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Until You Drop

I had a rest day Wednesday, so Thursday I decided to have… double workout day!  Chest and Shoulders were up for grabs, so I decided the chest workout would remain isolation-heavy so as to spare the shoulders.  And oh yes… there will be drops.

early AM Shoulders:  (60 sec rest)

20 min on the lateral elliptical (to warm the shoulders up holding the moving levers)

rotator cuff warmup:  15 lbs x 15 for 5 sets each arm

side raise machine supersetted with partial DB side raises (straight set of the machine, then 4 or 5 inch ROM with the DBs)

warmup; 80 x 12 then 60 x 10 partials; 90 x 11 then 60 x 10 partials; 100 x 7 then 60 x 10 partials

seated dumbbell overhead press:  warmup;

80 x 12 DROP 60 x 12 DROP 50 x 12;

90 x 11 DROP 70 x 8 DROP 50 x 8;

100 x 8 DROP 80 x 4 DROP 60 x 4

rear delt cable fly (straight set followed by heavy partials):  77 x 12 then 99 x 20 partials

cooldown:  twist x 150


notes:  this was intense!  My shoulders haven’t taken this level of abuse in a while, so I gave them lots of warmup.  I wanted to do more after the rear delt flys, but I realized I barely made it out of the overhead presses and I looked in the mirror and my eyes were bloodshot, so I called it a day and went to work.


After work, I went to do chest.

PM chest:  (60 sec rest)

pec deck:   warmup;

120 x 12 DROP 90 x 12 DROP 75 x 12 DROP 60 x 12

135 x 12 DROP 105 x 9 DROP 75 x 12 DROP 60 x 12

150 x 10 DROP 120 x 10 DROP 90 x 10 DROP 60 x 12

machine bench press:  warmup;

210 x 12 DROP 165 x 10 DROP 120 x 10 DROP 90 x 14

210 x 10 DROP 165 x 6 DROP 120 x 10 DROP 90 x 15

210 x 7 DROP 165 x 5 DROP 120 x 12 DROP 90 x 15

incline DB fly:

120 x 4 FAIL drop weight

100 x 12 DROP 80 x 8 DROP 60 x 12 DROP 45 x 12

100 x 4 DROP 80 x 4 DROP 60 x 8 DROP 45 x 8

100 x 5 DROP 40 x 4 DROP 60 x 10 DROP 45 x 10

cooldown:  20 min elliptical, twist x 150


notes:  I hit it hard, but this workout wrecked me!  Drop sets until you drop.  I crashed and burned pretty bad on the DB flys.  I think there are a few things at work.  For one thing, I am back on the diet again, and I don’t think I had enough fuel in me for an endurance workout.  I also had not done endurance chest in probably over a month, and it just was a shock.  Also the second workout of the day.  So for whatever reason I can conjure up, I definitely drained my tank, and limped across the finish line.  So the flys defeated me.

Another interesting event… so after I try the 60s for flys and just flat out fail and go grab some lighter DBs, I am sitting there trying to psyche myself up, regather my intensity, as well as scope out where my drop set weights are (drop DB sets in a crowded gym is a logistical nightmare), and this dude walks over looks at me and says, “Can I have the bench?”

Note he didn’t ask if I would be done soon, or if he could share, he just flat out asked to HAVE the bench.  I looked at him and said (as friendly as I could), “no, I am just starting, but you can take turns with me if you want”.  I saw a look in his eye like “WTF?” as if he was expecting me to let him take my bench?!?!  Do I look like a bitch to you, sir?  I let his crooked look slide and just repeated my offer.  He said “sure, I’m going to go warmup.”  Thanks for the tip bro, you go warmup.

So of course I’m doing triple drop sets with dumbbells, so there is a FOREST of dumbbells scattered around my bench now.  I’m done, he comes back, looks at the dumbbells, asks me “can you move all of these out of the way?”  So fuck whatever, sure I move 8 dumbbells 5 feet away, guy does his incline presses.  I gather my shit BACK UP again to the bench, do my set, all the while the guy is hovering over my shoulder, then I finish a set, drag my shit away, repeat.

I will admit, coupling the fatigue with this annoying dude (did I mention 2 min into this silly dance 2 other adjustable benches open up and dude doesn’t have the brains to go take one of those?)… it added to me failing with the weights.  I couldn’t focus, I was distracted on top of tired.  I can’t help but feel I would have gotten more reps if I didn’t have this troll on my shoulder.

