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The plan for today was do chest and triceps in the morning, go to work, come home after work, nap, do an evening yin.  ‘Twas a fair plan 🙂

My butt was really dragging this morning, I almost psyched myself out of going to the gym, but I finally made it at about 06:40.

chest & triceps:

warmup presses for a few sets with the 30s

flat DB presses (2 min rest b/w sets):  110×20, 130×12, 150×9, 170×5, 150×8, 130×11, 110×11

machine press (90s rest):  150×12, 12, 12

incline DB flys (90s rest):  80×12, x6, x7

DB skullcrushers:  70×3, x3; 50 x10, 9, 9, 7, 7, 7

seated 2 hand tricep extension:  65 x7, x5; 50 x8, 8, 7, 7


notes:  I wasn’t entirely happy with this workout as a whole.

I was cruising along with the flat presses, and my left shoulder gave out 5 reps into the 85 lb DBs, so I climbed back down the ladder, each time my left shoulder stayed tired.  I couldn’t really get anywhere on my 7th set with the 55s either.  I like doing all those sets at all those different weights with the dumbbell presses, it helps me build up strength in my shoulder, which right now is clearly lagging behind my chest.  It is less stressful than pushups on the joint, and I can obviously tinker with the resistance much more easily than I can with pushups.

I wanted to give my chest more work to do, but I also wanted to see how done my shoulder was, so I went to the machine press, but I went fairly light, and just did a few sets of slow reps.  My shoulder felt fine and my chest was able to get some more good squeeze in (would have been better with free moving handles), so I felt confident going on to the flys.

Flys went sort of poorly, unfortunately.  I got through the first set, but either my shoulder was really tired, or I was psyching myself out, and I kept failing out of the next few sets.  The weight isn’t THAT much diffrerent from what I do with Leslie, only slightly more.  HOWEVER, when I do incline flys with Leslie, they are my working sets 4-6.  These flys today were working sets 11-13, LOL.  So maybe I should have gone lighter and respected the volume.

Next up triceps!  Lately I have been giving arms their own day, but I wanted to experiment with the split, and see how I liked it.  Long story short?  I didn’t!!  I was doing 30s last time for the skullcrushers, and it went really well, so this time I moved up to the 35s… I failed out right from the start!  So I took a few breaths, composed myself, went again, failed right away again!  So I gave up and went down to the 25s.  They started out fine, but by the second set with the 25s, my arms were not able to go the distance, they started to fail out around rep 7 every time.  This made me sad.

Again, there are a few factors at play.  I was doing triceps first, and now they are second in the rotation, energy not peak.  Also, triceps get work doing the chest presses, so they weren’t fresh when it was time for the skullcrushers.  My shoulder was also getting tired, so more of the pressure was getting transferred to the elbow, just less helpers available to assist the tricep when it fatigues.

Once you fail out of a few sets, you also start to psyche yourself out, which was happening to me because I kept losing my focus.  There was an old guy right next to me doing dumbbell presses while fluttering his legs in the air like he was riding a bicycle… WTF??!?  DON’T DO THAT.  You make me think you are losing control of the weight and panicking, and now I’m forced to keep an eye on you to keep you from killing yourself.  If you want to work your core, do presses on a stability ball, don’t flail your goddamn legs around like a drowning man.

If I see you combine these 2 moves, I will seriously consider taking the weights away from you.

So, THAT was genuinely distracting.

I moved on to the seated extensions, and the weakness in the triceps continued, I got some mediocre sets in with the 65s, and dropped down to the 50s, and still couldn’t bust out full sets.  My arms were just torched.

In retrospect, given what I have observed, chest work wears out my shoulder, and I have nothing left for arms.  Back work doesn’t seem affected, I have done massive chest/back days and been none the worse for wear.  So I think I will keep up a chest/back & legs & arms & shoulders split, it seems to accomodate my situation the most, aka building my shoulders back up.

I was worried my triceps got a raw deal today, but as I sit here typing this, they feel pretty sore, so maybe I worry too much 🙂


Also!  It has been a few days since my legs workout, and it usually takes a little while to see what the DOMS were like, kind of like an autopsy of the workout.  Normally when I get railed by Leslie, my DOMS center around the rectus femoris, which is a direct antagonist to the hamstrings.  This is probably reflective of all the heavy lunges we do (as a consequence of me being heavy).  Basically I feel DOMS in the middle of my thigh and the back of my leg, making walking difficult.

