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Feb 9, 2015

Gotta play catch-up! Lazy git!  Actually I did hot yoga on Sunday, so I did stuff.

My trainer agreed to compress my 2 hr workout down into an hour. That means lower weight, shorter rest, all AMRAP sets, better be good form or they don’t get counted.

warm-up: foam rolled my IT bands, adductors, piriformis

Deadlifts (barefoot. no belt, 30 sec rest or less b/w mini-sets, shifting between conventional and sumo as I felt like it)

135 x 10
135 x 10
135 x 10
135 x 10
135 x 10
135 x 8
135 x 16
135 x 14
135 x 12

notes: I call them mini-sets, it was one long set, really. weight was low, but high rep deadlifts always gas me, so I wasn’t worried. Actually, the low back was pretty tired by the end. Clearly I need to do more reps without the belt, lol. Also figured it was a chance to do some sumo pulling again.

Squats (no belt, no shoes, started narrow and widened stance a little each mini-set, 30 sec rest or less)

135 x 6
135 x 6… trainer wasn’t happy with my core stability, I was folding forward, so she dropped the weight and I widened my stance.
115 x 10
115 x 11
115 x 13
115 x 14

notes: we were blazing through the workout in record time though! Is this Crossfit?

1 Arm DB Floor Press (30s or less rest b/w mini-sets)

60 x 10/10
60 x 10/10
60 x 10/10… at this point, my shoulder was lifting off the ground, so she dropped the weight and I kept going
50 x 10/10
50 x 10/10

Slow Neg Pushups (5-8 sec negs, 30-60 sec rest)


My chest wasn’t ripped up or anything, but my shoulders were done and my triceps were done and my core was done, so it was an hour well spent. I was so eager to GTF out of there that I forgot to do cardio, woops!

Cut Day 20

Had to take a little break while I got my sleep game right!  But I stayed on my diet, so I can climb right back on the exercise train with no issues.

had some decent sleeps over night, but also some huge naps during the past few days that have made all the difference! Finally starting to feel balanced again

I am not taking Xmas off work, but the office will be so quiet, that I consider it sort of a “work deload”. Lightweight baby. Answer emails when I feel like it, work out when I feel like it, have naps when I feel like it. Slow time is in effect all next week.

Last day with the trainer for a little while – she takes off for Xmas vacation… and I remain in the weight pit grinding it out on my own for a bit

Flat DB Press (5 second negatives)

45s x 10
55s x 10
55s x 10
55s x 10

Decline Cable Fly

50 x 12
70 x 12
70 x 12


3 sets of 15

Standing DB Press (5 second negatives)

25s x 10
30s x 10
30s x 10

notes: these are finally starting to feel good, like I got the form down on the slow neg, so the weight can start slowly going up.

Cable Side Raise/Front Raise (do side reps then the front reps, per arm)

20 x 10/10
20 x 10/10

Superset – Rope Pushdowns & DB Skullcrushers (spread rope at the bottom; the skullcrushers my triceps were being restrained again)

90 x 15 / 20s x 12
90 x 15 / 20s x 12
90 x 15 / 20s x 12

After that, I had to take off for some Friday night Xmas chit, no cardio in the cards. compound lifts are lined up for tomorrow, gonna be fun!

Cut Day 61, Chest, Back

Woke up and was in the gym at opening at 6 AM for a Spin class, fasted.  Poured my guts out in the class, went to work, started chowing on the carbs.

AM Cardio 60 min Fasted Spin Class

From the morning onwards, I could FEEL like I was fighting off a bug.  Like I realized the candle had been burning at both ends.  Sometimes the virus sneaks up on you.  So I kept the carbs flowing today (lucky coincidence), and will remove the protein only day until I shake this feeling (of being spread too THIN).  So I will alternate between high fat days and high carb days for a little while.  And keep working out as long as I can.

I didn’t know how my system was going to hold out for QBM Legs, so I switched it out for a Chest and Back workout.  Well, mostly Back, but I wanted to test out my new Slingshot!  Did a bit of chest for fun.