It was my last movement of the workout, and I walked away PISSED, like this dude had just robbed me of my gains, wrecked my workout.  Honestly, I wanted to go hit something.  instead I stared in the mirror for a few minutes, took some deep breaths, and went to do my cardio and twists with the music cranked up.


Anyways, its all over now, that was my day at the gym!  how about you?  Any good workouts?

Got up, went to the gym first thing for my chest and tricep workout.

AM Chest & Tris (60 sec rest)

flat DB press:  70 x 10; 110 x 10; 170 x 8, 8

DB pullovers:  40 x 10; 60 x 12, 12

incline fly:  120 x 12, 12, 11 DROP 80 x 8

overhead tricep extensions:  rope 40 x 15; 50 x 15; bar 50 x 15; 70 x 12 DROP 50 x 12 DROP 30 x 12 DROP 20 x 12

assisted dips (115) 13; 9; 8

superset incline DB skullcrushers & diamond pushups (dropset to your knees to do more pushups):  60 x 8 & 8 DROP 6; 45 x 11 & 4 DROP 6; 45 x 10 & 4 DROP 5

bench dips, feet elevated 10, 9, 10

cardio 20 min, abdominal twists x 150

notes:  chest work was light but tricep work  was tough!  For the overhead extensions, I was stuck with this particular cable machine at the gym that is very stiff, I have lower weights on it than anywhere else.  So I experimented with attachments:  rope or straight bar; and I put my butt against the pillar, bent over 90 degrees, and did my tricep reps as best as I could – the triple drop set at the end was nasty!

I had not done dips on the dip machine in a long time, they usually are too rough on my shoulder.  But these felt good!  Supersetting the skullcrushers and pushups was intense, the back of my arms were spent!  I could barely get any pushups done, even when I dropped to my knees it didn’t help much.  And then with the bench dips, my arms were like spaghetti.

I am going to start throwing in some “twists” after my cardio, just rotating my trunk side to side with no bodyweight, see if maybe I can keep the blood flowing there, keep my obliques healthy and not bulky, maybe tighten up the loose skin a bit.  We will see.

After work I headed down to the studio for workout #2 with Les!

PM fullbody (60 sec rest)

seated good mornings w barbell:  45 x 12; 135 x 12; 155 x 12, 12

smith machine chest press 160 + bar x 8, 8, 8, 8

band assisted pullups (grip varies) 8, 8, 8, 8

standing military press 75 x 8, 8, 8, 8

ab roller x 12, 12, 12

cardio 20 min, twists x 150

notes:  I had done all those hack squats just the day before, so we thought instead today I could do some squat assist work:  strengthen my spine with some good mornings.  My first time doing them.  Felt good!

Smith bench is coming along well too, steady gains!  Military press and ab roller both felt more smooth and natural today too, so that’s comforting.

And that was my day!  another double whammy!  How about you? Did you make it out to the gym?

So my deload week is now over.  As far as deloads go, I still went to the gym just as often, I just didn’t push as hard.  I also indulged on the food a few times.. buffets, movie theater popcorn, I am a bad boy!


Anyways, back to business.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a long weekend here in Ontario, it’s time for some iron.  Sunday I went out for leg day, and in a show of solidarity, Les the trainer came out and we did legs together!  We took turns, I did my set then she did hers, that was our rest break.

Sunday Legs:

cardio for 20 min

superset leg extensions & seated leg curls:  120×30&120×20; 130×30&140×20

superset walking lunges w dumbbells & standing leg curls:  60×40&60×20; 60×40&70×20; 60×40&80×20

45 degree leg press:  6 plates x 50; 6 plates x 50; 7 plates x 50

extra superset of extensions & curls again:  130×30&140×20

cardio for 20 min

notes:  as you can see this was high reps with lots of supersets, I kept my legs high and wide on the leg press, so overall I hit the hamstrings and glutes pretty good.  Doing more on the curls than I am on the extensions, is that good?  haha, I think my hams are coming up!  I hate doing lunges with a passion, but I do enjoy being able to rock out the shorts in the gym while guys who skip leg days have to wear track pants with their tanks, haha.  You aint fooling me!


Monday I went to the gym for chest and triceps work.

