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7 Sept 2016

How was everyone’s long weekend? For me an extra long weekend! That extra long weekend lasts an extra extra EXTRA long time!! #gumcommercial

So, on the way to the gym tonight. Go to sit down in the car, and have a MASSIVE muscle cramp in my abs! Holy jeez. Doubled over in pain. Cars behind me honking at me and screaming because I am not moving forward. Fun times. I have never had an abs cramp before that I can remember, whats that about…

So I was feeling very tender in my abs all workout.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs

Log Press from Rack (2 min rests, push press)

110 x 3
140 x 3
*wrist wraps on*
170 x 3
170 x 3
170 x 3
170 x 3
*sleeves and wraps on*
170 x 6 @RPE7

notes: last set, did not want to go to failure with all the weird chit going on in my stomach. But I am really happy with that number, because I am on pace for another Rep PR.

Superset: Viking Press & Widegrip Pulldowns (2 min rests)

180 x 5 / 180 x 10
180 x 5 / 180 x 10
180 x 5 / 180 x 10
180 x 5 / 180 x 10

Superset: Plate Front Raise & Cable OH Extensions & DB Hammer Curls (2 min rest)

45 x 12 / 75 x 12 / 40s x 12
45 x 12 / 75 x 12 / 40s x 12

notes: the tricep extensions tweaked my abs again, so I stopped there.

25 Aug 2016

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs

Log Press from Rack (push press, short rests)

80 x 5 *small log*
110 x 3 *11 inch diameter log from now on*
120 x 3
140 x 2
155 x 1
165 x 1
*wraps and sleeves on*
175 x 7 Rep PR!!

notes: YAAAASSSSSS! Victorious. After my AMRAP set last week, I thought I had it in me to PR off reps. And so it was. I must have wrapped supertight, because after this one set my biceps were pumped as hell for the rest of the evening LOL hashtag occlusion training

For the next cycle I will need to ramp up my percentages (I reset the base for my percentages every 3-4 weeks)

Viking Press (medium rests, no wraps or sleeves)

100 x 8
150 x 8
170 x 8

notes: first time! Fun! It gets hard fast though LOL

Widegrip Pulldowns (short rests)

180 x 8
180 x 8
180 x 8

Superset: Plate Front Raise & Cable Overhead Extensions & DB Hammer Curls (medium rest)

45 x 10 / 90 x 7 / 40s x 10
45 x 10 / 75 x 10 / 40s x 10
45 x 10 / 75 x 10 / 40s x 10

90 on the cable for OH xt just doesn’t feel right. Cant get a good contraction. 75 is sweet, great stretch and great squeeze

19 August 2016

Day off work! Hit the gym at noon. Messed up my meal timings a bit, so by the time I got there I was starving.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs

Log Press from rack (push press, 2 min rests)

80 x 5 (small log)
110 x 3 (moved up to the big log)
130 x 2
160 x 5
160 x 5
160 x 5
*sleeves, wraps on*
160 x 7 @ RPE7

notes: totally happy with 7 reps on the last set. If I had gone until failure, I was on pace for a rep PR.

Slingshot Bench (red slingshot, 2 min rests)

205 x 10
205 x 10
205 x 10
205 x 10

notes: normally I use the blue slingshot. the gym had a red one though, and it fit over my arms much easier. thicker material but I think it has been through hell and back, so the weave wasn’t as tight as my ole Blue.

Chest Supported T-Bar Rows (short rests, elbows high)

2 plates x 10
2p x 10
2p x 10
2p x 10

Superset: Plate Front Raise & Cable OH Extensions & Hammer Curls (2 min rests)

45 x 12 / 90 x 6 / 40s x 12
45 x 12 / 75 x 12 / 40s x 12
45 x 12 / 75 x 12 / 40s x 12

notes: woops, cable was heavier than I thought. 75 was the sweet spot.

The strongman gym got a Viking Press this week! If I knew how to use it, I would def be hittin that shit. Next week!!

