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May 31 – Legs

Went to the gym today determined to do what I needed to do – time didn’t matter, take all day if you feel like it, just put in the work.


Giant Set:  Squats, One-Leg Leg Press, Lex Extensions (60-120s rest)

105 x 6 / 255 x 12 (each leg) / 120 x 25

130 x 6 / 255 x 12 (each leg) / 120 x 25

155 x 6 / 255 x 12 (each leg) / 120 x 25

170 x 6 / 255 x 12 (each leg) / 120 x 25

195 x 6 / 215 x 12 (each leg) / 120 x 25

220 x 6 / 215 x 12 (each leg) / 120 x 25

notes:  I used the same weight progression for the squats that I would use on 5/3/1.  I soon noticed on the leg press that my right leg was a lot weaker than my left, by Set 5 I had to drop the weight so my right leg could keep going.


Giant Set:  Deadlifts, 45 Degree Leg Press, Seated Leg curls  (60-120s rest, double overhand on DL for first 4 sets, then switch grip for Set 5 and 6, feet high and wide with feet pointed out for the leg press, lean forward on the leg curls)

155 x 6 / 10 plates x 12 / 120 x 25

190 x 6 / 10 plates x 12 / 120 x 25

230 x 6 / 10 plates x 12 / 120 x 25

250 x 6 / 10 plates x 12 / 120 x 25

290 x 6 / 10 plates x 12 / 120 x 25

325 x 4 / 10 plates x 12 / 120 x 25

notes:  So glad the gym wasn’t busy!  This workout ties up a LOT of stations… I was so tired by the end my back was rounding a lot on the last set of deadlifts, so I stopped at 4.


Superset Standing Calf Raise Machine and Dorsiflexion  (30s rest)

215 x 8 / 50 flexes

215 x 8 / 50 flexes

235 x 8 / 50 flexes

255 x 8 / 50 flexes

275 x 8 / 50 flexes

295 x 8 / 50 flexes

315 x 8 / 50 flexes

335 x 8 / 50 flexes


post-workout cardio:  30 min elliptical


Workout is very simple on paper, draining as HELL in practice.  I don’t usually do squats and deadlifts together, and as part of a circuit?  Nasty.  I came home and just lay on my couch for 4 hours straight, no lie.  I am gonna be dead tomorrow, I can tell.  Killer workout!

Labour Day Weekend Workouts

this is a long one.  Maybe less explanations so I can fit in more workout details.

I have been experimenting lately with the “meta-workout”.  First, you learn how to do an exercise.  Then you learn how to chain exercises together to work the body part properly.  Then you chain body parts together (make a “split”).  Then… what about chaining workouts together?  You work out Monday, you know you’re gonna be sore on Tuesday, so what can you do on Tuesday that will complement what you did on Monday?  Other than just rest that is, haha.  That was my pet project for the long weekend, weave the workouts together into a coherent narrative.

Thursday was Shoulders (45-60 sec rest)

Seated Smith Machine Military Press:  70 + bar x 10; 100 x 10; 130 x 12, 9, 9

Smith Machine Press Behind the Neck Press:  100 x 5, 2; 80 x 8; 80 x 10 DROP 50 x 10

Side Raise Machine:

100 x 10 DROP 80 x 10 DROP 60 x 10

100 x 10 DROP 80 x 8 DROP 60 x 10

100 x 10 DROP 80 x 7 DROP 60 x 8

Smith Machine Shrugs: 140 x 10; 200 x 10, 9, 10, 9; 110 x 25

Cable Reverse Fly (30 sec rest)

77 x 15

77 x 15

77 x 15 Partials 99 x 10

77 x 15 Partials 99 x 7

77 x 15 Partials 99 x 6

77 x 12 Partials 99 x 7

55 x 15 Partials 77 x 8

notes:  this was an awkward workout, I did stuff that wouldn’t work my core too hard, but in the end behind the neck presses are still awkward, and the presses got worn out fast so I moved onto side raises on a machine so I could do the drop sets.  Its too painful doing drop sets of side raises with dumbbells, since side raises need such light weights you will always be competing with a crowded gym for the most popular little dumbbells.  Smith Shrugs were just too awkward, the hooks kept catching on the cage, so free weights only from now on pls.  Cable Flys I had to share the machine for the first two sets with another lady so after she walked away I threw in the heavy partials to really wear me out.

Friday I was more tired than I expected so I took the day off, woops!  So much for the experiment, haha.  I would need the weekend to really put in the raw amount of rest I needed.

Saturday I slept in but got up mid-morning for Chest and Triceps.  I blew off Friday so this would have to be epic to make up for it.

Saturday C&T (60 sec rest)

Elliptical warmup 25 min

150 Twists

flat dumbbell bench:  90 x 10; 140 x 10; 180 x 7, 8

incline dumbbell press:  80 x 10; 110 x 10; 150 x 8, 7; 150 x 8 DROP 110 x 5 DROP 90 x 8

pec deck:

75 x 10

105 x 10

150 x 8 DROP 120 x 8 DROP 90 x 8

150 x 8 DROP 120 x 7 DROP 90 x 7

150 x 6 DROP 120 x 8 DROP 90 x 8

rope pushdown:

140 x 4

120 x 9 DROP 90 x 10 DROP 60 x 12

120 x 6 DROP 90 x 6 DROP 60 x 12

120 x 7 DROP 90 x 7 DROP 60 x 12

overhead rope extension:

100 x 12 DROP 80 x 8

100 x 8 DROP 80 x 8

120 x 3 DROP 100 x 4 DROP 80 x 5 DROP 60 x 8

smith machine closegrip press:

50 + bar x 12

70 x 12

120 x 12, 12

120 x 8 Partials 6, 5, 5 (10 second rest-pause)

notes:  this workout was brutal!  This was going to be relatively light on my shoulders because of the shoulder workout just the day before, but since I took that Friday off and my shoulders rested some, I threw in some incline presses with dropsets.  So heavy but low volume on the flat presses, then a double drop set of incline presses, then a bunch of isolation work then some triceps.

The flat presses ended poorly though… I dropped a 90 lb dumbbell on my left hip when I was lying down.  Ouch!  That stung, that should make for a lovely bruise.  I am just too self-conscious to drop it on the ground and make a lot of noise, so when I felt it slipping (ie. failing totally) I tried to reel it in rather than let it drop to the ground, but instead it almost fell on my groin and made me a eunuch, ROFL.

My triceps were burnt though the rope pushdowns ran out of gas pretty fast so I had to drop the weight.  With the overhead extensions I shifted to the long head of the triceps, so they lasted a few more sets, but on that last set I just kept dropping over and over until I could finally hit a decent number of reps.

For the smith presses, I followed up the last set with a bunch of partials to really burn me out for the day.  Since it was the Smith Machine, I could go past failure and do those partials:  I only popped it up a few inches from my chest over and over and when I couldn’t even do that I would hook it on the low rung.  Go until failure on the last set, rest 10 seconds, do some partials, rest 10 seconds, do more partials, did that about 3 times.  I was so burnt out in the end I had to shimmy out from under the low-racked smith bar, I couldn’t raise it back up to the regular height.

For Sunday I had a friend show up to do Legs with me, hooray!  Legs are rough enough as it is, a little backup is always most welcome.

Sunday Legs (traded sets back and forth with my friend)

cardio warmup 25 min

Standing Leg Curls:

40 x 10

60 x 10

90 x 12 DROP 70 x 12 DROP 50 x 12

90 x 12 DROP 70 x 12 DROP 50 x 12

90 x 12 DROP 70 x 12 DROP 50 x 12

Stiff-Legged Deadlifts:  95 x 10; 135 x 10; 165 x 18, 18

Leg Press:  270 x 10; 450 x 10; 630 x 20, 20

Leg Extensions:

90 x 10

180 x 20 DROP 130 x 20 DROP 100 x 20 DROP 80 x 20

180 x 20 DROP 130 x 15 DROP 100 x 20 DROP 80 x 20

180 x 15 DROP 130 x 12 DROP 100 x 12 DROP 80 x 15

Superset Seated Leg Curls and Standing Calf Raises:

130 x 10 & 200 x 10 warmup

130 x 16 DROP 100 x 16 & 300 x 20 DROP 200 x 20

130 x 16 DROP 90 x 16 & 300 x 20 DROP 200 x 20

130 x 16 DROP 100 x 16 & 300 x 20 DROP 200 x 20

130 x 16 DROP 90 x 16 & 300 x 20 DROP 200 x 20

cooldown cardio 25 min

notes:  This workout was LONG!  50 min of cardio, and, no lie, 1 hour and 40 min of weights!  to some extent this was because I had a buddy with me, but in the end it still amount to a 3 HOUR trip to the gym.  We hit hamstrings really hard on this workout.  Drop sets within supersets within meta-workouts?  Inception!

Holiday Monday I slept in again, but even more so.  I barely made it to the gym with enough time to do it all before it closed early for the holiday.  The mall it was in was also crowded with mouthbreathers.  You have the Monday off, why go shop at the mall???  There were thousands and thousands of people in the mall, you can’t even walk fast, it was at CAPACITY.  I was channeling the personality of my father when I wanted to lash out and start clobbering crowds of people left and right just so I could get some personal space.  The gym wasn’t THAT crowded, but it was crowded enough I had to modify the workout somewhat.

Monday Back and Biceps and Abs (60 sec rest)

warmup cardio 25 min

150 twists

Giant Set Assisted Widegrip Chinups and Behind the Neck Lat Pulldowns and Seated Machine Rows

(100) x 20 & 120 x 10 & 210 x 10 DROP 165 x 10

(100) x 11 & 135 x 10 & 210 x 10 DROP 165 x 10

(100) x 11 & 135 x 10 & 210 x 10 DROP 165 x 10

Superset T-Bar Rows and Weighted Hyperextensions:

125 + bar x 12 & 70 x 10 DROP Bodyweight x 12

125 x 12 & 70 x 10 DROP Bodyweight x 12

125 x 12 & 70 x 8 DROP 35 x 8 DROP Bodyweight x 8

Superset Dumbbell Curls and High Cable Curls

25s x 20 & 94 x 8 DROP 72 x 10 DROP 61 x 12

45s x 8 & 105 x 8 DROP 83 x 8 DROP 61 x 8

45s x 7 & 105 x 8 DROP 83 x 8 DROP 61 x 10

Lying Cable Curls

105 x 16 DROP 83 x 20 DROP 61 x 16

105 x 15 DROP 83 x 5 DROP 61 x 10

105 x 12 DROP 83 x 15 DROP 61 x 15

Weighted Double Crunches: 70 x 15; 105 x 15, 15

150 twists

notes:  It was risky doing a giant set in a crowded gym, trying to tie up 3 stations at once.  But I managed to pull it off.  The giant set was there to wear out my upper and middle back as much as possible, try and not make this another marathon session like Legs.

Then I went to try and do a lower back superset.  I wanted to do bent over rows actually, but the gym was WAY too crowded for that, all the barbells were occupied, and no way I would wait for one, then walk across the room for hyperextensions and lose my barbell to some random passerby.  But I saw the t-bar rows were open, so I was able to tie that one up while I walked across the whole gym to do the hypers.

MAN, that lower back superset killed me!  My low back was throbbing like crazy.  I had to sit down for 5 min and catch my breath before I could go on to biceps.  But I wanted some major low back work because it also had the bonus effect of stretching out my hamstrings.  My hamstrings from Sunday were now really sore on Monday, so hyperextensions were quite therapeutic when I was able to stretch them out with weight like that.

I dub that meta-workout a SUCCESS, hahaha.  Lots of hamstrings on one day, then do lower back the next day.

For biceps I supersetted good ole classic db curls with high curls.  High curls are good as either a finisher or a superset finisher because you can raise your arms to shoulder level and the form isn’t as hard to maintain as you burn the last few fibres.  Even more to the point I dropsetted the high curls so I could really finish the set off.  I experimented with both low weight dumbbells and higher weight dumbbells.

I had more juice in me but my low back was still throbbing so I laid down on a mat and set the cables low and did some low curls, high rep with double drops.

After that I wanted to do abs but my low back was still worn out so I decided to try a weighted crunch machine in a different part of the gym I had never tried before – a plate-loaded chair that imitates a double crunch.  I liked it a lot!  It’s a popular chair though, so good luck with that.

After this was over the gym was close to closing so I went home.

And that was my long weekend series of workouts!  What about you?  Get in any workouts this Labour Day weekend?

Your Workouts are Crazy!

Recently I ran into someone who reads my blog (Hi Christine!), and she told me that sometimes my writing is a little too cryptic, I don’t always explain what I’m doing, much less how I do it.  I suppose that’s valid, I often treat the blog like a log, and use it to keep track of my gains.  I promise to beef up the notes, deal?

The other feedback I got is ‘why workout so much?  2 a day?  how do you find the time?’.  That is more of a personal choice.  I don’t find time, I make time for it.  On top of it, the gym has become my favorite therapy.  When I feel good, I go to the gym to celebrate, and when I feel bad, I go to vent.

I was feeling sore lately about the contest, so I decided I needed a major vent.  A workout so crazy, the thought of it scares you, and if its a really good workout, the moment you tell someone else they look at you like you’re crazy!

Why would you do all that??

If you can, you should.  I have been diligently chasing the iron on a more serious basis for about a year now, and I know I can push myself further.  So, pick a body part that can take a lot of punishment.  For most of us, that means the back or the legs, those parts that carry us around all day.  My lower back was still sore from the rack pulls on Friday, so that means… Leg Day!

I wanted a leg workout so scary I would need backup.  No better backup on leg day than a female workout partner.  Ladies love leg workouts.  It’s a well-known fact.  Legs and shoulders.  Ladies love legs and glutes like guys love chest and biceps.  I asked Leslie if she would workout with me and she said yes!  It’s on like Donkey Kong!

When I told Leslie the workout, she looked at me like I was crazy and said “why would we do all that??!”  That’s when I knew this would be a good workout.  I dumped the preworkout packet directly into my mouth (!!) and walked out of the locker room.

Sunday Legs:

A.  warmup – 15 min on the stairmaster (also letting the pwo saturate)

B.  Superset:  4-ways Leg Press & Barbell Squats – 85 reps on the leg press then 20 reps on squats.  The way we did leg press was keep your feet at the bottom of the platform, keep your legs shoulder width, do 20 reps, then move your feet up an inch without racking the weight, do 20 more reps, move your feet up another inch and do 20 more reps, then move your feet up to the top of the platform and do the last 25 reps.  At no point do you rack the weight, you get a few seconds while you reposition your feet, but the tension stays on the whole time.  Then when you hit 85 reps you get up and go do barbell squats.

As you move your feet up the leg press platform, you shift more of the work from your quads to your hamstrings.  Keeping your feet shoulder width will help you hit the outside of your thigh (the outer sweep you see on those people will well-shaped thighs).  The high rep barbell squats will finish you off nicely, nothing like high rep squats to tax you totally and get the heart rate up.  Go deep on both the leg press and the squats to activate those glutes!

my weight was

six 45 lb plates x 85 & 135 x 20 – do this superset 3 times (that’s 315 reps of fun!)

(Les and I took turns doing our sets, she would do leg press and squats, then I would, back and forth)

C.  Leg Extensions – Triple Drop Sets with Partials Finisher.  Pick a weight you can do 15 reps with, go until failure or 15 reps whatever comes first, drop the weight about 20%, do as many reps as you can, drop the weight 20%, do as many as possible, drop one more time, go until failure.

Les and I took turns, and on the last drop set, we immediately followed the third drop by bringing the weight BACK UP to HEAVIER than our first weight, and only doing partial reps.  Lean forward on the leg extension machine and only move the weight 4-6 inches.  This will hit the bottom of your thigh right over the knee.  Do not let the weight rest at the bottom during the partials, keep the tension on the whole time and go until failure.

my weight was

180 x 15 DROP 135 x 15 DROP 105 X 15 DROP 75 x 15

180 x 15 DROP 135 x 12 DROP 105 x 9 DROP 75 x 15

180 x 15 DROP 135 x 10 DROP 105 x 10 DROP 75 x 15 RAISE 195 x 3 partials DROP 180 x 5 partials

As you can see, my quads got progressively more tired each set.  By the last set, I needed to pause for a few seconds so I could finish at least the 180 set.  When I went back up the stack for heavy partials, my legs were gassed.  I could barely even move it at all, and so we dropped back down to my starting weight, and EVEN THEN I could barely move it 4 inches much less do 15 full reps like I did only a few minutes before.  My legs were spent.

When I got up from the leg extensions and walked to the water fountain I almost fell on my face!  I caught myself on a filing cabinet and rested for a few seconds.

D.  cooldown:  5 min on a stationary bike, 15 min walk outside.


This was all very simple as in not very many movements, but super-hard.  It was the best kind of workout, the kind you do when you are stressed out so you pour it all out until you have nothing left, and you crawl out of the gym with no regrets.  Why workout so hard?  You workout as hard as you can because you can.

Did you get any good workouts in this weekend?

Finish What You Started

Hey! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, let me catch you up on my workouts.

Aug 14 and 15 were rest days from the weights.  I did my cardio, I did some twists.  On the Wednesday I went out at lunch with 2 coworkers and showed them a core workout they could do:  I led them through a few rounds of bicycle crunches, stability ball crunches, leg lifts, planks, side planks, windshield wipers, supermans.  They were quite happy!  One of my coworkers told me he had never done resistance training with his legs in his life – he had only ever done upper-body workouts and cardio.  Unsurprisingly, even lifting his straight legs off the ground gave him muscle soreness the next day, haha!  Can’t skip leg day bro.

Aug 16 the Friday I wanted to do calves and abs and shoulders.  So I split it up into the morning and the lunchtime workouts.

Friday am calves and abs

Spin class 60 min

Seated Calf Raises supersetted with roman chair knee raises (no rest, back and forth, starting and ending with calves… calfs??)

seated calf raise 90 x 10 (warmup) 115 x 20, 20, 20, 20, 20

knee raises x 20, 20, 20, 20

twist x 150

notes:  it was a really quick am workout, the spin class took the most time.  I actually wanted to do standing calf raises, but this guy was SORT OF doing sets of 4 or 5, then taking a break ON the machine while surfing the net on his phone, or texting his prom date or flashing his swag or whatever the kids do now-a-days.  I was so glad for the seated machine so I wouldn’t be forced to interact with this cretin.

At lunchtime my 2 coworkers headed out with me.  One of them went off to do his own workout (upper-body naturally, haha), and he occasionally needed me to spot him on bench press, which is coming along nicely for him, I must admit.  The other coworker, I had already showed her all the exercises she needed to do so I patted her on the back and wished her well, but she kept following me around, asking if she could just do whatever I was doing.  FINE!  I guess I don’t mind having a workout buddy at lunchtime, if it keeps her motivated and it gives me a few extra sparks of energy as I spot her, then all the better.

Friday noontime shoulders

superset DB side raises and front raises (60 sec rest b/w supersets starting and ending with side raises)

side raises 20s x 15, 15, 15

alternating front raises 20s x 15, 15

smith machine seated presses (trading sets w coworker) 70 + bar x 10; 110 + bar x 11, 12, 11

reverse pec deck (30 sec rest) 40 x 15, 15; 60 x 15, 15, 15, 15, 15

elliptical 15 min

notes:  I was hoping to do more on the smith machine but they just weren’t up for the challenge that day.  My coworker couldn’t keep up with 7 sets on the pec deck, after 2 sets she said screw this and went off to do cardio, haha!  I joined her after I did all 7.  It’s ok, the rear delts tire out pretty fast.

Saturday I had an EPICCCCCC leg day planned.  As luck would have it, I had a friend join me for this one too!  My friend Jamie, who has her very own blog at


she came to join me.  This was especially welcome, as I find leg days pretty scary still, and nothing like having a female join me because they LOVE leg day!  Even when they hate it they love it, they don’t skip leg day, they embrace it.

The theme of this leg day was ENDURANCE – finish what you started.  Go heavy, go until failure, then KEEP GOING.

Saturday AM leg day

first thing in the morning we headed to the gym for spin followed by weights

10-15 min warmup on the stairmaster

spin 60 min

weights (we rested when we traded sets)

Leg Extensions, 2 warmup sets, single 100 rep drop set, started at 180 and each time I failed I dropped a plate or two and kept going, until I completed all 100 reps.  All told I dropped about 7 times and went from 180 pounds to 90 pounds!

Leg Press, 2 warmup sets, 10 plates for 3 sets of 30 reps – go until failure, rest for 5-10 sec, do as many more as you can, until you hit 30

Standing Leg Curls – straight sets 80 x 20/20, 20/20, 20/20

Hack Squats – 2 warmup sets, 6 plates for 3 sets of 30 reps – go until failure, rest for 5-10 sec, do as many more as you can, until you hit 30

twists x 150

notes:  this workout is simple but brutal.  Not a lot of exercises, but designed to push your endurance and your limits, pushing past failure to hopefully some solid gains.  Done correctly, this exercise GUARANTEES leg DOMS in your future!  And the stairmaster and spin class was a great warmup to get the blood flowing.

I was crab-walking after the leg extensions 100 rep drop set, and by the time I was leaving the gym, my steps were very wobbly.  It’s sunday as I type this, and the early DOMS are upon me (leg DOMS usually hit me worse on Day 2, so I have more to look forward to)

Sunday is a rest day!  Hooray!

How about you?  Did you make it out to the gym this weekend?

Beat Up

Woke up on Saturday, right elbow was so sore I could barely straighten my arm.  Left shoulderblade was ok, but I knew it was recovering.  Just generally felt beat up, haha.  That must mean it’s Rest day! Oh wait it’s not!  It’s Leg Day!  My legs felt fine, so I guess I wasn’t totally beat up.

Still, I rested up a chunk of the day (low carb day), iced my arm, bought some meat, did some cleaning.  My apt building was rife with flies today, it was odd.  I killed 3 in my apt (my elbow was toast so I couldn’t play the swat game with them so I cheated and just sprayed them, which slowed them down).  In my building’s lobby I found like 6 dead ones right around the A/C unit.  This either makes me think something is in the air which is poison but I’m just too big for it to put a dent in me but all the flies are dying off like miners’ canaries… or the flies have reached the end of their life cycle, and a batch of baby flies are about to be born.  I found both possibilities HORRIFYING.

In the early evening my elbow felt halfway normal so I went to the gym (I keep saying the gym like it’s one place, I cycle between about 4 gyms regularly, so let’s call this one Gym B… I am sure this makes it WAY clearer for you).  I picked Gym B because it had a hack squat machine.  I decided, I need to do legs, but I can barely use my arms today, so we gotta rely on the machines.  Because the machines target or isolate the areas so closely, it would be best to hit my legs from a variety of angles.  This means volume and variety.

Legs (30 sec rest b/w all sets)

Hack Squat 225 x 10, 315 x 10, 405 x 10, 455 x 10

(hack squat good for hitting the outer thigh)

Reverse Hack Squat 225 x 12, 315 x 12, 405 x 12

when I look for images of this exercise, it’s mostly pics of women, wonder why? …

(hits the hamstrings and glutes, sit in the hack squat machine backwards, keep chest against pad)

Superset Leg Press w/ feet high on platform and w/ feet low on platform  300 x 12&12, 12&12, 12&12, 12&12

(leg press hits the inner thigh; feet high hits the hams and glutes more, while feet low is more quad-dominant)

Seated Leg Curls 160 x 12, 12, 12, 12

Leg Extensions 160 x 12, 170 x 12, 180 x 12

Prone Leg Curls 130 x 15, 15, 15, 15

(I like prone leg curl machine since I get a good stretch out of it when I lower slowly, and the weight distribution lets me pause at maximum flexed position to feel it in my butt and hams.  Seated leg curl on the other hand, I can go heavier and tend to explode more.  Don’t know if the muscles angles’ are different, but it is a different feeling, and I like working the muscles in both ways, the slow stretch and the quick push).

Calf Raise Machine 300 x 25, 21, 24

(I don’t normally use a machine, but I saw a vid recently on toe pointing during calf raises, and I thought a machine would give me the chance to try it out.)

notes:  I know the leg press weight was kind of light, but it helped me flush my legs out after the hack squats.  Being machines meant I used my legs, but it wasn’t so taxing on the entire CNS system, so I could do lots of different exercises.  Nevertheless, when I was done, my legs were wobbly when I walked out of the gym, so wobbly I didn’t consider cardio for even a moment, and I am sure the DOMS on Sunday or Monday will be delicious!  And that was my Saturday!  How about you?  Any good workouts?

Week 1 Weigh In

Got up in the morning for some fasted cardio.  Andrea’s Spin class.  It started out a little rough, she couldn’t get the stereo system to boot up or play the iPod.  She was probably freaking out in her head, while most of us are like, “it’s a sign I am excused from working out!  Act of God! YES”

But yeah, spin got going.  My energy actually felt good, I was pumping the legs hard.  Went back home, ate breakfast, went to work.

After work, headed to the studio.  I was VERY nervous.  It was weigh-in day.  When I stepped on the scales, it said I had dropped another 7 pounds… WHAT??!  It also said my Body Fat had dropped 10% hahaha, so I started to think the scale was broken.  So we found another scale, checked again.  this one doesn’t measure Body Fat, but it confirmed, down 7 pounds!


Words cannot express, so I will move on to the workout.  I need to process this for now.


Leg Press (10 sec rest!) 230 x 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

Step Back Lunge (30 sec rest) BW x 6,6; 20 lbs x 6, 6, 6, 6

Superset Leg Extensions and BW Bootstrappers (60 sec rest) /150 x 20, BW x 15/ REPEAT for 4 sets

Superset Lying Leg Curls and Ball Leg Curls (60 sec rest) /60 x 20, Ball x 15/ REPEAT for 4 sets

Abs Giant Set:  Stability Ball Leg to Hand Pass x 15, one arm sit up BW x 15 (each arm), bicycle crunches x 30, REPEAT set twice

notes:  we ran out of time on abs, so we stopped at 2 sets.  Felt great this workout!  Weight was actually pretty light in general, but it was fast paced, fun, and a skinny time was had by all!  Next time we go heavier!



How about you?  Any good workouts lately?

I felt like I had a lot of time in the gym to make up for, so I headed down Sunday morning for an epic gym session.

Got in the gym just as it opened, the plan was:  do legs for an hour, then do a spin class, then do arms.


45 degree Leg Press (60 sec b/w sets):  180×50, 270×40, 450×30, 630×20, 810×10, 860×10, 900×8

superset – leg extensions and leg curls (no rest, back and forth 4 times):  150 x15/15, 15/15, 15/15, 15/15

Spin – 1 hr

leg notes: I am happy with the leg press, new weight for me!  I know I can do more, but I am getting used to it.  After 8 reps, I noticed my knees starting to track out, so  I called it quits there.  Hands stayed on the handles, gripping so tight it made my tendonitis flare up!  haha  I went deep as I could, meaning my thighs were pressed into my gut, which made it sort of like a rest, lol!  Don’t do that one on a full stomach, keep it empty cause your thighs will push into your stomach.

I was thinking of doing squats, but my neck was just starting to feel better, so I kept it simple.  No squats just yet.

The superset was fun, just light and a pump to get the blood flowing before spin.  My quads were quite tired though!  150 would normally feel much easier.

Spin was awkward, there was an older lady subbing in for Andrea.  I use the term older because she made fun of her own age at one point.  She said lots of awkward things, like shouting “how does that feel, baby?”  I cringed a lot.  But I got a good sweat in.


Then time for arms!  For fun, I decided to do something different – I tried a workout from Youtube!  A channel called Physiques of Greatness has a workout called “Curls for the Girls, Vol 1”, basically supersets of biceps and triceps, which I do anyways, but sometimes it is fun to switch it up.  By the way, PoG is a great channel, check it out if you are on Youtube


So I launch into “Curls for the Girls, Vol 1” (there is a Vol 2 and 3 I will also try), and during my first superset, who shows up???  Leslie my trainer!  I guess Curls for the Girls works after all, a girl appeared 5 min into starting, damn!  Les was ALSO about to do arms, so I suggested we team up on this workout, take turns supersetting.  So off we went.

Arms:  (took turns supersetting, I did a superset, then she did, back and forth)

closegrip bench press & strict curls:  80 x 12/12, 12/7, 12/7

bench dips (feet elevated) & seated db curls (40 lb db’s):  12/12, 12/12, 12/12

reverse curls & French press:  40 x 12/12, 50 x 12/12, 12/12

one-arm preacher hammer curls (30 lb db’s) & v-bar pressdowns (150 lbs):  15/15, 15/15, 15/15

wrist curls and reverse wrist curls:  50 x 15/15, 15/15, 15/8

notes:  Les didn’t do the wrist curls, she went off to do her cardio.  I was really disappointed by the first round, 80 was WAY too light for the closegrip press, but my tendonitis flared up on the curls and I could barely do them.  I thought it would be cool to use the same weight and save time, but I really should have grabbed 2 different weights.

I don’t normally do dips, they mess up my shoulder, but the bench dips felt fine (Les used the dip machine).  After the press and curl debacle, everything else felt WAY light, my forearm tendonitis stayed quiet, even during the preacher hammer curls.  Next time I do this routine I will go heavier for sure.  I kept it light in case my arms groaned at me, but I was overly cautious; go heavy or go home!

Except for the wrist curls, my tendonitis popped up during the normal curls, but not the reverse ones.  By the third superset, my forearms were so tired, they gave out during the reverse curls.


Then I was done!  I looked at the clock, I had been at the gym 3 hours!!  Holy crap!  There might be something wrong with me, haha.  I must be sick in the head!  Long weekend, Sunday, gym for 3 hours.  I went home for some steak and a nap.


And that is my workout for the day!  How about you?  any good workouts this weekend?

Set the Pace

Sunday morning I headed down to the gym for a 9 am spin, met up with a few friends, and settled in for the ride.  Now, as I was saying the other day, the first movement, the first set, the first song can set the pace for the whole workout.

First song of the spin class was this:


I think Andrea the instructor was reliving RPM Release #43 (back from 2009), since the songs followed that general pattern.

So the song chorus has you listening to “I just can’t stop I just can’t stop” over and over, and I decide to make that the mantra for my day at the gym, just don’t stop!  I had set the pace for my workout!

I pushed fairly hard through that ride, got a good sweat going, felt energized and ready for more.  I had the choice of a second spin class in a row or go do some weights.  I decided that I had not done a leg workout in a while, and headed to the weight pit to see what sort of trouble I could get into.


DTP inspired Leg Workout:

45 degree Leg Press (60-90 seconds between each set):  2 plates x 50 reps; 4 plates x 40; 6 plates x 30; 8 plates x 20; 10 plates x 10; 12 plates x 10; 14 plates x 10; 16 plates x 10

superset quad extensions and seated leg curls (no rest, back and forth):  150 x 20/20, 20/20, 20/20, 15/20, 14/20

notes:  The workout was roughly based on Kris Gethin’s 12 week trainer from Bodybuilding.com.  I haven’t done the program, so I don’t know what he means by “DTP”, but near the end of the program, he does that style workout, except he pyramids up on the leg press, and then pyramids back down.  Instead, I kept it at 10 reps and kept adding on plates.  Don’t stop, don’t stop!!  In the end I was pressing 720 plus whatever the sled weighs.  I am going to assume about 90 lbs, so let’s say 810 pounds total.  That felt comfortable, so I left it at that and decided to do some lightweight high rep stuff.

I was feeling intense still when it was time to superset the extensions and curls.  The weight wasn’t high, but I kept going back and forth, and it got brutal!  Thanks to the leg press, the quads wore out before the hammies.  That pretty well finished me off.


After the workout, I went out for lunch.  What did I have?  Crudites, olives, and a steak salad.  Delicious!

blue cheese dip

blue cheese dip

not quite mid-rare... sigh

mid-rare-ish, yum!


And that was my day!  How about you?  Any good workouts?

Good Friday Workout

Good Friday!  Day off work!  How do I celebrate?  9 am legs and shoulders workout!

It wasn’t that bad, I went to sleep at about 8 pm the night before, so I was well rested.  Had a scoop of Musclepharm Assault (BLUE pwo I am trying, this detail will be important later).  But on the other hand, I have been feeling off my game for a couple of days, so I needed to touch base with my trainer again and get a dose of positivity.  This is what trainers are great for, sometimes you just NEED the support, you feed off their positivity.  I don’t like to rely on other people, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that Leslie has been a huge help.  Thanks Les!

For this workout, since time was at a premium, we decided to try staggering the sets like I suggested a few days ago – set of legs then a set of shoulders, back and forth, twinning the exercises off with each other to save time.  My legs will rest while I work my shoulders, and vice versa.


Legs & Shoulders (staggered sets, as little rest as possible)

squats & seated shoulder press:  155 x 15, 15, 10, 12; 80 x 15, 15, 15, 13



leg extensions & cable lateral raises:  130 x 12, 150 x 12, 160, x 12, 170 x 12; 30 x 12/12, 12/12, 12/12



stiff-leg deadlifts & reverse cable flys:  155 x 12, 12, 12; 60 x 12, 12, 12



lying leg curl & dumbbell shrugs:  75 x 15, 15, 15, 15; 150 x 15, 15, 15, 15





This workout was MUCH faster.  We were under an hour EASY.  It was grueling though.  Staggering the compounds is harder than staggering the isolations.  I think Leslie enjoyed the fast-paced nature of it though.  My Achilles tendon is still sore though, so we skipped the calf raises (I have a long spin ride on Saturday, and I wanted to save up for that), and to save on my forearms, we did some knee raises in the Roman chair instead.

my forearms say thanks!

my forearms say thanks!

I felt uncomfortable during the squats.  I don’t think I went low enough, I also just sort of quit during the 3rd and 4th set.  I am still relatively new to them, they feel awkward and put me in an uncomfortable place, but I just have to keep throwing myself into that exercise, and when I get comfortable with the movement, I can start to excel.  It just didn’t happen today.  It’s not even the weight, I have a theory that I could up that weight to 185 or higher and my reps would look about the same.  I just have a mental block to work on.

We kept going heavier on the extensions, I don’t think I have hit the ceiling on that particular machine yet.  The lat raises felt MUCH stronger than on Monday.  It was at about this time that I was cruising on the preworkout, so when I busted out the Lion’s Face, it looked like I had eaten a Smurf.

Assault on Smurftown!

Assault on Smurftown!

I am also VERY happy about those leg curls.  This was the first time I think I have done all 4 sets without a spot, so a new best for me!  It took weeks but it was worth it.

All in all, a great workout.  Feels like I am back on track.  How about you?  Any good workouts this long weekend?


Lunchtime Workout

Wednesday morning I woke up at the customary time, humped down to the gym.

Took in a 6 am spin class, got my cardio on.  All the while, I was debating if I would rather do legs or shoulders in the morning, then do the other one at lunch.  As I got off the bike, my sore hams and glutes made me think ok let’s do shoulders now.

Morning Shoulders: (30 sec rest b/w all sets)

one hour spin class

db shoulder press:  80 x 15, 15, 15, 12

one arm cable side lat raise:   30 x 10/12, 10/10, 7/9

reverse pec deck:  60 x 12, 12, 12

db shrugs:  150 x 15, 15, 15, 15

notes:  The cable raises were tough! My left shoulder was tired as heck.  Some dude was on the cables fit for reverse flyes, so I hopped in the pec deck backwards and used that.

I went to go shrug dumbbells, and some guy was using the 70s I wanted to use.  So I grabbed the 75s and used those.  He looked at me, walked away for a bit, then came back and shrugged with the 80s.  That’s all well and good, but by the time he was starting his Set 2, I was already done Set 4.  I roll my eyes at the one-up-manship.  Just do the work – get in, do it, get out.

Work today was a special day!  I convinced a coworker to try out a different gym with me!  It was a gym in another one of our office buildings, a building I go to rarely, with a gym I have never visited.  My coworker had not been to the gym in 3 months, and had not eaten all morning, so I could tell he was going to be a wuss today, haha.  He wanted to do chest.  I was gearing up to do legs.  So we shook hands and went our separate ways within this gym.  It was a small gym, cardio machines overlooking the busy street with tinted one way glass.  A scattering of machines.  Dumbbell rack, a bench, smith machine, some cables.  It was small, but I can’t deny they packed a decent selection in there.  I had been thinking of squats, but they had no squat rack.  I could have squatted in the Smith machine, but I think someone was doing incline bench there.  So 45 degree leg press for me instead.

Noontime Legs:  (30 sec rest b/w all sets)

45 degree leg press:  360 + sled x 15, 15, 15, 15

leg extension machine:  195 x 12, 12, 12, 9

stiff leg deadlift:  135 x 12, 12, 7

prone leg curl:  75 x 15, 15; 90 x 15; 105 x 15

standing bodyweight calf raises:  90, 90, 90, 90

notes:  I got 18 sets done in an hour!  Sweet!  For the SLDL, I grab the barbell off the bench press and found an empty spot and did it there.  My last set was messed up by my coworker, who got bored and wanted to chat in the middle of a set, so whatever, haha.  I will get to redo the SLDLs soon enough.  Prone leg curls were easy on this machine, so I played around with the weight so I could hit the right tension.

As I started the workout, the tops of my hams felt kinda sore.  And by the end, my upper hams and my glutes were seizing up!  I was so sore I couldn’t walk right all afternoon.  It wasn’t just the legs workout on Sunday and Wednesday, I also had acupressure on Monday, and he cranked on my legs a bit.  So sore!!

And that was my day!  How about you?  Any good workouts?