Showed up for Monday session with Leslie.  She laid it out straight with me in regards to my diet, we went over what I need to do to clean it up.  Specifically, she wanted me to mostly drop caffeine, drop the supplements, go natural for a while, cycle off.  Just the thought of this was enough to put me in a bad mood.  I have to give up my powdery treats?  The caffeine?  The thermo?  The beta-alanine?  Arginine?  sigh

One of the other trainers at the studio recently posted her own video on supplements, check it out!  Did I mention she has her own blog too?

On to the Monday workout:  circuits, lunges, treadmill.  Jeremy sad 😦

Triset:  balls to the wall squats w 40lb dumbbells THEN crunches on the ball THEN one armed dumbbell rows (on a ball) w 40 lb db THEN jump on the elliptical at full speed

15/15/12/100 seconds  times 3

Triset:  walking lunges (prisoner arms) THEN dumbbell presses on the ball w 40s THEN a plank on the ball THEN on the treadmill at about 3.5

10(each leg)/15/30 sec/2 min  times 3

notes:  Lots of balls!  cardio in between weights had me sweating like crazy!  using the ball for everything I guess works the core more.  I am not a fan of lunges or the treadmill, so as the workout wore on, I found myself whining A LOT.  Then I noticed myself whining, and told myself internally to shut up.  So then I got really quiet, to where Leslie asked me if I was ok.  I was ok… I was just stifling my whining.

Those planks were only 30 sec?!  They felt like longer.  The workout itself was actually pretty short, our discussion on diet took up a lot of time, but was sorely needed.



I can be seen whining here

chest presses off the ball

planks for the memories

not fast or anything, but I still hate it!

the whining reached a fevered pitch!

Tuesday would be a mostly ceffeine free day (except for a cup or 2 of green tea).  I mostly slept through Tuesday.  I don’t remember much.