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Cycle 2 Week 3 Arms

My routine might be changing up very soon!¬† Enjoy the familiarity while it lasts ūüôā


No workout buddy this time, ah well


Superset V-Bar Pushdowns and Cambered Bar Curls  (about 45-60s rest, follow each curl set with partials out of the bottom ROM)

130 x 15 / 75 x 8, 10P

130 x 15 / 75 x 8, 10P

130 x 15 / 75 x 8, 10P

130 x 15 / 75 x 8, 6P

notes:  Upped the weight this week!  Got real tough on the curls!


Superset Hammer Curls and Pronated Kickbacks (about 45s rest; for hammer curls, do 8 full ROM then 8 partials out of bottom of ROM)

40s x 8, 8P / 30 x 8/8

40s x 8, 8P / 30 x 8/8

40s x 8, 8P / 30 x 8/8

40s x 8, 8P / 30 x 8/8

notes:  Upped the weight on these as well.  Felt great!


Superset Skullcrushers and Preacher Curls  (45s rest)

65 x 10 / 65 x 10

65 x 10 / 65 x 10

65 x 10 / 65 x 10

65 x 10 / 65 x 10

notes:  And I dropped the weight on these.  And went back to the bar for skullcrushers.  Preachers still tough!

 post-workout:  60 min Spin class!  Great cardio blast to top things off.

Cycle 2 Extra Arms

ok, so this is out of order, I did this before Legs.  sue me!  been a while!  back at it!



We have a special guest Рmy friend Katie came to work out with me!  Yay!  Having company at the right time can push you through your workout.  We cut through this one at blazing speed!


Superset V-Bar Pushdowns and Cambered Bar Curls  (we traded back and forth, my superset was her rest; for curls do 8 regular full ROM then 10 partials out of the bottom of ROM)



110 x 15 / 70 x 8, 10P

120 x 15 / 70 x 8, 10P

130 x 15 / 70 x 8, 10P

130 x 15 / 70 x 8, 10P


notes:  Getting a good pump going in my arms already!


Superset Hammer Curls and Pronated Kickbacks (traded back and forth; for hammer curls, do 8 full ROM then 8 partials out of bottom of ROM)


40s x 8, 8P / 25 x 8/8

35s x 8, 8P / 25 x 8/8

35s x 8, 8P / 25 x 8/8

35s x 8, 8P / 25 x 8/8

notes:¬† I didn’t feel like I could control the 40s, so I dropped.¬† My first time trying pronated kickbacks (keep your palm facing the ceiling the whole time)… I like them MUCH better!!¬† I think we have a winner!!¬† ding ding! ¬†goodbye regular kickbacks!


Superset 1DB Skullcrushers and Preacher Curls  (traded back and forth)


60 x 10 / 70 x 10

60 x 10 / 70 x 10

70 x 10 / 70 x 7 RP 3

70 x 10 / 70 x 7


notes:¬† This is where my biceps failed!¬† I couldn’t even control the negative any more, so I called it a day.¬† I had wanted to do skulls with a kettlebell, so I tried a DB instead… didn’t like it.¬† ROM was too small, DB kept getting close to my head.¬† BB next time, F it.¬† Katie was definitely feeling it, she couldn’t pick up the workout sheet off the chair by the end, her grip was gone, arms pumped!!

 post-workout:  25 min stairmaster

A nice and hard arm workout!  Great way to kick off my Saturday!

Cut Day 48 – Glutes

Was able to work out a time to get a session in with my friend, so we could get some good pictures.  To make it worth her while, we made it a glute-focused workout.  I will do more Legs on Monday, this was just extra work.


30 min elliptical, heavy resistance
5 min break
40 min ellip, light resistance, fast pace
20 min break for food
30 min, moderate resist, fast pace
5 min break
10 min heavy while waiting for friend

You may ask, why not a spin bike?¬† Because I am doing a few spin classes tomorrow and I didn’t want a sore ass, haha.¬† Then my friend showed, and it was time for weights!