Monday Push (rest was around 60-90 sec)

cardio for 20 min

flat db press:  70×10; 110 x 10;  170 x 8, 8

flat db fly:  70 x 10; 130 x 10, 10, 10

incline cable fly:  55 x 10; 99 x 10; 121 x 10; 121 x 10 DROP 99 x 10 DROP 77 x 10

cable crossover:  99 x 10; 165 x 10; 165 x 10; 165 x 10 DROP 121 x 10 DROP 99 x 10

tricep pushdowns w straight bar:  93 x 10; 115 x 18; 126 x 18; 126 x 18 DROP 93 x 11 DROP 72 x 20

reverse grip pushdowns:  72 x 10; 93 x 18; 93 x 18; 93 x 18 DROP 72 x 20 DROP 50 x 40

skullcrusher 21s:  superset 3 different positions – extend from top of head & lower to forehead & drop behind head and bring back to a closegrip press

50 x 21, 21, 21

cardio for 20 min


notes:  chest as you can see was mostly isolation work, and once we got to the cables I threw in a double drop set on the last set.  Could have gone heavier on the reversegrip, those dropset reps are way too high.  Skullcrusher 21s was an interesting experience.  I couldn’t really go heavier, my right elbow was pinching too much during the reps I lowered to my forehead, so I had to keep it light for that.  The best way I can describe skullcrusher 21s is to watch this video:

Fast forward to the 3 min mark and watch for about a minute, he explains the first and third variations there (the second is really just the standard skullcrusher)

Arms as you can see was high rep, bringing in lots of pump and BLOOD to the muscles!  I prefer high rep with arms, feels better.


And that was my long weekend! How about you?  Any good workouts?

Late-night workout

Tuesday, the day just got away from me.  Supplement shopping, food cooking, food prep, general tiredness.  I thought I could slip away at lunch during work for a workout, but it just wasn’t possible.  So now here it was in the evening, ate my dinner, more food cooked, deciding workout or no?  This time I chose to hold nothing back, and went to the gym.

8 pm crowd is definitely a different crowd than 5 pm crowd.  Less chatty, more get in, get it done, get out.  A sober crowd.  No older gentleman, they tend to be in bed by 8, hahaha.  Now, 6 am crowd?  Lots of older dudes.  8 pm crowd?  Night owls and desperate people, like me 🙂

My main worry was that I would be too ramped up to get a decent night’s sleep when I got back home.  But the work had to get done, and I either let it slip by a day, or take it head-on, inconvenience and all.

Chest & Back:

Lying T-Bar Row (30-45 sec rest) 70 x 12, 90 x 12, 135 x 10, 10, 10, 10

Widegrip Pulldowns (30 sec rest) 120 x 10, 135 x 10, 150 x 10, 165 x 10, 180 x 10, 195 x 10, 210 x 10, 225 x 5, 5

closegrip row 100s set:  30, rest 70, 30, rest 40, 25, rest 15, 15

flat smith press (30 sec rest) (weight does not include bar) 50 x 10, 100 x 6, 140 x 10, 10, 7, 5

incline db fly (30 sec rest) 50s x 12, 12, 12

flat db press (30 sec rest) 70s x 10, 8, 7, 5

cable crossovers (30 sec rest) 100 x 12, 121 x 12, 143 x 12, 165 x 10, 9

notes:  I wasn’t so strict about the sets tonight.  My plan was to see how my Teres (shoulderblade) felt, test out different weight, and keep doing sets until I felt ready to move on.  T-Bar rows felt good at 3 plates so I kept doing them until I instinctively wanted to walk away, which was after 4 sets at that weight, ha.  Widegrip pulldowns felt good, I started light and kept climbing until I couldn’t do 10 reps with control, and then stayed at that weight.  In the end it was 9 sets of that.  Closegrip rows I would do reps until the Teres felt sore.  So it was a light workout for that area specifically, and decided to only do one 100s set, not two as per usual.  Chest work felt fine on the Teres, but my pecs just got wore out, haha.  I went lighter on the flys because the weight I wanted was taken, so I just went slow with the 50s, and held it at the bottom for a sec or two to get a stretch.  By the time it was time for flat db press, I was tired as heck, so my reps kept slipping.  Cable crossovers felt good though, I kept my arms straight and worked my way up like I did with the pulldowns.

And you know what my reward was?  I looked in the mirror at the gym and saw a completely different person than the one I knew for years.  Someone leaner, meaner, committed and focused.

How about you?  Any good workouts?

Go for it!

My trainer is out of town this weekend, long weekend, all spin classes cancelled at the gym, it would be so easy to party and/or sit on my butt and pig out, watch a movie, just indulge myself.

Instead I decided to keep things moving and keep pushing myself.

