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Cut Day 68 QBM Legs

Nothing left to believe in any more but me.



Day 25:  High Fat Day / QBM Legs


Leg Extensions (45 sec rest)

80 x 10 RAISE 90 x 10 RAISE 100 x 10
100 x 10 RAISE 110 x 10 RAISE 120 x 10
120 x 10 RAISE 130 x 10 RAISE 140 x 10


notes:  Basically 3 sets with pre-exhaust built in.  felt pretty good, could have gone heavier, maybe I wasn’t aggressive enough.  Would rather save this as a finisher and go heavy as FUARK.  But a decent warmup.

45 Degree Leg Press (45 sec rest)

4 plates x 10 RAISE 5P x 10 RAISE 6P x 10
8 Plates x 30
10 Plates x 10, RESTPAUSE, x 9, RP, x 8, RP, x 7, RP, x 6, RP, x 5, RP, x 4, RP, x 3, RP, x 2, RP, x 1

notes:  did that make sense?  a pre-exhaust set, a high rep set, then a “suicide set”: reps, rest pause 5 seconds, do more reps, working your way up to 55 reps!  I wasn’t sure what my weight tolerance was for that, so maybe I was conservative, I am confident I could have gone higher than 10 plates on that mess, although I WAS rather light-headed when I got up, lol

Superset Narrowstance Hack Squats and Widestance Kettlebell Squats (45 sec rest)

2 plates x 15 / 25 lb KBs x 15
2 plates x 15 / 25 lb KBs x 15
2 plates x 15 / 30 lb KBs x 15

notes:  Maybe the Leg Press fried me more than I thought!  I tried 4 plates on the Hacks, gave up on that chit FAST.  Just focused on getting low, on both.  45 sec rest on these was major pain!

Superset Standing Leg Curl and Stepback Lunges (used Leg Extension Machine for the Curls, used glidepad for the lunges, 45 sec rest)

50 x 10/10 RAISE 60 x 10/10 RAISE 70 x 10/10 & Partial 10/10  /  20 Stepback Lunges
70 x 10/10 & Partial 10/10  /  20 Stepback Lunges
70 x 10/10 & Partial 10/10 & Manual Pressure IsoHold  /  20 Stepback Lunges

notes:  Complicated on paper, but otherwise simple.  You do a pre-exhaust on the first superset.  You do 10 reps on the curls and 10 partials every time.  On the last set I threw in an isohold with the trainer pushing down on my leg, lol.  Stepback lunges were just bodyweight, but my form chews cawk on those, so I used the glidepad on my back foot and just kept reppin them out, constant movement.

Superset Prone Leg Curls and DB SLDL (45 sec rest)

70 x 20, 10 partial / 50s x 12
70 x 20, 10 partial / 50s x 12

notes: The QBM workout asks that you do 10 widestance and 10 narrowstance, but this prone curl station doesn’t have wide enough pads for that, so I just did 20 straight reps then 10 partials. I hadn’t done DB SLDL in a while and just wanted to focus on my form, so I went light and kept it slow and controlled and tried to feel every rep. My trainer was very good in monitoring my form weaknesses.

We had to cut the 3rd set out b/c we were out of time, and we also had to cut the adductor exercises.  Oh well.

Its Friday night and the legs are worn out!  Yeehaw!!

Had a serious chip on my shoulder this morning, so I headed down to the gym.  Get it??!  Chip on my shoulder?!?  BAHAHAHAHAHA

Seated Military Press (Smith)

warmup:  bar only – 5 full ROM, 5 top half ROM, 5 bottom half ROM, 5 full ROM

(one continuous set, pausing only to adjust the stack of dime plates) – bar +30 x 10, +50 x 10, +70 x 10, +90 x 10, +70 x 10, +50 x 10, +30 x 10, +10 x 10 SLOW REPS

notes: Does that make sense?  Warmup set, then I set up a stack of 4 dime plates a side and a nickel plate a side (figured it would save time).  I don’t know how much the Smith bar weighs, who cares.  One continuous set, only pausing to add or remove plates.  On the last set I had a nickel on each side and I had to do them SLOW (5 sec neg and 5 sec pos).  The neg was ok, but the 5 second positive was MURDER by that point.  I actually had to take two pauses… after 4 reps I needed a second to catch my breath, then 3 more reps, another 2 sec pause, then the last 3 reps.

When I was writing all this down after, I realized I did too many sets, oops!  I was only supposed to do 6 sets, I did EIGHT.  Oh well, I guess that makes up for having to get up and flip the plates myself (would have been harder if I had someone to change them while I stayed in position.)

Behind the Neck Press (Smith) (45 sec rest)

bar + 30 x 15
bar + 30 x 15
bar + 50 x 15
bar + 50 x 15

notes: Stayed on the Smith because it is easy to control the depth if things go sour.  I have shtty rotator cuffs, so the ability to pull out quick was a must.  Started light, I learned my lesson on this QBM chit!  After Set 2, realized I could go heavier, so added weight.  Never went below the base of my skull, which I think is how low you are supposed to go.  Also added a set, this time on purpose so I could get more work done once I had my appropriate weight.

