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18 Nov 2016

Finally have enough spare time to hit the gym! Did the office gym right before lunch. Decided to celebrate my freedom with a “fun” workout.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, shrugs

Superset: Flat DB Presses & Band Pullaparts (2-3 min rests, hammergrip presses, heavy resistance band)

60s x 16 / 20 pullaparts
70s x 12 / 20 pullaparts
80s x 9 / 20 pullaparts
90s x 7 / 20 pullaparts
100s x 5 / 20 pullaparts
90s x 5 / 20 pullaparts
80s x 7 / 20 pullaparts
70s x 10 / 20 pullaparts
60s x 15 / 20 pullaparts

notes: I wondered if my chest would be burning, but NOPE! My rear delts were so pumped and on fire!!! I was in pain between sets. The pump hurt so bad, I needed to stretch out my rear delts between sets. If I just sat there normally, my rear delts burned… I had to extend my arms forward and stretch them out to feel better.

Superset: 6-way DB Raise and Band Over and Backs (60 sec rests, heavy band)

10s x 10 / 10 over and backs
10s x 10 / 10 over and backs

notes: I went for a third set… but my shoulders just rebelled, I couldn’t even pick up the 10 lb DBs any more LOL. By this point, the rear delts burned so bad that the only time they STOPPED burning was when I was doing the 6 way raise… but the over and backs burned like hell.

Superset: DB Hammer Curls & Cable V-Bar Pushdowns & Leg Raises (30 sec rests)

40s x 15 / 7 plates x 40 / 15 raises
40s x 13 / 7 plates x 40 / 15 raises
40s x 13 / 7 plates x 40 / 15 raises

notes: this was a random mix just to speed things up, I supersetted arm work with abs. I went light on triceps and just pumped out the reps until my arms wanted to pop.

11 May 2016

I got bored and decided to do a “fun” session today. It won’t translate to any of the strongman events, but keeps me active and keeps the blood flowing and makes me happy. So… bench! lol

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs, static pec stretches

Flat DB Press (elbow sleeves, 2 min rests)

40s x 25
50s x 21
60s x 21
70s x 15
80s x 12
90s x 8
100s x 5
90s x 7
80s x 8
70s x 11
60s x 17
50s x 23

notes: run the rack until your chest pops. crossing my fingers for some chest DOMS tomorrow. Those are my favorite!

Also, I never used to think of 2 min rests as too short, but since doing strongman, 2 min now feels too short, lol. I am getting so lazy.

Seated Smith Machine OHP (2 min rests)

bar + 50 x 8
+70 x 8
+90 x 7

notes: oh man… my shoulders were more tired than I thought! Running the rack wore me out, I could not do ohp for chit today, so I scrapped it and moved on.

Superset: Cable Side Raises & Hammer Curls & DB Shrugs

15 x 12 / 40s x 12 / 100s x 12
15 x 12 / 40s x 12 / 100s x 12

coodlown: glute bridges, static hip stretches, band pullaparts

Mar 9, 2015

Monday mid-day office gym fun. OMG, my legs were getting sore on Monday.

Chest, calves

Flat DB Press (elbow sleeves on, 2 min rest b/w sets)

40s x 25
50s x 15
60s x 10
70s x 8
80s x 6
90s x 4
80s x 6
70s x 9
60s x 13
50s x 20
40s x 25

notes: I upped the rest a bit, and put on sleeves. I could have gotten a few more dirty reps on the 90s, but there was a cute chick stretching out right next to me, so I decided to only do clean controlled reps so I wouldn’t look like a wuss. Ego lifting! Shoulder wasn’t as sore this time.

Superset Smith Machine Standing Calf Raises & Dorsiflexion (90 sec rest b/w sets)

bar + 190 X 10 reps, hold 10 seconds, 10 more reps, hold 10 sec, 10 more reps, hold 10 sec / 50 dorsiflexions
bar + 240 X 10 reps, hold 10 seconds, 10 more reps, hold 10 sec, 10 more reps, hold 10 sec / 50 dorsiflexions

notes: Borrowed this from Meadows – 10 reps, hold at peak contraction for 10 seconds, repeat, repeat. Then flex your shins hard about 50 times, by which time your shins should be going numb

prone leg raise (30 sec rest)

20, 15, 15, 15

notes: I found this harder to do with Leg DOMS, lol.

I was going to do cardio, then realized I was gonna be late for something at work, so I rushed back. Just a bit of ab, calf and chest work to break up the day and fill the gap in between harder sessions.

