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Offday cardio

today was my day off, a day to do some cardio and relax and recharge for tomorrow, flush out. (man, I can’t type for shit tonight, some nights the fingers don’t want to type, misspell every other word, ugh)

After work, I came home, knowing I had to do some exercise somewhere, but not sure where.  I was thinking about maybe doing some weights at the gym followed by some elliptical.  But it was cold outside, and I felt tired.  And then I thought, hey, what about the “gym” in the basement of my apartment building?  It wasn’t much, but it had some treadmills and a rowing machine.  I haven’t been there in quite some time, it was some pretty ratty looking stuff.

I went for a scoop of protein, had to break into my new tub.  Realized I bought VANILLA.  Also known as the worst flavour invented for protein powder.  I never really liked vanilla flavour, but then in July when I was sick and throwing everything up for days, I tried to hold down some cherries and some vanilla protein.  I threw that up ALL DAY, until I was frothing at the mouth, doubled over in my tub.  So ever since then I associate vanilla protein with vomit.  So I am biased.

So why would I buy vanilla again??  I was really not paying attention, maybe I can sell this stuff to someone.  Anyone want an entirely full tub of vanilla whey  protein??  Leave a comment below.

So I put on some heavy clothes and went downstairs.  A couple of young Chinese peeps were on the only functioning treadmills (the free one has a really worn down and slippery track).  So I got on the rowing machine, loaded up some long-ass Metallica songs on the iPod, started working away.

About 5 min into that, right as Battery was winding down, another Chinese girl wanders in to join her friends.  OK, does it sound bad when I say Chinese?  I don’t mean any of them were Canadian.  They were from China.  Shy, awkward, don’t say a single word unless it is to each other, then it is rapidfire Chinese language like the dam is bursting.  Whatever.  My only point is they were from China and young, I wasn’t going to get much more out of them in terms of personality unless I learned Chinese.

This girl gets on a elliptical type machine, then proceeds to have HORRIBLE form.  Her upper body was all over the place, rounding her back out, slumping over the bars, then leaning all the way back, then forward again.  It’s like she thinks the only thing getting worked is her legs, so her upper body and core can act like a lazy spaz.  And the elliptical was sideways right in front of me.  So for 25 min I got to watch this girl go into convulsions on the equipment, right in my face.

Other than the freakshow, the rowing felt real good.  I don’t like rowing in general any more, but it was a lot of pulling, so I got to flush out my back and hamstrings a lot, I appreciated it tonight.  After the 6th Metallica song ended (it was One), I checked the time, and I had been going at it for 40 min, so I bid the kids adieu, then headed back up, took off my heavy clothes, then went for a walk outside in the cool night air.  I went to the nearby park and walked around for about 10 minutes.  the cold air felt great, someone nearby was cooking burgers, it was nice, even in the dark.

Then I went to a convenience store to buy some club soda.  I like to treat myself to club soda and pretend it’s actual soda, haha.  I buy it, crack it open right there in the store because I was thirsty, and it EXPLODED all over me.  I was drenched!  The other bonus of club soda?  It doesn’t matter when you get that shit all over you.  People pour club soda on their clothes when they want to REMOVE a stain.  So this wasn’t going to do any damage.

Then I came home to watch some Tosh and Sons of Anarchy!

Good night!

Today, I had two options, spin or yoga.  Gentleman’s choice.

My friend had his birthday dinner last night, and I knew he wanted to go to Spin today.  And the yoga studio, well… the streets were closed due to a festival, so taking the bus would be a pain.  So I went Spin.


Saturday mornings often have chatty peppy guy, but this week he had a sub.  It was young peppy woman.  I had never had a class with her, so I was ready for anything.

It turned out quite well actually.  I thought her routine was really well-balanced, it gave me the leeway I needed to decide if I either wanted low intensity steady state or high intensity intervals.  My legs were quite sore from the leg workout yesterday so I went low intensity, and tried to flush the legs out.

She was a little too chatty, admittedly, and by the end of the hour I just wanted to get away from her and her talking.  But to be fair, most spin teachers are that way, it’s part of their training.  It’s a way to keep the crowd’s energy high.  I am a grumpy old man, so I hate chattiness, but I have reconciled that it comes with the spinning.  No offence intended to any spin teachers out there, I don’t envy your job, you do what you gotta do to get these fat asses and old farts moving 🙂

Aren’t I pleasant today?  ha ha

Anyhoo, I thought it was a good class, 7/10.  If I showed up to a future class and saw her, would not cringe 🙂

I wanted to linger in the gym a little more, maybe do some chinups, but the friend had to go home asap, and I was going to buy him a birthday present from the health food store, so I left as well.

Does a birthday present from the health food store seem lame?  It kinda is, but he has been getting into using supplements lately, and I am mildly familiar with the subject, so I thought it would be fun to get him something that will help him.  He was already stocked on protein powder, and he had a vitamin he was happy with, and a fish oil supp he was happy with, so I pointed out the ones I use and why I like him, and looked for something else.

Turns out he has never had Greens+ before!  For shame.  He seemed open to the idea, so I bought him some.  Sadly, Greens tends to be overpriced, and this store tends to be overpriced (The Nutrition Store, it’s a chain disguised as a sort of Chinese herbalist grocery store), so I told him he can get a better deal on Greens at GNC (or at my yoga studio! but I digress)


Then off home to nap and let my legs recover.