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Mar 7, 2015

Back at it.

Clean & Press (I started off clean & strict press each rep, clean from the hang, 90 sec rest)

45 x 3
95 x 3
140 x 1
140 x 2
140 x 1
140 x 3 (clean once, push press 3 times)
140 x FAIL
140 x 3 (clean and push press each rep)

notes: 2nd crappy week in a row on the clean and strict press. I just couldn’t get it going. And only 2 weeks ago 135 for 3 reps was no big deal. I need to sit down with my coach (she is travelling right now) and get some help, because I think my form must be breaking down and its costing me my performance. I could clean it, but I couldn’t strict press any more. So I ended up just doing push presses. Very disappointed.

Superset Cable Face Pulls & Over and Backs w/resistance band (30 sec rest b/w supersets)

40 x 20 / 8 over and backs
40 x 20 / 8
40 x 20 / 8
40 x 20 / 8
40 x 20 / 8

notes: This still is feeling good. Upped the weight a bit and was still hitting the sweet spot.

Z Press (sat on a rolled up yoga mat, 90 sec rest)

45 x 8
75 x 8
105 x 8
105 x 8

notes: This was a big improvement from last week. My hips felt tight last week so I sat on a rolled up light yoga mat, and the warmup sets felt so good that I knew I had a good shot. My eventual goal is to sit flat on the ground, but this was a good few sets.

Shoulder Complex: DB Front Raises / Machine Lateral Raises / Reverse Pec Deck (60 sec rest)

20s x 10 / 30 x 10 / 30 x 10
20s x 10 / 40 x 10 / 40 x 10
20s x 10 / 50 x 10 / 50 x 10
20s x 10 / 60 x 10 / 60 x 10
20s x 10 / 70 x 10 / 70 x 10
20s x 10 / 80 x 10 / 80 x 6

notes: Decided to take a break from the 6-Way complex, as I know it hurts a bit on the shoulder (it hurts in a kinda good way, but it is still stressful). I kept the front raise weight the same so I wouldn’t have to keep chasing down dumbbells and just changed the pins on the machines. I have learned a few tips to keep my shoulders feeling good, for the front raises I bring the DBs down with a neutral grip (hammer grip), and then pronate my palms on the way up; and for the reverse pec deck, I hold the handles with my thumbs facing down so as to hit my rhomboids more.

Sets felt good so I kept upping the weight until I found the sweet spot.

Arm fluff time! Something more traditional than Cannonball Sets this week.

Superset DB Bicep Curls and V-bar Pushdowns (60 sec rest)

30s x 20 / 100 x 30
30s x 20 / 110 x 30
30s x 15 / 110 x 23

notes: high rep plumpness! Arms were tired but nice and full! They didn’t have that amazing tight feeling, but they did have visible size on them. It wasn’t my best pump ever, but it was still fun.

post-workout: LISS elliptical

Feb 14, 2015

Up urs V-Day


Well, I made it a really technical session tonight.

I wanted to get coached a bit on cleans, get some coaching on the Z Press. I did a bunch, got some footage, coach did a few sets, got some footage

We didn’t really track what I was doing, but I would roughly say:

power cleans (sort of a hang, from just below the knee)

bar for a few sets of 5
95 pounds for a set of 5
115 for a set of 5
135 for 3 sets of 3-5 reps

Z Press (butt on a small pad)
bar for a set of 8
85 pounds for 2 or 3 sets of 8
95 pounds for 2 sets of 8

tri-set: face pulls, over&backs, 6-way (30 sec rest b/w tri-sets)

30 x 20 / 8 over&backs / 10 lb DBs x 10
30 x 20 / 8 over&backs / 10 lb DBs x 10
30 x 20 / 8 over&backs / 5 lb DBs x 10 (tried a hammergrip, felt less painful)

post-workout: 2 miles LISS on the elliptical

Monday – having a ball

Showed up for Monday session with Leslie.  She laid it out straight with me in regards to my diet, we went over what I need to do to clean it up.  Specifically, she wanted me to mostly drop caffeine, drop the supplements, go natural for a while, cycle off.  Just the thought of this was enough to put me in a bad mood.  I have to give up my powdery treats?  The caffeine?  The thermo?  The beta-alanine?  Arginine?  sigh

One of the other trainers at the studio recently posted her own video on supplements, check it out!  Did I mention she has her own blog too?