I have not been to hot yoga in months, so I decided this would be my cardio for the weekend.  Not ACTUALLY cardio per se, it doesn’t get your heart rate up.  But it is most certainly hard work, and you will sweat buckets and you will feel great after.  But it had been months, and I was actually pretty nervous.  I didn’t want to do badly, I was nervous about my shoulder.  But stow all that, I headed down for a 10 am class.

I used to go to this studio all the time, but it has since rebranded itself, and changed around the curriculum somewhat.  So I was about to try out their standard Mix class.  It was going to be a 90 min class, and it was going to be HOT.

First things first, what is it about weekend hot yoga classes that draw all the babes out??  I was drowning in good looking women!  Definitely a prettier cross-section of people than I see at the gym.  I wasn’t there for that, but I can’t lie and say I didn’t notice it was babe city.  Sadly, women aren’t interested in “incredibly sweaty & not that good at yoga” guy, so I put all that out of my mind and focused on the yoga.

I was worried 90 min would drag on forever, but actually this “Mix” was pretty fast-paced and the time went by at a respectable pace.  I was also thrilled to see it was very vinyasa-light, so not that many sun salutations/chaturangas for my shoulder.  The teacher only asked us to do 4 Flows.  I abstained, as per the directions of my Trainer.  Instead the class had a pretty long standing series, so it was lots of work for the legs.  This was actually perfect, as I had DOMS in my legs, and this helped so much to flush it out!  While on the ground we did some ab work, which I also abstained from (I was doing abs on Sunday and wanted to rest up for that), and some lower back stuff.  I actually would have liked more lower back work, more spinal twists and locusts, but oh well.

And oh yes, I sweat BUCKETS.  Wisely, the rest of the room recognized giant sweaty man from the first minute, and they left a zone of empty space around me… for my sweat pool to expand into, haha.  It wasn’t a full class, and I would imagine no one wants to put their mat 4 inches from pool of sweat guy.

Overall I felt really strong throughout the class (balance was obviously rusty though)!  Great decision!  Took a pic after with the teacher, Robin.



Came home, got groceries, cooked up some meat for a few days, lunch, nap, all that.

I didn’t REALLY want to go the gym in the evening, it would have been SO easy to say oh well the gyms are closing early, don’t push it, just enjoy the hot yoga feeling and relax.  Instead I chose to keep going for it, headed to the gym for an evening session:  back and chest.


lying T-bar rows (30 sec rest) warmup, 115 x 10, 10, 10, 10

iso machine widegrip pulldowns (30 sec rest) 160 x 11, 8, 8, 8

iso machine closegrip rows:  120 x 30, rest 70 sec, 30 reps, rest 40, 20 reps, rest 20, 20 reps

free cable widegrip pulldowns:  70 x 40, rest 60, 30 reps, rest 30, 20 reps, rest 10 sec, 10 reps


smith machine presses (30 sec rest) warmup, 130(+ bar) x 12, 12, 12, 8 (rest 5 sec) + 4

incline db fly (30 sec rest) 120 x 12, 7, 6

flat db press (30 sec rest) 140 x 10, 10, 5, 5

seated cable fly (30 sec rest) 70 x 12, 12, 12, 9, 8


notes:  the workout felt awesome! glad I went for it!  This was my backup gym, and the cable pulldown situation there is dire, only one station and always crowded.  I decided to do T-bar rows for my middle back instead of bent over bb rows, and good F’in choice! They felt great!  Crushed my junk a bit up against that stupid pad setup, but oh well.

I tried the iso machine for widegrip pulldowns, and it was MUCH heavier feeling than the cables at my main gym, so I had to lower the weight and it was still hard.  For the pump set I used the “Freemotion” cable widegrip pulldowns, and they felt great, but the machine is not built for tall people, so I couldn’t extend my arms fully without losing tension.  I wouldn’t use that machine for my heavy set because I want full range of motion, but for the pump set I didn’t mind getting half ROM.

While setting up for the Smith presses, saw a dude squatting 455!  Good form and everything, going past parallel.  Well for 455 he used resistance bands to support the weight (probably because it was a new weight for him), but for his warmup of 405 he didn’t use bands.  I made sure to go up to him and give him props.  Good job man.

The whole chest workout went so well that I threw in an extra 2 sets of seated cable flyes.  Just felt right.  Chest had a nice pump after!  Might have to do back and chest together in the future, it felt too good.


And that was my day! Great start to the long weekend!

