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Today was all about the chest! What’s better than a chest workout? TWO chest workouts? It’s not overtraining… it’s overGAINING *gunshot*

Due to various circumstances it would take too long to type and not worth reading, both workouts were at the office gym. Afternoon workout was with a coworker.

AM Chest

flat DB Press, some rotator cuff work (60 sec rest)

40s x 14 / 15 lb DB taken through ROM, 15 times per arm
50s x 10 / ROTO
60s x 10 / ROTO
70s x 6 / ROTO
80s x 6
90s x 1
90s x 2

notes: Only did rotator cuff work until I felt loose.

Actually rather embarrassed here at my lack of strength. I am better than this, but my shoulder got cranky right away. I intended to bang out 20 reps with the 40s, and the left shoulder hurt immediately. I had to go slow and deliberate and keep the reps low on every successive set. By the time I got to the 90s, my loss of strength was clear. On my first set, a skinny ectodouche hovered over me on his way to go do crunches, and it threw me off. So I decided to do a second set, but now with no distractions, it still wasn’t happening. Mad and sore, I wandered off to the Smith Machine.

flat Smith Machine press (45 sec rest, wide grip, constant tension, stay in mid ROM and pump out reps, no lockout or touch your chest)

2 plates x 15
2 plates x 13
2 plates x 15
2 plates x 15

notes: got in some good chest work here. felt a bit better.

Decline DB Fly

20s x 15

Low to High Cable Fly (45 sec rest)

55 x 15
55 x 15
55 x 15
55 x 15

notes: the cables were busy so I tried decline DB flys, did not like the feeling on my shoulder. But then the cables freed up so I went back to them. This cable is heavy so the weight seemed appropriate.

Generally disappointed in the chest session, so I resolved to do more after work. Coworker joined me, doing his own thing for the first half and then realizing he doesn’t know a damn thing and asking if he can do what I’m doing in the second half, LOL.

PM Shoulders, Chest

Superset Seated Smith Shoulder Press and Face Pulls (rest varied, see notes)

70 in plates x 12 / 22.5 x 15
(rest approx. 90 sec)
70 in plates x 12 / 22.5 x 15
(no rest)
70 in plates x 12 / 22.5 x 15
(no rest)
90 in plates x 12 / 27.5 x 15
(rest approx. 2 minutes?)
90 in plates x 12 / 27.5 x 15

notes: Right after my first set, my coworker wanted to talk to me about how he felt SO sick, and had NO energy. blah blah.

Feeling peeved, I did the next 3 supersets back to back with no rest, haha. Then he came up to me again and asked if I could lend him headphones, so I went off to my locker to grab him some. Then did my 5th set. ANNOYING!!

Twist Press (60 sec rest)

50s x 10
55s x 10
60s x 9
55s x 10
50s x 10
45s x 12
40s x 15

notes: I had intended to go up to 65s, but when I got too tired to do a 10th rep on the 60s, I decided to go back down the rack, and dip a few sets lower and go higher reps.

These felt good, WAY better than the regular flat press from the AM.

leaning Strict Cable Side Raises (no rest back and forth arm to arm)

12.5 x 12/12
12.5 x 10/10
12.5 x 10/10

notes: Heavy cable! No 20s for me, haha. When I was doing this, my coworker got jealous, so after I was done I showed him how to do these and he did 2 back to back sets.

Rear Delt Cable Fly (traded sets with my coworker, 45 sec or so in between)

35 x 15
35 x 15
35 x 15

notes: He had never done these before, so I led him through some sets.

DB Shrugs (back and forth with coworker, approx. 20 sec rest, lol)

100s x 15
100s x 12
100s x 10

notes: When he picked up his 50s to do his, he said it felt too rough in his hands, so he would only do a few reps and rerack them. So I would then immediately again do mine, lol. Made the rests deadly short!!!

And that was that! Headed home.

I am BEAT UP right now! Ugh, double workout days on low carb are DEADLY.

I was 100% ready in my mind and about 60% ready in my body to make it to the gym today.  It was a lose-lose, either I hang at home and recoup my body and lose the hunger and the drive to lift as I slowly morph back into a lazy bum, or I feed the mental beast but potentially delay my recovery.

