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10/27 Back



OK!  Welcome to heavy singles week!  I wanted to get this session in, so no time to waste!


pre-workout:  foam rolled my IT Band, adductors, piriformis

Deadlifts (all barefoot, no straps)

warm-up (double overhand, 30 s rest)

160 x 5

200 x 5

240 x 5



main (2-4 min rest)

300 x 5 beltless, double overhand PR!!

340 x 3 crossgrip, beltless PR!!

380 x 6 crossgrip, belt, rep PR!!

notes:  This was a great session!  Back felt strong, grip felt strong, so I tried different stuff, and ended up doing better than I had ever done on multiple levels!  Total success.  Great start to Week 10 🙂



Squats (Romaleos on)

warm-up (30s rest)

115 x 5

145 x 5

175 x 5


main (1-2 min rest, belt)

230 x 5

230 x 5

230 x 5

230 x 5

230 x 5


leg raises (roman chair, 30 s rest)

10, 10, 10



OK. Today was SUPPOSED to be a day off. But I wanted more action. *itchy* So I took a quick heaping blast of pwo and headed to the public gym. Since traps are the new abs, figured I would do traps AND abs, and some arms just because.

I was a little nervous about trap work since I had just deadlifted yesterday, but resolved just to see how it goes and be very forgiving of myself. Good thing, because that trap workout sucked BALLZ.

pull-ups (assisted for 1/3 BW, 30 sec rests, grip varied)

9 widegrip
10 underhand
8 hammergrip
5 wide
7 under
6 hammer
4 wide
6 under

notes: warmed up, and hit the lower traps a bit

dumbbell shrugs (AMRAP, generous rests – around 2 min, pull up and back, used straps)

100s x 26
100s x 21
100s x 19

notes: Just wanted to pump them out. I thought I was just getting warmed up… turns out that’s all my traps had left, as I found out when starting the next exercise.

static barbell hold (straps, rest varied, grip varied)

405 x couple of seconds… (double overhand, rested 30 sec, tried again)
405 x couple of seconds… (crossgrip, rested 60 sec and tried to shake it off)
315 x 14 seconds (crossgrip, rest 60 sec)
315 x 9 seconds (crossgrip)

notes: WTF? I guess I was more worn out than I thought. Srsly?! I deadlift that much and I can’t just hold on to it? Admittedly I can’t remember the last time I did a static hold and it was weird using straps, but FUUUUUUUCCKKKKK. I was embarrassed, and gave up.

Overhead Shrugs on Seated Press Machine (one set only)

70 x 50

notes: this felt blessedly easy. wasn’t sure how high reps would feel, so maybe I was too conservative.

Arm Finisher

OK! Forget about traps, time to run the rack! Do 10 sets of curls, working your way up in DBs, then 10 sets of seated 2H extensions, working your way up with the DBs. Time to be a GIANT ARSEHOLE and put your hands on every dumbbell in a crowded public gym, hahaha.

(rest only as long as it takes to go find the DB and bring the last one back)

curls: 10s x 10, 15s x 9, 20s x 8, 25s x 7, 30s x 6, 35s x 5, 40s x 4, 45s x 3, 50s x 2, 55s x 1
extensions: 55 x 10, 60 x 9, 65 x 8, 70 x 7, 75 x 6, 80 x 5, 85 x 4, 90 x 3, 95 x 2, 100 x 1
curls: 10s x 10, 15s x 9, 20s x 8, 25s x 7, 30s x 6, 35s x 5, 40s x 4, 45s x 3, 50s x 2, 55s x 1
extensions: 55 x 10, 60 x 9, 65 x 8, 70 x 7, 75 x 6, 80 x 5, 85 x 4, 90 x 3, 95 x 2, 100 x 1

This turned into some unexpected extra trap work b/c of the constant loaded carries I was doing back and forth across the gym with the DBs to my seat and back for the extensions. Basically I was supersetting suitcase carries, LOL.

After 2 rounds of this, I felt like I was using too much English on the heavy curls and was taking too long to gather the testes to clean the weight up to my shoulder for the extensions, plus ppl were giving me dirty looks, so 3rd round I played with the baby DBs for the curls and used the tricep machine.

curls: 5s x 10, 7.5s x 9, 10s x 8, 12.5s x 7, 15s x 6, 17.5s x 5, 20s x 4, 22.5s x 3, 25s x 2, 30s x 1
pushdown machine: 10 x 10, 20 x 9, 30 x 8, 40 x 7, 50 x 6, 60 x 5, 70 x 4, 80 x 3, 90 x 2, 100 x 1

notes: even with no rest, the bicep curls in rd 3 were too easy. even though control was tight and got a good squeeze, felt too easy. tricep machine had a much faster turnaround, but could have gone heavier.