Chest and Arms

I didn’t do Arms on Monday, so I had to play some catch up on Tuesday.  I SHOULD have gotten up early and busted out some arms Tuesday morning… but I was tired and slept in a bit.  I made it in for 7 am Spin, got my cardio in, but then had to head to work.

After work I got a tanning session in first, before weights.  I just felt like it.  Probably a bad idea, because I made it to the gym 10 min later, started lifting weights and got a headache.  I think that was from being thirsty and all the sunlight and UV light blasting my face.  Anyways, I did Chest and then did Arms.  Wanted to do Shoulders, but I was EXHAUSTED after arms, and had to throw in the towel and retreat home.


bench press machine (30 sec rest), warmup x 2; 195 x 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7

flat DB press (30 sec rest) 140 x 12, 12, 7, 5

incline DB fly (30 sec rest) 120 x 10, 6, 5, 6


Tricep Giant Set:  closegrip DB press + 2H seated extension + skullcrusher

100/50/40 x 12/12/12; 100/50/50 x 12/10/12, x 7/7/12

Biceps Giant Set:  fat DB curls + fat DB hammer curls + reverse cable curls

70/70/40 x 12/12/12; 70/70/50 x 12/9/12, 9/6/12

notes:  gym was SO CROWDED.  It didn’t affect my chest workout, but doing the prescribed giant sets for triceps was impossible.  So I improvised my own tricep giant set that involved staying in place with a set of dumbbells and a barbell.  closegrip bench felt weak as shit, I think that was the fact I had just done chest, haha.

Those Bicep giant sets KILLED my forearms!  After every set they were throbbing and aching, it was really something.

And that was my workout today!  How about you?

New Toys

I had some fun stuff arrive in the mail this week!  Check it out

Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz

These are fat gripz (brand name).  You wrap them around a dumbbell or barbell to simulate a thick bar.  Holding a thicker bar makes it harder to close your hand around it (impossible actually with these, and I have big hands).  This makes holding your grip harder, so not only does it make whatever exercise you are doing harder, but it makes you work your forearms much harder.  The forearms help you maintain your grip, so this will build them up.  I thought it was a good idea, what with my forearm tendinitis, to build my forearms up a bit, put on a little size and muscle.  This will help.  so, if you see me mention these grips in an exercise, don’t be surprised if I am using a lower weight!  It is still quite hard, I promise you, just hard in a different way.

wrist straps

wrist straps

To balance out the forearm challenge, I also picked up some forearm support!  I ordered some wrist straps, I always used to borrow them in the past, but I figured I was now due.  In case I am doing an exercise with some volume, and I think my forearms will fail before the target muscle, these straps will help me keep going.  It happens – end of a work out, trying to do some stiff leg deadlifts, grip is going, so now I can keep on fighting!  They are nice and chunky too, won’t dig into my wrist.



And yeah, I ordered a treat, haha!  This is PB2 (pb stands for peanut butter).  Pb2 is a powdered peanut butter with very little calories (2 Tbsp are only 45 cal!!!).  So you mix the powder with some water and you get a delicious peanut butter treat!  And I tried it right away, it is DEELISHUS!  With so few calories, I mixed it with all kinds of stuff, greek yogourt, water, almond milk, unflavored protein powder, all passed with flying colours!  My fav mix is almond milk though, it creates an unstoppable creamy peanut butter that knocks you out!!  It doesn’t have the protein content of my P28 spread, but this is a great tasting treat that will slide into my macros with no difficulty!

Ok, so I also went to the gym today!

Chest & Shoulders (rest time varies)

incline fly:  (30 sec rests) warmup, 120 x 12, 8, 7

cable crossovers:  (30 sec rests)  160 x 12, 12, 12

decline bench press:  (30 sec rests) 135 x 12, 12, 12

bench press machine: (30 sec rests) 120 x 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

seated military press:  (minimal rest) bar x 5, 65 x 5, 85 x 5, 95 x 5, 115 x 5 (60 sec rest), 115 x 5

reverse pec deck: (10 sec rests!) 60 x 10, 10, 10, 6; 45 x 10, 10, 10

face pulls w rope: (10 sec rests!) 50 x 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 8, 10

dumbbell shrugs:  (90 sec rests) 100 x 50, 50, 50

cardio elliptical 30 min

notes:  ok, this was my plan.  I wanted to try different stuff, so I pre-exhausted the chest then some declines to work on my underdeveloped lower pecs (I don’t think I can even flex them! Criminal neglect), then a pump set on the machine.  7 sets with 30 sec rest!  They can get intense (inspired by FST-7).  All that isolation and low weight pump should leave my shoulders unmolested, and ready for their own work, followed by lots of low rest high rep for the joints and little muscles (rotator cuff and rear delts).

