chest short due to pain, I decided to alternate calf raises with vert wall presses.  If I leave my feet far away, I can both stretch out my calves as I lean forward, and flush out my shoulder joints.

45 calf raises,

20 vert presses,

45 raises,

20 presses,

45 raises,

10 presses(answered phone),

45 raises


Then went for some dips.  45 sec rest in between sets.

26, 26, 30, 30, 26, 26, 23, 25, 27, 17

I was only supposed to do 8 sets, and the 8th set was supposed to be 69 reps.  But I gave out at 25.  The sweat was rolling down my arms, into my palms, and I was slipping around on the bench, lol.  So I rested 30 sec or so, then knocked out another 27.  This told me that I wasn’t exhausted, I had just psyched myself out.  So I waited 15 more secs, then did the remaining 17 reps I needed to do to meet the 69 goal.  Even though I didn’t beat the challenge, I wasn’t going to let myself give up.

Week 6, Day 2 of the Dip Challenge failed, day repeats.


Can’t say it was the most successful day, but they can’t all be winners, haha.

proper positioning

Today was all about putting in my workouts here and there, wherever I could sprinkle them in.  So my day was peppered here and there with stuff.

In the morning I did some quick squats, just to benchmark my level for the squat challenge for Week 5.  I did a quick 61 squats, then went to the wall for some calf raises:  45, 45, 45, 45.  Ready for Week 5 of the Squat Challenge.

In the afternoon I realized I hadn’t done ab work in a while, so some quick leg raises (lying down):  20 bent knee raises, then 20 more, then 30 bent leg raises, 30 more, 30 more.

When I got home, I was tired of my triceps feeling sore, so I decided to punish them with some seated dips:

47 reps, (60 second) rest, 60 reps, rest, 30, rest, 32, rest, 65

My arms were aching by the end, I felt like my arms were pulling back permanently and forcing my chest out, haha.  They wouldn’t relax and just hang.  Week 6, Day 1 down of the Tricep Challenge.

Time for some light pushups.  I did 25 vertical pushups, then 20 inclined pushups, then went for kneeling pushups, the first time since my sprain.  I did 30 of them, and was feeling it in my shoulder more than my chest.  Second set I only got to 15 and had to stop.  I think maybe my hands were placed wrong and it was putting too much on my shoulder? I didn’t have this difficulty with regular pushups!  Rested, changed my hand position, and came back for another 17, then had to stop.  Rested, changed my hands again, was able to do another 9, shoulders still aching.  Changed my hands again, sucked in the gut harder, rocked forward a little more, and was able to do another set for another 17.

Funny enough, kneeling pushups seem harder to me right now than regular ones, due to poor positioning of my hands, I guess.  I wonder if I am putting too much pressure on the shoulder girdle when I do chaturanga in yoga as well?  Distinct possibility.  I might set up a private session with a teacher to take a look at it.

Summary (I am too wordy for my own good):

61 half squats

double bent leg calf raises 45, 45, 45, 45

lying leg raises:  bent knee 20, 20; bent leg 30, 30, 30

seated dips, feet on ground:  47, 60, 30, 32, 65

pushups:  25 vertical, 20 inclined, kneeling – 30, 15, 17, 9, 17

Ready to Play

I put my gameface on today.

I woke up feeling pretty good, so I decided to do some warmup pushups before heading to the gym.  Quick 35 half ROM pushups.

I wanted to do back work, but I didn’t know what my shoulder could handle, so I dialed down the weight, but tried to make up for it by cutting down on rest time, 30 sec max rest, even between exercises.

I started off with some assisted chinups, first set close grip, palms in.  Assisted for about 40% of my weight.  Did a set of 10, not a big deal.  Then switched to hammer grip, was only able to do 4, shoulder getting tired.  Especially as my arms were above my head, I didn’t want to push the girdle too hard, so I stopped.

Then I did some one arm bent over dumbbell rows, with 55 lb DBs.  Did 2 sets of 12 reps on each side, alternating with no rest.  Felt light, so that was reassuring.

Then I went to the lat pulldown machine, again I was wary about going above my head.  I did 120 pounds widegrip, 2 sets of 12, 30 sec rest. It felt good and light, but no need to push it.

Moved to the hammer strength row machine, took a close grip.  Left it at 60 pounds, but went slow and tried to feel it, and go for high reps, see if I could make it a “burn” set.  First set, did 40 reps.  Waited 30 sec, then did another set of 25 reps.  Felt tired, but not muscle exhaustion, so I guess that is ok for now.