Shoulders, Cut Day 10

Jan 15 – Shoulders

Nothing like trying to rush out the door in order to honor the “pre window”!


Lunchtime workout in the office gym.

The name of the game is Giant Sets.  Just keep moving and burning.

(about 60 sec rest only b/w each giant set)

Giant Set:  Arnold presses + reverse pec deck (thumbs down) + plate raises

(25s x 12) + (75 x 12) + (35 x 15)
(30s x 12) + (90 x 12) + (35 x 15)
(35s x 10) + (105 x 12) + (35 x 15)

notes:  love the thumbs down variation you can get with free-moving stiff handle pec decks, allows me to target my rhomboids more.

Giant Set:  seated military presses + bent over rear delt cable raises + t-bar row (elbows high)

(125 x 12) + (30 x 15/15) + (45 x 20)
(135 x 12) + (30 x 15/15) + (50 x 20)
(145 x 9) + (30 x 12/12) + (60 x 15)

notes:  on the mil press, I only came down until the tops of my arms were parallel with the ground.  My shoulder was feeling tweaked so I played it safe.  On the t-bar row, I kept elbows high and really tried to squeeze the proverbial pencil in between my shoulderblades; despite me knowing this is a movement for my back, I like to bring the connection in a bit on some of the movements.

Giant Set:  reverse pec deck (thumbs up) + strict DB side raise dropsets + cable front raises

(45 x 20) + (20s x 15 DROP 15s x 6 DROP 10s x 4) + (30 x 9)
(45 x 20) + (20s x 13 DROP 15s x 8 DROP 10s x 5) + (15 x 15)
(60 x 20) + (20s x 10 DROP 15s x 7 DROP 10s x 8) + (15 x 12)

notes:  I was going to rear delt flys with the cables, but another dude in the gym wanted to use one of the cables, so I went back to the pec deck and went thumbs up.  I kept it light because I kept popping a knot on my traps whenever I came back with the handles, so I wanted to be gentle and see if I could work the knot out.

By strict side raises I mean arms STRAIGHT.  No need to worry about pinkies high and pouring out pitchers of water when you keep your arms straight.  It makes the exercise a lot harder but I wasn’t trying to look cool, so light DBs don’t bother me.

By the time I finished a double dropset of strict side raises, my shoulders were SMOKED!  I could barely do the front raises, no matter how light they were.

Shoulders, Cut Day 5

Jan 10 – Shoulders

In the morning I did a 60 min Spin class, my cardio for the day

In the afternoon I hit shoulders.

Superset Arnold presses + reverse pec deck flys + plate raises (60 s rest b/w Ssets)

20s x 12 / 60 x 12 / 45 x 10
25s x 12 / 75 x 12 / 35 x 15
30s x 12 / 90 x 12 / 35 x 10

Superset seated barbell press + bent over cable rear delt fly + chest supported t-bar row (elbows high) (60 s rest b/w Ssets)

115 x 12 / 15 x 15 / 45 x 20
125 x 12 / 30 x 15 / 60 x 20
135 x 12 / 30 x 15 / 70 x 15

Superset rear delt cable fly + side DB raise dropset + cable front raise (60 s rest b/w Ssets)

30 x 20 / 25s x 4 DROP 20s x 8 DROP 15s x 10 DROP 10s x 3 / 30 x 18
30 x 20 / 25s x 5 DROP 20s x 6 DROP 15s x 7 DROP 10s x 8 / 15 x 15
30 x 20 / 25s x 3 DROP 20s x 4 DROP 15s x 6 DROP 10s x 12 / 15 x 5

notes:  By the end of these giant sets my shoulders were smoked!  I couldn’t do a cable front raise to save my life!  Not that shoulder endurance has ever been my forte, but this was painful as all heck.

It hurts more if you stop!