So I chose the gym.  I made it there for about 11 AM, took a scoop of Fast Fuel about 20 min before, a scoop during, a scoop of ReGen during and a scoop of ReGen after.  I was ok, just some light hacking and wheezing a few times.  I sweated like crazy.  I made sure to be extra clean with the equipment, wiping off every dumbbell, rubber grip or seat surface I came into contact with, with disinfectant.

Nov 2 – Shoulders, Back, Triceps  (regular tempo, 45 sec b/w all sets)

Standing Overhead Press

45 x 15

65 x 15

75 x 15

75 x 13

75 x 10

I ran out of gas pretty fast on these, but I think it was more a case of me being slow to warm up, even adding in a few light sets didn’t fix that.  Gym was rather crowded, so I changed spots a few times during these sets.

Upright Rows

75 x 15

75 x 15

75 x 15

75 x 15

These helped me to warm up a bit more.

Cable Reverse Fly

55 x 15

55 x 15

55 x 15

55 x 15

I really wanted a pec deck with free-moving handles so I could try and hit my rhomboids a bit more, but this particular gym didn’t have that handy, so I used what was readily accessible.

Closegrip Cable Row

180 x 15

180 x 15

180 x 15

180 x 11

I found this weight heavier than usual.  Maybe this cable machine needed a little oil in the feed.

Widegrip Pulldown  straight up and down

135 x 15

135 x 12

135 x 12

135 x 10

I had a bad habit of leaning back all the time, and built up my strength in the past that way.  There’s nothing wrong with that on its own, but as part of my training, I realized I was neglecting areas of my back by not pulling it down straight down without the lean.  The back is a big area, and you need to hit a lot of angles to fill it out right. So I have started pulling it straight down again, and of course that means the weight has dropped since that part of my back is a bit neglected.  So kind of a back to basics for me on that one.

Assisted Chin Ups underhand grip

15, 12, 10, 10

Just finishing the back off, with a little help from the biceps.

The biceps work inspired me, so I decided to hit the tris a little bit.  Not a lot, just a little.


75 x 5

75 x 6

I tried to do these, but felt a pain my left elbow on the lower right away.  I waited 2 minutes, then tried a second set.  Again pain, so I chose different exercises.

Tricep Extension Machine

70 x 15

70 x 15

80 x 15

90 x 12

Lots of people don’t explore full ROM with this machine, and I am probably guilty of that too.  I tried to do full ROM, which includes both a straight arm at one end, and having your forearm touch your bicep at the other end.  My full extension was tricky, I couldn’t really bring it all the way without the plates resting on the machine, so I had to stop a little short.  I noticed the weakest part of my ROM was right before the full contraction, so a good point for me to keep focusing on in the future.

Standing 2 Hand DB Extension

70 x 15

70 x 15

70 x 15

70 x 10

I really wanted to use the cables, but that area was too crowded and I wanted to be done.  So I used a dumbbell, and went a little lighter to take it easy on my elbow.

And that was that!  A lot more exhausting than it should have been, but I am not 100% yet.  It actually felt a lot like my old workouts a few years ago, when I weighed about 90 more pounds.  When it was all just grind and no real joy or momentum.  That’s ok, I know the fun will be back soon 🙂

Back in the Saddle

Woke up Tuesday morning ready to get back in the gym!  3 days is too long.

Made it to the gym at 6 am, spin wouldn’t start until 7, so I did some shoulders.

Shoulders:  (30 sec rest b/w sets)

half-kneeling landmine presses:  (no rest, back and forth arm to arm) 35+bar x 15/15, 15/15, 12/12, 10/10

cable lat raise:  40 x 12/12, 10/12, 8/12

cable reverse fly:  77 x 12, 12, 12

cable upright row:  135 x 12, 12, 12, 12

notes:  my shoulders and traps and neck muscles had taken a beating on Monday, so I wanted to work them, but not with a heavy weight, just lots of reps and not much rest.  So no shrugs and no military press.  For the lat raise, my left shoulder was getting tired fast, no big surprise.  No soreness though.  Reverse flys I still had the masseur’s voice in my head (reverse fly as much as you fly)… wtf bro, doUevenlift??  so I managed to pull a decent weight for me, worked to keep it smooth and controlled.

