Damn, it got cold!  It isn’t the coldest day I have experienced this year (my family lives far up North), but it is the coldest day in Ottawa in 8 years!  Can’t wait for some water mains to burst so things can grind to a halt.

My TRX and my pushup grips arrived in the mail, hooray!

you’re doing it wrong

So I decided to do some morning stuff today.  I headed to the gym bright and early, took in a 6 am spin class.  The class was itself ok, not my favorite teacher though.  As a spin teacher, the guy is very boring and dull.  Dry like dry toast.  He doesn’t motivate me.  And yet, at 6 am, when I am half asleep, I kind of like dry and boring, haha!  I can cruise through it, following instructions, not exactly am I dialed all the way up to 10 but I am still sweating and still working hard, but also not have to have the teacher shouting in my ear because he is just too milquetoast.  Actually near the end he started shouting at us to work harder, and I wanted to tell him to shut up, just let me sleepwalk my way through a spin class, haha.

After class, I still wanted to do some lifting, so I dug into the bag of tricks for a “pull” routine – all pulling exercises.

60 sec rest between all sets and between exercises

Deadlift:  225 x 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Concentration Curl:  50 x 3/3, 3/3, 3/3, 2/3, 2/3, 2/3, 2/3, 2/3

assisted widegrip pullups:  3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

stiff legged deadlifts:  130 x 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

prone straight leg lifts:  20, 13


notes:  As you can see, I wanted to work on form, lots of sets with low reps, relatively high weight (at least for me).  I didn’t necessarily find it hard to do the weight on these, next time I will go higher, this was mostly good practice for my form, 8 sets of 3.  The curls actually, my left bicep wore out halfway through, and I just could NOT get that third rep, much as I wanted to.  I am actually quite happy with my pullups.  Pullups are a notoriously horrible exercise for me, but these felt smooth and quite doable, so progress!!

Then I had to rush to work.

I don’t often train in the mornings any more, usually I go after work.  Why is that?  I used to think it was because I wanted to be lazy in the mornings and sleep in and lounge around.  This is partially true.  But I also realized I needed to factor in how much I kinda hate my job.  Lately it has been a big pain in my ass, and the thought of going to work fills me with dread.

This affects me two ways.  In the mornings I am milking out the “me time”, doing the things I love, listening to music, playing video games (even at 5 am!), AKA just delaying the going to work part and trying to become chill, attain zen.  Going to the gym brings me closer to work and I am trying to procrastinate the unpleasantness.

But on the other hand, I realize that when I walk out of work at the end of the day, stressed and drained, I am at my most tempted to go eat junk food, AKA to self-medicate with sugar and carbs.  So by scheduling my gym appt for after work, even if its just 30 min of cardio, it gives me something to DO, a plan that keeps me from having that dead air after work that makes it easy to pig out.  I cant go eat junk because I have to get my gym in.

So you see, even though I would rather work out in the morning because it might help me lose more weight to get my heart rate up first thing in the morning, your workout timing can involve other factors as well.

Do you want your workouts to be scheduled so that you lose the most weight?

Do you time your workouts to avoid temptation?

Do you time your workouts so that you aren’t distracted by friends or family?


In my case, I stopped feeling guilty about sleeping in, because I could use my workouts to avoid temptation.  No point having a heavy workout at 6 am, going to work and getting blitzed with stress, walking out the office door at 5 pm and heading to a McD’s.  The timing of your workout has to be right FOR YOU.  Everyone is different, so you have to find the setup that motivates you.  night owl gym time?  early bird?  nooner?  figure out what turns your crank.

Today, however, I had to run an errand after work anyways, I had to head to the store to pick up a new wireless router (my old one has had the bird), and pick up my trx at the post office.  So since I had something to distract me after work, I didn’t need to fill the void with the gym, and I could work out in the morning instead!  Make sense?


Next time I will discuss how long you should work out for.  See you then!