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15 May 2016

Woke up feeling good today, so I planned a very special session for myself… the car deadlift.

Went to the strongman gym, and while there was no car, there was the car DL frame, and there was a 400 lb tire. So, close enough.

I have to admit, I haven’t done the car DL since last summer, when I tweaked my back doing it.

warmup: I pinned two barbells down with sandbags to improvise a landmine setup, put a plate on the far end of each, then lifted those up a bunch of times.

Car Deadlift

*set the adjustable handles close to the frame* (it makes it harder)
*rolled the 400 lb tire over the frame*

tire x 4
tire x 5
tire x 5

notes: ok, those light sets were to get used to the weight transference and the foot placement. Car DL is very heavy off the ground, then light at the top. You also have to lean back and push with your legs without collapsing backwards (which is what I did last summer). Avoid collapsing backwards by squeezing your glutes, I might try flexing my upper back as well.

*straps on*

tire + 215 lb man sitting at the back of the tire – 4 reps

notes: where you stack the weight makes a difference. further away from the handles is easier, closer to the handles is harder.

2 guys (445 lbs) on the tire, one at the back and one at the front – FAIL

230 lb guy at the front of the tire – FAIL

230 lb guy at the back of the tire – FAIL

notes: I needed time to mentally regroup. I was pulling and pulling and pulling, and cursing and yelling and screaming (we were standing outside in a cold and windy parking lot). Nothing was happening.

We realized my feet were too far back. I needed to really inch my feet forward, to the point where I had to crouch down to avoid twisting my wrists through the straps against the handles (hard to explain, but now 50% of my feet were ahead of the handles, and it meant my wrists weren’t directly underneath me anymore, so I had to pretend to sit in a chair).

230 lb guy sitting at the back of the tire – 1 rep

230 lb guy sitting at the front of the tire – 1 rep

notes: the problem with my feet far forward like that is I am leaning back at a slant to press it up, and it becomes REALLY awkward to lower the weight back down again. I kept instinctively shuffling my feet back at the top of the ROM when I was holding it, just to feel secure enough to lower the weight.

This would lose me a lot of time in a comp if I keep dancing with my feet. For this session, the handles were really close, I wonder what the pull on my back would be like with really long handles and a car on the frame. The tire was pulling me down almost 45 degrees, maybe the car and long handles would be less steep a pull downwards than that.

Plus with a heavy car and long handles, I am assuming there will be more flex on the frame, and I will end up a few inches higher before it even breaks the ground. I think it will make it harder… or at the very least you have to be ready to grind out the pull/leg press on that first bit of the movement for even longer.

I don’t know, I need a LOT more practice time with the car DL, and this event remains a very uncertain one for me. I am glad though I juryrigged a way to practice it, it is much different than the trap bar DL. If you can stick with it until it breaks the ground, it really pops up at the top. Its not like a regular DL or trap DL, when the heaviness of it is more uniform. I can see a lot of people trying it for the first time, trying to break it off the ground and giving up because they don’t know it will get a lot lighter at lockout.

I was a bit gassed after all those sets, and when I sat down, the other dudes in the gym looked at me with concern. I had done so many sets and clenched my jaw so hard, that the muscles on each of my temples were red and swollen and puffy! It looked like my temples were about to pop!

I was worried if I did any more pulling that I was going to pop a blood vessel in my head, so I calmed down. After about 30 min, my temples shrunk back to normal size, but I was left with a really weird feeling headache all day.

7 May 2016

Saturday morning Strongman fun.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs

Circus Dumbbell

40 x 5 per side *clean once*
60 x 2/2 *clean once*
*wrist wraps on*
85 x 1/1
85 x 1/1
85 x 1/1
100 x FAIL

notes: went for a PR, unsuccessful

Closegrip Incline Bench Press

95 x 3
135 x 3
*wraps, sleeves*
195 x 1
205 x 1

notes: ran out of time, had to do other strongman stuff

Front Carry

220 lb wheel x 25 feet, do a 180, back 25 feet
220 lb wheel x 55 feet

notes: I had not tried walking with the big blue metal Train wheel yet. Felt good!