5 min heavy elliptical, focusing on contracting the glutes and hamstrings

Jefferson Lifts (back and forth, me to her)
40 x 15
40 x 15
60 x 15
60 x 15


Kickback Machine (back and forth)

40 x 15/15
50 x 15/15
55 x 15/15
60 x 15/15


SLDL (back and forth)

90 x 20
110 x 20
110 x 20


Reverse Hack Squats (back and forth)

2 plates x 15
4 plates x 15
6 plates x 15
8 plates x 15
10 plates x 15


Seated Calf Raises (back and forth)

1 plate x 20
2 plates x 20
2 plates x 20

Donkey Calf Raise Machine (back and forth)

240 x 20
260 x 20
260 x 20

Leg Press Calf Raise (back and forth)

260 x 20
300 x 20
300 x 20

Standing Leg Curl (back and forth)

70 x 15/15
80 x 15/15
90 x 15/15


Superset Seated Leg curls and Leg Extensions (back and forth)

120 x 12 / 120 x 15
120 x 12 / 120 x 15
120 x 12 / 120 x 15

Monday night I didn’t have a trainer session, not a full one anyways, so I went to the gym late-night Monday to make my own fun.¬† I need to start nailing down a new routine, now that my medical speedbump is behind me.¬† Short rests, alternating days between high reps and low rep slow negative drop set days, and more strength days with Leslie.¬† Keep the muscles guessing!¬† This might prove to be overcomplicated, but let me give it a try first, this buffet of gains!


Monday PM Legs and Abs (45 sec rest b/w sets)

A.  Hack Squats (feet low, quad focus, go DEEP and activate the glutes)

2 plates x 15

2 plates x 15

4 plates x 15

4 plates x 15

notes:  this was a brutal start!  I have gone heavier, but not so deep into the ROM.  Started sweating like crazy.

B.  Weighted Glute Kickbacks

80 x 15/15

80 x 15/15

60 x 15/15

60 x 15/15

notes:  right after the hacks, I was dripping sweat all over this station.  80 was too heavy, so I dropped the weight and focused on form.  Even still, my glutes were exhausted by the end.

C.  Seated Leg Curls:

100  x 15

110 x 15

120 x 15

120 x 15

notes:  I have a tendency to lean back in this when it gets hard, which makes the contraction easier, so I really tried here to sit totally upright and just squeeze the hamstrings.

D.  Prone Leg Curls:

80 x 15

90 x 15

100 x 15

110 x 15

notes:  I kept my pelvis pressed into the pad, but propped up on my elbows, to try and make it more difficult.

E.  Stability Ball Crunches:  25, 25, 25, 25

F.  Stability Ball Forward Roll:  17, 17, 15, 15  (easier than the Ab Roller but still hard!)

G.  Weighted Double Crunch Machine:  95 x 20, 20, 20, 20

H.  Cardio 35 min of Elliptical, varying speed


notes:  This workout was nasty!  I was totally wrecked by the end.  Shows I have been away too long from the legs, and am long overdue to going back to short rests and tight form.


Tuesday I was way too wasted to have a morning workout, so I saved my workout until after I was done work.  The plan here would be slow negatives, drop set finishers.

Tuesday Chest and Biceps (4 sec negative on EVERY set or dropset, 45 sec rest b/w sets)

A.  Smith Machine Flat Press:


215 x 8

215 x 8

215 x 8

215 x 7 DROP 165 x 7 DROP 115 x 10

notes:  this felt slightly too heavy, I could control the negative, but my form was a little rough.

B.  Incline DB Press:

100 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 8 DROP 80 x 10

notes:  After the Smith Press, I went a little lighter for the incline, and I think I actually ended up going too light, the drop set was way too easy so I ended it early.

C.  DB Flat Press Fly (flat press the DBs up, but then negative in a Fly motion)

100 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 7 DROP 80 x 5 DROP 60 x 6 DROP 40 x 8

notes:  on the other hand, this weight was PERFECT, the drop sets were super hard like they should be.  First time doing a mix of fly and press, it was fun!

D.  Superset Pec Deck and Pushups

120 x 5 & 4 pushups

105 x 8 & 5 pushups

105 x 8 & 5 pushups

105 x 8 DROP 75 x 10 & 5 pushups

notes:  my chest was fried by this point, could not do any pushups at all haha

E.  Preacher Curl Machine: (widegrip)

70 x 8

70 x 8

80 x 8

90 x 8 DROP 70 x 8 DROP 55 x 10

notes:  squeeze at the top for dat bicep peak! Weight too light, was too easy the drops.

F.  Seated Dumbbell Curl:

80 x 8

80 x 8

80 x 8

80 x 8 DROP 60 x 3 DROP 50 x 5 DROP 40 x 7

notes:  the weight was just right here, the drop sets were MURDERRRRR!!!

G.  Cable Curl: (closegrip)

80 x 8

90 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 8 DROP 80 x 6 DROP 60 x 10

notes:  I was so traumatized by the dumbbell curls I started off lighter here and worked up.


notes:¬† I had a tremendous pump in my chest and biceps going after these sets!¬† It was every guy’s magic moment, walking around with swole chest and biceps, haha.¬† No selfies though, not my style, sorry.