Superset Strict DB Side Raise Dropset and DB Front Raise (45 sec rest)

20s x 10 DROP 15s x 10 DROP 10s x 10 / 15s x 10
20s x 10 DROP 15s x 10 DROP 10s x 10 / 15s x 10
20s x 10 DROP 15s x 10 DROP 10s x 10 / 15s x 10

notes: Weight was just right for strict raises – keep arms completely straight, focus on tipping the pitcher of water out, get the pinkys high.  Keep arms from touching sides or swinging in front of you – by the last superset I couldn’t keep them from dropping down in front of me, but that’s ok, it was the end.  Could go a bit heavier on the front raises, but I didn’t know how dead I would be by then, so it was still a close guess.

Superset Closegrip Upright Row and Bent Over Superman Row (45 sec rest)

70 x 10 / 40 x 10
70 x 10 / 40 x 10
70 x 10 / 40 x 10

notes: Went a little too light on the upright rows, but I had never done superman Rows before, and wanted to save some gas in the tank for those.  Sadly, the Superman rows were hard, even at 40!  Need to get in a little practice on those bad boys.

Superset Behind the Back DB Shrugs and Bent Over DB Rev Flys (45 sec rest)

70s x 20 / 15s x 10
70s x 16 / 15s x 10
70s x 20 / 15s x 10

notes: I had never done behind the back DB shrugs, so I lowered the weight a bit.  I also have notoriously bad form on rear delt DB flys, so I kept it light to keep good form.  (I usually would rather do cable flys).  The Shrugs were AWKWARD.  I only got 16 reps in the second set because it just felt so awkward I had to put it down.  My butt is big, and the DBs are big, and everything kept fighting for space and twisting my wrists around.  Next time I do BB shrugs BTB, Fkk DBs.

Cardio – 25 min elliptical

Not bad!  I was humble with the weight, and it paid off pretty well!  Could maybe have gone a bit heavier, but I did some extra sets to work it out.  I am most thankful my shoulders held up endurance-wise, but to be honest, that is how I have been training them for the past few months anyways, lots of lightweight giant sets over heavy sets.  No bodyweight OHP for me, ROFL!

Biceps SO sore!  Good DOMS man.  Powered up by flax and greek yogourt, I headed down in the morning to go for another round of QBM

Superset Widegrip Pulldowns and Underhand Pulldowns

Widegrip 120 x 10 NO REST 135 x 10 NO REST 150 x 10 NO REST Underhand 150 x 8
rest 45 sec
Wide 150 x 10 / Under 150 x 12
rest 45 sec
Wide 150 x 10 / Under 150 x 8

notes: Does that make sense?  You pyramid up twice with no rest on the widegrip as a way of pre-exhausting, then bang out your working supersets of widegrip and underhand pulldowns.  I thought this weight would be VERY do-able, but I was gassed as FUKK.  Couldn’t hit my goal reps, not even close.

Superset Closegrip Row and Wide High Row (elbows high) (45 sec rest)

120 x 25, 10 partial / 120 x 10
120 x 25, 1 partial / 120 x 12
120 x 25, 1 partial / 120 x 12

notes: After 25 full reps, I just COULD NOT hit those partials any more, which to me means I no longer could control the weight.  I would try to stop halfway through the ROM and my body groaned to STOP.  Just brutal!  Not even close on my goal number of partial reps.  Not even close, my friend.

Bent Over 2 DB Row (elbows stay high, 30 sec rest)

25s x 15
30s x 15
35s x 15
40s x 15
45s x 15

notes: Having been humbled on the cable rows, I went extra light on the DB rows, shortened the rest and added a few extra sets, so I could try and get more good solid work in.  Worked my way up a bit.

Assisted Hammergrip Pullups (30 sec rest)

10, 12, 6

notes: Was just trying to bang out as many as I could, and on the 3rd set, this fkkin WEIRD dude starts doing bicep curls right next to me and letting out wails like a tortured dog!  Freaked me out and killed my concentration, so I ended it and walked away.  Dude needs to work on his gym grunts.

Hyperextensions (30 sec rest)

15, 15, 15

notes: As per Mr. Hatch, for these, you make a “snakelike” sort of wave motion with your upperbody, to put more work on your lower back, and take the work away from your glutes, hips, hams.  Makes sense if you see it, go watch the video, haha!  Definitely made me feel it in my low back!

Superset Straight Bar Pushdowns and Reverse Grip Pushdowns

Straight 100 x 10 NO REST 110 x 10 NO REST 120 x 10 NO REST Reverse 120 x 5+5 (did a rest-pause)
Rest 45 sec
120 x 10 / 120 x 8
Rest 45 sec
120 x 10 / 120 x 8

notes:  again, pre-exhaust pyramid up and then bang out your working supersets.  120 was doable on the straight push, but just could not get ‘er done on the reverse grip.  So tired!  Wasn’t too far off on the goal reps though, just fell a little short.

Overhead Rope Extension (45 sec)

80 x 15
80 x 15
80 x 13

notes:  so tired!  this weight is normally do-able for me, but was running out of gas today.

Bench Dips

2, 3 !!!!!!

notes:  Ohhhh shttttt, my triceps were SO pumped by this point, could not get a decent bend in my elbows as I lowered to the dip.  This transferred the work into my shoulders, which immediately began screaming at me.  Ridonculous!  Triceps too pumped to do bench dips.  I gave up and hit the cardio.

post-workout cardio 25 min elliptical

Ya, this workout defeated me, lol.  Kicked my butt, and I went too heavy even though the weights were lighter than usual, which blows my mind.

Oh yeah, did I mention I did a spin bike marathon on Saturday??  NBD, do one every year.  On to the next workout 🙂


I was challenged by a friend to go through the Quantum Body Method series of workouts put out by Ergogenix and Robert Hatch (isn’t that the fat naked gay dude from Battlestar Galactica?).


Then people are all like, “nooooo, don’t dude, WAY too tough”.

*puts hands on hips, hearty laugh*

Not scared of volume, not scared of giant sets.  Not scared of anything.  WORKOUTS SHOULD BE SCARED OF ME.

Yeah, so I had a marathon yesterday, so what?  Time for the gym.  Wanted to get in some work ASAP while I still had the carbs from the last few days in my system.

QBM Chest and Biceps

Decline Bench Press Machine (pyramid, no rest)

80 x 20, 100 X 10, 120 x 10, 100 x 10, 80 SLOW x 4, 60 SLOW x 6

notes:  far as I could tell from the video, this was one long-ass set only.  They tell you to start with the weakest part of your chest first, and my lower pecs are WAY softer than my upper, so I started with the decline.  They want ZERO rest, so I opted for the machines since I didn’t have a spotter.  Just keep pumping them out.  You climb up to Set 3, then climb back down to Set 5.  Set 5 is supposed to be SLOW, so I chose 5 second pos and negs.  The first time I did 80 pounds was nothing, but Set 5 80 pounds with extra slow reps?  DEADLY.  I had to drop it one more and keep going with Set 6 just because I was so embarrassed I could only do 4.

Flat BB Bench Press (45 sec rest)

135 x 15
135 x 15
135 x 15
155 x 15
175 x 12

notes: These were feeling really good so I went for a couple of extra sets.

Superset Incline Bench Machine and Pushups (45 sec rest b/w supersets)

60 x 10 UP 80 x 10 UP 100 x 7 / pushups x 6
80 x 10 UP 100 x 10 UP 120 x 3 / pushups x 6

notes: Far as I could tell, he only wanted 2 sets.  I used the machine again to facilitate a quick pyramid.  First attempt I set the seat way too low and my shoulder screamed immediately.  Very scary.  So I raised the seat and achieved the sets you see above.  I was nervous about my shoulder so I set the weight lighter in the first set, then raised it for the second set.  Could barely get out those 3rd tiers of the pyramid!

Cable Fly – High, Mid, Low (45 sec rest)

60 x 10 HIGH, x 10 MID, x 10 LOW
60 x 10 HIGH, x 10 MID, x 10 LOW
60 x 10 HIGH, x 10 MID, x 10 LOW

notes: Low was SUPER tough, not just because I was up to rep 30 by then.  I think I am weakest from that angle.  I should have remembered my bench press approach and started low and worked high with the isolation work.  Oh well, got them out, albeit they were ugly as hell.

Bicep Giant Set:  EZ bar curls, Hammer Curls, Hammer/Reg Curls, Rev Preacher Curls (45 sec rest)

50 x 20 / 15s x 20 / 15s x 10&10 / 25 x 10 CLOSE 10 WIDE
50 x 20 / 10s x 20 / 10s x 10&10 / 25 x 10 CLOSE 10 WIDE
50 x 20 / 10s x 20 / 10s x 10&10 / 25 x 10 CLOSE 10 WIDE

notes: Pump city!!!  As in the video, you don’t set the dumbbells down after the hammer curls, you go immediately to a full ROM regular curl followed by a full ROM hammer curl – reg curl hammer curl ok that’s 1 rep… repeat 9 more times.  For the reverse curls I chose to use the preacher bench and do 10 closegrip then 10 widegrip (close was a lot harder).

After my first set, some jackass grabbed the 15 lb DBs, so I had to use the 10s.  15s were VERY hard, 10s were slightly too easy, so it was a tricky balance.  The pump was GREAT, hitherto never seen before veins popped up in my forearms!!  Partly that was my pwo, but still, can’t get there without the right workout, and this workout delivered the blood!!!

post-workout cardio 25 min elliptical

The pyramids kicked ass!  If I could tweak it a bit, would prob have added in more sets of everything, maybe just added in straight sets (like I did on the flat).