Well, time to shake off the winter torpor.

I need to work on my speed and agility, so I will start incorporating that stuff in.

Met up with the trainer for some general conditioning and rehab

1. a series of short speed drills: forwards, backwards, laterals, skipping (lol)

2. some agility drills over the hurdles

3. Wall balls with the medicine ball

4. Medicine ball slams

5. battle ropes for 30 sec on and 30 sec off for a bunch of sets

6. power clean & press from the hang. did the bar for a few sets of 3-6, the 95 pounds for 3 sets of 6

7. Superset: 2 rounds of
a. IYT with the TRX for 10 reps each: I, Y, then T (IYT meaning like a rear delt fly with your arms in 3 different positions)
b. seated 1 arm external rotations with a light DB for 10-12 reps each arm
c. dolphin waves for 10 pulses

Then I did some LISS on the elliptical for 15 min