Roman Chair Straight Leg Raises (30 sec rest)

10, 10, 10, 10, 10

post-workout 20 min LISS on elliptical

I was destroyed after this! Grabbed a burger in the food court (its carb day again!) and headed home to take a much deserved nap. OK… NOW I feel like I need a rest day, hahaha.

7/27 Deload Back

Just cruising, being chill.  staying active, nothing too strenuous, some light iron then some bodyweight.  hope I don’t get used to this, LOL.  that first day back is gonna be murder!


Deadlifts (all barefoot, no straps)

(double overhand, traded sets with a partner)

155 x 5

195 x 5

235 x 5



Squats (Romaleos on, narrowstance, ATG, traded sets)

115 x 5

115 x 5

115 x 5

Assisted Chinups (varied grip, traded sets)

8 wide

11 underhand

9 hammer

Hyperextensions (traded sets)




Roman Chair Leg Raises (traded sets)

10, 10, 10

5/27 Back

Rep PR on Deadlifts!  Time to celebrate with some music!


pre-workout:  Defranco Agile 8

Deadlifts (all barefoot, no straps)

warm-up (double overhand, 1-2 min rest)

155 x 5

195 x 5

235 x 5

main (crossgrip, belt,  2-5 min rest)

275 x 3

310 x 3

350 x 8

notes:  woohoo! personal best!  been waiting 5 weeks for a new best on DLs



Squats (Romaleos on, 60 sec rest)

140 x 10

140 x 10

140 x 10

140 x 10

140 x 10

Leg Raises (roman chair, 30 sec rest)






notes:  couldn’t keep from sliding in the chair haha, weak core maybe

3/27 Back

forgot to do the DeFranco Agile 8, woops!  I was already into my first set by the time I realized it.  so excited to deadlift!

Deadlifts (all barefoot, no straps)

warm-up (double overhand, 1-2 min rest)

150 x 5

190 x 5

230 x 5

main (crossgrip, 2-5 min rest)

285 x 5

325 x 3 (put on belt for Set 5 onwards)

360 x 4

notes:  Got to rock the bumper plates again tonight, so a bit more touch and go than usual, a faster descent.  Belt was working hard keeping my lower back tight on that last set!



Squats (Romaleos on, 60 sec rest)

135 x 10

135 x 10

135 x 10

135 x 10

135 x 10

Leg Raises (roman chair, 30 sec rest)






post-workout:  rumble roller on my IT bands, adductors, piriformis

2/27 Back

warmup  DeFranco Agile 8



Deadlifts (1-2 min rest)


150 x 5

190 x 5

230 x 5

main (2-3 min rest)

265 x 3

305 x 3

340 x 4

notes:  Some experimenting going on tonight.  I lifted barefoot – that went fine, easy transition for me.  I used my belt – that didn’t feel better or worse, just different.  will take some time to get used to that.  When I wore the belt for squats, it felt better right away.  For deadlifts… coming down was a little more awkward but coming up felt more solid.  I only got 4 reps on the last set because I felt my grip going.  Lots of regret I didn’t get more on that one.




Squats (60-90 sec rest)

135 x 10

135 x 10

135 x 10

135 x 10

135 x 10

Leg Raises (roman chair, 30-60 sec rest)






post-workout:  yoga stretches and releases for my back, so thankful for that!  back has been tired all day.


Feb 14 – High Carb Day / Back,Bi & Shoulders,Chest

Happy Valentines Day!  I decided to celebrate with high carbs and lots of workouts, haha.


In the morning I headed to the gym for Part 1 – Back, Biceps, Core

Bent Over Barbell Row (rest from 30-50 sec, time to change the weight plus a few seconds)

95 x 15

115 x 12

135 x 10

155 x 10

175 x 10


Widegrip Pulldowns (45s rest)

195 x 10

195 x 10

195 x 10

195 x 10


Superset DB Pullovers and Closegrip Cable Row (60-75s rest)

50 x 12 / 120 x 15

55 x 12 / 135 x 15

60 x 12 / 150 x 15

65 x 12 / 165 x 15

notes: the expansion of the ribcage during the pullovers helped me focus on expanding my ribcage again to isolate the back muscles during the rows (thanks for the idea coach!)

Assisted Underhand Grip Chinups (Heavy) (30s rest)

6, 6, 6, 6

notes: I could adjust my assistance, so I took less assistance than normal, to the point where doing 6 was a real strain.

Closegrip Cable Curls (45s rest)

83 x 12

94 x 12

105 x 12

116 x 12


Standing DB Hammer Curls (45s rest)

40s x 12

40s x 7

35s x 12

35s x 12

notes:  I was running out of gas pretty hard, so I had to drop the weight.

Preacher Machine Curls (45s rest)

90 x 17

80 x 13

70 x 12

notes:  no matter that I kept dropping the weight, my reps kept dropping.  I knew I was done for!  So I ended the bicep work and moved on to core for a bit.