Frame Carry

225 x 80 feet
225 x 80′
405 x 80′
405 x 80′

notes: big jump in weight, but we had to get ready for yoke

Yoke Carry

340 x 80′
340 x 80′
428 x 80′
516 x 80′
604 x 80′ Beltless PR!!
516 x 80′

notes: 600 pounds felt good! It gets so heavy by that point that I start swearing to myself just to focus. Cursing and swearing. The backoff set at 516 was super hard! I didn’t know how much the top set took out of me until I tried to lift it. I needed 10 seconds just to steady the weight, as soon as I picked it up it was swaying all over the place.

cooldown: prone spinal twists, hip stretches, 100 reps of glute bridges

4 April 2016

Knee feeling better, but to make sure it stayed tight as it healed up, I wore wraps tonight once it got heavy. I was having such a fun time with wraps, that I decided to go heavy, haha.

Low Bar Squats (long rests, shoes)

135 x 2
*threw in some warmup: dorsiflexions and TKEs*
185 x 2
225 x 2
*belt on*
275 x 2
*knee wraps on*
315 x 2
355 x 2
385 x 2 Rep PR!!
405 x 2 PR!!
415 x 1 PR!!

notes: yeah, yeah I know, it was with wraps. I will keep track of what my no-wraps PR is as well. Even still, PR! 4 plates, hooray!

Front Squats (belt, shoes, no sleeves or wraps, short rests)

240 x 2
240 x 1

notes: I just wanted to throw in a few of these, then move on.

Front Carry

There is a big blue metal train wheel in the corner that I have never f’ed with before. I decided to practice picking it up tonight. It is about 220 pounds, round, and smooth (metal). I practiced a few times just picking it up and holding it. Holding it for a while to my chest, squeezing my upper back, balancing it on my stomach, gripping it with my hands. Holding it at the bottom of the pick off the ground, feeling the weight as it dangles. Practicing my technique. Eventually my plan is to walk with it. Big plans on the horizon!

2 April 2016

Strongman gym. It was really busy, with everyone using the same equipment, and everyone taking long breaks with all the weight left loaded on. The only thing I could do is hop from piece to piece of equipment so I didn’t go too cold. So the workout is totally scattered all over the place. I still got the work in though.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs

Circus Dumbbell OHP (clean each rep, jerk or push press as needed)

45 x 2 right side, 2 left side
65 x 2 right, 2 left
*wraps and sleeves on*
95 x 1 right, 0 left
95 x 1.5 right, 0 left

notes: the circus dumbbell is definitely a different animal than a regular dumbbell. I couldn’t get the right momentum to PP it up. Also, my right side is much stronger than my left. With my left, I couldn’t even keep my elbow up to get it into position.

Incline Closegrip Bench (long rests)

95 x 3, then I carried a 270 lb Frame for 50 feet
135 x 3, 270 lb Frame for 50′
*wraps, sleeves*
185 x 3
195 x 3
200 x 3

notes: I was supersetting with a frame carry for a bit, then when the bench got heavy, I was able to focus on just that.

Medley (long rests, move from station to station as they opened up)

270 lb Frame for 50′

widegrip pulldowns – 180 x 12

320 lb Frame for 50′

widegrip pulldowns – 180 x 12

370 lb Frame for 50′

farmers walks – 130 per hand for 50′

farmers – 130/hand for 50′

widegrip pulldowns – 180 x 12

farmers – 180/hand for 50′

farmers – 180/hand for 50′, then return, 180/hand for 50′, then, static hold 180/hand for 10-15 seconds

superset: DB side raises & DB shrugs & hammer curls – 10s x 15 / 100s x 15 / 40s x 8

superset: DB side raises & DB shrugs & hammer curls – 10s x 15 / 100s x 15 / 40s x 11

widegrip pulldowns – 180 x 7

notes: this kept me busy and sweaty, even with a good rest in between stations. by that last set of pulldowns, my grip was fried, so I called it a day.

