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March 25, 2015

I hate posting in this new format by the way.  Adding tags is just painful now.  Thanks WordPress.

Did some late afternoon work at the office gym. It was a brutal day, but I was able to get in a bit of gym work.

DB Flat Press (up to 2 min rest b/w sets)

25s x 5
35s x 5
45s x 5
(elbow sleeves on)
55s x 20
65s x 12
75s x 10
85s x 6
95s x FAIL
95s x 1

notes: I could feel from the start that intensity was just not there. Maybe it was the workday, maybe it was my 4th workout day in a row, who knows. But when I loaded the 95s up, they sunk deep into the bottom position, I lost the tension, and couldn’t get a rep. So I quickly reset and went again, but after the first rep, they sunk deep into the bottom position again and couldn’t get a second rep. So I decided F it, and moved on to something easier, like abs.

prone straight leg raise (30 sec rest)

20, 20, 20

cable crunches (30 sec rest)

62.5 x 20, 20, 20

post-workout: 30 min LISS elliptical

Then the office gym was about to close, so I packed it in.

Feb 12, 2015


Change of plans last-minute. I moved my more technical lifts until tomorrow, where my trainer can watch (and film). Today I worked late and busted out some cardi/abs

hanging knee raises


notes: tried… just couldn’t hang my own BW right now, my right shoulder just gets too gnarly once my arm straightens.

prone leg raises (30-60 sec rest)

25, 21, 23, 20

Kneeling Rope Crunches (30 sec rest)

52.5 x 25
52.5 x 25
52.5 x 25
52.5 x 25

notes: MMC is hard for me on these, so I really try to emphasize the exhale and squeeze those upper abs within a small and tight ROM

cardio: 2.5 miles LISS elliptical

Cut Day 9

Back to it.

warmup: played with my blackberry, haha

Circuit 1

DB Walking Lunges to Widegrip Pulldowns to Walking Side Planks

25s x 20 / 12 plates x 12 / 20 Side Planks

REST 30-60s

25s x 20 / 12 plates x 12 / 20 Side Planks

REST 30-60s

30s x 20 / 12 plates x 12 / 20 Side Planks

Row Machine 2 Min


Circuit 2

Exercise Ball Ham Curls to 1 Arm Cable Rows to Weighted Reverse Crunches

15 curls / 12 plates x 12 per side / 10 lbs x 15 (medicine ball between knees)

REST 30-60s

15 curls / 12 plates x 12 per side / 10 lbs x 15

REST 30-60s

15 curls / 12 plates x 12 per side / 10 lbs x 15

Row Machine 2 min


notes: Cable rows getting heavy! Reverse crunches means keep the 10 lb medicine ball between your knees and lift your hips up in the air.

Circuit 3

Weighted Side Lunges to Seated Widegrip Cable Rows to Weighted Core Twists

plus barbell 12 per side / 14 plates x 12 / 5 plates x 12 per side

REST 30-60s

Plus 95 pounds 12 per side / 20 plates x 15 / 6 plates x 12 per side

REST 30-60s

Plus 95 pounds 12 per side / 28 plates x 12 / 6 plates x 12 per side

Row Machine 2 min

notes: Side Lunges done with a barbell. Core twists were done by hooking a nightstick looking thing up to the cable pulley. I say plates on the cable rows because I doubt they are 10 pounds each. 14 plates on the left, 14 on the right, hook up a bar to connect the 2 sides and pull away… doubt I am rowing 280 pounds that easy.

– 5 min of yoga stretches (low back releases, Cobra, Sphinx, cat/cow, Childs Pose)

Forgot to do cardio after, woops! I really needed the cardio too, the pwo kept me floating all the way home, and then I had energy left over so I cooked dinner and prepped lunches, did the dishes, took out the garbage, in the space of like 20 min, lol.

Cycle 3 Week 1 Back

Cycle 3 Week 1 DL

Warmup (1-2 min rest)

130 x 5
160 x 5
190 x 3

notes:  was interrupted for a bit by that old guy from the week prior.  Seems I have created a monster!  He wants to chat me up about his gym plans and form and stuff.  Crap… need to go to a new gym for a while, lol.  I also noticed a… pressure.  Not to be too crass, but I felt constipated.  And to be honest, I didn’t want to stop deadlifting, so I just worked through it.