As for these particular DOMS this week, I felt it yesterday much deeper than the rectus femoris, possibly even the vastus intermedius, although I couldn’t be sure, and that isn’t a muscle you can really isolate anyways.  However today, the soreness settled squarely into the outside of my thighs, the vastus lateralis.  I didn’t feel the soreness when I walked, but I felt it when I straightened out my legs.  This means it was the FST-7 sets of the leg extensions that did the microtrauma, which is fine with me.  Possibly also the one leg presses followed by the extensions, both likely suspects.

It could also well be affected by the yoga.  You can hit the vastus lateralis with leg work on closely placed feet, and while I was recovering from the leg training, I was still doing chair pose and eagle squat and flexing my quads in mountain pose, and all those asanas that require you to keep your feet closer than hip width.  So they all came together in a really beautiful way to make my legs sore 🙂


Can you tell I have been really inward focused today?  LOL  As the yoga challenge goes on, my attention is squarely set on how I feel inside.  How does my shoulder feel?  How does my elbow feel?  Where do I feel the DOMS in my legs?  Did I hit the triceps on those sets?

My awareness has become very very inward, very introspective.

So when I headed out to Yin tonight, that introspection continues.  I felt detached from everyone else on the bus, like they were moving slowly and clumsily and they all felt like they were getting way too close to me when they walked by.  None of them seemed to be moving mindfully.  At the same time I felt deeply the space caused by the detachment from them.  It reminded me of a passage from the Dao De Jing (translation D C Lau)

Everyone is joyous,
as though feasting at a great sacrifice
or climbing a terrace in springtime.
But I am quiet, not giving any sign,
like an infant who has yet to smile;
aimless, as though I had nowhere to go.

Everyone has more than enough,
I alone seem to be lacking.
I have the mind of a fool, vacant and dull.

Most people see clearly;
I alone am in the dark.

Most people make fine distinctions;
I alone am muddled and confused.
As vague as the ocean,
As unsettled as the wind.

People have their intentions,
I alone am as dull as a yokel.

Everyone else seemed amused, distracted, clumsy, purposeful.  I was just sort of… observing and drifting.  My attention was still focused inwardly.


When I got to Yin, Gigi was teaching!  A 60 min late night stretchy session 🙂

ahhh, so fuzzy!

We went through some hip work followed by restorative work.  wind-relieving pose then dragon then twisted dragon then seal then double pigeon then waterfall.

I don’t mind dragon, as I have said before.  But the twisted dragon was rough!  I really felt it on the inside of my thigh, at the hip.

this is the version of twisted dragon we did

Conversely, I LOVVVE winged dragon, aka gecko.  But we didn’t do that 😛

I was also really glad we got to do waterfall, it helped me flush a lot of fresh blood into my sore legs.


Day 18 over!  This was a really long entry, but I had a lot to say 🙂  See you tomorrow!

Day 6 – spinning it up

I slept in again this morning, on purpose.  No gym for me while I let my shoulder rest.

While I was at work, I felt strong, ready to do something.  I was making plans to go to Pure tonight for some flow, when I noticed a post on Facebook from my friend Crystallina.  She was doing her last spinoga classes before she heads to India for some yoga training!  Oh no!  I decided I needed to take a class with her and say goodbye.  Plus she was bringing some cookies she made!!  That sealed the deal… coconut chocolate fudge cookies, in case you were wondering



What is spinoga?  It’s a spin class, followed by a yoga class, followed by baked goods.  This efficiently combines my love of spin, yoga, and EATING COOKIES.



So I show up, only to find out it isn’t EXACTLY Crystallina’s last class.  She is going to India in October, so she couldn’t sign up for the Goodlife slot, so someone is taking over officially, although she will still sub in for him until Octoberish.  Thursday Spinoga lives on!  For now.