Those were my workouts for Mon and Tues!¬† How’s it going with you guys these days?¬† Ready for the cold weather?¬† Wintertime Bulk?

End of the Week!

Ugh, 4 days in a row of working out.  I am thrashed.

Got up at 5 am, had a grapefruit.¬† stared at the computer screen for a minute then realized I was almost late for spin.¬† F*ck!¬† I hadn’t had any protein or yogourt or anything for breakfast, just the fruit.¬† I poured a shot of pre-workout (Assault, in honour of Danabolic’s blog!), ran to Spin. I only realized when I got home about 13 hours later that the full glass of Assault was still sitting there – I had poured my pre-workout drink, then just turned around and walked out of my house.¬† How fried was my brain???

When I got to Spin, I quickly realized I had ZERO energy, that Spin was murderrrrrr….. no surprise I guess, I hadn’t had any protein that morning, hadn’t eaten my usual foods, no quick fats, not even a glass of pre-workout pep… I was running on empty and I felt it hard.¬† So I grunted and sweated my way through that ride, showered, felt the hunger kick in like a BEAST, then went out for my Friday cheat day breakfast.


Pretty much right, crepe wrapped around eggs and cheese and ham, fruit, coffee, water, side of bacon.¬† They brought me an orange juice as well, but I couldn’t wait to get a pic of it all at once.¬† I soon realized they used a banana crepe for my ham omelette… WTF!??! A banana crepe?¬† That ruins it!

First-world problems, right??

So whatever, they were busy and I didn’t have forever, I just poured syrup on it and ate it anyways, my banana ham sandwich.


Work was real busy, I saved my energy for my workout after work!  My chest is still sore from my Wednesday workout!  Crazy!  I like DOMS in my chest, that means I am doing something right.

After work I headed to the studio, Leslie the trainer is back from her vacation!¬† Yay!¬† I realized I hadn’t trained arms in 10 days… where did the time go??¬† So we did arms.

Arms:  Supersets!  back and forth, minimal rest

5 min warmup on elliptical

dumbbell curls & dumbbell skullcrushers:  50 x 12&12; 60 x 12&12, 12&12

rope hammer curls & V pushdowns:  90&120 x 15&15, 15&15, 15&15


hammer curls

no V-bar so we used the rope :)

no V-bar so we used the rope ūüôā


incline dumbbell curl & dumbbell kickbacks:  40&30 x 12&12; 50&30 x 12&12, 12&12




double concentration curls & overhead two-hand dumbbell extensions:  50&45 X 12&15; 60&55 X 12&15; 60&65 x 12&15



cable curls with the straight bar & closegrip incline pushups:  100 x 12; 120 x 10, 12 & 12, 15, 15


back soaked!

back soaked!


single leg raise and crossover touch x 12, 12, 12


double crunches x 12, 12, 12

abdominal pendulum:¬† bent knee x 15, we tried straight legs and that didn’t happen at all LOL, so the third set we did side planks



notes:¬† been too long without arms! I don’t think I was able to get 100% back into the intensity, I was too distracted with being social and witty and clever with my friends, but I will try and fix that for next time ūüôā¬† After the abs, we also did some chest stretches.¬† Taking what my massage dude said seriously!¬† Gotta fix that front imbalance.

We also took some time before the workout to talk about my goals.  I want to lose more weight, obviously.  I am still in the 300s, I want to break into the 200s so bad!!!  Very close!  I want to get my body fat below 20%, I want to put on another 10 pounds of muscle, I want to build a lot more strength in the basic compound exercises, I want to take on another hot yoga challenge, etc!

I also need to hit my back harder, if I have to choose I will lighten up on chest and do more back.¬† I don’t want my front to grow too fast and overpower my back, I need to balance to what is lagging.

I am happy with my diet, I am happy with the 3 on 1 off body parts twice a week split, I am happy with the morning cardio.  I just need to tweak the exercises a bit, and put yoga back in the mix.


I am excited for the summer, aren’t you?¬† I can’t wait to do more hard work and have it show!¬† Already everyone I know can see I have put on muscle, it is plain to see.¬† I want more of that, more muscle.¬† Maybe it’s a guy thing, but it feels good ūüôā

But when I left the studio and came home, the back workout from Thursday hit me, and my arms are ALREADY sore from tonight, so I am about to crash hard.  4 days in a row is brutal!  I need a rest day like crazy.

Good night all!

shoulders & triceps

My shoulders felt tired heading into this one, but it needed to get done.