Mar 3

mid morning office gym shenanigans. decided to stop being a pussy and throw in some chest sets

Chest, Shoulders

Flat DB Press (90 sec rest b/w sets)

40s x 20
50s x 15
60s x 10
70s x 6
80s x 6
90s x 4
80s x 5
70s x 7
60s x 12
50s x 15
40s x 22

notes: run the rack, up and then back down. major limiting factor was my shoulder, hurt like a bitch on that first rep: you bring it to your chest as you lay down, get it in position, then press up. yeah, that part hurts. I need to learn a new way to DB press, at least how to load the DBs into position.

seated Smith OHP (90 sec rest b/w sets)

bar x 5
bar + 30 x 5
bar + 70 x 10
bar + 70 x 10
bar + 70 x 7
bar + 70 x 7
bar + 70 x 5.5

notes: I knew my shoulders would be zapped so I used the smith instead of free weights and just tried to get some pressing in, minus the stabilization. this way I figured if I failed, there would be little to no consequences. Shoulders looked juicy in the mirror! Well, juicy for me anyways. Pump was visible!! Fellow officeworkers in the gym were scurred

cable upright rows (60 sec rest)

67.5 x 10
67.5 x 10
67.5 x 10
67.5 x 10
67.5 x 10

notes: Went back to cables, felt good! Starting to get heavy, but good.

One Arm standing DB OHP (90 sec rest)

30 x 5/5
40 x 5/5
50 x 8/8
50 x 5/5
50 x 5/5

notes: Shoulders just too zapped at this point, so I ended it after 3 working sets.

post-workout: some LISS

13/27 Extra Chest


Yay, a rest day!  Oh look, weights!  Don’t mind if I do…


In honour of all my fellow buff dudes trapped in fat men bodies rocking out the iron… here is a video of men in fat suits rocking out 🙂


I wanted some chest work that minimized leg drive, so I stayed away from the barbell.


DB Bench Press (2 min rest)

40s x 20

50s x 15

60s x 10

70s x 6

80s x 6

90s x 4

80s x 6

70s x 6

60s x 10

50s x 15

40s x 20


notes:  yes, 11 sets 🙂


Machine Press (60 sec rest)

150 x 12

165 x 12

180 x 10


Cable Crossovers (60 sec rest)

121 x 15

143 x 12

143 x 12


notes:  was able to get 17 sets done in about 50 min, so time for cardio!


post-workout cardio:  60 min Spin class




OK. Today was SUPPOSED to be a day off. But I wanted more action. *itchy* So I took a quick heaping blast of pwo and headed to the public gym. Since traps are the new abs, figured I would do traps AND abs, and some arms just because.

I was a little nervous about trap work since I had just deadlifted yesterday, but resolved just to see how it goes and be very forgiving of myself. Good thing, because that trap workout sucked BALLZ.

pull-ups (assisted for 1/3 BW, 30 sec rests, grip varied)

9 widegrip
10 underhand
8 hammergrip
5 wide
7 under
6 hammer
4 wide
6 under

notes: warmed up, and hit the lower traps a bit

dumbbell shrugs (AMRAP, generous rests – around 2 min, pull up and back, used straps)

100s x 26
100s x 21
100s x 19

notes: Just wanted to pump them out. I thought I was just getting warmed up… turns out that’s all my traps had left, as I found out when starting the next exercise.

static barbell hold (straps, rest varied, grip varied)

405 x couple of seconds… (double overhand, rested 30 sec, tried again)
405 x couple of seconds… (crossgrip, rested 60 sec and tried to shake it off)
315 x 14 seconds (crossgrip, rest 60 sec)
315 x 9 seconds (crossgrip)

notes: WTF? I guess I was more worn out than I thought. Srsly?! I deadlift that much and I can’t just hold on to it? Admittedly I can’t remember the last time I did a static hold and it was weird using straps, but FUUUUUUUCCKKKKK. I was embarrassed, and gave up.

Overhead Shrugs on Seated Press Machine (one set only)

70 x 50

notes: this felt blessedly easy. wasn’t sure how high reps would feel, so maybe I was too conservative.

Arm Finisher

OK! Forget about traps, time to run the rack! Do 10 sets of curls, working your way up in DBs, then 10 sets of seated 2H extensions, working your way up with the DBs. Time to be a GIANT ARSEHOLE and put your hands on every dumbbell in a crowded public gym, hahaha.