The flys felt HEAVY.  I was surprised, and couldn’t get them done.  But when I got to the crossovers, they felt easier than ever!  Maybe my muscles had warmed up?

The bench machine was too light.  I wondered if maybe it would get really hard by set 5 or 6 (reasonable assumption with the low rest), but they stayed easy and in control.  Yay!

I hadn’t done military press off the smith machine in a while, but the smith machine was broken (still!) so I used the rack and it worked fine!  I am working to find my low-rep weight, but 115 feels kinda right, at least for now.  By minimal rest, I mean only as long as it took to slide more weight on, but with 115 I felt like I wanted a rest, so that was a good sign.

I wanted to do cable rear delt flys, but those machines were popular (I need 2 cables, and this one guy was doing front raises for about 20 min straight, I kid you not), so I used the pec deck instead.  Those felt awkward and ugly, I stopped at set 7 in disgust.  Then I took one of the cable setups for my face pulls, and not surprisingly, 5 min after I grabbed the other cable, front raise guy ran away, I guess he wanted personal space, TS buddy.  Face pulls felt good, got so tough near the end I couldn’t do all 10 reps (see that 8 rep blip!), and out of anger at messing up my perfect run, I muscled through the last set.

By the way, since I am giving credit where its due, I got the idea for the 10 by 10s (10 sets of 10 reps, with 10 second rests) from the Musclepharm website.  Thanks Musclepharm!  Those are great for low weight isolations, helps build up the joints and get the blood flowing.  They are also tough as a beast if you have never done them before!  Word to the wise, first time you try them they will burn like a mother!

I felt like my traps had gotten enough rest from my sore neck ordeal, and I wanted to see what they could do.  I have found over the years that my calves are stubborn donkeys, and they prefer super high reps; I wondered if my traps might also be stubborn donkeys.  I keep adding weight to my shrugs, and I had almost outgrown the dumbbells, but the shoulder placement with barbell shrugs just looks like it will be rough on me personally, so I needed to keep dumbbells relevant.

I decided to try super high reps as well.  3 sets of 50 reps each!  I used the wrist straps for these, this was a trap burner, not a forearm killer.  I kept the straps loose while I saw what it felt like, and it actually wasn’t too bad, my forearms could probably handle it.  But 50 reps with 2×50 lb DBs was kinda scary, right around rep 30 my mind started telling me this was insane and just to put them down!  This tells me it was a good choice though, I got through them!  They were rather intense though, not for the faint-hearted, as long as you pick a solid weight, don’t grab paperweights.

Then I did some cardio!  Overall, a pretty fantastic workout!  Felt great!

How about you?  Any good workouts today?

I had one more workout to go, then my simple dream of working out every day of the long weekend would be complete.  My thoughts behind this was to get some lifting in while I have ample opportunities to rest, in case my neck does not cooperate.  It actually held up pretty well.

On my 9 AM walk to the studio, I saw a dead pet in the middle of the road.  It was really quite horrifying, just down the road from where I live is 4 legs and a fluffy body in the exact middle of the road, its head had exploded, and it looked like the back end had exploded too, no tail, just a wound.  A solitary crow was there, picking away.  It was incredibly grotesque, and it made me stop for a moment.  I didn’t take a picture, that seemed ghoulish and creepy, sorry nothing to show you specifically.  It seemed like a bad omen for the workout, and kinda depressed me, actually.  Kind of an ANTI-pre workout, just lowers your energy and bums you out.

When I got to the studio to meet with my trainer (for the first time in a week!), I suggested we mix together chest and back:  take my two workouts and form an unholy alliance – a couple of chest isolations followed by a couple of supersets then some lower back work.

Off we go!

Chest & Back (30 sec b/w straight sets, 45-60 sec b/w supersets)

warm-up elliptical 5 min

incline fly:  100 x 12, 12, 12

cable crossover:  160 x 12, 12, 12

I need to focus on keeping my palms facing in

I need to focus on keeping my palms facing in

Superset:  widegrip pulldowns 240 x 15, 15, 15, 15 & incline db press 130 x 15; 120 x 15, 10+5



Superset:  widegrip row 240 x 12, 12, 12 & flat db press 120 x 12, 12, 12, 12



one hand db row:  75 x 12/12, 12/12, 12/12


weighted hyperextensions:  55 lb db x 12, 12, 12


chest stretches for 5 min

cardio cooldown:  tabata on the rowing machine – 20 sec on, 10 sec off, for a few min or so


notes:  this workout kicked my butt.  It was hard, and Les was constantly picking out my shitty form.  My palms were turning down in the crossovers, my elbows were drifting out on the incline press, my shoulders were hunching forward on the pulldowns.  I tried pretty hard, but there were a lot of weak points.  Food for thought for next time, my form had gotten rusty.

