I wanted a gym with a basic power rack that I could do cage presses in. The one that I knew of would most likely be crowded as hell. So I took a gamble on a well-equipped office gym on the other side of town for the company I work for. I knew they had good squat racks, I had hoped one of them would let me do the presses I wanted. Sadly, when I got there the squat racks they had were too “short” long before I could extend my arms the surface would change and not be smooth. So I had to improvise this time. Next time I will just go to the crowded commercial gym. At least this one was quiet.

Bench Press and Chest and Shoulder Assistance

Superset Bench Press with Rotator Cuff Work or Lat Pulldowns (1-2 min rest)

75 x 5 / over and backs with the band x 8
90 x 5 / O&B x 8
110 x 5 / O&B x 8
115 x 5 / widegrip pulldowns 150 x 5
135 x 5 / pulls 150 x 5
155 x 10 / pulls 150 x 5

notes: My shoulder and poor technique held me up big time when I retested my 1RM, so no shame in starting WAY too light. That is the 5/3/1 way. I focused today on my form – on properly harnessing my leg drive, keeping my whole body tense. I like to do roto work during the warmup, and pairing it with lat work on the working sets – it helps me remember to engage my back.

Decline DB press (hold flex at top for 1 second, 30-45 sec rest)

40s x 8
50s x 8
50s x 8
50s x 8

notes: hard to get the flex right without accidentally bringing it up too high over my chest and losing the pec tension. Was working on my form a lot, trying to squeeze.

Smith Machine Incline Press (constant tension reps, 45 sec rest)

120 + bar x 6
120 x 6
130 x 6
140 x 6

notes: Had to wait like 5 min while a guy did seated presses on the only smith machine.

Incline Pushups on Smith Machine (started low, moved up rungs for total of 3 micro sets each set, 45 sec rest between sets)


notes: These didn’t feel great on my shoulder, but it was a-ight.

Seated Strict DB Side Raises (approx. 30 sec rest)

10s x 10
20s x 12
20s x 12
20s x 12

notes: Each time I picked up the weights I could see veins popping in my arms! I had hit the swole portion of my workout.

Seated Military Press (30-45 sec rest)

45 x 5
65 x 5
90 x 5
100 x 5
100 x 5
100 x 5
100 x 5
100 x 5

notes: This is what I did instead of cage press. Ugh. My shoulders were TIRED. And racking it hurt like a bitch, awkwardness. Did not enjoy.

Incline Bench Rear Delt Fly (hang and swing motion, one set with drops and RPs)

25s x15 RP x15 RP x15 RP x15 DROP 15s x15 RP x10 RP x5 DROP 10s x 10

notes: complicated enough?? hang and swing if you recall means you do a regular rep, but you go heavy and only ROM it 6-8 inches. OMG these burned!!!! Just as an indicator, I was supposed to do 60 STRAIGHT hang and swing reps, but it hurt so bad I had to Rest Pause all the time. I was groaning and whining! One long rest-pause drop set of hell. Destroyer set. Finisher.

The goal since I fell so short was to do 60 straight reps, dropset to 30 more reps then dropset to 10 more reps. Instead I had to take like 5 breaks.

I was toasted and time had really gotten away on me, so I had to cut out cardio and just come home.

I had a nice swole going on in this workout! Chest was pumped a bit, arms were poppin veins. Rear Delts felt swole after that destroyer set.