Superset Roman Chair Kneeups and Decline Crunches (30s rest)

12 / 10 lbs x 12

12 / BW 11

12 / BW 11

12 / BW 9

notes:  I started the decline crunches off tucking a dime plate behind my head, but my shoulder felt sore, so I tried just bodyweight… and I couldn’t even complete those.  Weak core!  Need to put in work on that.


Then I went to work.  After work headed to the studio for a second session with the trainer.  Who needs valentines?  I got a date with the iron.

Superset Standing Overhead Press and Face Pulls (about 45s rest)

95 x 12 / 50 x 15

95 x 12 / 60 x 12

95 x 10 / 70 x 10

95 x 10 / 80 x 10

95 x 9 / 90 x 10

notes:  I got tired in the core quickly, so when I couldn’t control the back arch, I stopped pressing.


Seated DB Power Cleans (45s rest)

20s x 8

15s x 12

15s x 11

notes:  this is my first time doing these.  I thought, I will start light with 20s… turns out this one is hard!  Especially because my rotator cuffs and stabilizer muscles are my weak link.  Which makes this the perfect exercise for me, weak on my weak links.  Dropped the weight and did the rest of my sets.


Twist Press (30s rest)

30s x 10

35s x 10

40s x 10

45s x 10

notes:  first time doing this too.  You start off with a normal flat DB press, and supinate your wrists so that the pinky end of the dumbbells tough at the top of the press (you corkscrew on the way up).  Felt good!  I started light to see how it feels, and it was fairly light for me, but we only had so much time in this session, so we called it and moved on.


Leaning Cable Lat Raise (30s rest)

20 x 12 each side

20 x 15

20 x 15

notes:  I find I get better form with the cables, and leaning increases the ROM, so I can hit a bit more of the delt.



Rear Delt Cable Fly (30s rest)

20 x 15

20 x 15

20 x 15

notes:  Love these!  My form has much improved too.


DB Shrugs (30s rest)

80s x 15

85s x 12

85s x 12

notes:  Focused on the squeeze at the top, was rewarded with a visible trap bulge!  Hooray!  Finally you can see my traps!



Happy Valentines Day traps!

Cycle 3 Week 1 Legs

Cycle 3 Week 1 Squats

Warmup (1-2 min rest)

125 x 5
155 x 5
185 x 3

Main  (3 min rest)

200 x 5
235 x 5
265 x 5

notes: I admit to feeling a little nervous, since last squat day I failed out and got pinned down for a second by the bar.  It seems that what fails first on me is not my legs or glutes, but my core.  Even on that last set I was starting to bow forward.  So I took nice long rests between sets so I could go at these with seriousness.  But since there is such a disparity between legs and core, I realize I need the assistance work to finish me off.


45 Degree Leg Press (feet high and wide, 2 min b/w sets)

16 plates x 12
20 plates x 12
20 plates x 12
22 plates x 10


notes:  One is tempted to ask if I am e-bragging these presses and then doing ****e ROM

I admit, I am always conscious of this myself.  The fact is, legs go down until they press against my gut (feet high and wide help with this to give me more clearance), and until my butt is in danger of popping up off the low back rest.  Normal ROM, imo.  But nevertheless, I will concede there are some heavy advantages taking place here, otherwise why would my squats trail so far behind, ROFL.  So I only do it as assistance now, and only do it to finish my legs off.  OK?

But still, 22 plates!  oh yeahhhhhh

Standing Single Leg Curls (30 sec rest after both legs do their set)

90 x 15
90 x 15
90 x 13
90 x 10

notes:  really tried to keep the full ROM, as it is easy to drift into midrange when you get tired.  I find the extremes of the ROM are what kills me off especially on the standing curl, moreso than seated or prone machines.

Leg Extensions (45 sec rest)

160 x 15
160 x 13
160 x 12
160 x 10

notes:  figured my knees had recovered from the leg press, time for isolation!  It was clear my strength was gone as I was running out of gas.  Time for light ab work.

Roman Chair Knee Raises (30 sec rest)

10, 10, 10, 10

Sunday Week 1 Cycle 1 Back

Deadlift day!

I asked my friend if she wanted to work out with me (I had been getting requests to “bring the girl back”).  She asked what I had in mind.  I mentioned it was scheduled as a deadlift day for me.  And her eyes lit up!  No joke, she loves deadlifts.

So I played around with the routine a bit to put more deadlift work in there.  A more extensive warmup, the main sets, real heavy low rep sets (known in the 5/3/1 book as Joker sets), lighter weight higher rep sets (known in the book as “First Set Last: Multiple Sets”) , had the straps on deck, had the Fat Gripz on deck, this one would have it all!