Main  (2 min rest)

210 x 5
240 x 5
270 x 8

notes: The ****-pressure had now subsided, but now my low back was getting really sore.  Maybe related?  Carrying around an extra 3 pounds of mudbaby can wear your low back out at the gym??  My grip was fine, but because of the sore low back I could feel my back rounding a lot on the last set, so I decided to not do any extra DLs and move on to assistance work.


Assisted Chinups (grip rotating each set from wide to underhand to hammer, 30 sec rest b/w sets)

6 wide
10 under
4 hammer
4 wide
6 under
4 hammer
3 wide
4 under

note:  my back felt tired as crap!  (hmmm, pun!)  I was stubborn though, and kept trying to get a few more pullups in there.  But it just wasn’t clicking.  So I tried a new angle.

Bent Over 1 Arm DB Rows (30 sec rest)

40 x 10
60 x 10
85 x 20

notes:  Just 2 warmup sets really, then one allout set with a fairly heavy weight.  I haven’t done this “Kroc-style” in a few weeks, and it seems to have paid off, hit 20 reps with the 85s finally!

Superset BW Hyperextensions and Weighted Crunches (30 sec rest b/w supersets, crunches done in an ABCore chair, weights load behind head)

BW x 10 / 60 x 10
BW x 10 / 60 x 7
BW x 10 / 60 x 10
BW x 10 / 60 x 10

notes:  these also felt pretty good.

After the workout, I spent some quality time in the WC

Cycle 2 Week 3 Legs

It’s the scariest day of the month!  Week 3 Squats Day – Heavy Singles.  Almost Xmas, no spotter, no way out.  Time to build some character!  I took my preworkout 30 min before.  I also took a glass of milk to coat my stomach a bit… that detail will come up again later.

Cycle 2 Week 3 Squats

Warmup (1-2 min rest)
115 x 5
155 x 5
185 x 3

notes:  The first warmup set felt REALLY messed up, I had to shrug it up once to try and rebalance it.  I thought maybe I was gonna have a bad day.  But when I changed the weights I realized I had put a 25 on one side and a 35 on the other… whoops!  No wonder the reps felt like crap.  Always doublecheck!!

During the last warmup set, I vomited milk into my mouth.  Just a bit.  Lovely!  Milk was a bad choice…

Main  (2-3 min rest)
230 x 5
260 x 3
290 x 2

notes:  On the last set, the first rep was fine, on the second rep, I got stuck in the middle and my core gave out a bit and I bowed forward.  Needed a second solid grunt to finish pushing it up.  Normally I would stop there, but I was hungry for a PR!  Decided to do some heavy Joker singles.  Waited 3 min, and went for it…

Joker Set
315 x 0

notes:  Fuuuu….

I took a decent rest, not long enough to get cold, but long enough.  A girl next to me was done her squatting set (I see a lot more female squatters this year, I believe I have the Interwebs to thank for that), she saw 3 wheels and decided to lean back and watch my set.  No pressure or anything, ha!

I went down, came back up.  Got stuck in the middle again, let out a second grunt, didn’t budge.  Muttered “nope!” to myself and started to sink back down…

Important time now to discuss failing without a spotter.  I had set myself up in the cage first off, so not a big deal overall.  I slowly lowered myself back down into ATG.  Luckily this is fairly comfortable for me, with my time in yoga.  It feels a lot like “garland pose”, except with 315 pounds sitting on top of you!  Knees beside my ribcage.  I let the momentum die down, kept it steady until it was all a dead stop.  I would rather not shrug the weight off while it still had momentum.  I lightly shrugged it backwards, felt it roll off my shoulders a bit, land evenly on the cage, not a lot of clatter.  And that was that.  Nice try, no dice.  Core was obviously not holding up, so I moved on to assistance.

No PRs.  Curse you squats!  You remain my most elusive foe.


One Leg Horizontal Leg Press Machine 30 sec rest
255 x 12/12
255 x 12/12
255 x 12/12
255 x 12/12

notes:  the 45 degree was occupied, so I used this one.  Just as well anyways, since I had maxed out the 45 degree machine last week.  Using one leg is also more hard than just half of both legs.  I can do more than 510 with both legs, but the stabilization makes it more than twice as hard to go down to one leg, does that make sense?  Anyways, I pretend they’re lunges and it saves me from doing lunges, LOL.