(rest only as long as it takes to go find the DB and bring the last one back)

curls: 10s x 10, 15s x 9, 20s x 8, 25s x 7, 30s x 6, 35s x 5, 40s x 4, 45s x 3, 50s x 2, 55s x 1
extensions: 55 x 10, 60 x 9, 65 x 8, 70 x 7, 75 x 6, 80 x 5, 85 x 4, 90 x 3, 95 x 2, 100 x 1
curls: 10s x 10, 15s x 9, 20s x 8, 25s x 7, 30s x 6, 35s x 5, 40s x 4, 45s x 3, 50s x 2, 55s x 1
extensions: 55 x 10, 60 x 9, 65 x 8, 70 x 7, 75 x 6, 80 x 5, 85 x 4, 90 x 3, 95 x 2, 100 x 1

This turned into some unexpected extra trap work b/c of the constant loaded carries I was doing back and forth across the gym with the DBs to my seat and back for the extensions. Basically I was supersetting suitcase carries, LOL.

After 2 rounds of this, I felt like I was using too much English on the heavy curls and was taking too long to gather the testes to clean the weight up to my shoulder for the extensions, plus ppl were giving me dirty looks, so 3rd round I played with the baby DBs for the curls and used the tricep machine.

curls: 5s x 10, 7.5s x 9, 10s x 8, 12.5s x 7, 15s x 6, 17.5s x 5, 20s x 4, 22.5s x 3, 25s x 2, 30s x 1
pushdown machine: 10 x 10, 20 x 9, 30 x 8, 40 x 7, 50 x 6, 60 x 5, 70 x 4, 80 x 3, 90 x 2, 100 x 1

notes: even with no rest, the bicep curls in rd 3 were too easy. even though control was tight and got a good squeeze, felt too easy. tricep machine had a much faster turnaround, but could have gone heavier.

Roman Chair Straight Leg Raises (30 sec rest)

10, 10, 10, 10, 10

post-workout 20 min LISS on elliptical

I was destroyed after this! Grabbed a burger in the food court (its carb day again!) and headed home to take a much deserved nap. OK… NOW I feel like I need a rest day, hahaha.

Today was all about the chest! What’s better than a chest workout? TWO chest workouts? It’s not overtraining… it’s overGAINING *gunshot*

Due to various circumstances it would take too long to type and not worth reading, both workouts were at the office gym. Afternoon workout was with a coworker.

AM Chest

flat DB Press, some rotator cuff work (60 sec rest)

40s x 14 / 15 lb DB taken through ROM, 15 times per arm
50s x 10 / ROTO
60s x 10 / ROTO
70s x 6 / ROTO
80s x 6
90s x 1
90s x 2

notes: Only did rotator cuff work until I felt loose.

Actually rather embarrassed here at my lack of strength. I am better than this, but my shoulder got cranky right away. I intended to bang out 20 reps with the 40s, and the left shoulder hurt immediately. I had to go slow and deliberate and keep the reps low on every successive set. By the time I got to the 90s, my loss of strength was clear. On my first set, a skinny ectodouche hovered over me on his way to go do crunches, and it threw me off. So I decided to do a second set, but now with no distractions, it still wasn’t happening. Mad and sore, I wandered off to the Smith Machine.

flat Smith Machine press (45 sec rest, wide grip, constant tension, stay in mid ROM and pump out reps, no lockout or touch your chest)

2 plates x 15
2 plates x 13
2 plates x 15
2 plates x 15

notes: got in some good chest work here. felt a bit better.

Decline DB Fly

20s x 15

Low to High Cable Fly (45 sec rest)

55 x 15
55 x 15
55 x 15
55 x 15

notes: the cables were busy so I tried decline DB flys, did not like the feeling on my shoulder. But then the cables freed up so I went back to them. This cable is heavy so the weight seemed appropriate.

Generally disappointed in the chest session, so I resolved to do more after work. Coworker joined me, doing his own thing for the first half and then realizing he doesn’t know a damn thing and asking if he can do what I’m doing in the second half, LOL.

PM Shoulders, Chest

Superset Seated Smith Shoulder Press and Face Pulls (rest varied, see notes)

70 in plates x 12 / 22.5 x 15
(rest approx. 90 sec)
70 in plates x 12 / 22.5 x 15
(no rest)
70 in plates x 12 / 22.5 x 15
(no rest)
90 in plates x 12 / 27.5 x 15
(rest approx. 2 minutes?)
90 in plates x 12 / 27.5 x 15

notes: Right after my first set, my coworker wanted to talk to me about how he felt SO sick, and had NO energy. blah blah.