I wanted to do cardio, but I was going to be late for work, so I left.

At work I stepped away at noon to see the doctor about my shoulder.  He refilled my scrip for a-i and xo inhibitor, and checked my blood pressure.  I have had problems with high blood pressure in the past, even after weight loss, but he said it was really good today, so I was relieved.

Went back to work, and it was someone’s birthday so I had a piece of cake… I was jacked up on energy for the rest of the day!  LOL.  I wrote down some adjustments to my gym routine:  switching out above the head movements for a while.  I will lower the weight for all other upper body work until I get the weight back up to pre injury levels, then I will add back in the above the head stuff, but at light weight, then build that back up to pre injury levels.

Remember, you need to spend as much time researching and planning and reading and thinking about your fitness strategy as you spend doing it, or you will be driving blind.

Came home, did squats: 40, rest, 45, rest, 40, rest, 40, rest, 54

Then I collapsed on the ground, lol.

No time to rest, I jumped back up and did some bent double leg calf raises, 40, 40, 40, 40.

Then I lay down on the ground and tried to do some short bridges (like thrusting your butt up into the air with your feet in close).  I did a set of 50, but with some difficulty, as my hamstrings were seizing up.  I guess doing them so close to leg work was taxing.  I tried to do another set, but only got to 23 before my right ham seized up, and I had to take a break.  Waited a few minutes, then went back for another set, slowly got through another 50, then stopped.

For fun I decided to do something different, so I set up my towel on the ground like a pillow then went into a headstand against the wall.  Head on the pillow, palms of hands on the ground to hold me up.  When I started to feel it in my neck, I pushed harder with my hands and shoulders.  I think I went for about a minute before I felt more pressure in my neck so I stopped.  I didn’t expect much so I hadn’t set up the timer.  Next time.

Overall, a pretty good day.

testing the shoulder out

Today I did some more just general flushing and stretching.

While at work, I did some rehab type stuff for my shoulder:

– isometric pushing and pulling on my left arm with my right, 10 sec push 10 sec pull

– taking my arms through range of motion, 10 seconds at shoulder height, 10 seconds above my head

– bending at the elbow and sweeping my left forearm across the desk for 3 sets of 10

– standing up, lowering my chin, relaxing my shoulders and squeezing my shoulderblades together for 10 seconds, 3 sets of 10 reps

– placing my hands closer than shoulderwidth against a wall and push on the wall while squeezing my shoulderblades together for 5 seconds, 3 sets of 10 reps

After that I did an L-sit above my desk chair for 20 seconds, then held a short bridge for 30 seconds, then a seated spinal twist for 30 seconds on each side.

My quads were getting really sore after the squats from yesterday, I usually have a 24h DOMS turnaround, so I went for a walk to flush them out.  I decided to walk to a grocery store 30 min away, bought a bunch of groceries, walked 30 min back, so I could see how my shoulders felt carrying a bit of weight for a long period.  That went well, no pain in my shoulder carrying stuff.

Came home, swung my arms and elbows and wrists and legs through about a minute of range of motion (joint circling), then did some fingerpad pushups, 5 against the wall, 5 off of the back of a recliner, then 2 sets of 5 fingerpad pushups on the floor on my knees.

Then 2 sets of 10 eagle claws.

I was going to do regular pushups, but my shoulder felt really tired actually, so I am deciding to get some rest and see how it feels in the morning.

It was a super light day, but shoulder focused, with some light cardio, so I got what I wanted.

Crawling Back

After a long period of resting my shoulder and being a general lazyass, I tried to get back into it a little today.

It is important to give the shoulder at least some light work after a sprain, to prevent scar tissue from forming.  Over the past week, I have taken it through range of motion, and by this point, I no longer felt any pain, so today I started to put a little weight on it.

I did “vertical pushups” in alternating sets with “vertical pulls”.  Basically for the vert pushups I placed my feet a foot away from the wall, and did  pushups against the wall, it is like a much easier version of an inclined pushup.  Vert pulls are when you place your feet to the wall, grab both sides of a doorframe or something similar, and rock back and pull yourself back in.  These were very light, so I did high reps, and it gave me a chance to see how my shoulder felt.