Warm Up 5 min elliptical

Bench Press w/ Slingshot (30 sec rest)

135 x 20
185 x 9
185 x 9

notes:  tried out different grips, goofed around

Push Ups w/ Slingshot

didn’t really keep count, just banged them out until my trainer started screaming at my sagging core
3 sets of those

The Slingshot was different, I am used to going widegrip, and this really makes me pull my hands in.  If I go widegrip, I can’t bring the bar down to my chest, sling won’t stretch that far.  If I go narrow grip, it just isn’t what I am used to, so much more triceps.  Will def play around with it more though.  LOVE it for pushups, I always screw up my shoulder on those.

Bent Over BB Rows (30 sec rest)

155 x 15
155 x 12
155 x 10

notes: I really WANTED to go heavier!  But my trainer wouldn’t let me until she was happy I had aced the form on EVERY rep (including not using my arms), which I couldn’t do, although she was happy with the third set (I went thumbless, which helped).  So she kept me at 155, BOO.  Oh well, major form day, good contractions.

Bent Over 1 Arm DB Rows (supporting knee forward, 30-45 sec rest)

50 x 8/8
70 x 8/8
100 x 15/15


notes: I wanted to push the weight on these, so she let me whip out the 100s for the end, and I did an all out set.  But she made me stop when I was “turning” to rotate my core around on the pull.  Damn!  Wanted 20 a side.

Underhand Pulldowns (30 sec rest)

110 x 12
130 x 12
140 x 12
150 x 12


notes: These weights are deceptive, this machine is stiff as FUKKKKK.  But my trainer was happy with my form at least (going thumbless helped).

Standing Wide High Rows (30 sec rest)

60 x 15
100 x 15
120 x 15
160 x 15
200 x 12


notes: Bonus for getting in extra core work doing it standing, lol.

Straight Arm Pulldowns  (30 sec rest)

80 x 15
100 x 15
100 x 15
100 x 15

These felt really good for once.


Circuit:  Plank 60 sec, Bicycle Crunches 15/15, Supermans for a long ASS time.  Did that twice, then we were out of time on our session.

Gonna dress warm, crank the heat up, get some good food in, sleep in, and TRY to be ready to attack the gym again tomorrow.

Chest, Cut Day 12

Jan 17 – Chest

Bench Press & some rotator cuff work or widegrip pulldowns (30-45 sec rest after each superset)
95 x 12 & 15 lb DB taken through roto cuff ROM 15 times
115 x 12 & roto cuff work
135 x 12 & roto cuff work
145 x 12 & pulldowns 100 x 5
155 x 12 & 110 x 5
165 x 12 & 120 x 5
175 x 12 & 130 x 5
175 x 10 & 140 x 5
175 x 10 & 140 x 5

notes:  9 good sets of bench, rest-pause, no bouncing, warmed things up quite nicely.  I have really enjoyed following sets up with rotator cuff work or back work as a “chaser”, keeps muscle balance and good total muscle engagement in the movement.

Incline DB Fly (30 sec rest b/w sets, bench set below 45 degrees)
30s x 10
30s x 10
30s x 10
35s x 10


notes:  it’s Friday night… yeah, starting to clown a bit.

Bench Press Machine (30 sec rest)
60 x 10
70 x 10
80 x 10
90 x 10
100 x 10


notes:  Why yes I DID make a wardrobe change or two during my workout!  The stringer tank was just to be silly, too fat for that chit!  Those machine weights look pretty pathetic, but the truth is this particular machine is a POS.  Real stiff rubber belt on a track, not a smooth feed.  100 on this machine feels like 180 or up on a GOOD machine.

Cable Crossovers (30 sec rest, high to low)
100 x 12
120 x 12
120 x 12
Incline Pushups less than 30 sec rest between mini sets, just breathe a few times and do some more

notes:  We used the Smith Machine for these, so we could vary the depth to make the clusters harder or easier (climb up or down the ladder, so to speak).  Chest was worn out!

Good session!  Lots of goofing around and lots of hard work.  We were in a private studio, so we are all friends, no one to be a douche and try and get me kicked out for wearing a latex mask.