On to the Monday workout:  circuits, lunges, treadmill.  Jeremy sad 😦

Triset:  balls to the wall squats w 40lb dumbbells THEN crunches on the ball THEN one armed dumbbell rows (on a ball) w 40 lb db THEN jump on the elliptical at full speed

15/15/12/100 seconds  times 3

Triset:  walking lunges (prisoner arms) THEN dumbbell presses on the ball w 40s THEN a plank on the ball THEN on the treadmill at about 3.5

10(each leg)/15/30 sec/2 min  times 3

notes:  Lots of balls!  cardio in between weights had me sweating like crazy!  using the ball for everything I guess works the core more.  I am not a fan of lunges or the treadmill, so as the workout wore on, I found myself whining A LOT.  Then I noticed myself whining, and told myself internally to shut up.  So then I got really quiet, to where Leslie asked me if I was ok.  I was ok… I was just stifling my whining.

Those planks were only 30 sec?!  They felt like longer.  The workout itself was actually pretty short, our discussion on diet took up a lot of time, but was sorely needed.



I can be seen whining here

chest presses off the ball

planks for the memories

not fast or anything, but I still hate it!

the whining reached a fevered pitch!

Tuesday would be a mostly ceffeine free day (except for a cup or 2 of green tea).  I mostly slept through Tuesday.  I don’t remember much.





Tale of the Tape

Today I was supposed to get measured and weighed.  I was very nervous about this.  For 2 days all I could think about is all the things I could have, should have done differently.  How big was that cheat meal?  How big was that portion?  Is cotton candy gluten free??  All day I was cutting my meals extra small, not drinking as much water, hoping to not feel full, be less full, weigh less at the end of the day.  I know it’s immature, and Leslie wanted to smack me, but I just felt this strong urge to squeeze blood from a stone.

Showed up for my workout with Leslie, I got there early and hopped on the elliptical and tried to sweat some.  Kept the speed high for 10 min, sweat dripping off my face by the end.  Leslie wanted to weigh me before the workout?!?  wtf, I was hoping to sweat my guts out before the scales.  But we measured and weighed.  I am down half an inch to an inch almost everywhere, chest, arms, legs, and down 8 pounds.  It’s a start, but I don’t feel a lot of joy, all I can think of is I want more.  I know I should savour the little victories, but I am trying to get my mind and body right, so satisfaction is not coming for a while, while I nail down my motivation, which has been lagging this week overall.  I don’t FEEL it yet, believe it in my heart, so I need to work on that.

We spent some time going over the measurements and discussing my diet, my motivation, and ways to work on it in the future.  It ate into the workout, but I need the help with my focus just as much as the help with my form.

function, form, focus – it’s a full process.

Workout time!  Endorphins will wash away the doubt, lift the pain away, to paraphrase that Peaches song 🙂

3 min warmup on the battle ropes

no, I didn’t use another stock photo… that’s me! gettin it!

superset step up to shoulder press then step up to upright rows:  15×10/10, 25×10/10, 25×10/10

Triset – Bosu ball squat with hold at the bottom over to the straps to do a squat into an upperbody pull back up then over to the bench for some mountain climbers off the bench (30ish sec rest in between sets):  10/12/20, 10/12/20, 10/12/20

camera doesn’t really capture all the wobbly going on

Superset bench dips to rope pushdowns:  15(straight leg)/70×12(standing), 12(straight)/70×12(on knees), 15(bent leg)/70×12(knees)

Then goofed around:  overhead 2 hand tricep extension:  50 x 6 or so, hammer curls across body 65s x 5 or so, 35s x 5 or so (just asking Leslie to check my form on those exercises, she confirmed my pinwheels suck ass)

notes:  After the weird looks on my face from Wednesday, the ropes were a chance for me to display the most neutral face I could manage 🙂

The stepup weights were light, but I don’t know, you mix a bunch of moves together and they get harder 🙂  More calories burnt that way (I hope!)

With the triceps, it was supersetting triceps, so that tired me out fast 🙂  Started doing bench dips with straight legs, and extensions on my feet/  The machine wasn’t tall enough for me to get a good extension, so Leslie had me go on my knees, which made it a lot harder!  Weird that way, maybe I was drawing some stability and strength from my legs, and making me use my core more to keep stable made the weight harder a bit.  Then the second set of dips it felt bad on my left shoulder, so Leslie had me do them with 90 degree bends in my knees, which made them almost trivial, however the extensions stayed hard!  Just like my biceps, my tricep muscles lack endurance big time.  Something to work on.

The workout was short due to the convo at the start and I had some energy so I did a little extra with my arms and had Leslie give me pointers.  Have to profit from the expertise when I can!

Back home now, my shoulder actually still feels a little sore from those dips 😦  Oh well, will rest on it.