On with the show.  Spin class was different than what I normally do.  I normally do “RPM”, it is a series of about 7-9 long songs with a certain strategy to each one.  Home office picks them for the first X number of weeks, then the RPM teacher can mix it up with whatever songs off previous releases they like.  But the kind of Spin classes Crys does, she picks her own setlist and has a free hand with how we bike during those songs.

She said this Spin class was all about “her favorite things”.  Inwardly I groaned.  I knew what that meant.  Glee soundtrack, with a heavy dose of Britney Spears.

The Spin class itself was great!  With shorter songs and a freehand, we could chain our standing climbs or races through multiple songs, which worked well.  Crys often does tabata intervals, but today she did not.  Today she did a pyramid:  30 seconds of heavy resistance work, followed by 30 seconds of ride easy, then 60 of heavy, 30 sec rest, 90 sec heavy, 30 rest, 120 heavy, 30 rest, 120 heavy, then 30, 90, 30, 60, 30, 30, DONE.  Was that confusing?  Basically the workloads climb 30 seconds at a time to hit 2 minutes, then lower by 30 seconds at a time… so 8 working blocks punctuated by 30 sec easy rides.  Pyramid.  I can’t explain it more than that, haha.

I myself mixed the work blocks up when I was given the choice, some were seated climbs, some were standing climbs, some were mixed terrain (up for a bit, down for a bit).  When you add up the time, obviously this took up a big chunk of the class.

After the pyramid we did some “jumps”, meaning up down up down up down, doing it about as fast as you can say it out loud.  That is always fun to end a class with, when everyone is tired!  haha, it’s a good finisher.

then we headed into the quiet room for some yoga.  I knew this yoga would be “novel” for me, since it is different in so many ways than how I typically do it:

– normally I enter yoga calm and relaxed, this one I was coming in sweaty and tired and already very warmed up

– this wasn’t a hot room

– the Goodlife classes tend to attract a more casual crowd, which is totally cool with me, you get a different vibe than a full-packed room of maniacs and stonecold yoga terminators, lol

– Crys expected us to talk back to her, I am used to a quiet room!  lol  I think she actually seemed a little hurt that the people in this class weren’t more verbal and expressive.  I think the room was pretty much either shy people who didn’t want to stick out, or yoga lovers who are used to keeping their mouths shut, haha.

So we did a mostly hip and quad oriented class, which mixes well with the Spin, natch 🙂

Some down dog to warmup, some Dragon (darn Dragon!), dragon to winged dragon, back out, to forward fold to warrior 2 to straight leg triangle to a twisted triangle.  then some pigeon to king pigeon.  some spinal twists, some quad stretches on our stomach, then some hero pose.  long super awesome savasana.  man that hour passed fast!

hard to find a good winged dragon pic

king pigeon


I felt super energized during and after the class!  Warrior 2 to triangle was hard on my shoulder, I had to back out of it a bunch of times.  But I tried to keep my breath steady.

After class, cookies!  I wanted to take a pic, but I ate the cookies 🙂

I did take a pic with Crystallina though!  The guy taking the pic had us stand under the studio lights, the lack of me smiling is because I was blinded!  It does make me look a little angelic though 🙂

they call this pose tree in the headlights


After class I hit the showers and the sauna.  In the sauna, I practiced my ujjayi breathing, one slow deep breath in and out for each plank left to right in the ceiling.  Deep breath in, feel my lungs fill with warm air, breath out.  OK, 50 planks in the ceiling.  My lips are on fire and sweat is in my eyes, but I did a little more, deep breath in and out for each plank on the far wall, right to left.  OK, only 48 planks on the far wall, how long have I been in here, 15 min?  jeez,better get out.

On the way home, while thinking about Spin, I noticed HOW MANY spiders there are at my bus station.  How lazy are the OC transpo cleaning staff??  It looked like a Stephen King novel in every corner.  People are scared to take the elevator because the webs hang so low, I know I had to double over to pass under them.  Some of these webs are like 60 cm wide!  It’s ridiculous.  I took a pic of one away from the main tunnels, although it doesn’t show up well on camera.

Personally, I think spiders are kinda cool.  But it’s irresponsible to let them turn our bus station into the final scene of IT.


Oh well, awesome day!  Want to take one of Crystallina’s classes?  Check out her facebook page here: