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4 May 2016

May 4

The plan was to hit presses for a 3rd day this week, but make this a light day. Heavy Monday, light Wednesday, heavy Saturday. Office workout. No wraps or sleeves.

Push Presses (cambered bar, closegrip, clean once, slight push press, 90 sec rests)

75 x 3

*some warmup: slow neg sides raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs*

125 x 2
145 x 2
145 x 2
145 x 2

Smith Machine Closegrip Incline (shallow incline, short rests)

bar+70 x 3
+120 x 3
+140 x 3
+160 x 3
+180 x 3

2 Arm Db Rows (facedown on an incline bench, 90 sec rests)

60s x 6
60s x 6
60s x 6

Superset: DB Front Raises & DB Skullcrushers (90 sec rest)

35s x 8 / 35s x 8
35s x 8 / 35s x 8

The plan for the evening after work was some glute bridges and some cardio. The usual.

2/27 Chest

(varying short rest, my partners set was my rest, vice versa)

Worked out with a partner today!  so no supersets, we just traded back and forth.

Bench Press


70 x 5 / over & backs w/ resistance band x 8

85 x 5 / o&b

100 x 5 / o&b


120 x 3

135 x 3

155 x 10

joker sets

165 x 3

175 x 2

notes:  joker sets are just a term for keeping the strength workout going if you are feeling good and having good lifts.  just keep upping the weight until you feel like stopping



Overhead Press

65 x 10

65 x 10

65 x 10

65 x 10

65 x 10

One Arm DB Row

100 x 10/10

100 x 10/10

100 x 10/10

100 x 10/10

100 x 10/10

Superset Tricep Pressdowns & DB Curls  (4 sec squeeze at peak for each pressdown rep)

90 x 10 / 40s x 12

100 x 10 / 40s x 12

110 x 10 / 40s x 12

Pressdown Burn Set (do not stop until you hit the reps, take a few seconds here and there to catch your breath as needed)

110 x 50

Cable Curl Burn Set

70 x 50


1/27 Chest

Running late this morning, so by the time I got to the gym I had to shave time in order to be out of there by Noon.  so I cut out my pre-workout routine, cut the rest time, and went crazy!


Chest Day!

Bench Press (no rest between supersets, just enough time to change weights)

warm-up – superset Bench Press and Rotator Cuff Work

70 x 5 / 15 lb DB taken through ROM 15 times each arm

85 x 5 / Roto

100 x 5 / Roto

main – Superset Bench Press and Assisted Pullups (60 sec rest, alternating grips for pullups)

110 x 5 / 5 widegrip

130 x 5 / 5 underhand grip

145 x 10 / 5 hammer grip



Superset Overhead Press and One Arm DB Rows (30 sec rest)

65 x 10   /   80 x 10/10

65 x 10   /   80 x 10/10

65 x 10   /   80 x 10/10

65 x 10   /   80 x 10/10

65 x 10   /   80 x 10/10

Superset Bicep Curl Machine and Tricep Pressdown Machine (30 sec rest)

70 x 15 / 80 x 15

70 x 15 / 80 x 15

70 x 15 / 80 x 15

Rear Delt Cable Fly (30 sec rest)

55 x 15

33 x 15

33 x 15


Then had to dash!  45 min, in and out



It might have been crazy to have a 2nd back day 2 days after the first, and the very next day after I got my low back deep-massaged.  but whatever!  Had a hunger for some DLs.  Just call me DL Hugely!!


Deadlift and Assistance

Deadlift  (60-120s rest, double overhand grip for first 5 sets, switch grip on 6th set, no straps used)

155 x 5

190 x 5

230 x 5

250 x 5

290 x 5

325 x 5

notes:  As predicted, my low back was getting tired fast!  It was still recovering from the RMT.  I noticed rounding was getting bad on the last set so I clipped it short at 5.  Weight was flying up though!  Just harder to get low when your low back is giving up.  I keep sticking with double overhand when I am sub 300, and jump to switch grip when I am 300+, it seems to work fine, although 290 felt pretty draining on my double overhand grip for sure, it was so borderline.


