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Feb 26

Thursday ‘nanigans.

My triceps are sore! WTF. was it the shoulder workout yesterday?? mmmk

My feet hurt as well, my toe joints are wrecked to chit. Cold weather, gout, fukoff I called an audible and scrapped the glute-ham workout today and did back in the early afternoon and some cardi-abs in the mid-afternoon.

afternoon Office-Gym Back

widegrip cable rows (60 sec rest)

125 x 10
125 x 10
125 x 10
125 x 10
125 x 10

notes: Felt good, threw a few slow negs in there too. I wanted to really stretch my back on the negative to encourage that pump.

1 Arm DB Rows (90 sec rest)

100 x 8/8
100 x 8/8
100 x 8/8
100 x 8/8
100 x 8/8

notes: Tried a higher hand placement for my offhand. Did not like it, my upper back kept rounding. On the last few reps on each set, let my arm hang down deep and tried to stretch my back out.

Pulldowns (grip varies, 60 sec rest)

145 x 10 Widegrip
145 x 10 Underhand grip
145 x 10 Wide
145 x 10 Under
145 x 9 Wide
145 x 8 Under

notes: Stopped a set when it seemed like my arms were assisting too much.

My back felt pumped! Success! It felt filled with blood and big. I also noticed some extra pump size going on in the biceps, thank you Back Day.

Then back to work.

Left work, went to the trainer’s studio, more fun.

Late afternoon cardi-abs

no pwo! sacrilege!

1000 somethings of rowingmachine (miles? ya sure, 1000 miles of rowing. laps?)
10 minutes on the stationary bike

biceps were still pumped, trainer commented on them, lol

Abdominal Medley: 3 or 4 sets of this nonsense
one leg V sit-ups, 10 per leg
prone leg raises with someone pushing my legs down at the top, 12 reps
side to side crunches, 20 reps
push-through crunches, 12 reps

Shoulders, Cut Day 33

Feb 7 – High Carb Day / Shoulders

Hooray!  Moderate amounts of carbs all day!  I tried a few more of the sugarfree macaroons, delicious!  I also tried some of the Walden Farms Italian Dressing on my veggies, not bad actually!  will be keeping this bottle.

Chicken, asparagus and kidney beans on the menu today!  Must have ate like 8 cups of asparagus today and 2 pounds of chicken breast.  Stinky pee day!

As for the Peanut Butter, I forgot to read the instructions on the side of the jar, my bad!

How to Consume Walden Farms Calorie-Free Peanut Butter:
Step 1.  Scoop out generous serving from jar
Step 2.  Place directly in toilet
Step 3.  Repeat until satisfied

Escaped from work at lunch for an extra 30 min of cardio!  Hooray extra cardio on carb day!

Friday night woot!  No work tomorrow!  Time for fun!

I asked the trainer for some extra warmup and restorative work tonight, it has been a draining week and I missed my massage session.


10 min stretches – hip openers, spinal twists, wrist stretches

15 min elliptical

15 min active and balance-oriented yoga:  sun salutations, warrior 2, triangle, extended triangle, exalted warrior, repeat the last 4 moves on the other side, tree on both sides, airplane and Warrior 3 on both sides

Giant Set:  Arnold Presses & Bent Over Rear Delt DB Raises & Plate Raises (30-45 sec rest)

30s x 12 / 15s x 12 / 35 x 15
30s x 12 / 15s x 12 / 35 x 15
30s x 12 / 15s x 12 / 35 x 15



Giant Set:  Seated Military Press & Bent Over Rear Delt Cable Fly & Machine Row Elbows High (45 sec rest)

115 x 12 / 20 x 15(each side) / 60 x 20
115 x 12 / 20 x 15(each side) / 60 x 20
115 x 12 / 20 x 15(each side) / 60 x 20




10 min restorative:  foam roller on back and chest, yoga supported fish/waterfall hybrid


Yes those are foam blocks under my sacrum, yes I am crushing them with my weight, ROFL.  Yes having foam blocks under your sacrum pushes your gut out! 

Admittedly it was light on the weightlifting tonight, but the shoulders were barking at me all week, so I gave them a light night.  I feel re-energized after that!  Bring on Arm Day!

Legs, Cut Day 29

Feb 3 – High Carb Day / Legs

In retrospect, this day was ambitious.  I guess I thought moderate amounts of carbs would turn me into Superman, haha.  Oh well, I pushed it.

