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18 Oct 2016

Did nada Sunday, took Monday off work and did nada. Was dying of boredom, so I went back to work on Tuesday, and did an office workout since I am already right there. I can kind of limp along without pain. I cant bend my toe down right now, but I can extend it up. Still healing. But dammit, I can bench.

warmup: forgot lol

Bench Press (medium rests)

bar x lots
135 x 8
160 x 6
190 x 5
*wraps, sleeves*
215 x 3
245 x 1
245 x 1
245 x 1
215 x 11
215 x 8

notes: whew! tiring

Flat DB Press (hammergrip, medium rests, sleeves on, no wraps)

80s x 10
90s x 8
100s x 6
100s x 5

notes: this gym doesn’t go higher than 100 DBs. boo

Smith Machine Incline Bench (short rests, shallow incline, no wraps, no sleeves)

bar x bunch
bar+90 x 5
bar+160 x 3
bar+160 x 3
bar+160 x 3

JM Press (smith machine, 30 sec rests)

bar+50 x 15
bar+50 x 15
bar+50 x 15
bar+50 x 15

notes: triceps burning

Seated Smith Machine OHP (30 sec rests)

bar+50 x 12
bar+50 x 14
bar+50 x 12
bar+50 x 13

notes: not a lot of high weight, but a nice high rep finisher. I went til it burned.

Inverted Row (30 sec rests)

6, 8, 6

notes: I was sucking wind on this one. not sure why. I skipped the intra carbs this session, maybe that’s why? I ran out of gas? meh

Aug 12, 2015

I am realizing that a thumbless grip isn’t a perfect solution… my forefinger, the next finger down on my hurt hand, is starting to get stiff and sore. I will have to be careful on the volume and the high reps while I tax my grip with weird stuff.

AM Workout

warmup: foam roll upper back, armpits; prone banded dislocations; Y Handcuffs; kneeling thoracic extensions; shoulder capsule stretches; 6-way DB Raises

Seated Smith Machine Shoulder Press (90 sec rests)

bar x 8
bar + 50 x 8
+70 x 8
+80 x 8
+90 x 8
+100 x 8

notes: figured if I couldn’t get in the DB cleans in the evening, would try to get some extra shoulder work in.

post: 15 min cardio

Just ran out of time, had to go back to work. Workout ended up being half rehab and half shoulder reppin it out stuff, not a lot of volume overall.

I was supposed to do heavy shoulder work in the evening, but plans got cancelled and no one was there to open up the strongman gym, so I wouldn’t have a log to use, and I wouldn’t be able to do the shoulder work I WANT, so I called an audible and went to a commercial gym for some deadlifts.

PM Workout

warmup: none

Deadlifts (thumbless, generous rests, SABOs)

160 x 5
200 x 5
240 x 5
*belt on*
315 x 2
370 x 2
370 x 2

notes: took long rests at the start because my low back hadn’t warmed up yet and it was stiff and sore. By the end if felt good though.

It was at this point I realized how my forefinger was doing, so I decided no block pulls, and moved on.

Closegrip Cable Rows (90 sec rests)

130 x 12
140 x 12
150 x 12
160 x 12

Bicep Curl Machine (90 sec rests)

4 plates x 20
5p x 20
6p x 20
7p x 18

notes: the machine is awkward, it keeps my arms moving in a set track of movement, but its hard to get direct bicep work in right now so I take what I can get.

Both workouts felt lame, like I had a lot left in the tank, but I have to be conservative right now I guess. Grip is healing and I had to make due with less than ideal schedule circumstances.

June 23, 2015

– gorgeoussssss day! loving the warm sun, finally!
– middle of the week stat holiday? thank you Quebec!
– with the 2 a day thing, I realize I am not taking in enough calories. I cant eat like before no mo, halfway through the day I felt shaky and my throat got sore and I am like oh chit, I need to stuff in more food. naps and eats are my best friends.
– that article on the main BB site from Joe Defranco is GOLD! I am going to try out all of those warmups, my shoulders feel like they are getting pounded every single day. Its like every day is prom night for my shoulders… So prehab and major mobility warmups will also be my friend.

AM Workout

pre: – resistance band shoulder dislocations laying on my stomach (this HURT so fukkin bad)
– Y Handcuffs
– Kneeling Thoracic Extensions
– Static Lat Stretch

6-Way DB Raise (30 sec rests)

10s x 10
10s x 10
10s x 10

2 Hand DB Overhead Tricep Extension (60 sec rest)

50 x 20
50 x 20

Lying Cable Curls (60 sec rest)

37.5 x 20
47.5 x 20

That was it! LOL Had to rush back to work. And eat food.

PM Workout

pre: Defranco Simple 6 Upper Body Warmup

Push Press (2 min rests)

bar x 5 strict
95 x 3 strict
135 x 1
*elbow sleeves and wrist wraps on*
165 x 3
165 x 3
165 x 3
165 x 3
165 x 3
165 x 3

Smith Machine Shoulder Press (90 sec rests)

bar x 8
bar + 50 x 8
+ 70 x 12
+ 80 x 10
+ 90 x 8
+ 100 x 6
+ 110 x 4

notes: love these so much more than DBs, at least for the hypertrophy aspect of it

Z Press (rolled up yoga mat under my butt, 60 sec rests)

bar x 5
55 x 5
65 x 5
75 x 5
85 x 5
95 x 5
105 x 5
115 x 5
125 x 5

notes: 125 set had a good grinder on the last rep, so I stopped there

Hammer Curls (60 sec rests)

35s x 12
35s x 10
35s x 8

notes: big jump from the 30s, lol

Leaning Strict Cable Side Raises (30 sec rests)

2 plates x 10/10
2p x 10/10
2p x 10/10

post: 15 min LISS