Grabbed the 30 lb dumbbells

front raises supersetted with lateral raises

12 front, 10 lat, 2 min rest

12 front, 7 lat, 2 min rest

front raises supersetted with reverse flys

12 front, 12 reverse, 2 min rest

12 front, 12 reverse

55lb dumbbells, slow shrugs (hold for 4 seconds before lowering)

12, 1 min, 12

Triceps time!

wanted to do closegrip bench, but the bench stations were all full.  Time to improvise.

I grabbed dumbbells for closegrip dumbbell presses. ¬†Basically have the DBs face each other and bring them close, as you press them up. ¬†If they touch it is slightly easier than keeping them slightly apart, since you don’t have to work as hard at stabilizing them, but as long as you isolate the triceps, it isn’t a big deal, IMO.

closegrip dumbbell presses

30 lbs, 12

50s, 10, 1 min rest, 10, rest, 10

cable pushdowns

140 lbs, 12, 1 min rest, 12

dumbbell kickbacks  still not confident about the form on these

35 lbs, 12, 1 min rest, 12

dip station  these still went horrible!  I used the assist so I wouldnt swing, so the first one I assisted for about 16% of my weight and it felt like my shoulders were going to rip out!  sad.  I turned it up to about 27% of my BW, and really tried to keep my elbows pinned back and it went a little better, but still rough.  Not comfortable.

16% 6 reps

27% 10 reps, 10 reps


Then stretched out the shoulders a bit.  Then 2 sets of 5 one arm fingerpad wall pushups.  2 sets of 10 eagle claws.  I wanted to hang from the bar, but quite literally ALL such bars were occupied, even the smith machine, haha.  so I gave up.  I jumped on the arc trainer for some cardio instead.

incline 9, resistance 65%, 15 min


I was beat after that! ¬†I feel wasted, gonna sleep hard tonight. ¬†Didn’t feel like enough of a tricep workout, tbh.

back to the mat

I put my game face on today.

got a good sleep the night before, went off to work, ate well, headed to the gym after work.

shoulders & triceps first

I grabbed the 25s, and supersetted front raises and side raises.  Then I supersetted front raises and reverse flys.

12 front, 12 side, rest 2 min

12 front, 12 side, rest 2 min

12 front, 12 reverse, rest 2 min

12 front, 12 reverse

Then I grabbed the 50s for some slow shrugs.  Shrug, hold for 4 seconds, then lower.

12, 60 sec rest, 12

Then triceps (60 sec rests)

close grip bench 135×10, x10

T-bar pushdowns 130×12, x12

DB kickbacks 30×12, x12

dips…. ugh, let’s talk. ¬†1, 1, 3

I am not used to doing kickbacks so I kept the weight low. ¬†They didn’t feel comfortable, so I am going to borrow a trainer friend next chance I can and get some pointers from him on form.

Dips – I used the dip station, and I normally do them seated. ¬†I was VERY uncomfortable, lol, I kept swinging and I coulnd’t lower all the way, so I stopped. ¬†I became worried about how they felt on my shoulder as well, dips are risky for me, so if I am not comfortable with the form, if I am unstable, I wouldn’t continue. ¬†So my reps really suck. ¬†Next time I will do assisted dips so that I can work the triceps without risking my shoulder.

Then I loosened up:  joint circling, then as the mat was full of people stretching, I tried one-arm fingertip pushups against the wall, lol!  Those were hard!  2 sets of 5, on the pads of my fingers, moving the hand closer to the center of my body for the stability.

Then 2 sets of 10 eagle claws.

Then I went to go hang from the chinup bar. ¬†25 seconds widegrip, 18 sec closegrip, 15 sec hammer grip, 12 sec widegrip. ¬†Widegrip was really the most comfortable, the other grips I was too close to the backpad, and I had to pull my legs back when they hung, which made my hamstrings want to cramp, lol. ¬†But the times weren’t too bad for me.

But it’s not over! ¬†Then I headed to Spin class, 1 hour. ¬†At the end we did some HIIT Spin: 1 cycle of 7 repetitions, 2:1 ratio.

But it’s not over! ¬†Then I went to a yoga class right after, not hot yoga like I normally do, some regular temp stuff. ¬†It was my first time back on the mat in close to 3 weeks, since I hurt the shoulder. ¬†It felt good, but downward dog was wearing me out, and my chaturanga was pretty sad. ¬†But considering I had a shoulder workout before, I didn’t judge myself too harshly. ¬†We had some great stretches for the hips, Pigeon feels good! ¬†Reverse Warrior also felt really good, decent backbends on my Warriors.

So yeah, I pretty much ran wild all over that gym tonight, lol. ¬†Let’s see if I wake up dead tomorrow…