Woke up in the morning, then went to the gym for 30 min of cardio on the elliptical.  Then went to work.

At lunch, I was bored and wanted to escape the slow whittling of my soul that is my job, so I slipped out with a coworker and went to the office gym for 30 more min of cardio on the stationary bike.

Post work I had an appt with the trainer,  time for legs!

Yeah, it was my 2nd Leg Day in 3 calendar days.  No excuses!  Get to squattin

We took 5 min first to do measurements, discuss my diet, make plans for the future, plot and scheme.

I told the trainer my right knee was sore, so we warmed up with 10 min of Dynamic Stretching
– walking lunges with high knee squeezes
– lateral lunges
– yoga:  dragon, gecko, twisted gecko, forward folds  (imagine going into plank, then bringing one foot outside your sameside hand.  then playing around with your forward knee or playing around with your opposite side arm)

Barbell Squats (about 45-60 sec rest)

135 x 10
155 x 10
175 x 10
175 x 10
175 x 10
175 x 10


notes:  My trainer was unhappy with my heels, so we threw some nickel plates under them.  Tiring!

Walking Lunges w Kettlebells (30-45 sec rest)

40 lb KBs x 8/8
40 lb KBs x 8/8
40 lb KBs x 8/8
40 lb KBs x 8/8


notes:  I hate lunges!  I was tired as hell, I didn’t register why at the time, I just thought I was having an off day.  Only now looking back do I realize multiple leg days plus multiple cardio before the second leg day.  Plus the cutting and carb cycling, FUARK.  Oh well, LOL

Deadlifts (45-60 sec rest)

135 x 10
205 x 8
205 x 10
205 x 5 DROP 135 x 5
135 x 10


notes:  I look like KoolAid lifting that chit!  Trainer made me rack pull from below my knees, then bring it low without touching the ground, then back up.  Just all tension!
I felt gassed right away, I thought I was having a straight garbage session.  I had to drop the weight back to my warmup and just focus on good form.  Its not like my grip was tired or my back was sore… I just RAN OUT OF GAS.

Elevated Split Squats w Kettlebells (30 sec rest))

25 lb KBs x 10/10
25 lb KBs x 10/10
25 lb KBs x 10/10


notes:  These felt better, thank gawd.

I was running out of time in our session at this point, so I broke out and went to my massage session.  But woops!  the massage dude had something unexpected come up, so whatever.  I just went home and crashed.

Wanted to go workout first thing in the morning, but then last night I got wrapped up in trying to figure out if my PC had a virus, and then before I knew it was like 2 hours past my bedtime, so NO 5 am gym session for me, haha.

So I decided to sneak out of work at lunch for a session, but work was SO busy that I didn’t have much time. Today being the first day of my 5/3/1, I was determined to see it through.

So my compromise was to just do the main lift, then split. No assistance work, for the 2 reasons: I was pressed for time at work, and I am still not 100% from this damn bug. But the main work still needed to get done!!

Week 1 Bench Day (Cycle 1 Week 1 means it is the first time I have run a 5/3/1 mesocycle)

Warmup (about 1-2 min b/w bench sets, including the time it took to do rotator cuff work)

95 x 5 supersetted with Face Pulls 45 x 20

125 x 5 supersetted with Face Pulls 45 x 20

150 x 3 supersetted with taking a 15 lb DB through ROM of my rotator cuff 15 times per arm

Main (about 3 min b/w sets, including the time it took for chinups)

165 x 5 supersetted with Assisted Chinups (hammergrip) x 5

190 x 5 supersetted with Assisted Chinups (hammergrip) x 5

215 x 5 supersetted with Assisted Chinups (hammergrip) x 10

And then a quick shower, and was back in my cubicle before the one hour mark! Pretty low volume, but fit my needs for both quick and not gonna wear me out. Even sick I still want to hit my 5/3/1 numbers.

Scoop of Fast Fuel 25 min before the workout, a scoop during along with a scoop of ReGen, and a scoop fo ReGen and some extra Creatine HCl after (maybe 750 mg).

My forearms are soooooo sore from the acupressure session last night! Feels like I had a killer workout. Left Hamstring is tender AF right now too.

Actually I am quite happy there were no hiccups on the bench considering I had Acupressure done on my elbows and shoulders too. They could have easily been too beat up to proceed.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!  In lieu of turkey, I decided to gobble up some gainz!

My tailbone was so sore yesterday I had to take Sunday off.  So I tried to double up on Monday, to mixed results.