Feb 27, 2016

Bed so warm and toasty… did not want to get up, accidentally slept in a bit. But I decided to get my Saturday gym work in early before my legs turn to jelly as a result of the Friday night squats. Even as I type this, my legs feel a bit rubbery.

Axle OHP from the Rack (push presses, 2-3 min rests)

20 x 3
70 x 3
110 x 3
*wraps and sleeves on*
130 x 3
150 x 3
160 x 3
170 x 3
175 x 3 Rep PR!!
180 x 3 Rep PR!!

notes: progress! I was told I was losing tightness in my upper back and shoulders as I dipped for the push press, so something for me to work on. the wrist wraps were SO much help, especially with axle – I get sore wrists a lot OHP’ing a thick bar.

Closegrip Incline Bench Press (2-3 min rests)

45 x 8
95 x 3
135 x 3
*wraps, sleeves on*
Football Bar 190 x 1.5
Straight Bar 190 x 1.5

notes: I got tired of the Football Bar. It is too loose and wiggly, and I waste a lot of energy stabilizing it when it spins. The first set of 190, I failed mid-range (shoulders). The second set of 190, I lifted my butt off the bench when pressing it. So I won’t count either of those. Overall this week, my incline CGBP has not been up to snuff, so maybe the max I was using to calculate was too generous (it was from back in August). So I am going to lower my projected max, and try and get more quality work in, as obviously my incline has deteriorated greatly.

Spoto Press (2-3 min rests, sleeves, wraps)

135 x 5
185 x 8
185 x 8

Widegrip Pulldowns (90 sec rests)

120 x 15
120 x 15
120 x 15
120 x 15
120 x 15

Superset: Band Pushdowns & Cable Face Pulls (90 sec rests)

band x 20 / 30 x 20
band x 20 / 30 x 20
band x 20 / 30 x 20

Feb 25, 2016

nothing too strenuous planned tonight, just assistance to my deadlift

Bent Over Rows (explosive, 2-3 min rests)

bar x 5
135 x 5
170 x 10
170 x 10
170 x 10
170 x 10
170 x 10

Atlas Stones

One set: 170 lb stone to a 56 inch platform, AMRAP in 2 min

8 reps achieved

notes: ouch, this winded me. plus I think the stone was too small in diameter, so once my form got sloppy, I actually clocked myself in the jaw, lifting it up. you had to be there to understand it, it sounds weird over the internet. anyways, after almost knocking my teeth out I really slowed down, and only managed 8 reps in 2 minutes, which is not so hot. It felt like cardio anyways, I was winded for a bit.

Hammer Curls (90 sec rests)

30s x 15
30s x 15
30s x 15

Short and sweet, took off for home and tried to get off the roads before the overnight temperature drop turned all the water back into ice.

Sept 26, 2015

I will be making some changes to my training soon. More to follow on that. Arguably, Strongman season is over, but the weather is still nice enough to do events on the weekend. For now. Canada often laughs at your nice weather plans.

Bit of a hybrid day today. Presses, farmers, assistance

warmup: side raises with slow negs, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs; shoulder capsule stretches

Axle Press from rack

20 lb axle x 5
70 x 5
90 x 5
110 x 5
*wrist wraps on, practiced my push press*
120 x 5
130 x 5

Farmers Walks: going for distance

130/hand – 75 ft, 180 degree turn, back 75 ft
180/hand – 75 ft, 180 turn, back 55ish feet. distance PR

notes: big improvement over the last time I went for distance.

Log Press

80 x 3
90 x 3
105 x 8
105 x 8
105 x 8
105 x 8
105 x 8

Widegrip Pulldowns (approx. 30-45 sec rests)

90 x 15
105 x 15
120 x 15
135 x 15
135 x 15

Didn’t go crazy with volume, I will go back and do more pressing tomorrow

Sept 20, 2015

have been feeling off all weekend. every time I eat something, I feel off. it isn’t digesting, etc etc. I didn’t train on Saturday so I could try and bounce back from this, but felt the exact same way Sunday. I decided to just get in, do my main work, and get out. I just feel exhausted and mildly nauseous.

Strongman events

warmup: foam roll IT bands, adductors, piriformis; warmup biceps with resistance band curls and DB curls

Farmers Walk

130 per hand for 50′
130/hand, 30′
130/hand, 30′
150/hand, 30′
150/hand, 30′
180/hand, 30′
220/hand, 30′
240/hand, 30′ Weight PR!!
270/hand… fail, fail, fail, fail, fail
220/hand, 30′
130/hand, 50′

notes: 240 was not smooth, but it went, so I gave 270 per hand a try. could not even get it off the ground. I bashed my head against it for 10 minutes, taking 5 serious attempts, but then finally gave up and did some backoff sets. Even though 270 was my main goal, I got a PR so I will take it and be happy. Progress is progress.

Sept 15, 2015

pre-warning: tonight was complete shit. didn’t hit my numbers. oh well, shake it off and come back again the next time.

warmup: slow neg side raises, Cuban presses, one arm shrugs

Axle Press from rack (2 min rests)

20 lb axle x 5
70 x 5
110 x 3
130 x 1 strict
150 x 1 strict
160 x 1 strict
175 x FAIL, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail

notes: seriously, I went after the 175 lb axle like 10 times, failed every time. strict didn’t work, went to push press, realized I set the rack too high to get in a good dip. reset the rack height, STILLLLL could not get it to lockout, triceps started failing me. I frickin tried, over and over. not enough leg drive… I had a deep tissue massage on arms yesterday, maybe I was recovering from that… I also did pressing 2 days ago… who knows. at any rate, it didn’t happen.

Log Press (clean once, then press; 2 min rests)

80 x 5
95 x 3
115 x 1
120 x 8… rest 30 sec… 120 x 4

notes: AHHHHHHH!!!! My goal was 12 reps, did not hit that. Maybe the axle struggle wore me out, maybe it is simply indicative of not being a good pressing day, whatever! log press fail.

6 Way Raise (30 sec rests)

10s x 6
10s x 6
10s x 6

Widegrip Lat Pulldowns (60ish sec rests)

90 x 10
120 x 10
150 x 10
150 x 10
150 x 10
150 x 10
150 x 10

notes: even though I went thumbless grip, my biceps still felt pumped after this. odd. maybe my arms were actually stressed out from the massage

Superset: DB Curls & Band Pushdowns & Cable Face Pulls (2 min rests)

22.5s x 16 / 30 pushdowns / 45 x 16
22.5s x 17 / 30 pushdowns / 45 x 15
22.5s x 15 / 24 pushdowns / 45 x 12

notes: I might have gone too heavy on face pulls and pushdowns (thick band). contraction wasn’t great, and it was fairly heavy. would have rather gone lighter and squeezed harder.

ah well, move on.

Sept 5, 2015

Strongman Saturday.

Atlas Stones AMRAP in 60 seconds

170 lb stone to a 48″ platform: 6 reps
170 to 48″ – 8 reps
170 to 52″ – 6 reps

notes: intensity hadn’t kicked in yet, this felt more like a warmup

Axle Overhead Press press from rack

20 lb axle x 3
70 x 3
110 x 3
130 x 3 (switched to push press)
150 x 3
160 x 3
170 x 2

Farmers Walks going for speed

130 per hand for 60 ft in 10 seconds
180/hand, 60 ft, 12.2 seconds
180/hand, 60 ft, 11.48 seconds

Log Press clean it once, then press mult times

90 lb log x 5
100 x 5
110 x 10
110 x 10
110 x 10

Widegrip Lat Pulldowns

135 x 12

notes: People were putting the yoke together, so I scrapped lat pulls and went back outside into the hot sun.

Yoke Carry Going for a heavy set, until I can’t go 50 ft without dropping it

340 lbs for 60 ft
440, 60 ft
340, 75 ft
440, 75 ft
530, 75 ft
620, 50 ft… then took it another 10 ft, then took it another 15 ft

notes: no one wanted to take the yoke back the extra 25 ft to the starting line, so I had to keep doing it, lol. I was spent. The 50 ft I carried 620, I was cursing and swearing like I was possessed. Just to make it move.

I was rekt after this, so I came home.