26 sets of chest, and good energy and focus from start to finish!  Good focus seems like an odd comment from a guy that danced around in a unicorn mask, but even in the mask I was still totally 100% in the workout zone.  Good focus helped keep the rests short, and the whole thing took around 45-50 min.

Monday, 3 Workouts!!

Bench Day!

I have some travelling to do at the end of the week, so I am trying to cram all my workouts together, with no rest days.  I might end up regretting it, but for now, on with the show!

Was at the gym by 5:30 AM for Bench work.

Workout 1 – AM
Week 3 Bench Press Day

Warmup (1-2 min between sets, including time to do face pulls)

95 x 5/ 40 lb face pulls x 20
135 x 5/ 40 lb face pulls x 20
150 x 3/ 40 lb face pulls x 20

Main  (3 min between sets, including time to do pullups)

190 x 5/5 pullups
215 x 3/5 pullups
240 x 4/8 pullups

notes:  I only got 4, so no PR, but oh wellz.


flat db press (45 sec between sets, 4 sec negative on every rep)
65s x 8
65s x 8
65s x 8
65s x 8

superset decline bb bench & pullups (back and forth, no rest, regular tempo)
135 x 15 / 5 pullups
135 x 15 / 5 pullups
135 x 15 / 6 pullups

notes:  declines felt great!  got a good pump, and felt better than I have doing these in the past.

seated cable fly (45 sec b/w sets, 4 sec negatives)
80 x 8
70 x 8
70 x 8
60 x 5 DROP 50 x 3 DROP 40 x 4 DROP 30 x 6

notes:  getting nice and tired now, haha.

Then headed off to work!  Work was really dead, so I slipped out at lunch to do some quick Arm work at the company gym.  My coworker came too, and I spotted him a few times on bench.

Workout 2 – Lunchtime Arms (regular tempo on all sets)

seated db curls (45 sec b/w sets, started each set off alternating arms but as I got tired, did them together)
35s x 15
35s x 15
35s x 15
35s x 11

ez bar curl (45 sec b/w sets)
75 x 15
75 x 15
75 x 15
75 x 15

notes:  was getting a major skin stretching pump in my biceps at this point, but my elbows were getting sore

skullcrushers (45 sec rest b/w sets)
75 x 13
75 x 11
75 x 9

notes:  this was dumb – my elbows started groaning right away.  So I only did 3 sets, and moved on to another exercise

one arm cable pushdown (rope attachment, back and forth arm to arm, no rest)
45 x 15/15
45 x 15/15
45 x 15/15
45 x 15/15

notes:  I love doing one arm with the rope because I can get a massive squeeze at full contraction, it was agony getting through these, but at least my elbows weren’t bothered too much.

This kicked my ass, but… woops!  I had a conditioning session with my trainer in the evening.  3 trips to the gym in one day?  That might have been a little dumb, haha.

I slipped out of work early, and made it to the studio early, my eyes were so droopy I almost fell asleep on the way over.  I walked in the studio just BEAT.  There weren’t a lot of clients being trained and only 2 trainers there, so I set up a mat hidden behind the heavy bag, used a sandbag as pillow, draped my towel over me, and took a nap, right on the gym floor!

One trainer asked me what I was doing, and I said I was doing “breathing exercises for yoga”.  I ended up napping for about 30 min, and woke up refreshed!  Mellow and tired out of my ass, but somewhat refreshed.

No pics of my conditioning session, frankly, I was pathetic, and dragging my ass up and down the whole gym.  I could barely even do a pushup without my core sagging like an old man’s underwear, so I was borderline useless.

Workout 3 – Evening Conditioning Drills

My trainer had me do time on the stationary bike, on the elliptical, did sets of step ups, kettlebell swings, Australian pullups, mountain climbers, footwork with the rope ladder and with the cones, burpees with my crappy pushup form lol.  The hour went by quick, and I really did look like ****, but oh well, it was a long day!

The rest of the week needs to be less hectic than this, this wore my dumb ass right out!

Monday night I didn’t have a trainer session, not a full one anyways, so I went to the gym late-night Monday to make my own fun.  I need to start nailing down a new routine, now that my medical speedbump is behind me.  Short rests, alternating days between high reps and low rep slow negative drop set days, and more strength days with Leslie.  Keep the muscles guessing!  This might prove to be overcomplicated, but let me give it a try first, this buffet of gains!


Monday PM Legs and Abs (45 sec rest b/w sets)

A.  Hack Squats (feet low, quad focus, go DEEP and activate the glutes)

2 plates x 15

2 plates x 15

4 plates x 15

4 plates x 15

notes:  this was a brutal start!  I have gone heavier, but not so deep into the ROM.  Started sweating like crazy.

B.  Weighted Glute Kickbacks

80 x 15/15

80 x 15/15

60 x 15/15

60 x 15/15

notes:  right after the hacks, I was dripping sweat all over this station.  80 was too heavy, so I dropped the weight and focused on form.  Even still, my glutes were exhausted by the end.

C.  Seated Leg Curls:

100  x 15

110 x 15

120 x 15

120 x 15

notes:  I have a tendency to lean back in this when it gets hard, which makes the contraction easier, so I really tried here to sit totally upright and just squeeze the hamstrings.

D.  Prone Leg Curls:

80 x 15

90 x 15

100 x 15

110 x 15

notes:  I kept my pelvis pressed into the pad, but propped up on my elbows, to try and make it more difficult.

E.  Stability Ball Crunches:  25, 25, 25, 25

F.  Stability Ball Forward Roll:  17, 17, 15, 15  (easier than the Ab Roller but still hard!)

G.  Weighted Double Crunch Machine:  95 x 20, 20, 20, 20

H.  Cardio 35 min of Elliptical, varying speed


notes:  This workout was nasty!  I was totally wrecked by the end.  Shows I have been away too long from the legs, and am long overdue to going back to short rests and tight form.


Tuesday I was way too wasted to have a morning workout, so I saved my workout until after I was done work.  The plan here would be slow negatives, drop set finishers.

Tuesday Chest and Biceps (4 sec negative on EVERY set or dropset, 45 sec rest b/w sets)

A.  Smith Machine Flat Press:


215 x 8

215 x 8

215 x 8

215 x 7 DROP 165 x 7 DROP 115 x 10

notes:  this felt slightly too heavy, I could control the negative, but my form was a little rough.

B.  Incline DB Press:

100 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 8 DROP 80 x 10

notes:  After the Smith Press, I went a little lighter for the incline, and I think I actually ended up going too light, the drop set was way too easy so I ended it early.

C.  DB Flat Press Fly (flat press the DBs up, but then negative in a Fly motion)

100 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 7 DROP 80 x 5 DROP 60 x 6 DROP 40 x 8

notes:  on the other hand, this weight was PERFECT, the drop sets were super hard like they should be.  First time doing a mix of fly and press, it was fun!

D.  Superset Pec Deck and Pushups

120 x 5 & 4 pushups

105 x 8 & 5 pushups

105 x 8 & 5 pushups

105 x 8 DROP 75 x 10 & 5 pushups

notes:  my chest was fried by this point, could not do any pushups at all haha

E.  Preacher Curl Machine: (widegrip)

70 x 8

70 x 8

80 x 8

90 x 8 DROP 70 x 8 DROP 55 x 10

notes:  squeeze at the top for dat bicep peak! Weight too light, was too easy the drops.

F.  Seated Dumbbell Curl:

80 x 8

80 x 8

80 x 8

80 x 8 DROP 60 x 3 DROP 50 x 5 DROP 40 x 7

notes:  the weight was just right here, the drop sets were MURDERRRRR!!!

G.  Cable Curl: (closegrip)

80 x 8

90 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 8 DROP 80 x 6 DROP 60 x 10

notes:  I was so traumatized by the dumbbell curls I started off lighter here and worked up.


notes:  I had a tremendous pump in my chest and biceps going after these sets!  It was every guy’s magic moment, walking around with swole chest and biceps, haha.  No selfies though, not my style, sorry.


Those were my workouts for Mon and Tues!  How’s it going with you guys these days?  Ready for the cold weather?  Wintertime Bulk?