Seated Leg Curls about 45 sec rest, leaning forward the whole time
180 x 15
180 x 15
180 x 15
180 x 15

notes:  during this time a personal trainer walks up and asks if I would like to try a Body Pump class.  F NO!!  Tired, legs turning to jelly, vomiting milk and with a pronounced gas problem (Friday night shenanigans), not the time for a cardio class, thanx.

Leg Extensions about 45 sec rest
150 x 15
150 x 15
150 x 15
150 x 15

Weighted Crunches about 30 sec rest, ABCore chair, weights load behind head
60 x 10
60 x 10
60 x 10
60 x 8

notes:  you might wonder how I decided what counts as a rep or not.  At full extension my low back must touch the back of the chair, and at full contraction my elbows will end up touching my thighs (my hands are gripping overhead handles).  On that last set, I couldn’t really touch elbows to thighs any more, so it was OVAH!  Time for home.

Back, Cycle 2 Week 2

Cycle 2 Week 2 Deadlift (no straps, conventional stance, double overhand until the end, as indicated)

After last week’s misfire, I dropped my Training Max down 10 pounds and recalculated my lifts.

Warmup (1-2 min rest)
125 x 5
155 x 5
185 x 3

notes:  So far, so good!

Main  (2-3 min rest)

215 x 3
245 x 3
275 x 5

notes:  Hit the 5 reps I couldn’t hit last week!  Grip was feeling good, decided it was time for some revenge.  Joker sets!

Joker Sets  (about 2-3 min b/w sets)

305 x 1
335 x 1
355 x 1 (crossgrip) strapless PR
360 x 1 (crossgrip) PR
365 x 1 (crossgrip) PR
370 x 1 (crossgrip) PR

notes:  Oh snap!  One of those good days where everything came together!  Grip felt good so I just kept going.  My old PR was 355 with straps, I decidedly buried that one for good by beating it 3 or 4 times without straps

I decided to call it a day for the main lifts at that point because:
a. getting close to the 1 hour mark of the workout
b. starting to tear a callus on my right hand
c. I couldn’t control the negative on the last set, it would be getting real noisy in that gym!

Assistance (about 30 sec rest)

Machine Hyperextensions
308 x 12

notes:  After doing 1 set of this I decided I didn’t feel like it and just wanted to do some crunches and go home.

Weighted Crunches (ABCore Chair, weights load behind the head)
50 x 10
50 x 10
50 x 10
50 x 10

Legs, Cycle 2, Week 1

Was up by 4 AM!  Hooray!  Ate a light meal at 4 (some dry oats, 2 whey), took 2 Uncut at 5 AM, and was doing squats by 5:30.

Cycle 2 Week 1 Squat Day

Warmup (1-2 min between sets)

125 x 5
155 x 5
185 x 3

Main  (2-3 min between sets)

200 x 5
230 x 5
260 x 5

notes:  My form was already shaky on the second working set, my core gets tired coming up out of the hole and I start to lean forward.  The third rep of the third working set was getting more shaky, so I clipped it off at the minimum 5 reps.  Just a bad day coming off the deload week I guess.


Leg Press (feet high and wide, 1 min b/w sets)

16 plates x 12
16 plates x 12
16 plates x 12
16 plates x 12

notes:  I wanted to work my way up to 20 plates but immediately felt STRONG burning sensation in both my IT bands.  So I increased the rest time to one minute, and kept the weight as is.  The legs felt tired today!  Sweat was dripping off my face by the end.

I decided to cut out the leg extensions.  It has been a few weeks since my last trigger point therapy massage session, and I now have a target in mind – my IT bands must be all sticky   Big ouches in my future rollin on them thighs!

Prone Leg Curls (increasing rest)

110 x 15  REST 30 sec
120 x 15  REST 45 sec
130 x 15  REST 60 sec
140 x 15

notes:  This was how I wanted the Leg Press to go, so clearly my hammies were feeling fine.

Weighted Crunch ( 30 sec rest b/w sets, an ABCore chair – plates load behind the head)

35 x 10
45 x 10
55 x 10
55 x 10

notes:  After cutting out assistance work, I was done in 50 min so I showered up and had some bfast and went to work.  Kind of a disappointing Leg Day, but you just have to get those out of the way and keep moving forward.

Reunited and it feels so good!

Back in the gym by 5:30 AM, slangin plates!  Squat Day!