I took a scoop of Fast Fuel 30 min before the workout with a handful of dry oats for extra energy, got there 15 min early and sat in the massage chair for a bit to warm up   then took a scoop of Fast Fuel and a scoop of ReGen during the workout!  Then ReGen and creatine HCl after the workout.

Week 1 Deadlift Day (Conventional double overhand, not Sumo unless otherwise noted)
(traded sets back and forth with my friend, so rest time for me equalled her set, plus changing the weights)

45 x 10 Fat Gripz
80 x 5   Fat Gripz
115 x 5  Fat Gripz
145 x 5  Fat Gripz
175 x 5



210 x 5
240 x 5
270 x 6


Joker Set
305 x 0 Straps
305 x 1 Sumo, Straps



Back Off Sets

210 x 6
210 x 8
210 x 8


notes:  Real proud of my friend!  She did great.  I was feeling good so I went for the Joker Set… and failed, haha.  So I switched to Sumo, let out a beefy grunt, and busted out that rep.

I wanted to keep going with the Jokers, but my friend wanted to keep the workout at an hour (did I mention right before this she had done an hour of Spin?  60 min of Spin, then 60 min of deadlifts, pretty badass!)

She had to go at the hour mark, so I trimmed down the Back Off Sets, then after she left I did a little more Assistance work on my own.

Before she left though, she wanted to make sure the readers had more to look at, so she went to take a pic of her friends’ butts, hahaha. (They did Spin with her, then did their own Squat workout while we did DLs.)

Assistance (30 sec rest b/w sets, normal tempo)

One Arm DB Row

25 x 10/10 offleg stretched back
50 x 10/10 offleg stretched back
80 x 20/20 offleg at 90 degrees on bench

notes:  Basically 2 warmups then a single high rep set at a heavy weight (for me).  I don’t think Kroc has anything to fear from me yet, but don’t sleep!  I’m comin for ya, haha!  I play with the positioning of my non-supporting leg to make the exercise easier or harder. (ie. if I am rowing with my left, my right knee can be moved around on the bench to make it easier or harder.)

Hyperextension Machine

300 x 12
300 x 12
300 x 12
300 x 12

Roman Chair

15 knee raises
12 bent leg raises (45 degrees or so)
10 straight leg raises
10 straight leg raises
12 knee raises

After, I sipped on my post-workout drink while sitting in the sauna for about 10 min.  Came home and collapsed!  That was draining.  Good session, no PRs but a lot of good work.

Time to get back on the horse.  I was going to work out on the weekend, I really was!  Then my energy just crashed and I pretty much slept all weekend.  Woops!  So Monday I was determined to get back into it.

Started off Monday with an early morning shoulder workout

Monday AM Shoulders/Calves/Abs (45 sec rest)

warmup – rotator cuff warmup

seated dumbbell shoulder press:  50 x 10; 70 x 10; 100 x 10, 10

side raise machine:  50 x 10; 70 x 10; 100 x 12, 12, 12

standing dumbbell front raise hammergrip:  20 x 10; 50 x 12, 12, 12

cable side raise:  30 x 10 plus 3 heavy negatives, 30 x 10+3, 10+3

widegrip upright rows (30 sec rest):  50 x 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15

Superset Leg Press Calf Raises and Roman Chair Knee Raises (no rest, back and forth station to station):  8 plates x 20 calves and 15 abs:  20 & 15, 20 & 15

Cardio 15 min


notes:  I haven’t done dumbbell presses in a while but they felt good!  My left shoulder felt real sore on those side raises though.  By the time I was trying to do those heavy negatives, I had nothing left for side delts.  Upright rows felt great!  Shoulders and upper chest and traps are coming along I think, based on what I saw in the mirror.  Not much time after that before work so I did calves and abs with no rest then a short cardio session.  Off to work!


After work I headed to the studio for a session with the trainer! Fullbody compound time!

Monday PM Fullbody (45-60 sec rest)

Cardio 10 min warmup

Bench Squats:  185 x 8, 205 x 8, 225 x 8, 8


Standing Military Press:  95 x 8, 8, 8, 8


Smith Machine Bench Press: 225 x 5; 205 x 8, 8, 8

the bad form that forced me to drop weight

the bad form that forced me to drop weight

Assisted Pullups (varied grip):  8, 8, 9, 9

Barbell Curls:  65 x 8, 8, 8; 75 x 8


Ab Roller:  8, 8, 8

notes:  Yay getting better at squats!  Finally 2 wheels!  I feel myself starting to get more comfortable with these, so hopefully the weight will keep climbing.  My form started to get horrible on the bench press, my elbows kept flaring.  This might be a result of all the shoulder work I had been doing today, I was just tired.  So we lowered the weight.  Booooooo, hiss.


And that was my double workout day!  Keep grinding those gains out!