Oct 14 Chest/Shoulders/Triceps (3 second negative on all reps, 45 sec b/w sets unless specified otherwise)

Decline Bench Machine
140 x 8
140 x 8
160 x 8
180 x 6 DROP 140 x 5 DROP 100 x 8 DROP 60 x 10

Incline Cable Fly (elbows started bent, arms straightened as weight dropped)
80 x 8
80 x 8
80 x 8
80 x 8 DROP 60 x 6 DROP 40 x 7 DROP 20 x 10

Chest Press Machine
180 x 8
180 x 8
180 x 8
180 x 5 DROP 140 x 3 DROP 100 x 6 DROP 65 x 10

Cable Crossovers
60 x 8
80 x 8
80 x 8 DROP 68 x 4 DROP 54 x 7 DROP 40 x 7

Cable Side Raise (30 sec rest b/w sets)
30 x 10/10
30 x 10/10
30 x 10/10
30 x 10/10

Side Raise Machine
70 x 20 (realized my cadence was off, so bad form)
70 x 12
50 x 10
30 x 13

DB Front Raise
25s x 3
20s x 6
20s x 6
17.5s x 7
17.5s x 8

One-Arm Cable Pushdown (30 sec rest b/w sets)
30 x 10/10
35 x 10/10
40 x 10/10
45 x 10/10

Rear Delt Cable Fly (30 sec rest b/w sets)
50 x 15
50 x 9
40 x 12
40 x 13

Machine Shoulder Press
100 x 10
100 x 6 (stopped when I couldn’t keep myself from arching my back and bringing my chest into it)
100 x 7
100 x 7

Overhead Rope Extension
80 x 15
80 x 11
60 x 14
40 x 17

Skull/Presses (Skullcrusher negative, then CGBP positive movement)
50 x 8
50 x 8
50 x 8
50 x 8 DROP to just regular tempo CBGP presses x 30

notes:  I wanted to try reducing the negatives this week to 3 seconds.  The decision to mix chest and shoulders together was a risky one as my shoulders are pretty weak, so I did all my chest work on cables and machines and tried to save some gas in my shoulders.  Not that it entirely worked…

For the flys and the crossovers, I need to start out with bent elbows – my chest can just do more weight than my elbow joints can take.  I recognize that makes it easier of course.  But as I do dropsets, I straighten out my arms, so I try and make up for it.

When it was time to do shoulders, the cable raises went fine, but after the first set of the machine side raises, I looked at the clock and realized I had totally lost perspective on what a 3 second negative should feel like.  I was counting 123 in my head, but obviously I was losing the plot.  So I watched the second hand on the clock as I did the negatives, and sure enough I ran out of gas QUITE quickly after Rep 8, no matter how much I lowered the weight.  When I moved to the front raises, it was just as bad – my shoulders were DONE.

I gave my shoulders a brief break and did some pushdowns for my triceps instead, before coming back to the RD flys and machine presses, but to no avail.  My shoulders were still fried.

By the time I got to the overhead extensions, the “being fried” part had spread to the rest of me.  I kept dropping the weight and still couldn’t hit all the reps I wanted to.  So I moved to skullcrushers, and picked a light weight and made the movement a little easier – lower as a skullC, then raise it up as a press.  Then on the last set I burned it out with a bunch of rapid presses.

I had briefly flirted with the idea of doing biceps, but I recognized my ass was completely annihilated at that point, so I threw in the towel and went home.


If you’re in Canada, how was your Thanksgiving?  Leave a comment!


Surprise Cuts!

I was super tired today; I had nightmares in the middle of the night about shivering and being traumatized.  At one point I woke up and immediately told myself “I am sleeping in, no morning cardio,” and a wave of relief passed over me and I went back to sleep.  I might be getting mildly burnt out, so I need to prioritize rest and recovery this weekend.  I still have workouts planned, but outside of those workouts, my only goal is to recharge my batteries, no frolicking or goofing off.  Lift, eat, sleep.  Then sleep some more.  That’s it.

After work I went for an appt with the trainer.  We took my body measurements, I am down a pound!  I guess that’s not bad, considering my diet has been not super-tight.  not McD’s bad, just not airtight.  We spent some time talking about goals too.  Lots of big stuff planned in my future, stay tuned for that!

We only had 30 min left, so we decided may as well get some lifts in!

Friday night workout (30-45 sec rest)

Sumo Deadlifts:  225 x 5, 5; 245 x 5, 5, 5


Not a real high weight, but bear in mind this might have only been the third time I have done Sumo Deadlifts in my life, so I wanted Les to monitor and perfect my form.  Not a race!

DB Side Raises:  20s x 5, 5, 5, 5; 25s x 5


I already knew I had to keep the weight light if I wanted to do them strict form (arms straight, forearms stay parallel or below elbows), but we got an unexpected treat – my tank helped show off the brand-new cuts and definition in my shoulder muscles!  The pics don’t do it justice because of the glare, there are definitely some fresh cuts showing up!  All those nasty shoulder sessions are paying off!

Preacher Hammer Curls:  45s x 5, 5, 5, 5, 5

looks shopped, haha!

looks shopped, haha!

The big problem last time I did hammer curls was my shoulder kept cheating, so we figured do them preacher-style and keep the shoulder out of it!


And that was it!  Short and sweet!  Good, I could use the rest, lol.

Labour Day Weekend Workouts

this is a long one.  Maybe less explanations so I can fit in more workout details.

I have been experimenting lately with the “meta-workout”.  First, you learn how to do an exercise.  Then you learn how to chain exercises together to work the body part properly.  Then you chain body parts together (make a “split”).  Then… what about chaining workouts together?  You work out Monday, you know you’re gonna be sore on Tuesday, so what can you do on Tuesday that will complement what you did on Monday?  Other than just rest that is, haha.  That was my pet project for the long weekend, weave the workouts together into a coherent narrative.

Thursday was Shoulders (45-60 sec rest)

Seated Smith Machine Military Press:  70 + bar x 10; 100 x 10; 130 x 12, 9, 9

Smith Machine Press Behind the Neck Press:  100 x 5, 2; 80 x 8; 80 x 10 DROP 50 x 10

Side Raise Machine:

100 x 10 DROP 80 x 10 DROP 60 x 10

100 x 10 DROP 80 x 8 DROP 60 x 10

100 x 10 DROP 80 x 7 DROP 60 x 8

Smith Machine Shrugs: 140 x 10; 200 x 10, 9, 10, 9; 110 x 25

Cable Reverse Fly (30 sec rest)

77 x 15

77 x 15

77 x 15 Partials 99 x 10

77 x 15 Partials 99 x 7

77 x 15 Partials 99 x 6

77 x 12 Partials 99 x 7

55 x 15 Partials 77 x 8

notes:  this was an awkward workout, I did stuff that wouldn’t work my core too hard, but in the end behind the neck presses are still awkward, and the presses got worn out fast so I moved onto side raises on a machine so I could do the drop sets.  Its too painful doing drop sets of side raises with dumbbells, since side raises need such light weights you will always be competing with a crowded gym for the most popular little dumbbells.  Smith Shrugs were just too awkward, the hooks kept catching on the cage, so free weights only from now on pls.  Cable Flys I had to share the machine for the first two sets with another lady so after she walked away I threw in the heavy partials to really wear me out.

Friday I was more tired than I expected so I took the day off, woops!  So much for the experiment, haha.  I would need the weekend to really put in the raw amount of rest I needed.

Saturday I slept in but got up mid-morning for Chest and Triceps.  I blew off Friday so this would have to be epic to make up for it.

Saturday C&T (60 sec rest)

Elliptical warmup 25 min

150 Twists

flat dumbbell bench:  90 x 10; 140 x 10; 180 x 7, 8

incline dumbbell press:  80 x 10; 110 x 10; 150 x 8, 7; 150 x 8 DROP 110 x 5 DROP 90 x 8

pec deck:

75 x 10

105 x 10

150 x 8 DROP 120 x 8 DROP 90 x 8

150 x 8 DROP 120 x 7 DROP 90 x 7

150 x 6 DROP 120 x 8 DROP 90 x 8

rope pushdown:

140 x 4

120 x 9 DROP 90 x 10 DROP 60 x 12

120 x 6 DROP 90 x 6 DROP 60 x 12

120 x 7 DROP 90 x 7 DROP 60 x 12

overhead rope extension:

100 x 12 DROP 80 x 8

100 x 8 DROP 80 x 8

120 x 3 DROP 100 x 4 DROP 80 x 5 DROP 60 x 8

smith machine closegrip press:

50 + bar x 12

70 x 12

120 x 12, 12

120 x 8 Partials 6, 5, 5 (10 second rest-pause)

notes:  this workout was brutal!  This was going to be relatively light on my shoulders because of the shoulder workout just the day before, but since I took that Friday off and my shoulders rested some, I threw in some incline presses with dropsets.  So heavy but low volume on the flat presses, then a double drop set of incline presses, then a bunch of isolation work then some triceps.

The flat presses ended poorly though… I dropped a 90 lb dumbbell on my left hip when I was lying down.  Ouch!  That stung, that should make for a lovely bruise.  I am just too self-conscious to drop it on the ground and make a lot of noise, so when I felt it slipping (ie. failing totally) I tried to reel it in rather than let it drop to the ground, but instead it almost fell on my groin and made me a eunuch, ROFL.

My triceps were burnt though the rope pushdowns ran out of gas pretty fast so I had to drop the weight.  With the overhead extensions I shifted to the long head of the triceps, so they lasted a few more sets, but on that last set I just kept dropping over and over until I could finally hit a decent number of reps.

For the smith presses, I followed up the last set with a bunch of partials to really burn me out for the day.  Since it was the Smith Machine, I could go past failure and do those partials:  I only popped it up a few inches from my chest over and over and when I couldn’t even do that I would hook it on the low rung.  Go until failure on the last set, rest 10 seconds, do some partials, rest 10 seconds, do more partials, did that about 3 times.  I was so burnt out in the end I had to shimmy out from under the low-racked smith bar, I couldn’t raise it back up to the regular height.

For Sunday I had a friend show up to do Legs with me, hooray!  Legs are rough enough as it is, a little backup is always most welcome.

Sunday Legs (traded sets back and forth with my friend)

cardio warmup 25 min

Standing Leg Curls:

40 x 10

60 x 10

90 x 12 DROP 70 x 12 DROP 50 x 12

90 x 12 DROP 70 x 12 DROP 50 x 12

90 x 12 DROP 70 x 12 DROP 50 x 12

Stiff-Legged Deadlifts:  95 x 10; 135 x 10; 165 x 18, 18

Leg Press:  270 x 10; 450 x 10; 630 x 20, 20

Leg Extensions:

90 x 10

180 x 20 DROP 130 x 20 DROP 100 x 20 DROP 80 x 20

180 x 20 DROP 130 x 15 DROP 100 x 20 DROP 80 x 20

180 x 15 DROP 130 x 12 DROP 100 x 12 DROP 80 x 15

Superset Seated Leg Curls and Standing Calf Raises:

130 x 10 & 200 x 10 warmup

130 x 16 DROP 100 x 16 & 300 x 20 DROP 200 x 20

130 x 16 DROP 90 x 16 & 300 x 20 DROP 200 x 20

130 x 16 DROP 100 x 16 & 300 x 20 DROP 200 x 20

130 x 16 DROP 90 x 16 & 300 x 20 DROP 200 x 20

cooldown cardio 25 min

notes:  This workout was LONG!  50 min of cardio, and, no lie, 1 hour and 40 min of weights!  to some extent this was because I had a buddy with me, but in the end it still amount to a 3 HOUR trip to the gym.  We hit hamstrings really hard on this workout.  Drop sets within supersets within meta-workouts?  Inception!

Holiday Monday I slept in again, but even more so.  I barely made it to the gym with enough time to do it all before it closed early for the holiday.  The mall it was in was also crowded with mouthbreathers.  You have the Monday off, why go shop at the mall???  There were thousands and thousands of people in the mall, you can’t even walk fast, it was at CAPACITY.  I was channeling the personality of my father when I wanted to lash out and start clobbering crowds of people left and right just so I could get some personal space.  The gym wasn’t THAT crowded, but it was crowded enough I had to modify the workout somewhat.

Monday Back and Biceps and Abs (60 sec rest)

warmup cardio 25 min

150 twists

Giant Set Assisted Widegrip Chinups and Behind the Neck Lat Pulldowns and Seated Machine Rows

(100) x 20 & 120 x 10 & 210 x 10 DROP 165 x 10

(100) x 11 & 135 x 10 & 210 x 10 DROP 165 x 10

(100) x 11 & 135 x 10 & 210 x 10 DROP 165 x 10

Superset T-Bar Rows and Weighted Hyperextensions:

125 + bar x 12 & 70 x 10 DROP Bodyweight x 12

125 x 12 & 70 x 10 DROP Bodyweight x 12

125 x 12 & 70 x 8 DROP 35 x 8 DROP Bodyweight x 8

Superset Dumbbell Curls and High Cable Curls

25s x 20 & 94 x 8 DROP 72 x 10 DROP 61 x 12

45s x 8 & 105 x 8 DROP 83 x 8 DROP 61 x 8

45s x 7 & 105 x 8 DROP 83 x 8 DROP 61 x 10

Lying Cable Curls

105 x 16 DROP 83 x 20 DROP 61 x 16

105 x 15 DROP 83 x 5 DROP 61 x 10

105 x 12 DROP 83 x 15 DROP 61 x 15

Weighted Double Crunches: 70 x 15; 105 x 15, 15

150 twists

notes:  It was risky doing a giant set in a crowded gym, trying to tie up 3 stations at once.  But I managed to pull it off.  The giant set was there to wear out my upper and middle back as much as possible, try and not make this another marathon session like Legs.

Then I went to try and do a lower back superset.  I wanted to do bent over rows actually, but the gym was WAY too crowded for that, all the barbells were occupied, and no way I would wait for one, then walk across the room for hyperextensions and lose my barbell to some random passerby.  But I saw the t-bar rows were open, so I was able to tie that one up while I walked across the whole gym to do the hypers.

MAN, that lower back superset killed me!  My low back was throbbing like crazy.  I had to sit down for 5 min and catch my breath before I could go on to biceps.  But I wanted some major low back work because it also had the bonus effect of stretching out my hamstrings.  My hamstrings from Sunday were now really sore on Monday, so hyperextensions were quite therapeutic when I was able to stretch them out with weight like that.

I dub that meta-workout a SUCCESS, hahaha.  Lots of hamstrings on one day, then do lower back the next day.

For biceps I supersetted good ole classic db curls with high curls.  High curls are good as either a finisher or a superset finisher because you can raise your arms to shoulder level and the form isn’t as hard to maintain as you burn the last few fibres.  Even more to the point I dropsetted the high curls so I could really finish the set off.  I experimented with both low weight dumbbells and higher weight dumbbells.

I had more juice in me but my low back was still throbbing so I laid down on a mat and set the cables low and did some low curls, high rep with double drops.

After that I wanted to do abs but my low back was still worn out so I decided to try a weighted crunch machine in a different part of the gym I had never tried before – a plate-loaded chair that imitates a double crunch.  I liked it a lot!  It’s a popular chair though, so good luck with that.

After this was over the gym was close to closing so I went home.

And that was my long weekend series of workouts!  What about you?  Get in any workouts this Labour Day weekend?

Light Day

I wanted an off day but I still wanted to go to the gym, so it was sort of a light day for me today – just calves and a bit of abs.

Went to the gym in the morning, did cardio, calves, abs, cardio, short and sweet!

20 min elliptical

(30 sec rest)

standing calf raise:  155 x 10; 195 x 10; 295 x 15, 15, 15, 15

seated calf raise:  120 x 20, 20, 20, 20

roman chair knee raise x 20, 20, 20

20 min elliptical


I hope I enjoyed this rest day, because tomorrow is gonna be brutal!  Just you wait…

So my deload week is now over.  As far as deloads go, I still went to the gym just as often, I just didn’t push as hard.  I also indulged on the food a few times.. buffets, movie theater popcorn, I am a bad boy!


Anyways, back to business.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a long weekend here in Ontario, it’s time for some iron.  Sunday I went out for leg day, and in a show of solidarity, Les the trainer came out and we did legs together!  We took turns, I did my set then she did hers, that was our rest break.

Sunday Legs:

cardio for 20 min

superset leg extensions & seated leg curls:  120×30&120×20; 130×30&140×20

superset walking lunges w dumbbells & standing leg curls:  60×40&60×20; 60×40&70×20; 60×40&80×20

45 degree leg press:  6 plates x 50; 6 plates x 50; 7 plates x 50

extra superset of extensions & curls again:  130×30&140×20

cardio for 20 min

notes:  as you can see this was high reps with lots of supersets, I kept my legs high and wide on the leg press, so overall I hit the hamstrings and glutes pretty good.  Doing more on the curls than I am on the extensions, is that good?  haha, I think my hams are coming up!  I hate doing lunges with a passion, but I do enjoy being able to rock out the shorts in the gym while guys who skip leg days have to wear track pants with their tanks, haha.  You aint fooling me!


Monday I went to the gym for chest and triceps work.