I had the squats to do, some slow neg assistance work, then back home for breakfast and off to work.  Because I am easing my way back into it though after my crappy illness, I took the drop sets off the end of the assistance work.  Just straight sets.

I felt real good though!  Should be hitting 100% of my routine by the weekend.

Week 1 Squat Day

Warmup (about 1-2 min b/w  sets) Squats below parallel (dare I say ATG?)

120 x 5
150 x 5
180 x 3

Main (about 3 min b/w sets) below parallel

195 x 5
225 x 5
255 x 5

Assistance (45 sec b/w sets, about 60 sec b/w exercises, 4 sec negative on every Leg rep)

45 Degree Leg Press feet high and wide
4 plates x 8
8 plates x 8
12 plates x 8
12 plates x 8

Leg Extension
140 x 8
140 x 8
140 x 8
140 x 8

Seated Leg Curl leaning forward
140 x 8
140 x 8
140 x 8
140 x 8

Weighted Crunch Machine (regular tempo, 30 sec b/w sets)
50 lbs x 10
50 lbs x 10
50 lbs x 10
50 lbs x 10

For the squats, I had gotten some feedback lately that I have not been going low enough.  Which is totally fair.  So I set the cage below my knees and squatted until my stomach was getting squeezed against/between my thighs.  You feel the change when that happens, its like the air starts to get pushed out and I grunt a bit.

Looking in the mirror, my core is weak out of the pocket, and I have a tendency to start to lean forward and then correct myself on the way up.  This is why I need that full length mirror when I squat, I need to check if I keep my core tight when I start to come up.

Not gonna lie, I am still new enough to squats that I get nervous when there is more than 225 on the bar.  But I will adapt and overcome!

Leg Press felt real good, just to chance to do some slow stretches with the legs and hips and glutes.

The extensions and curls were great because I totally relied on the clock built into the machine to make sure I stuck 100% to the 4 sec negative.

For the leg curls I don’t know what the problem was, but I kept sliding around in the seat.  Maybe that meant the weight was too high if I couldn’t keep my butt against the chair, but I have done that weight before.  I wanted to go do prone curls, but some old dude was using it, so whatevs.

The crunch machine was some sort of chair contraption where you load the plates behind your head, grab the handles over your head and crunch forward.  It feels pretty sweet actually

Scoop of Fast Fuel 25 min before the workout, a scoop during along with a scoop of ReGen, and a scoop fo ReGen and some extra Creatine HCl after (maybe 750 mg).

Best workout I have had in a week and a half!  Hooray for Leg Day!  Leg Day to the rescue!

Monday night I didn’t have a trainer session, not a full one anyways, so I went to the gym late-night Monday to make my own fun.  I need to start nailing down a new routine, now that my medical speedbump is behind me.  Short rests, alternating days between high reps and low rep slow negative drop set days, and more strength days with Leslie.  Keep the muscles guessing!  This might prove to be overcomplicated, but let me give it a try first, this buffet of gains!


Monday PM Legs and Abs (45 sec rest b/w sets)

A.  Hack Squats (feet low, quad focus, go DEEP and activate the glutes)

2 plates x 15

2 plates x 15

4 plates x 15

4 plates x 15

notes:  this was a brutal start!  I have gone heavier, but not so deep into the ROM.  Started sweating like crazy.

B.  Weighted Glute Kickbacks

80 x 15/15

80 x 15/15

60 x 15/15

60 x 15/15

notes:  right after the hacks, I was dripping sweat all over this station.  80 was too heavy, so I dropped the weight and focused on form.  Even still, my glutes were exhausted by the end.

C.  Seated Leg Curls:

100  x 15

110 x 15

120 x 15

120 x 15

notes:  I have a tendency to lean back in this when it gets hard, which makes the contraction easier, so I really tried here to sit totally upright and just squeeze the hamstrings.

D.  Prone Leg Curls:

80 x 15

90 x 15

100 x 15

110 x 15

notes:  I kept my pelvis pressed into the pad, but propped up on my elbows, to try and make it more difficult.

E.  Stability Ball Crunches:  25, 25, 25, 25

F.  Stability Ball Forward Roll:  17, 17, 15, 15  (easier than the Ab Roller but still hard!)

G.  Weighted Double Crunch Machine:  95 x 20, 20, 20, 20

H.  Cardio 35 min of Elliptical, varying speed


notes:  This workout was nasty!  I was totally wrecked by the end.  Shows I have been away too long from the legs, and am long overdue to going back to short rests and tight form.