When it was time for the supersets, my chest was already toast, and supersets made it worse.  We were forced to drop down a weight on the inclines, and I even needed a few seconds on the last set (dropped it for a few seconds then picked it back up), I felt sooooooo gassed; although the flat presses felt too easy, actually.  Pulldowns and rows felt light, although form was rusty as I have said.  Rows felt good, low back was strong and rested.  I guess it was just my incline presses that were weak as heck.

After the stretches, Les plopped me down on the rowing machine for some HIIT, which shifted me into whiny mode.  Screw HIIT, hahaha.  I would rather do low intensity for 2 hours then 20 min of HIIT.  Nevertheless, Les gave me that as homework, do more HIIT.  I should ask her if lifting the weights faster counts…

As I walked out of the studio, I went to throw my apple into the trash.  Inside the trash bin I saw a stack of “adult” DVDs.  Kinky stuff too, not vanilla.  Might I add that the studio is sharing space with a church and some office space… did the DVDs come from an ashamed parishioner?  Unlike the dead kitty, I did take a pic of this, buuuuuut, I am not sure what wordpress’ standards are for objectionable images, so maybe I won’t post it.  Needless to say there was tranny porn at the top of the pile, and the back cover was showing.  Last thing I want is someone to zoom in on the pic and get me banned from wordpress… should I even have that on my phone???  EW… I am going to delete that.  Today I was just a magnet for gross crap, the bad omens continue!!

By the time I got home, my legs were turning to jelly from Sunday’s workout.  Day 3 of the weekend workouts pretty much finished me off.  How about you?  Any good workouts?

Mother’s Day Weekend

As I sit here typing this, I think these carrots I bought are no good.  Do you know how depressing it is to buy a bag of baby carrots because you are so damn lazy you won’t buy normal carrots, then open up a bag and see that they are all kinda slimy???  Last week I bought some organic celery, and as I was peeling stalks off, I found an adult fly, frozen solid in between the celery stalks.  It kind of makes you sad, and has left me a little hypersensitive to veggies that don’t fit my ideals of taste and texture.  I think that once I eat my way through this jar of hummus I bought, I am throwing the rest of these game-y looking baby carrots out.

When I woke up Saturday, I was in a world of hurt.  I was worn out from 4 days of weight training, and my neck was aching pretty bad.  I went for groceries (where I bought those damn carrots), and then came home and pretty much slept all day.  I watched a few episodes of Hemlock Grove on Netflix, which NEVER fails to put me to sleep (no idea what’s even going on in that show), and took painkillers as needed.  Basically reset my body, went into emergency stasis.

Sunday when I woke up, I felt a lot better!  As it was Mother’s Day, the first thing I did was spend the morning on the phone with my mother (she lives far away).  I am always concerned about her health, and I hope now that winter is over, she gets out a lot more, enjoys the weather and goes for lots of walks.  My mom has been through a lot, multiple knee surgeries, major whiplash, chronic pain, breast cancer, and she is in a place right now where she can enjoy her retirement, and I want to make sure she stays active so she can enjoy it more.

She is also very happy for my recent weight loss, and talking to her got me pumped to go to the gym!  I went to the gym for some chest and triceps action.

Chest & Tri:  (30 sec rest b/w sets)

incline db fly:  warmup set, 90 x 12, 12, 12

low cable crossover:  60 x 12, 12, 12

incline db press:  120 x 15, 15, 15

flat db press:  130 x 12, 12, 7, 6

rope pushdowns:  60 x 12, 10; DROPSET a.60 x 8, 40 x 6, 20 x 12 (partial reps); b.60 x 8, 40 x 6, 20 x 12 (partial reps)

two hand db extensions: 75 x 12, 8, 8

low cable extension:  50 x 15; 60 x 15, 14

dumbbell skullcrushers:  50 x 20, 12, 11

cardio:  35 min on the elliptical, variable resistance


notes:  this particular gym has a reputation for some sticky cables, so I knew I had to bring the weight down on the cable movements.  Instead of cable crossovers, I thought I would try some low ones, meaning my arms start low and I bring the cables up high and in front of me.  They felt great!  Hard too.