Then Spin!  It was someone’s birthday I think, so they brought in mini-muffins (which I avoided), and Courtney played all 90’s music… ugh.  Lots of Mr Vain and Whoomp there it is, Haddaway, KLF, something off the Bodyguard soundtrack, hahaha!  Kill me now.  Mostly races.  Good to get back in the saddle though!  Busted out a quick hour, headed to work.


I was intending to work out at lunch, but work was wall to wall busy, so that didn’t happen.  I was going to go to the gym after work, but… there was a bomb scare downtown where I work, so I said FUCK THAT and just came home instead, lol.  Well, I should modify that:  a “suspicious package” scare.  that they blew up.  no further info that I have found.



So, I am glad I got in the gym time in the morning!  How about you?  Get any workouts in today?

Sorry for not posting yesterday!  The time at the gym went real late, so when I got home I just ate then went to bed.

Monday evening I went to the gym for a session with Leslie – legs and shoulders.  Since it is such a busy workout, we stagger the leg and shoulder sets back to back, mixing the exercises together.

Legs and Shoulders workout from Hell: (minimum rest b/w sets, back and forth legs to shoulders)

Leg Press warm-up: 270 x 20, 360 x 10, 450 x 10, 540 x 10

Leg Press & half-kneeling Landmine Shoulder Press:  720 x 15, 15, 15, 15; 35 x 15/15, 15/15, 12/12, 12/12


landmine shoulder press

landmine shoulder press

Walking Kettlebell Lunges & Cable Lat Raise:  90 x 11, 11, 11; 30 x 12/12, 12/12, 12/12


reppin the POG

reppin the POG

Stiff-Leg Deadlift & Reverse Cable Fly:  165 x 12, 12, 12; 80 x 12, 60 x 12, 12

using wrist straps

using wrist straps



prone leg curl & db shrugs:  85 x 15, 15, 15, 15; 170 x 15, 15, 15, 15

leg curls for the girls!

leg curls for the girls!


shoulders almost visible!

shoulders almost visible!

standing bodyweight calf raises:  95, 95, 95, 95

cardio:  45 minutes on elliptical


notes:  this workout was BRUTAL.  Chaining leg presses and the landmine presses… I don’t know if it was my legs being crushed into my stomach followed by the mild core work keeping the weight stable… but I wanted to puke by the third set.  That kicked my butt.  And then right after that were lunges!??!?  Why are you so cruel, Leslie??  (oh yeah, this workout was my idea)

The first 2 exercises kicked my butt, and the lunges kicked me while I was down.  I had to stop often and catch my breath.  And then I got mad because all this stopping was chewing up my time.  Lat raises went well enough, though.

I didn’t want to wear out my grip with the SLDL’s and have nothing left for the shrugs, so I wore straps for that movement.  Yet still, I was tired as heck and was swinging too much with the flys, so we dropped the weight down.

New higher weight for the leg curls, and YUP needed some help finishing those sets.  Shrugs were cake though.  Leslie even said she could make out my shoulder muscles through all the layers of fat!  Yessssss… a little definition.

We were out of time, so I did calf raises on my own, then did 45 min of cardio.

Then I went for a therapeutic massage with acupressure dude.  He said my shoulder seems more flexible, hooray!  Good, I need that badboy in peak form so I can recup it.


Tuesday I woke up a little late (late night, like I said), then went to a 7 am spin class, worked out the morning cardio.  A coworker (who I have now turned into a Scivation Xtend fan, and a pwo addict, muahahaha, he comes by and pays me a dollar per scoop to mooch off me), asked me to go work out at lunch!  Sure!  We headed to the office gym for some back and biceps.

Back & biceps (30 sec rest b/w sets)

widegrip pulldowns:  warmup, 180 x 15, 15, 11, 11

bent over BB row:  155 x 12, 12, 9

one hand db row:  65 x 12/12, 12/12, 12/12

spider curls:  20 x 15/15, 15/15, 15/15, 15/15

incline curl:  60 x 9; 50 x 7, 7

ez bar curl:  75 x 9, 5, 7

notes:  back went ok for a weird and different gym.  bb rows felt pretty good.  the gym was SO busy!  the weights were packed, the cables were packed, the leg presses and machines… totally empty.  haha “dudes”, so predictable.  Inspired by the CT Fletcher youtube vids, I did spider curls for the first time, I see lots of potential fun in my future 🙂  I made the coworker try them too, I think he was a fan as well.