Tuesday I was way too wasted to have a morning workout, so I saved my workout until after I was done work.  The plan here would be slow negatives, drop set finishers.

Tuesday Chest and Biceps (4 sec negative on EVERY set or dropset, 45 sec rest b/w sets)

A.  Smith Machine Flat Press:


215 x 8

215 x 8

215 x 8

215 x 7 DROP 165 x 7 DROP 115 x 10

notes:  this felt slightly too heavy, I could control the negative, but my form was a little rough.

B.  Incline DB Press:

100 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 8 DROP 80 x 10

notes:  After the Smith Press, I went a little lighter for the incline, and I think I actually ended up going too light, the drop set was way too easy so I ended it early.

C.  DB Flat Press Fly (flat press the DBs up, but then negative in a Fly motion)

100 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 7 DROP 80 x 5 DROP 60 x 6 DROP 40 x 8

notes:  on the other hand, this weight was PERFECT, the drop sets were super hard like they should be.  First time doing a mix of fly and press, it was fun!

D.  Superset Pec Deck and Pushups

120 x 5 & 4 pushups

105 x 8 & 5 pushups

105 x 8 & 5 pushups

105 x 8 DROP 75 x 10 & 5 pushups

notes:  my chest was fried by this point, could not do any pushups at all haha

E.  Preacher Curl Machine: (widegrip)

70 x 8

70 x 8

80 x 8

90 x 8 DROP 70 x 8 DROP 55 x 10

notes:  squeeze at the top for dat bicep peak! Weight too light, was too easy the drops.

F.  Seated Dumbbell Curl:

80 x 8

80 x 8

80 x 8

80 x 8 DROP 60 x 3 DROP 50 x 5 DROP 40 x 7

notes:  the weight was just right here, the drop sets were MURDERRRRR!!!

G.  Cable Curl: (closegrip)

80 x 8

90 x 8

100 x 8

100 x 8 DROP 80 x 6 DROP 60 x 10

notes:  I was so traumatized by the dumbbell curls I started off lighter here and worked up.


notes:  I had a tremendous pump in my chest and biceps going after these sets!  It was every guy’s magic moment, walking around with swole chest and biceps, haha.  No selfies though, not my style, sorry.


Those were my workouts for Mon and Tues!  How’s it going with you guys these days?  Ready for the cold weather?  Wintertime Bulk?

Labour Day Weekend Workouts

this is a long one.  Maybe less explanations so I can fit in more workout details.

I have been experimenting lately with the “meta-workout”.  First, you learn how to do an exercise.  Then you learn how to chain exercises together to work the body part properly.  Then you chain body parts together (make a “split”).  Then… what about chaining workouts together?  You work out Monday, you know you’re gonna be sore on Tuesday, so what can you do on Tuesday that will complement what you did on Monday?  Other than just rest that is, haha.  That was my pet project for the long weekend, weave the workouts together into a coherent narrative.

Thursday was Shoulders (45-60 sec rest)

Seated Smith Machine Military Press:  70 + bar x 10; 100 x 10; 130 x 12, 9, 9

Smith Machine Press Behind the Neck Press:  100 x 5, 2; 80 x 8; 80 x 10 DROP 50 x 10

Side Raise Machine:

100 x 10 DROP 80 x 10 DROP 60 x 10

100 x 10 DROP 80 x 8 DROP 60 x 10

100 x 10 DROP 80 x 7 DROP 60 x 8

Smith Machine Shrugs: 140 x 10; 200 x 10, 9, 10, 9; 110 x 25

Cable Reverse Fly (30 sec rest)

77 x 15

77 x 15

77 x 15 Partials 99 x 10

77 x 15 Partials 99 x 7

77 x 15 Partials 99 x 6

77 x 12 Partials 99 x 7

55 x 15 Partials 77 x 8

notes:  this was an awkward workout, I did stuff that wouldn’t work my core too hard, but in the end behind the neck presses are still awkward, and the presses got worn out fast so I moved onto side raises on a machine so I could do the drop sets.  Its too painful doing drop sets of side raises with dumbbells, since side raises need such light weights you will always be competing with a crowded gym for the most popular little dumbbells.  Smith Shrugs were just too awkward, the hooks kept catching on the cage, so free weights only from now on pls.  Cable Flys I had to share the machine for the first two sets with another lady so after she walked away I threw in the heavy partials to really wear me out.

Friday I was more tired than I expected so I took the day off, woops!  So much for the experiment, haha.  I would need the weekend to really put in the raw amount of rest I needed.

Saturday I slept in but got up mid-morning for Chest and Triceps.  I blew off Friday so this would have to be epic to make up for it.

Saturday C&T (60 sec rest)

Elliptical warmup 25 min

150 Twists

flat dumbbell bench:  90 x 10; 140 x 10; 180 x 7, 8

incline dumbbell press:  80 x 10; 110 x 10; 150 x 8, 7; 150 x 8 DROP 110 x 5 DROP 90 x 8

pec deck:

75 x 10

105 x 10

150 x 8 DROP 120 x 8 DROP 90 x 8

150 x 8 DROP 120 x 7 DROP 90 x 7

150 x 6 DROP 120 x 8 DROP 90 x 8

rope pushdown:

140 x 4

120 x 9 DROP 90 x 10 DROP 60 x 12

120 x 6 DROP 90 x 6 DROP 60 x 12

120 x 7 DROP 90 x 7 DROP 60 x 12

overhead rope extension:

100 x 12 DROP 80 x 8

100 x 8 DROP 80 x 8

120 x 3 DROP 100 x 4 DROP 80 x 5 DROP 60 x 8

smith machine closegrip press:

50 + bar x 12

70 x 12

120 x 12, 12

120 x 8 Partials 6, 5, 5 (10 second rest-pause)

notes:  this workout was brutal!  This was going to be relatively light on my shoulders because of the shoulder workout just the day before, but since I took that Friday off and my shoulders rested some, I threw in some incline presses with dropsets.  So heavy but low volume on the flat presses, then a double drop set of incline presses, then a bunch of isolation work then some triceps.

The flat presses ended poorly though… I dropped a 90 lb dumbbell on my left hip when I was lying down.  Ouch!  That stung, that should make for a lovely bruise.  I am just too self-conscious to drop it on the ground and make a lot of noise, so when I felt it slipping (ie. failing totally) I tried to reel it in rather than let it drop to the ground, but instead it almost fell on my groin and made me a eunuch, ROFL.

My triceps were burnt though the rope pushdowns ran out of gas pretty fast so I had to drop the weight.  With the overhead extensions I shifted to the long head of the triceps, so they lasted a few more sets, but on that last set I just kept dropping over and over until I could finally hit a decent number of reps.

For the smith presses, I followed up the last set with a bunch of partials to really burn me out for the day.  Since it was the Smith Machine, I could go past failure and do those partials:  I only popped it up a few inches from my chest over and over and when I couldn’t even do that I would hook it on the low rung.  Go until failure on the last set, rest 10 seconds, do some partials, rest 10 seconds, do more partials, did that about 3 times.  I was so burnt out in the end I had to shimmy out from under the low-racked smith bar, I couldn’t raise it back up to the regular height.

For Sunday I had a friend show up to do Legs with me, hooray!  Legs are rough enough as it is, a little backup is always most welcome.

Sunday Legs (traded sets back and forth with my friend)

cardio warmup 25 min

Standing Leg Curls:

40 x 10

60 x 10

90 x 12 DROP 70 x 12 DROP 50 x 12

90 x 12 DROP 70 x 12 DROP 50 x 12

90 x 12 DROP 70 x 12 DROP 50 x 12

Stiff-Legged Deadlifts:  95 x 10; 135 x 10; 165 x 18, 18

Leg Press:  270 x 10; 450 x 10; 630 x 20, 20

Leg Extensions:

90 x 10

180 x 20 DROP 130 x 20 DROP 100 x 20 DROP 80 x 20

180 x 20 DROP 130 x 15 DROP 100 x 20 DROP 80 x 20

180 x 15 DROP 130 x 12 DROP 100 x 12 DROP 80 x 15

Superset Seated Leg Curls and Standing Calf Raises:

130 x 10 & 200 x 10 warmup

130 x 16 DROP 100 x 16 & 300 x 20 DROP 200 x 20

130 x 16 DROP 90 x 16 & 300 x 20 DROP 200 x 20

130 x 16 DROP 100 x 16 & 300 x 20 DROP 200 x 20

130 x 16 DROP 90 x 16 & 300 x 20 DROP 200 x 20

cooldown cardio 25 min

notes:  This workout was LONG!  50 min of cardio, and, no lie, 1 hour and 40 min of weights!  to some extent this was because I had a buddy with me, but in the end it still amount to a 3 HOUR trip to the gym.  We hit hamstrings really hard on this workout.  Drop sets within supersets within meta-workouts?  Inception!