Incline press went quite well, although I BARELY made it through the last set.  This meant of course I was fried for the flat press, and sure enough I barely made it through the second set, so the third and fourth beat me up pretty hard.

Then those rope pushdowns!  What a blow to my ego.  That sticky cable feed made me drop the weight by about HALF.  And they felt heavy as F.  It was all good though, it’s still work, no matter what the weight says.


How about you?  Any good workouts?

Friday Cheat & Chest

Woke up Friday morning, neck still stiff!  Damn!  I was tired of resting though, I headed to the gym for some 6 am Spin.

First time doing Spin in about a week!  they were rolling out the new tracklist for Les Mills RPM, I think it is Release 58.  My thoughts on it?  Meh.  Not my favorite.  Off the top, none of this music is really my type of music, but sometimes they throw a really catchy one at you and it gets stuck in your head.  Other times they grow on you over time, even if they’re annoying.  This release I found them generally bland and easy to tune out.  Here is the track list:


The song I liked the most was the Track 5 Feel the Love.  I think the ride sequence worked really well with that track.  It just isn’t a pump me up track, so it isn’t enough to save the whole list.

But it being my first Spin in a while, I sweat buckets!  Burnt a buttload of calories.  Thanked my instructor, decided to go treat myself to breakfast.

Now, my diet.  I have played around with it for years, and am currently at an arrangement I feel very comfortable with.  I eat low carb, high protein, high fat, 3000 cal a day.  Carbs usually around 20% of my daily calories (mostly in the morning), protein 40 to 50%, fat makes up the difference.  This qualifies as really low carb.  In addition to that, I avoid starch – all bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, etc.  Brown bread, brown rice, don’t care, goodbye.

This was hard to adjust to, my energy was dragged through the gutter and my mood was poisonous.  But I got through it, and I have ample energy for workouts now.  But the transition was hellish.  But the other side has been worth it 🙂

One day a week (my “refeed” day), I up the carbs, maybe even indulge in a bit of starch.  But not a lot of starch, only what accompanies my other stuff by chance, I don’t go out looking for it.  Most of my carbs that day are made of extra fruit, and in the evening I treat myself to a really awesome dessert.  I don’t eat a pizza, too much bread.  I don’t have rice or potatoes, just a bit of random starch along with my meal, and a dessert at night.  I also don’t bother counting calories, but I don’t eat until I puke, that is just silly.

And Friday is refeed day!  So what does this look like?  Well, when I went out for breakfast I ordered this


cup of black coffee, multiple glasses of water, big pile of fruit, ham and eggs and cheese wrapped in a crepe.  and an extra side of bacon 🙂

If it were a normal day, I wouldn’t have the crepe, wouldn’t have the cheese, fruit would be less than half of that.  And I would be adding up macros.

For lunch I had a hot dog from a street vendor, LOL.  So not exactly healthy!  It came in a bun, obviously.  I didn’t put any ketchup or mustard or stuff on it, that stuff is just empty calories and covers up the taste of the meat.  But I did put sauerkraut and onions and pickles and hot peppers on it!  yum.  so, not healthy per se, and that would prove to be my biggest bread indulgence of the day (or week!), but at least everything on it was recognizable food. (unless you hate sausages)

For dinner I had chicken and ribs, with coleslaw and steamed veg.  No potatoes or fries or heavy starch stuff, which would upset my stomach at this point.  Pretty much just protein and veggies.  But then I had a milkshake for dessert, hooray!

So that is what my cheat day eating generally looks like.  I up the carbs but don’t go starch crazy.


At lunch I was getting bored (had to work up a hunger to earn that hot dog!), so the coworker and I went to the office gym for a light chest workout!  Well, he did his thing, I did mine.  He refuses to try out my workout, ha!

Lunchtime Chest:  (30 sec rest b/w sets)

cable crossovers:  warmup set, 150 x 12, 12, 12

incline flys:  80 x 12, 12, 12

incline db press:  120 x 10, 11, 12

flat db press:  120 x 12, 12, 12, 12

notes:  13 working sets of fun in the blink of an eye!  This workout felt really good.  Yay for extra carbs!  I made progress on the incline flys and the flat press (finally!), but the incline press felt harder than usual.  Maybe doing the flys right before them instead of the crossovers pre-exhausted me more, makes sense!


And that was my day!  Some chest work, a spin class, lots of awesome food!  What about you?  Any good workouts today?