Meadows Rows (45s rest)

50 x 8/8

60 x 8/8

60 x 8/8

60 x 8/8


Closegrip Machine Rows  (45s rest, explosive reps)

225 x 6

225 x 6

225 x 6

225 x 6

notes:  225 is about the edge of what I am barely capable of “exploding” on, so I will stick at this weight for a bit.


Scapulae Stretch Pulldowns  (45s rest)

210 x 8

210 x 8

210 x 8

210 x 8

notes:  rubber grips be ripping up my calluses!  ouch!


DB Shrugs  (45s rest, hold squeeze for 3 seconds each rep)

80s x 12

80s x 12

80s x 12

notes:  feeling good!  Decided since I gambled so hard with my back, why not gamble on my calves too??

Standing Calf Raise Machine (45s rest, do partials out of bottom ROM, basically stretch down past parallel, then go up to parallel only, full reps of course go from past parallel to full toe pointing)

195 x 10, 15 partials

235 x 10, 10 partials

275 x 10, 5 partials

315 x 10, 5 partials

notes:  I only mention the ROM because I see so many ppl halfass it so often on the calf raise machine.  You have this great chance t let your ankle go down past where the floor would be, why not take advantage!!  Work the extreme ranges of your ROM, something I can;t do as well when I stand around with a pair of DBs.

post-workout – 20 min cardio

fun times!


Cycle 3 Week 1 Back

Cycle 3 Week 1 DL

Warmup (1-2 min rest)

130 x 5
160 x 5
190 x 3

notes:  was interrupted for a bit by that old guy from the week prior.  Seems I have created a monster!  He wants to chat me up about his gym plans and form and stuff.  Crap… need to go to a new gym for a while, lol.  I also noticed a… pressure.  Not to be too crass, but I felt constipated.  And to be honest, I didn’t want to stop deadlifting, so I just worked through it.

Main  (2 min rest)

210 x 5
240 x 5
270 x 8

notes: The ****-pressure had now subsided, but now my low back was getting really sore.  Maybe related?  Carrying around an extra 3 pounds of mudbaby can wear your low back out at the gym??  My grip was fine, but because of the sore low back I could feel my back rounding a lot on the last set, so I decided to not do any extra DLs and move on to assistance work.


Assisted Chinups (grip rotating each set from wide to underhand to hammer, 30 sec rest b/w sets)

6 wide
10 under
4 hammer
4 wide
6 under
4 hammer
3 wide
4 under

note:  my back felt tired as crap!  (hmmm, pun!)  I was stubborn though, and kept trying to get a few more pullups in there.  But it just wasn’t clicking.  So I tried a new angle.

Bent Over 1 Arm DB Rows (30 sec rest)

40 x 10
60 x 10
85 x 20

notes:  Just 2 warmup sets really, then one allout set with a fairly heavy weight.  I haven’t done this “Kroc-style” in a few weeks, and it seems to have paid off, hit 20 reps with the 85s finally!

Superset BW Hyperextensions and Weighted Crunches (30 sec rest b/w supersets, crunches done in an ABCore chair, weights load behind head)

BW x 10 / 60 x 10
BW x 10 / 60 x 7
BW x 10 / 60 x 10
BW x 10 / 60 x 10

notes:  these also felt pretty good.

After the workout, I spent some quality time in the WC

A new day for the rest-pause workout!  I got into the gym in the morning, and got ready to wage war on the iron.


row machine (closegrip) 150:  18, 7 = 25/25 reps complete!

deadlift 225×15 (10 min goal):  3/3/3/3/3 = complete!

assisted widegrip pullups:  8,5,4,3,3 = 23/35 reps FAIL

seated alternating twisting DB curls 55s:  7,6,6,4 = 23/25 reps FAIL

curl machine 110:  18, 5, 3 = 26/25 reps complete!

DB shrugs 80s:  20, 15 = 35/35 reps complete!

grip hang:  10 sec, 7 sec, 5 sec


I wanted to do deadlifts first, but all the racks were busy.  But by the time I was done rows, one opened up.  Deadlifts were slightly different than the other exercises, I gave myself 10 min to do 15 reps, with the intention that I will eventually be doing singles.  So a single rep, rest a little bit, then another, etc.  The weight was rather light though, as I wanted to get used to form.  So I ended up doing 3 at a time, and could have done more at once, but I wanted to keep working on the setting up just as much as the execution.

By the time I was done pullups (which went really well for me, I thought), my back was DYING.  My lower back was ready to lock up, so I was glad to sit down for the bicep work.  Energy felt low on biceps, the back stuff really took A LOT out of me today, but I carried on.

The DB curls, I think I held back too much early on.  I wanted to get used to how it felt with the limited rest, and by the time I was at the end, my form was falling off, and I stopped rather than bust out bad form reps.  But since I stopped before my form faltered on the EARLY mini sets, and I was only two reps away at the end, I probably robbed myself a bit.  Oh well, I will get ’em next time.

Shrugs were easy, but I wanted to see how my shoulders would react.  There were no issues with my shoulders, but I could feel my grip falling apart even by the end of the shrugs.  So I knew the hang work would be weak.  And it was – I slipped from palm to fingers WAY too early.  So not a good forearm day, IMO.


I went to work after, and I was DYING all day.  It might have been unwise for me to try out a new back workout BEFORE work, should have done it at the end of the day, haha.  The walk home after work was agonizing… will need lots of sleep.  No cardio, just sleep for me today.


Feeling some nice soreness in the chest today.


Went to the gym after work.  Yay for some Friday night exercise!

Back work:

Wanted to do deadlifts, but the squat racks were busy – a girl and her trainer, and 2 guys on the other one.  The 2 guys were wasting a lot of time, chatting away, squatting very little, then chatting for 5 more minutes.  I hate that.  But why bother trying to sub out with them?  Fixing the amounts on free weights is time-consuming, and these guys were idiots.  So I just moved on, can get more done if I avoid these time-thieves.

One arm DB row:  60×12, no rest, 60×12 (so back and forth, 12 on one arm, 12 on the other, 12 on the first, 12 on the other)

Pull-ups:  7 1/2 wide grip, 7 close grip, 6 1/2 hammer grip

T-bar row machine:  105×40, 105×40


I am happy with the pullups, getting more and more comfortable with them.

Then time for some cardio:  arc trainer for 30 min, 65% resistance, incline 9


Quick and fun back workout!

emptying the tank

Neighbour asked me if I wanted to go to Spin class at 10 am.  So I showed up at the gym a little after 9 for some back work.

Did some deadlifts, which is one of those big boy moves I am still getting accustomed to, so really focused on form for now.  Then one arm DB rows with no rest between sets.  Then I did closegrip on the hammer strength row machine until the assisted chinup bar was free.

deadlift 185 for 8 reps, 90 sec rest, 8 reps

1 arm DB row 55s for 12, 12

row machine 90 pounds for 25 reps

assisted pullups (40% BW) – widegrip 4, closegrip 5, hammer grip 4


Then I loosened up my joints for about a minute, then alternated sets of 5 fingerpad kneeling pushups with 10 eagle claws, 2 sets.  Then I went back to the assisted chinup bar to practice hanging:

15 sec, 30 sec rest

20 sec, 40 sec rest

15 sec, 50 sec rest

10 sec

I think my times were better this time because this chinup bar has fresher rubber, I get a better grip.  New favorite bar to hang from!


Then it was time for spin class.  By the third song, I knew I was in trouble.  I was running out of gas to the point where my pedals were stopping, and I was only about a quarter of the way into the class!  That class seemed to go on FOREVER… I just got pulverized.  It was brutal!  If there was a referee, he would have stopped the class and thrown in the towel.

I am not sure what it was:  was I dehydrated?  Were my legs still tired from HIIT on Thursday?  Did I use up my energy on the back workout?  All 3?  Whatever the reason, it was just one of those cardio classes where we empty our tanks long before the finish line.  We have all had them, now was just my turn.

After class I went to do some extra stretches (beyond the ones we normally do for our legs):  L-Sit above the dip station for about 20 seconds, held a short bridge for about 20 sec, some seated twists for about 20 sec each side.  Then I showered and headed home.

By the time I was at the bus stop, my feet were dragging, I was ready to just crawl into a hole and hibernate.  Maybe no spin class for me tomorrow…