Holiday Monday I slept in again, but even more so.  I barely made it to the gym with enough time to do it all before it closed early for the holiday.  The mall it was in was also crowded with mouthbreathers.  You have the Monday off, why go shop at the mall???  There were thousands and thousands of people in the mall, you can’t even walk fast, it was at CAPACITY.  I was channeling the personality of my father when I wanted to lash out and start clobbering crowds of people left and right just so I could get some personal space.  The gym wasn’t THAT crowded, but it was crowded enough I had to modify the workout somewhat.

Monday Back and Biceps and Abs (60 sec rest)

warmup cardio 25 min

150 twists

Giant Set Assisted Widegrip Chinups and Behind the Neck Lat Pulldowns and Seated Machine Rows

(100) x 20 & 120 x 10 & 210 x 10 DROP 165 x 10

(100) x 11 & 135 x 10 & 210 x 10 DROP 165 x 10

(100) x 11 & 135 x 10 & 210 x 10 DROP 165 x 10

Superset T-Bar Rows and Weighted Hyperextensions:

125 + bar x 12 & 70 x 10 DROP Bodyweight x 12

125 x 12 & 70 x 10 DROP Bodyweight x 12

125 x 12 & 70 x 8 DROP 35 x 8 DROP Bodyweight x 8

Superset Dumbbell Curls and High Cable Curls

25s x 20 & 94 x 8 DROP 72 x 10 DROP 61 x 12

45s x 8 & 105 x 8 DROP 83 x 8 DROP 61 x 8

45s x 7 & 105 x 8 DROP 83 x 8 DROP 61 x 10

Lying Cable Curls

105 x 16 DROP 83 x 20 DROP 61 x 16

105 x 15 DROP 83 x 5 DROP 61 x 10

105 x 12 DROP 83 x 15 DROP 61 x 15

Weighted Double Crunches: 70 x 15; 105 x 15, 15

150 twists

notes:  It was risky doing a giant set in a crowded gym, trying to tie up 3 stations at once.  But I managed to pull it off.  The giant set was there to wear out my upper and middle back as much as possible, try and not make this another marathon session like Legs.

Then I went to try and do a lower back superset.  I wanted to do bent over rows actually, but the gym was WAY too crowded for that, all the barbells were occupied, and no way I would wait for one, then walk across the room for hyperextensions and lose my barbell to some random passerby.  But I saw the t-bar rows were open, so I was able to tie that one up while I walked across the whole gym to do the hypers.

MAN, that lower back superset killed me!  My low back was throbbing like crazy.  I had to sit down for 5 min and catch my breath before I could go on to biceps.  But I wanted some major low back work because it also had the bonus effect of stretching out my hamstrings.  My hamstrings from Sunday were now really sore on Monday, so hyperextensions were quite therapeutic when I was able to stretch them out with weight like that.

I dub that meta-workout a SUCCESS, hahaha.  Lots of hamstrings on one day, then do lower back the next day.

For biceps I supersetted good ole classic db curls with high curls.  High curls are good as either a finisher or a superset finisher because you can raise your arms to shoulder level and the form isn’t as hard to maintain as you burn the last few fibres.  Even more to the point I dropsetted the high curls so I could really finish the set off.  I experimented with both low weight dumbbells and higher weight dumbbells.

I had more juice in me but my low back was still throbbing so I laid down on a mat and set the cables low and did some low curls, high rep with double drops.

After that I wanted to do abs but my low back was still worn out so I decided to try a weighted crunch machine in a different part of the gym I had never tried before – a plate-loaded chair that imitates a double crunch.  I liked it a lot!  It’s a popular chair though, so good luck with that.

After this was over the gym was close to closing so I went home.

And that was my long weekend series of workouts!  What about you?  Get in any workouts this Labour Day weekend?