Feeling peeved, I did the next 3 supersets back to back with no rest, haha. Then he came up to me again and asked if I could lend him headphones, so I went off to my locker to grab him some. Then did my 5th set. ANNOYING!!

Twist Press (60 sec rest)

50s x 10
55s x 10
60s x 9
55s x 10
50s x 10
45s x 12
40s x 15

notes: I had intended to go up to 65s, but when I got too tired to do a 10th rep on the 60s, I decided to go back down the rack, and dip a few sets lower and go higher reps.

These felt good, WAY better than the regular flat press from the AM.

leaning Strict Cable Side Raises (no rest back and forth arm to arm)

12.5 x 12/12
12.5 x 10/10
12.5 x 10/10

notes: Heavy cable! No 20s for me, haha. When I was doing this, my coworker got jealous, so after I was done I showed him how to do these and he did 2 back to back sets.

Rear Delt Cable Fly (traded sets with my coworker, 45 sec or so in between)

35 x 15
35 x 15
35 x 15

notes: He had never done these before, so I led him through some sets.

DB Shrugs (back and forth with coworker, approx. 20 sec rest, lol)

100s x 15
100s x 12
100s x 10

notes: When he picked up his 50s to do his, he said it felt too rough in his hands, so he would only do a few reps and rerack them. So I would then immediately again do mine, lol. Made the rests deadly short!!!

And that was that! Headed home.

I am BEAT UP right now! Ugh, double workout days on low carb are DEADLY.

chest and triceps warmup

So, with the horrible sickness well behind me, it was time to get back to the weights.


Things weren’t perfect, I had some soreness in my injured shoulder from experimenting with pushups recently, I had a sore sternum from an aggressive “supported fish” in Yoga, and I hadn’t been up this early in months.  But no workout is perfect when it hasn’t started yet.  Good workouts are only measured after, not before.


I was at the gym at 6 am, nice and early.  I did 10 min of warmup on the elliptical, then was ready for some chest and triceps.  I wasn’t going to go super heavy with the weights, but I wanted to play with the routine a bit.


DB chest press (2 min rest between sets):  40×21, 50×15, 60×12, 70×10, 80×5, 70×8, 60×10, 50×15, 40×20

pec deck, 90 lbs – 18 reps, 30 sec rest, 12, 30 sec, 10

2 Hand DB extension, 60 lbs – 15 reps, 30 sec, 10, 30 sec, 5

bench dips:  10, 10, 10

core work:  Superman 30 sec, extended side plank 30 sec, extended plank 30 sec, extended side plank 30 sec

Superman, side plank, plank, side plank

cardio elliptical trainer 20 min


notes:  The dumbbell presses were fun.  I just kept going up by 10 pounds on the dumbbells each time, then when I felt like I reached the top, I climbed back down the ladder, 10 pounds at a time.  I can tell already I will feel it in my chest tomorrow.  The 6 am was hitting me hard during these sets, I was burping up my morning fish oil, HAHA.

fun with dumbbells at 6 am

Pec deck was light, but the goal was the limited rest pause style where you pick a rep range and give yourself so many sets to achieve it, ie. do as many as you can, rest 30 sec, do more, rest, continue.  So I picked a light weight just to get used to the feeling again.

Same deal with the extensions, I had given myself 7 sets to hit 30 reps, and it only took 3.  So today was kind of a warmup, a preview of things to come.

I had gas left in my triceps, so I did some bench dips.  But then I looked in the mirror and saw my stomach from the side, and got sad, HAHA.  *cries*

not me, thankfully. but the real mirror view was not flattering

When it was time for the core work, I felt exhausted.  It was going to be a constant rotation, supermans to side planks to planks, etc.  But during my first side plank, I was so shaky and beat up I collapsed, haha.  So during the second “rotation”, I stayed on my elbows instead of up on my hands.  The tank was clearly out of gas by that point, but I still think my core needs some serious work.

this was me. except I didnt stay up that long, and I have a gut.

Core was a bust so I decided to finish myself off on the elliptical.  I did 3 min of moderate speed, then 1 minute of all out speed.  Repeat.  I did this for 20 min, then showered up and headed to work.


It’s fun to be back in the gym for a full on workout!  Next time I have to remember to use some real weight 😉