Got up, went to the gym first thing for my chest and tricep workout.

AM Chest & Tris (60 sec rest)

flat DB press:  70 x 10; 110 x 10; 170 x 8, 8

DB pullovers:  40 x 10; 60 x 12, 12

incline fly:  120 x 12, 12, 11 DROP 80 x 8

overhead tricep extensions:  rope 40 x 15; 50 x 15; bar 50 x 15; 70 x 12 DROP 50 x 12 DROP 30 x 12 DROP 20 x 12

assisted dips (115) 13; 9; 8

superset incline DB skullcrushers & diamond pushups (dropset to your knees to do more pushups):  60 x 8 & 8 DROP 6; 45 x 11 & 4 DROP 6; 45 x 10 & 4 DROP 5

bench dips, feet elevated 10, 9, 10

cardio 20 min, abdominal twists x 150

notes:  chest work was light but tricep work  was tough!  For the overhead extensions, I was stuck with this particular cable machine at the gym that is very stiff, I have lower weights on it than anywhere else.  So I experimented with attachments:  rope or straight bar; and I put my butt against the pillar, bent over 90 degrees, and did my tricep reps as best as I could – the triple drop set at the end was nasty!

I had not done dips on the dip machine in a long time, they usually are too rough on my shoulder.  But these felt good!  Supersetting the skullcrushers and pushups was intense, the back of my arms were spent!  I could barely get any pushups done, even when I dropped to my knees it didn’t help much.  And then with the bench dips, my arms were like spaghetti.

I am going to start throwing in some “twists” after my cardio, just rotating my trunk side to side with no bodyweight, see if maybe I can keep the blood flowing there, keep my obliques healthy and not bulky, maybe tighten up the loose skin a bit.  We will see.

After work I headed down to the studio for workout #2 with Les!

PM fullbody (60 sec rest)

seated good mornings w barbell:  45 x 12; 135 x 12; 155 x 12, 12

smith machine chest press 160 + bar x 8, 8, 8, 8

band assisted pullups (grip varies) 8, 8, 8, 8

standing military press 75 x 8, 8, 8, 8

ab roller x 12, 12, 12

cardio 20 min, twists x 150

notes:  I had done all those hack squats just the day before, so we thought instead today I could do some squat assist work:  strengthen my spine with some good mornings.  My first time doing them.  Felt good!

Smith bench is coming along well too, steady gains!  Military press and ab roller both felt more smooth and natural today too, so that’s comforting.

And that was my day!  another double whammy!  How about you? Did you make it out to the gym?

End of the Week!

Ugh, 4 days in a row of working out.  I am thrashed.

Got up at 5 am, had a grapefruit.  stared at the computer screen for a minute then realized I was almost late for spin.  F*ck!  I hadn’t had any protein or yogourt or anything for breakfast, just the fruit.  I poured a shot of pre-workout (Assault, in honour of Danabolic’s blog!), ran to Spin. I only realized when I got home about 13 hours later that the full glass of Assault was still sitting there – I had poured my pre-workout drink, then just turned around and walked out of my house.  How fried was my brain???

When I got to Spin, I quickly realized I had ZERO energy, that Spin was murderrrrrr….. no surprise I guess, I hadn’t had any protein that morning, hadn’t eaten my usual foods, no quick fats, not even a glass of pre-workout pep… I was running on empty and I felt it hard.  So I grunted and sweated my way through that ride, showered, felt the hunger kick in like a BEAST, then went out for my Friday cheat day breakfast.


Pretty much right, crepe wrapped around eggs and cheese and ham, fruit, coffee, water, side of bacon.  They brought me an orange juice as well, but I couldn’t wait to get a pic of it all at once.  I soon realized they used a banana crepe for my ham omelette… WTF!??! A banana crepe?  That ruins it!

First-world problems, right??

So whatever, they were busy and I didn’t have forever, I just poured syrup on it and ate it anyways, my banana ham sandwich.


Work was real busy, I saved my energy for my workout after work!  My chest is still sore from my Wednesday workout!  Crazy!  I like DOMS in my chest, that means I am doing something right.

After work I headed to the studio, Leslie the trainer is back from her vacation!  Yay!  I realized I hadn’t trained arms in 10 days… where did the time go??  So we did arms.

Arms:  Supersets!  back and forth, minimal rest

5 min warmup on elliptical

dumbbell curls & dumbbell skullcrushers:  50 x 12&12; 60 x 12&12, 12&12

rope hammer curls & V pushdowns:  90&120 x 15&15, 15&15, 15&15


hammer curls

no V-bar so we used the rope :)

no V-bar so we used the rope 🙂


incline dumbbell curl & dumbbell kickbacks:  40&30 x 12&12; 50&30 x 12&12, 12&12




double concentration curls & overhead two-hand dumbbell extensions:  50&45 X 12&15; 60&55 X 12&15; 60&65 x 12&15



cable curls with the straight bar & closegrip incline pushups:  100 x 12; 120 x 10, 12 & 12, 15, 15


back soaked!

back soaked!


single leg raise and crossover touch x 12, 12, 12


double crunches x 12, 12, 12

abdominal pendulum:  bent knee x 15, we tried straight legs and that didn’t happen at all LOL, so the third set we did side planks



notes:  been too long without arms! I don’t think I was able to get 100% back into the intensity, I was too distracted with being social and witty and clever with my friends, but I will try and fix that for next time 🙂  After the abs, we also did some chest stretches.  Taking what my massage dude said seriously!  Gotta fix that front imbalance.

We also took some time before the workout to talk about my goals.  I want to lose more weight, obviously.  I am still in the 300s, I want to break into the 200s so bad!!!  Very close!  I want to get my body fat below 20%, I want to put on another 10 pounds of muscle, I want to build a lot more strength in the basic compound exercises, I want to take on another hot yoga challenge, etc!

I also need to hit my back harder, if I have to choose I will lighten up on chest and do more back.  I don’t want my front to grow too fast and overpower my back, I need to balance to what is lagging.

I am happy with my diet, I am happy with the 3 on 1 off body parts twice a week split, I am happy with the morning cardio.  I just need to tweak the exercises a bit, and put yoga back in the mix.


I am excited for the summer, aren’t you?  I can’t wait to do more hard work and have it show!  Already everyone I know can see I have put on muscle, it is plain to see.  I want more of that, more muscle.  Maybe it’s a guy thing, but it feels good 🙂

But when I left the studio and came home, the back workout from Thursday hit me, and my arms are ALREADY sore from tonight, so I am about to crash hard.  4 days in a row is brutal!  I need a rest day like crazy.

Good night all!

Friday night Arms

Leslie is clearly an avid reader of my blog!  I showed up to the studio Friday night and she wanted a good old-fashioned biceps/triceps workout!  Epic!

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge how awesome it was that there were lots of people in the studio.  Many a Friday night Leslie and I have been the only ones there puttin in work.  It’s really good to see.  Maybe people binged on chocolate and felt guilty, haha!

EZ Bar Curls:  25s for 15, 12, 10


Superset – Incline DB Curls to Standing Curls:  50 x 12/12, 12/10, 12/10


Superset – Preacher Curls to Hammer Curls w/ Rope:  Bar+30/70  10/12, 10/12, 10/12

go low!

go low!


Incline Tricep Pushups (kneehigh incline):  12, 12, 12

2-Hand Overhead Tricep Extensions:  70 x 12, 12, 12

notes:  We got carried away having fun with biceps and didn’t have a lot of time left for triceps.  Oh well, sorry triceps!  Next time.

I don’t know really how much the EZ curl bar weighs.  I should probably make a point next time to check.  I think the old school heavy ones weighed 25 and these new thin ones weigh maybe 15?  Let’s pretend this one was 25 and I lifted more than I did and we won’t tell anyone 🙂

During the incline and standing superset, I would stop a few reps short, twist the weight around by rotating my forearm, and then pump out the last few reps.  This worked really well on the inclines, it made the last few reps quite hard!  It didn’t have the same affect on the standing curls, I think it only works to recruit more bicep fibers if the bicep is bearing the strain of holding it up at full hang.  That happens with inclines, it doesn’t so much with standing curls.  Oh well, lesson learned.  It was a nice experiment.