I did 3 sets of 50 of the modified pushups, and 3 sets of 50 of the modified pullups, supersetted with each other.  They felt fine, no pain in my shoulder, so I passed that test, I might move on to harder versions later in the week.

Then I did a few seated dips.  I ended up doing about 70 in a row.

Then I did some ATG squats, 2 sets of 20 with my hands resting on a chair seat (aka jacknife squats), followed by 3 sets of 30 with my hands on the back of the chair (aka supported squats).  Those felt good as well.

I had a nice light sweat going after the squats, so I did some standing bent leg calf raises, 3 sets of 40.

Then I laid out the yoga mat for some leg raises.  I did 2 sets of 20 of the bent knee leg raises, then I did 3 sets of 30 of the bent leg raises.

Overall, the exercise felt good, it was all a bit too light feeling, but I also feel like I need to ease back into it, even if it feels like a slow crawl.  Can’t rush a sprain.

Plans Change

Woke up with a sore left shoulder, couldn’t lift it when I woke up.  So I pushed the chest and biceps workout to tomorrow, and moved Tuesday’s meal plans to today, as they add in some more food early on and will give me energy as I recover.

I decided to workout at home tonight and monitor my shoulder, so I cancelled out of the “core flow” yoga class, an otherwise great hot yoga class with an overly healthy number of planks thrown in.

I have also decided to take neck exercises off my schedule for the foreseeable future, my neck has been tight for a few weeks, and my spine is not strong enough to do a full back bridge yet, so I decided bridge-based neck strengthener exercises were too much too fast (as they suggest in Convict Conditioning 2).

Came home, and did the Seated Dip challenge I had put off from the night before:

26 Seated Dips, 45 second rest

26, 45 sec

31, 45

31, 45

26, 45

26, 45

28, 45

65, DONE

This was a good test of my sore shoulders.  They were somewhat sore by the end, but mostly I felt a great pump in my triceps.  They were seated dips, with legs bent maybe 60 degrees, feet on floor.  I plan to build up later to high-volume sets with my feet elevated, then off a dip station, but for now this was good.  I passed the dip challenge for the day, and will move on to Week 6, the final week of that program.


Gave my shoulders a break as I did some ab work, the Leg Raise section of the CC book.  2 warmup sets of 20 reps of bent knee leg raises.  Then 3 sets of 30 bent leg raises.  A bent leg raise is leg extended, with a bit of a bend, not 90 degrees like the warmup sets.  I kept my hands under the small of my back this week, will slide my hands out from under me, palms down, next week.


Then calf raises.  Both legs, slight bend to the legs, press off the floor.  A set of 35, slight rest, set of 35, slight rest, set of 70.  I probably could have chained them closer together and gotten a better pump.


Went to the CC pushup portion.  After lots of dips plus the sore shoulders, plus the pushups from the night before, plus the chest workout pushed to tomorrow, I didn’t want to push it too hard.  I did a warmup set of 25 pushups against the wall, then a warmup of 20 incline pushups, against an object at waist level. Then I did a set of 30 kneeling pushups, full ROM, then a set of 12, then a set of 20.

You can guess by those numbers that my shoulders were starting to complain loudly, and you would be right.  Also, I should add, when I say full ROM, I don’t mean my chest is a fist width away from the floor, I mean until my gut is a fist width from the floor, as my gut is bigger than my chest, hahaha.  I figure if my gut is on the floor, then that’s resting, sad as that sounds.  It just becomes more obvious when I do kneeling pushups, due to the angle.

So my shoulders gave out in the second set, then I tried to rally for the third set.


Then I did some light hand work:  I did a set of 5 fingerpad pushups against the wall, then a set of 5 fingerpad pushups against the incline from before.  Then I did 2 sets of 10 eagle claws (isometric hand clenching exercises),  I need to buy a chinup bar so I can at least do some grip exercises hanging off the bar, my arms are so long the dining room table wont cut it, really.

Then I flushed the shoulders out, 2 minutes of swinging them through range of motion.  Then 20 seconds or so of an L-sit (straightening my arms in a chair so I am suspended in the air over the handles), then a minute or so of a held short bridge, then 1 minute or so of floor twists.

I was running low on cooked meat tonight so instead of cooking up a bunch more, I cooked some egg whites and had them for dinner along with soup.

I think I salvaged the day pretty well, despite the shoulder soreness.  Hopefully a good sleep will make the difference for tomorrow.