My focus and mindset totally crapped out for the inclines and the straight curls, I don’t know what it is but I need to tighten up my headgame sometime soon, I keep having subpar bicep sets, even when the other stuff goes well.

For the ez bar curls, it was my first time doing them in a few weeks, and no forearm pain at least, thankfully.  To keep me from swinging, I stood against a wall, which I think helped me keep good form.  Probably the way I want to go in the future while I get stronger at these.


And that was the past few days!  How about you?  Any good workouts?


Weekend Spin & Back

I meet with the Personal Trainer during the week, so the weekends are my own.  But I have had a lot of lazy weekends in my life, and so if I feel I have the time and the energy, I am going to do a little more.


Saturday WAS a day off.  I slept in, played video games, generally vegetated.  Sunday I got up to go a morning spin class with my neighbour.  Spin class was great!  Best one I have had in a while.  Song 5 was GnR Paradise City, and there was a 2 min power race near the end (guitar solo) that blew my mind, it felt so good.  Eyes were closed, sweat dripping, legs were pumping, it almost started to feel euphoric.  Song 6 and 7 I was still feeling blasted, recovery time was imperative.  One of those Spin classes where you can cruise on the good vibes for the rest of the day.


But the time at the gym wasn’t over!  I had warmed up, now time for some Back!

Row Machine (overhand grip):  90 lbs x30, 25, 20, 15, 10

Superset – underhand cable row (105 lbs) & neutral grip pulldown (105 lbs):  20/13, 20/15, 20/15

Superset – reverse pec deck (40 lbs) & straight arm pulldowns (40 lbs):  20/20, 20/20, 20/20


The workout felt great!  And even better, it was short!  I could have done cardio after, but I felt like Spin before had me covered.

The 100 reps of machine rows felt good, I wasn’t going all out because I knew I had a lot more to go.  That’s why the reps are so proportioned, I stopped at that rep on purpose.  Not that it didn’t get hard by the end, but this was my first run through this workout, and I wanted to keep the intensity down while I checked out how it felt.  A test run, if you will.  Still, I kept the traps down and squeezed on the contraction.  Rest was determined by how far away I was from 100, so after doing 30 reps, I waited 70 seconds.  My rest periods were, respectively:  70s, 45s, 25s, 10s.  So it gets real hard by the end!


I had never supersetted back exercises before, so the weights weren’t crazy, but the reps were high, 20 is a lot of reps for me for a set.  The underhand grip cable rows felt good, heavy but quite doable, but when I jumped over to neutral grip, my grip was shot and my back was tired!  Try as I might, I couldn’t do 20 reps on the back end of that superset.  Each time, the underhand was fine, but I couldn’t get er done on the neutral grip.  So if I run this again, underhand weight goes up and 105 is where I stay on the neutral superset.  By the 3rd set, I had a real nice pump going on in my back, which is a nice feeling with such a large area muscle.

neutral grip pulldown

I wanted to do rear delt flys the way I wanted to do them.  I didn’t want dumbbells, they feel awkward, I wanted either the cables or the pec deck with the free moving bars.  There was a guy doing tricep stuff on the cables, and the machine I wanted was tucked away up in the “personal trainer” area, where PTs take their clients so they can work out with less traffic.  But that area was empty, just roped off and empty.  So I went to the person working the desk, and asked if I could go there.  She said that was only for people who have paid for a PT.  I said but there is noone there!  She hummed and hawed for 30 seconds, but then gave me a clip on id and told me to go ahead.

The flys and the straight arm pulldowns felt not too heavy, so I just focused on the SQUEEZE, exploding on the flys and squeezing a pencil between my delts and then slow on the negative.  Same with the pulldowns, down hard and up slow.  They are lightweight exercises, for lesser used muscles, a good ender.

reverse pec deck

I considered doing some pullups, but the back was tired and the grip was gone, so I happily called it and went home.  Great day at the gym!

See you tomorrow, back to the regular schedule!