Monday Push (rest was around 60-90 sec)

cardio for 20 min

flat db press:  70×10; 110 x 10;  170 x 8, 8

flat db fly:  70 x 10; 130 x 10, 10, 10

incline cable fly:  55 x 10; 99 x 10; 121 x 10; 121 x 10 DROP 99 x 10 DROP 77 x 10

cable crossover:  99 x 10; 165 x 10; 165 x 10; 165 x 10 DROP 121 x 10 DROP 99 x 10

tricep pushdowns w straight bar:  93 x 10; 115 x 18; 126 x 18; 126 x 18 DROP 93 x 11 DROP 72 x 20

reverse grip pushdowns:  72 x 10; 93 x 18; 93 x 18; 93 x 18 DROP 72 x 20 DROP 50 x 40

skullcrusher 21s:  superset 3 different positions – extend from top of head & lower to forehead & drop behind head and bring back to a closegrip press

50 x 21, 21, 21

cardio for 20 min


notes:  chest as you can see was mostly isolation work, and once we got to the cables I threw in a double drop set on the last set.  Could have gone heavier on the reversegrip, those dropset reps are way too high.  Skullcrusher 21s was an interesting experience.  I couldn’t really go heavier, my right elbow was pinching too much during the reps I lowered to my forehead, so I had to keep it light for that.  The best way I can describe skullcrusher 21s is to watch this video:

Fast forward to the 3 min mark and watch for about a minute, he explains the first and third variations there (the second is really just the standard skullcrusher)

Arms as you can see was high rep, bringing in lots of pump and BLOOD to the muscles!  I prefer high rep with arms, feels better.


And that was my long weekend! How about you?  Any good workouts?

Start of Week 4

After the good news on Friday, I began to think ahead to Week 4 – how can I do things better than Week 3?  It may sound crazy, but this challenge only runs until the end of July, just a few weeks left!!

Luckily, my trainer is of the same mindset as me.  She prepared a new diet plan for me (thanks Les!) which will take me into the realm of carb cycling… I already cycled carbs a bit when I was having cheat days, but this time no cheat days only high and low carb days.  For more info on carb cycling, why don’t you check out my trainers blog??  Lots of good info!


I need to stock up on groceries and supps, so I will have to start it on Wednesday.  But looking forward to it!


I had been icing my Teres Major lots, so Sunday I wanted to do some shoulders, test the wings out.  Arms and Shoulders.

Sunday Workout:

Machine Lat Raises (30 sec rest) 90 x 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 7

Tricep Giant Set (60 sec rest b/w giant sets)  Closegrip Smith Machine Press & Skullcrushers & French Press

A.  110×12 & 50×12 & 50×12  B.  110×12 & 50×12 & 50×5  C.  110×12 & 50×12 & 50×7

Cardio Break – Spin Class

Bicep Giant Set (60 sec rest b/w giant sets) Fat Hammer Curls & EZ Bar Preacher & Reverse Preachers

A.  35×12 & 50×12 & 50×12  B.  35×12 & 50×12 & 50×7  C.  35×12 & 50×12 & 50×8

Rope Face Pulls (10 sec rest) 50 x 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

Cable Upright Rows (30 sec rest) 115 x 12, 12, 12


Notes:  Once again, the tricep giant set as originally planned is impossible to execute in that gym, so I had to improvise.  People just love that cable machine, if you walk away from it for 30 seconds, someone WILL jump in.  Doesn’t matter if its 6 am or 6 pm, not gonna happen, you either camp there or move on.

I got to the gym late, so once I was done lat raises and triceps, I had to run off to Spin class.  Which went fine, my usual craziness on the flat races.  Then the rest after spin class.

Biceps I decided to improvise because I wanted to isolate my biceps so I could avoid pulling on my scapula like last week.  Hammer curls (not across the body ones) felt fine so I kept those in but made them first, and then did the other 2 sets on the preacher bench so I could zero in on the biceps.  Worked well enough.  Always be ready to improvise instead of giving up.

I then tried out the shoulder exercises I knew had a good chance of irritating my teres major.  I did face pulls first, and sure enough I didn’t feel it while doing it, but I sure felt tight in the teres after I stopped.  So I decided no rear delt flys for me today (sacrilege!!! I love those).  I also wasn’t sure how shrugs would feel without my trainer watching my form, so I did some upright rows instead as a consolation.

And that was my workout!  Not bad for an injured man!  How was your Sunday?  Any good workouts?