Supersetting bicep exercises back to back is fun!  Scary but fun.  Scary for me because the biggest issue with my biceps is they run out of gas quite quick.  I find pump sets pretty draining, and supersetting has the same effect:  biceps send message to brain, please stop! We are lazy, and need to catch our breath.  So I don’t need to go heavy on bicep supersets or pump sets, I get some nice aching and groaning by just keeping it going for longer.  TUT kills my biceps.

I don’t remember how many reps I did on the last 2 sets of the standing curls, I just know I didn’t get all 12.  I was close though, so let’s say 10.

The preachers were relatively easy, I could def go heavier, but again we were supersetting, and this being an isolation, I wanted to let my arms drop all the way (not all the way down as in locking my elbows, just enough to keep a small bend in the elbow and stretch those muscles out).  Not that I didn’t need some help on the last set, haha!  Whatevs.

Hammer curls with a rope was interesting!  That’s a new one for me.  The cables always change the way the exercise hits the muscle.  With dumbbells, you have momentum at the top as the side weight swings up and over.  With the cables, you have to keep working, so those last few inches are much harder than you are used to.  Also, you have a tendency to want to collapse your arms inwards with the rope, you gotta fight that shit and keep spreading the rope up and out as it gets to your shoulders!

And that was my Friday night workout!  How was your Friday night?  Any good workouts?

Valentine’s Day Workout

After work I headed to my trainer’s studio for a special V-Day workout.  I don’t normally have a session with Leslie on Thursdays.  But I had missed a few sessions recently, plus I figured what better way to put the non-holiday behind me than to work out and to work out with a friend?

I had a date with a plate tonight.



Leslie was feeling extra-nice, so she surprised me with a Valentine’s Day gift!  Upper-body day, chest & back, no core work!




The only thing that could have made it better would have been some bicep curls.  Fuck yeah.


Why core-free?  Leslie follows my blog, she knows I did a monster core workout last night, haha.  Rewarded for my hard work!


Upper Body Day:

warm-up on elliptical – 5 min

Machine Chest Press:  90 x 15, x 12, 100 x 10, x 10

breaking in the new machine!

breaking in the new machine! and the new shorts!

Cable Flyes:  40 x 12, 50 x 12, x 12

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press: 140 x 10, x 10, x 10

Pushups from knees:  19, 18

Widegrip Pulldowns:  90 x 15, 100 x 12, x 10, x 10

I look tired!

I look tired!

Closegrip Seated Row:  210 x 12, x 15, x 15

full stack

full stack


Straight Arm Pulldowns w Rope:  60 x 10, 70 x 10, x 10



And just like that, a full hour had passed!

Some of the weights were light, but I hadn’t done them in a while, so I tried to go slow and work on my form and squeeze the muscles in my mind and squeeze with the grip.  A lot of it was inside my head.

You would be surprised how much goes on in your head when you lift weight.  I think weightlifting gets a bad rep as a pasttime for dummies, but noone in my life has ever called me a dummy, and I can tell you now that when you lift hard and you focus hard and you keep your form tight, it is just as much an exercise for your mind.  The mind is easily more important than the body if you want to attain your physical peak.  When you lift, you have to visualize the mind-muscle connection and feel the contraction, and you have to visualize what the end product is going to look like.

So it was sort of a mental refocusing day with the weights.  Especially with Leslie there, I wanted to work on my form so I could get her feedback.

Not that it didn’t get hard with chest near the end.  I needed Leslie’s help to finish the end of the second flat press set, and the majority of the third set, hahaha.  But a spot can do that, help you squeeze out more reps when you are close to failing.

As for the pushups, yeah they were from my knees… screw you!  hahaha.  I had already squeezed out 10 working sets, and this was just to finish me off.  Of course, right when I am failing out of pushups FROM MY KNEES, that’s when women of the gym walk by… sigh.  Not that Leslie doesn’t count, but Leslie has been underwhelmed by my pushups a LONG time ago, that ship has already sailed.


So yeah, I spent my valentines day working out.  What about you?