I decided I wanted to sleep in Wednesday morning, so I thought it might be fun to try the gym at work again.  It was shoulders day, hooray!  (sarcasm)

Noontime Shoulders (no time for cardio or twists, just time for iron) (45-60 sec rest)

A.  Superset DB side Raises and Front Plate Raises:  triple drop set of side raises then front raise with optional “bus driver”


25s x 8 DROP 15s x 6 DROP 10s x 10 then 45 plate x 12

25s x 9 DROP 20s x 8 DROP 15s x 10 DROP 10s x 12 then 45 plate x 12

25s x 5 DROP 20s x 5 DROP 15s x 10 DROP 10s x 12 then 45 plate x 12

notes:  this was HARD!  I normally avoid side raises with DBs, I find it easier to keep good form with the machine, with the DBs my forearms keep drifting above my elbows.  Nothing wrong with going light as long as its challenging I guess, but when I use the machine I can focus on just the muscle, when I use DBs I spend most of my energy keeping my form disciplined.  More holistic that way I guess, meh.

Remember with DB side raises!  Keep your elbow higher than your forearm!  The straighter your arm gets the harder it gets! Try not to swing, either your arms, or swing your butt in and out!  I see people violate these guidelines in the gym ALL THE TIME.  I used to do it wrong all the time too, then Leslie kicked my butt 🙂

The downshot of it is that I am forced to go light on db side raises.  Even worse, drop sets meant that form got harder and harder to maintain, so my reps on that exercise are hella low (I stopped when I could not correct my form), and the weights are so low that I cant reduce them without losing the ability to do a triple drop set.  Oh my, did it burn!  It burned even worse if I rested my arms by my sides.  Lesson learned:  it hurts more if you stop!

For the front plate raises, you take a 45 pound plate, grip it at 9 and 3, and front raise it.  It works your shoulders and your grip too, since it is more irregular to hold onto than a dumbbell.  The “bus driver”?  That’s when you twist the plate back and forth like a steering wheel at the top of the front raise.  Try it!  I admit, I was so tired by that point I only got in a few bus drivers at all, I had to give up on that add-on.


B.  Superset Seated Smith Machine Military Press and Reverse Pec Deck:  double drop sets of presses and then a straight set of pec deck


130 + bar x 10 DROP 100 x 8 DROP 50 x 10 then 90 x 8

130 + bar x 10 DROP 100 x 7 DROP 50 x 10 then 75 x 12

130 + bar x 10 DROP 100 x 5 DROP 50 x 10 then 75 x 12

notes:  I decided Smith since they didn’t have a good setup in this gym for seated military.  Plus my low back was still sore as HECK from a few days ago!

I originally wanted to do triple drop sets, but I was running out of time before I had to go back to work, and the weight combos made it awkward to do a triple drop, so I set it up in a way that I could strip the weight faster.  In the end I gave every drop of sweat I had for that first weight, then had nothing left for the first drop, then the second drop was light enough I could just rep those out easy.  I lowered the weight on the reverse pec deck though, it was too heavy by that point.


C.  DB Shrugs:  190 x 20, 20, 20

notes:  this gyms dumbbells only went up to 95!?  What kind of crap is that?  LOL, in the end it was still heavy.  I also ended up crushing my thumb in between the 2 dumbbells when I reracked them, so its been throbbing all day and the nail now has a bit of discoloration!  Ouch!


D.  Superset Seated Calf Raise and Standing Calf Raises:  triple drop sets of seated then bodyweight calf raises as many as possible (AMAP, bouncing)

140 x 12 DROP 105 x 12 DROP 70 x 12 DROP 35 x 12 then BW x 80 bouncing

140 x 12 DROP 105 x 12 DROP 70 x 12 DROP 35 x 12 then BW x 80 bouncing

notes:  this was surprisingly easy!  I set up 35 plates on the seated machine so I could strip the drops easily, then for the bodyweight raises I allowed myself to ignore slow controlled form and just bounce as many as I wanted.  In the end I chose 80 because I was getting bored and it was time to go back to work!  I guess my calves can take more of a beating than that!  After 2 supersets I was late, so I split.


And that was my workout for the day! Sore low back, smashed thumb, burning shoulders, what a day.